Dwayne Johnson Can't Choose: Shazam or Black Adam for DC Comics

August 19, 2014
Source: AP

Black Adam / Dwayne Johnson / Shazam

Before Comic-Con, action star Dwayne Johnson was teasing some kind of role based on a DC Comics property that hadn't yet been brought to the big screen. Johnson offered the hint that his character has "the power of Superman," which immediately led to fans guessing that Shazam would be the role. However, it sounds like Johnson has his choice of what DC Comics character he'll bring to life. Speaking with The Associated Press, Johnson is having trouble between playing Shazam or his arch nemesis, anti-hero Black Adam, one of the former wrestler's favorite characters from the world of DC Comics. Maybe fans will help?

It's interesting that Johnson has his choice between the hero and villain, especially since the actor was linked to the role of Black Adam all the way back in 2007, before Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment were working on big plans for a DC cinematic universe, which now has two films planned each year through 2020. Surely Johnson is listening to his fans, so be sure to let him know on Twitter which role you would rather see him play on the big screen. But no matter which one he chooses, Johnson says, "I am putting my heart and soul and my bones into this role." We're not sure how much time Johnson has left before he has to make a choice, but we'll keep you posted. Which character should Dwayne Johnson play?

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NOT Shazam!!!! DONT YOU DO IT!!

Rock n Rollllll on Aug 19, 2014


neither. wait for a role from Marvel.

Astroboy3000 on Aug 19, 2014


That's an idea.

Xerxexx on Aug 19, 2014


Black Adam please.

Xerxexx on Aug 19, 2014


Black Adam!

Oblique on Aug 19, 2014


Yes. YES. YES!

DAVIDPD on Aug 19, 2014


Johnson has the inner child mentality and comical abilities to play Captain Marvel true to character. It would be interesting to see.

Tyler Morgan on Aug 19, 2014



mooreworthy on Aug 19, 2014


I think either, but from what I've seen/understand, I feel like Johnson has more of the 'look' and age for Black Adam....and someone like maybe Channing Tatum would be a better fit for Shazam. But Tatum might be busy playing Gambit...although I don't know if that is official. I don't know....perhaps Johnson would be better as the hero and should play Shazam

Chris Groves on Aug 19, 2014


Tatum is always a hit or miss when it comes to his "good" acting abilities. He's not consistent enough to know if he'd be good for the role, plus i dont think he has any charisma to play the part, and lastly, he doesnt have the build. Shazam is a big dude.

Rock n Rollllll on Aug 19, 2014


Tatum really impressed me how well he handled the action-comedy stuff in 21 and 22 Jump Street, and I feel like he has a lot of 'action star' style charisma. Also, he certainly isn't a small dude. He's as tall as Cavill. Not EVERY one of these characters should be freakishly huge. He looks like he's sporting some solid chops in Foxcatcher, going by the trailer. He's improved a lot from the 'Step Up' days. Not saying he is my dream choice or anything, and I believe he is committed to Gambit, just saying it would be an interesting option.

Chris Groves on Aug 19, 2014


I get ya. I agree with 21 JS but havent seen part 2, i also heard he did poor acting on part 2 so thats why im very skeptical. Some roles i think he does okay and others not so much. I'm not disputing the fact that he has the action-style abilities, i'm more referring to just charisma to play the role. From watching most of his movies, in my opinion it feels to me that he just doesnt have the diversity in charisma to pull off the Super hero and the alter ego. I do like him as Gambit though, i think hes a good fit for a role like that - cajun badboy.

Rock n Rollllll on Aug 20, 2014


Wouldn't Shazam's alter ego be played by someone who is essentially a teenager? Not someone like Tatum/Johnson anyway?

Chris Groves on Aug 20, 2014


My gut says Black Adam, but he has the comedic chops to pull off a young Billy Batson. I think seeing Shazam as a white guy for thirty years has clouded my judgment explaining why I am leaning more towards Black Adam. That and he would bad ass as him.

mooreworthy on Aug 19, 2014


Adam cause he needs a villian role.

Xerxexx on Aug 19, 2014


He can be scary good. Not exactly evil, but he was a force in Faster. Not sure if I should mention Doom.

mooreworthy on Aug 19, 2014


what he SHOULDN'T do is repeat the same error his part-time employer ( WWE ) does and keep its #1 star( Cena ) a "good guy" .. This would be a good way for "the Rock " to break that pattern , for his acting roles - tho I think he's played a criminal twice so far .... he can be a "face" in Disney movies ...

Dominic on Aug 19, 2014


Faster, Snitch, and Doom were some of his darker roles. He's a good all around actor.

DirkDigg1er on Aug 21, 2014


Black Adam! Please! It would be great to see him go FULL HEEL again.

DAVIDPD on Aug 19, 2014


Although I'd rather he play Green Lantern, Black Adam would be good.

DirkDigg1er on Aug 21, 2014


choose black adam

Billy Batson on Aug 30, 2014



Billy Batson on Aug 30, 2014

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