Elle Fanning & More Up for Jean Grey Role in 'X-Men: Apocalypse'

November 18, 2014
Source: The Wrap

Elle Fanning / Jean Grey

It's time for the X-Men: Apocalypse cast to start locking down new talent for some new roles who will join returning cast members like Jennifer Lawrence, Michael Fassbender, James McAvoy, Nicholas Hoult and hopefully (presumably) Hugh Jackman. We've heard some new mutants would enter the mix, and that they would likely be young versions of the X-Men we had already seen in the original X-Men franchise. Now that has been confirmed as The Wrap reports Elle Fanning, Chloe Moretz and Hailee Steinfeld are all on the shortlist to play the telekinetic mutant Jean Grey, mentored by Professor X. But there's even more!

In addition, Bryan Singer is also on the hunt for someone to play a young Cyclops, the optic blasting mutant who ends up falling in love with Jean Grey. The names in consideration for that role are a little lesser known than those in the running for Jean Grey with Ben Hardy ("Red Band Society"), Charlie Rowe ("EastEnders") and Timothee Chalamet (Interstellar) on the list. However, for both of these roles, these aren't the only names in consideration, so someone else could just as easily end up in the role. However, it has been noted that Moretz and Fanning have already met with Singer for the role.

What's great about X-Men: Apocalypse is that it's essentially a new timeline, so we don't have to see characters like Jean Grey and Cyclops adhere to how they were depicted in the first trio of X-Men films. All three of the actresses in consideration for Jean Grey aren't surprising, and in some ways, feel a little uninspired. But they're three of the top young actresses working today, and at least we know that any of them could turn in a great performance. As for Cyclops, this could turn out to be a big breakthrough role for any of those actors named. Prepare to hear more on the casting of this film as production looms nearer, especially since there's no word on who could play a young Storm. Thoughts?

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Oh Yes! This sounds like excellent casting.

DAVIDPD on Nov 18, 2014


It all pales compared to the person who will be taking the role of Apocalypse. He has to overshadow the ensemble of the X-team on my opinion.

mooreworthy on Nov 18, 2014


I figure he'll be done mostly mo-cap/CGI like Ultron anyway....just need to get a really good actor to voice him

desispeed on Nov 18, 2014


True, it has to be legit, like Planet of the Apes legit.

mooreworthy on Nov 19, 2014


Agreed. I wish Orson Welles was still alive to voice him. That would be epic!

Rock n Rollllll on Nov 19, 2014



mooreworthy on Nov 19, 2014


yup he did a great job as the voice of Unicron

desispeed on Nov 20, 2014


Not sure I like the sound of Singer having casting calls for young men again.

txJM on Nov 18, 2014


I don't like any of them for Jean Grey

Astroboy3000 on Nov 18, 2014


At least choose someone who looks a bit like Famke Janssen

HarryFiddleSticks on Nov 19, 2014


They really don't care all that much about matching appearances. Leiv Shrieber looks pretty much nothing like Tyler Mane, the guy they got for young Toad looks virtually nothing like Toad from the original X-Men. This new Cyclops won't be matching the young Cyclops from Origins, and neither will the new Gambit. This new Jean Grey clearly isn't going to be cast to look either like Famke or the young Jean Grey seen in The Last Stand. And beyond that, as this 'new series' progresses...the differences in appearance between Fassbender and McKellen as well as McAvoy and Stewart are only going to be more apparent. This one takes place in the 80s, yet Origins and the early flashback from The Last Stand didn't take place too far after where this film will take you get a situation where they 'age' and change a lot in a relatively short period of time. Fox and Singer don't really give a crap about any of those details.

Chris Groves on Nov 19, 2014


cyclops was definitely done all wrong in the first X-Men movies.....I hope they get him right in this new version

desispeed on Nov 18, 2014


hmm no it's not that he was scripted wrongly ; in that timeline Comic Book-wise , that those movies are aping , once Wolverine is introduced to the team , Scott was a stiff arrogant D-head , who sparred with Logan over Jean constantly . evoking the older brother vs younger brother rivalry Logan has with Victor , in reverse .. ... It was only after Jean died , and Scott "went away" to get over it , did they change his character's scripting . When the CB's had him "return " he became the mature responsible leader everyone knows from CBs of the late 90's -2000s .....the 70's and early 80's pre-Wolverine version was kinds stiff and wooden too...his character def limited even tho he led ... So if this movie restarts them from a teen age , Singer will still have him go thru that stage - can't resist the Maturity theme .. ...Jean could be much younger when she first meets Logan , so maybe She is the Teen with a crush on him instead of Rogue . Which makes Scotty jealous , instead of Bobby or Peter .....Logan's eventual rejection , could be the spur that brings on Dark Phoenix so he'll STILL have to kill her ..

Dominic on Nov 19, 2014

14 the comics Scott and Logan never really fought over Jean until after her second death, it started with Whedon's run in 2006 (of course influenced by the movies), before that Scott was never jealous and was mostly oblivious to logan hitting on Jean, but Jean always rejected him even if she was kinda attracted to him, it was only in the movies where the Logan/Jean dynamic was played up to the nth degree, if Jean really becomes the dark phoenix because she has a crush on Logan or some crap like that i'm gonna vomit, and the X-men fans are gonna spit on Bryan Singer, so especially after the disaster of Last Stand i'm sure Singer will be more careful in adapting the dark phoenix saga more closely representing the comics where it was Scott who helped her control over the phoenix and sacrificed herself to save the world and her loved ones and not put down like some dog by Logan in X3.

anocrox on Nov 20, 2014


I'll admit scott-logan feud was OVERPLAYED by the movies , but the same elements were in the CBs as well . a teen Jean snapping over love pains , is merely a different motivation , from however they had Jean snap in X2 I forget now .... rejection leads to bitterness and revenge in mutants as well as humans.. XMen were never scripted to be above petty human frailities .. Right Scott helps her with Dark Phoenix in the Beginning ! Not to a positive end either in the CBs , obviously . Singer tried to cram too much X-Man lore into 6 hours - it was good but lacking continuity , so not Good Enough .. there's 10 years of Scott being dorky but Team Leader , before Logan shows up.. so I may be talking about stories you haven't read ... they used to script Beast and Iceman as his "needlers" , until Logan ... if her "2nd death" was after 2005 i didn't read it.

Dominic on Nov 20, 2014


Since when did Jean ever love Logan in the comics or even in the movies ? what they had was just attraction, Jean and Scott were true love, hell they spent 12 years in the alternate future together raising young cable, even in X-2 Jean chose Scott, I think its better if they get rid of the terrible triangle in the movies it made all the three characters look bad and had a bad influence on the comics ever since, and there is nothing new to explore in the Logan /Jean dynamic, i think it would be more interesting if young Jean is creeped out by Logan (like the time displaced young jean from the comics) Jean in the comics always loved Scott and always stood by him no matter what until her death despite the occasional Jean/Logan kissing stuff in the 80's and 2000's morrison's run when their relationship was strained due to scott being possessed by apocalypse he became more emotionally repressed and insecure that's when he turned into a massive douche. So its time they explore the iconic Scott/Jean relationship in the movies.

anocrox on Nov 20, 2014


i just hated how quickly Cyclops was overrun as a major character in the movies by Wolverine, for a team leader he wasn't written very strong. Back then I thought it was weak casting of Marsden but now I realize it was more on how the script was fleshed out

desispeed on Nov 20, 2014


(shrugs) much like the same overrun in the CBs ? Cyclops never had 5 books out at same time .... or at least , be "present" for several panels.pages of all those books , Every Month ... I believe it was two at most ... the HOPE would have been that they bring him back as the Cyclops you all want , a stronger TeamLeader after Jean's death , like in the CBs .. but with the alt-uni reboot , it's not necessary This next movie

Dominic on Nov 21, 2014


;?)) see Singer , Cyke has some LOYAL fans ... Yes ADMITTEDLY it's a relationship never consummated . However it was always hanging there , like a sword of Damocles , as a go-to . even mutant girls need a back-up plan ..... .. of course it's base is a "who do I go with - the bad boy or the nice one " story ... and , technically Singer would have to put young Jean and young Scott together before any XMen find them , for the storyline you desire .. If they're "recruited" at different times , he'll prob go to the triangle . where she's looked in the future and seen that Scott is better BUT she just can't get Logan out of her mind , say.... Lol what's wrong with love triangles ?? again Scott was scripted as emotionally repressed form THE START , Jean brought him out of his shell even back in the 70's

Dominic on Nov 21, 2014


Love triangles are something that only Archie can get away with otherwise they will feel like the twilight movies , whats wrong with this triangle you say ? It makes Jean out to be a skank, makes scott look like an annoying douche and makes logan like an overly emo Edward Cullen type character, i know this triangle will never go away in the movies, at least in the comics it looks like they are getting rid of the triangle and they seem to be building up the relationship between the time displaced Young Cyclops (who is getting emotionally stronger) and Young Jean (she even seemed terrified of logan) in a new refreshing way, Logan even confessed Storm he loves her and that he is over Jean, but then he died later on. I think movies should do Logan/Storm as i always thought they had a much better chemistry over the years in the comics. What do you think of Logan/Storm ?

anocrox on Nov 21, 2014


Hurrah, this is the opportunity I’ve been waiting for, I have read the Xmen since I was old enough to pick up a comic book and in my humble opinion they completely fucked up the casting and character of Jean Grey, Scott Summers, Ororo Munroe and Anna Marie, this is an excellent way to fix this error and turn them into what they should have been from the very start, especially Anna Marie, Rogue is one of the most powerful members of the team but instead was turned into a whinny wee girl with so many teen angsts its impossible to try and name them all lol

Beard2bfeared on Nov 19, 2014


They will have to figure how Rogue will get her Ms. marvel Kree powers without hinting towards Ms. Marvel since she belongs to Marvel Studios. If they use her again, I would love to see her more like the comics, especially absorbing the abilities of Cyclops, Wolverine, Colosus and Nightcrawler all at once!

mooreworthy on Nov 19, 2014


Exactly, Rogue is meant to be one of the most power X-men, kind of like Peter from Heroes, she copies of the powers of anyone she touches and then is able to access them while she is in direct skin to skin contact but she can given enough time steal anyones super abilites almost killing them and the transfer is permanent, ie Ms Marvel

Beard2bfeared on Nov 19, 2014


Yeah but remember her powers also have the negative side affects of also absorbing that person's memories and emotions. And if she absorbed a psyche more powerful than hers, that psyche would take her over. Also she doesn't need to be in skin to skin contact to access the powers. Once absorbed they last something like 60 times more than the contact time. She's my favorite X-Men character

David Diaz on Nov 19, 2014


I agree! And another one of my biggest complaints was Colossus not being Russian. He also needs to be a little bit bigger, and I prefer his chrome metal to look striped as it did in the comics, looked so much cooler that way.

Rock n Rollllll on Nov 19, 2014


Not Chloe please

OfficialJab on Nov 19, 2014


In hindsight , they prob wish they had introduced time travel and alternate universes earlier , since this easily fixes any of their continuity mistakes ...increases the # of stories that can be imagined and told ... for ex there's still 50 years of stories out there , of the DOFP universe up to 2021 BEFORE Mystique changes things by impersonating Nixon in '71 .. What If ? the Sentinels hadn't been stopped ... another good one might be " What If ? Iron Man hadn't come back from delivering the bomb to the alien ship ? How would the Avengers be different ? - no stark money or toys or homebase ; maybe Thor Cap et al , closer affiliate with SHIELD , for one ...

Dominic on Nov 19, 2014


The acting credits are mixed up for Ben Hardy and Charlie Rowe. Eastenders announced Ben Hardy was leaving his role in the soap today so perhaps he's got the job. Not sure he fits for Cyclops though. As for Jean Grey I think, out of the 3 listed, Ellen Fanning is probably best choice but I'm not convinced on any of them.

izakkson on Nov 19, 2014

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