Edgar Wright Has Exited Marvel's 'Ant-Man' Over Creative Differences

May 23, 2014

Ant-Man / Edgar Wright

Well, this is some terrible news before the extended holiday weekend. Marvel and director Edgar Wright have jointly announced that the Shaun of the Dead and Scott Pilgrim vs. the World filmmaker is leaving Ant-Man due to creative differences. The statement says, "The decision to move on is amicable and does not impact the release date on July 17, 2015. A new director will be announced shortly." We're surprised Marvel and Wright both decided to reveal it was over creative differences since that admits trouble behind the scenes, but that story likely would have gotten out sooner than later after the bad news broke anyway.

This is truly a bummer. Besides Joss Whedon, the idea of Edgar Wright being at the helm of Ant-Man was the most excited I'd been for a filmmaker to get behind the camera for the Marvel cinematic universe. While Marvel has been on track lately with all their decisions (Captain America: The Winter Soldier was great and took a risk on two TV directors making their first feature), this amicable parting of the ways is worrisome. How do you not trust a filmmaker with a flawless track record like Wright? His films haven't been runaway hits, but they're all revered and loved by critics and audiences alike.

The good news is the cast, which includes Paul Rudd, Michael Douglas, Evangeline Lilly, Michael Pena, Corey Stoll and Patrick Wilson are still in place, and Marvel is just going to have to find another hired gun. My biggest concern is that Marvel just wants someone they can control, and Wright was too much of a creative force to make the film his own way outside of whatever Marvel has in mind. They've both done great things, but this is truly a disappointment, and we'll always wonder what Wright's Ant-Man might have looked like in the Marvel cinematic universe. Who should replace him?

UPDATE: Latino Review did some solid work and found out just why Edgar Wright is no longer directing Ant-Man. First of all, they clear up that Edgar Wright wasn't fired, and he wasn't behind on schedule or over budget. The real reason behind this surprising move really seems to be creative differences.

While working on the script, Marvel had notes for Edgar Wright and Joe Cornish three months ago, mostly pertaining to their core elements like franchise characters and things like that. The duo did two drafts trying to address the notes from four of the Marvel higher ups while still staying true to the film they wanted to make. Not satisfied, Marvel took them off the script and gave it to two unnamed "low credit writers" six weeks ago (one was from Marvel's in-house writing team). But Wright wasn't upset, stayed on board and agreed to read the new script.

However, Latino Review says the script delivered was "poorer, homogenized, and not Edgar's vision." And that was what caused Edgar to leave the project on Friday with the announcement following shortly after. While Wright didn't leave angrily, both he and right were said to be shocked and a little upset that Marvel somehow didn't have faith in them as filmmakers. It sounds like with all the success Marvel has had, they're starting to get a little too cautious and worried about staying on top. This move is not a smart, and shows a lack of vision on behalf of Marvel. So we'll see what puppet they get to do their bidding

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Xerxexx on May 23, 2014


Would love to see Phil Lord and Christopher Miller replace him, but they probably WAY too busy. Maybe get Favreau back?

Jay Runham on May 23, 2014


That's exactly what I was thinking.

yomandenver on May 23, 2014


Yeah it would be awesome, but i think they would have the same "creative differences" than Wright. The only problem here seems to be Marvel's will to keep each and every Marvel movie in the same mold...

carotene on May 23, 2014


Marvel wasted Edgar Wright's time, he could have been making another gem for us.

Ron on May 23, 2014


Maybe he wasted Marvel's time?

Astroboy3000 on May 23, 2014


He worked on the script for 6+ years. To the point Marvel had to change Ultrons origin.

Brandon V. Fletcher on May 24, 2014


I remember Kevin Feige saying that Ant-Man was possible because Edgar Wright's ideas. I was pumped for this movie because his vision. At the same time, I'm excited for Guardians Of The Galaxy because James Gunn. What happened Marvel? Your balls drop off?

capitandelespacio on May 24, 2014


Disappointed, there are plenty of good directors out there, but not with the same style.

mooreworthy on May 23, 2014


Get Joe Cornish to do it.

Guest on May 23, 2014


That's a damn good alternative.

Aj Meadows on May 23, 2014


Check out the update. Joe Cornish was on Edgar Wright's side in not wanting to compromise their vision of the film.

Ethan Anderton on May 24, 2014


perplexing. with a studio not afraid to take risks hiring Wright on the strength of his singular style and very individual films, i thought this was a locked down creative dovetail. i'm sure we'll hear one day why this happened, and the new director announcement is key, but for now i'm sure a lot of people's interest in this film has just died.

son_et_lumiere on May 23, 2014


"His films haven't been runaway hits". There you have your answer. Edgar Wright is an auteur, but unfortunately for him these movies are designed to please as many people as possible.

DavideCoppola on May 23, 2014


shame, was looking forward to see how wright brought his talent to Marvel.

Quynh Truong on May 23, 2014


This is bad news. Say what you will in terms of being entertained by The Avengers and the like. None of them pushed any visual style, or story boundaries. Pretty soon these movies will pass into history without much of a mention because they're pretty bland in retrospect. At least one "Golden Hour" shot in any of these movies instead of 12 noon or 12 midnight lighting might actually add something.

Ahsoka Cole on May 23, 2014


Good catch on the night/day, night/day stark contrast in lighting of the scenes (pun intended). I did like the retro fell of Act 1 of Cap #1, which was probably to help the effects department pull off scrawny steve. Story wise I don't see much to push as mainstream comics are pretty... well... mainstream. I don't really see anything that different unless you go pretty far off the radar of popular titles/characters. Oh and yes Deadpool fans, aside from breaking the fourth wall he's still pretty much a typical wise-cracking anti-hero. They just turned the volume up to 11.

Akirakorn on May 24, 2014


Terrence Malick should do it!

Nielsen700 on May 23, 2014


or Nicolas Winding Refn. Lol

Mufasa on May 23, 2014


Yeah watching Paul Rudd doing slow dramatic head turns would be perfect for this film.

Josef Saltpeppaketchup Woods on May 23, 2014


Don't get me wrong, love Malick, but 2.5 hours of hearing the narrative of the actors thoughts while walking through wheat fields might not make a great superhero film. Just sayin'. 😉

Quanah on May 23, 2014


Wheat fields are awesome.

Xerxexx on May 23, 2014


If you build it critics will come...

Akirakorn on May 24, 2014


Or Ray Liotta.

Xerxexx on May 24, 2014


It was meant as a joke.

Nielsen700 on May 23, 2014


I was joking right back.

Quanah on May 23, 2014


Michael Moore. "Bowling for Ant-Man"

Astroboy3000 on May 23, 2014


I hate this kinda news because no matter what you will always have people wondering what Wright's direction for the movie was and if it was better...seems to detract from any movie when this happens.

SteadyEddieTX on May 23, 2014


Jeez. That was what 6-7 years of Wright's creative time spent on this feature? I don't want to call it a waste, but...

DAVIDPD on May 23, 2014


Well, wish Matthew Vaughn's schedule was open for this. Isn't he filming Fantastic Four? Anyway... Poop news. Like, mudbutt level of poop news.

Quanah on May 23, 2014


I'm pretty sure it's Josh Trank who will direct that.

Fidel Reyes on May 23, 2014


I've got to side with Marvel on this. Wright had an absolute passion for this movie and perhaps that passion made it impossible for Wright to stay in line with Marvel's singular path. As an 'artist', I'm sure Wright feels he knows better, which is why they're splitting ways. But for the overall good of the MCU I'm sure Marvel is also making the right decision. Marvel's track record is impeccable, Wright's is so-so, therefore I have to side with Marvel.

CoosCoos on May 23, 2014


This is based on rumors and you're picking a side without even knowing what really happened. Marvels track record is far from impeccable... Punisher: War Zone, Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, The Incredible Hulk, Thor 2,

rolyjimenez on May 24, 2014


This is not based on rumor. It's based on a joint statement by both parties. You should read the article. Punisher and Ghost Rider were garbage but also were not made by Marvel Studios. Please check your facts. The Incredible Hulk was a decent movie and a nominal success, making $260 Million worldwide on a budget of $150 Million, and making more money than the Ang Lee train wreck a few years earlier. Likewise, Thor 2 was a good movie and a huge success for Marvel, surpassing the first movie. Marvel Studios is on a roll, so I trust this is best for the MCU.

CoosCoos on May 24, 2014


Did YOU read the article? The source is Latino Reviews... far from an official source. Both Punisher: Warzone and Ghost Rider 2 were Marvel Knight movies which are movies made under Marvel Studios before they got bought out by Disney. If the fact they got bought by Disney makes them any less of a Marvel movie then the same can be said about Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk which were made before they got bought out as well.

rolyjimenez on May 24, 2014


The *update* is from Latino Review, however the announcement came from Marvel and Wright themselves: "Marvel and director Edgar Wright have jointly announced . . . " It's sad that I have to quote the article for you. Perhaps a link to a real news source will help you understand: Punisher: Warzone and Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance were created by other studios (Columbia and Lions Gate) while produced in association with Marvel Knights, which pre-dates Marvel Studios. It is not the same as Marvel Studios which began releasing movies in 2008 starting with Iron Man.

CoosCoos on May 24, 2014


Good thing I don't really care about Ant Man. Hope it turns out okay.

OfficialJab on May 23, 2014


Hard to replace a vision as traveled at Wright. He's kind of on his own tier. Granted I understand Marvel's move to have the whole universe seamed together harmoniously, however with having Paul Rudd as the front man in the model for Ant Man and Wrist at the helm of that.. I could see creative differences over how that would be canonized. Iron Man on an 'every man' sort of level. Feels like Paul's characters is bequeathed this power reluctantly. If Wright pulls out on it, I can only respect him for standing true towards his own craft.

Nick Sears on May 23, 2014


I just hope its differences on the outcomes of charaters and plans for their futures. In other words he left over changes to his script and not the look and feel, tone of the film, etc. Hopefully it's new changes incurred with Marvel's overall plans, and not "it's not a Marvel film" kind of deal. Last thing I... we want is cookie cutter super hero or even action hero movies for every marvel film. I loved the development of Steve Rogers in the 1st act, and throwback feel of the 2nd act of Captain America 1. It still stands out compared to the other Marvel films so far. Unfortunately we had an abrupt halt to Cap's glory days, but they did have to bring him into the Avengers somehow.

Akirakorn on May 24, 2014


He was a weird pick to begin with. Wright makes comedies. Marvel uses a lot of humorous touches in their films (Guardians of the Galaxy looks especially silly) but their flicks aren't comedies.

RJmacready on May 24, 2014


I disagree. Marvel movies arent any different. Action surrounding a bunch of silly comedic one-liners

rolyjimenez on May 24, 2014


Boo that studio!! Booooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!

si1ver on May 24, 2014


That movie, should be cancelled. Next!

toonfed on May 24, 2014


Well, now I jut lost all interest in seeing Ant-Man.

Terry Craig on May 24, 2014


Meh. Its a movie about Antman. Its not like we need Oliver Stone behind the camera. Besides, you have Paul Rudd, he'll knock it out of the park anyway.

Rock n Rollllll on May 24, 2014


This is really disappointing. I was very much looking forward to seeing Wright behind this. Now I have to wait that much longer for an Edgar Wright film! Droppin the ball Marvel....droppin the ball...

Danimal on May 25, 2014


I still can't f***ing get over this. I'm still looking forward to this, but I mean it's Edgar Wright he's an awesome director and he was attached to this for such a long time.

Fidel Reyes on May 25, 2014


Who could replace him? My pick would be Phil Lord & Chris Miller, those guys could pull it off. Or maybe even James Gunn or Joe Cornish.

Fidel Reyes on May 25, 2014


Big mistake Marvel, Biiiiig mistake. When? When in the entire history of movie making - has the interference of a studio `helped' a movie? Trust your filmmakers vision. It's not like he's passionless show pony with no talent who's jumped on board. I won't be going to see this now and I'll be advising my friends not to as well. You've lost this member of the nest.

Ross Carroll on May 25, 2014


...Fuck. My excitement for this film shifted drastically.

Jorrell Mcdaniel on May 26, 2014

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