Emily Blunt Almost Killed Tom Cruise on 'Edge of Tomorrow' Set

June 5, 2014
Source: Conan

Emily Blunt and Tom Cruise

This summer, Tom Cruise turns 52 years old, and he really seems to be the last true movie star left in Hollywood. Our colleague Amy Nicholson has an extensive, great book coming out later this year that is worth a read if you have an interest in learning more about Cruise than what the tabloids try to tell us. In the meantime, Edge of Tomorrow hits the big screen this weekend, and early buzz is that it's surprisingly fantastic, fun and puts Cruise back on top again. But he almost didn't make it out of production alive. Last night, Emily Blunt appeared on "Conan" and told the tale of how she almost killed Cruise on set. Watch!

Here's Emily Blunt explaining the near-death experience on "Conan" last night:

Cruise has been doing his own stunts for years, with no signs of his age slowing him down. You probably haven't forgotten when Ethan Hunt scaled the Burj Khalifa in Dubai in Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol, but when you watch it again, remember that Cruise actually put his life at risk for several scenes where he actually hung outside the tallest building in the world. It's crazy to think how badly things can go on a movie set, and that's why stuntmen deserve much more recognition in the industry than they receive. Why should Tom Cruise get all the glory for doing stunts just because everyone already knows his name?

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I wonder how much Katie paid her 😛

Rock n Rollllll on Jun 5, 2014


Always liked Cruise as an actor.

Xerxexx on Jun 5, 2014


"and he really seems to be the last true movie star left in Hollywood" I'm like what ???

VoiceOfReason on Jun 5, 2014


Not only is it a silly comment - it has a sort of undertone of sexism. By "movie star" it implies "male movie star" or specifically "male action movie star" - since that's the only kind of movie star that isn't quite as ubiquitous as they once were (in Cruise's early days). And female movie stars are just as prominent now, if not more so, than any time in the past.

crystaltowers on Jun 5, 2014


"female movie stars are just as prominent now, if not more so, than any time in the past." Ummm...no.

octopus9498 on Jun 5, 2014


Um YES IF you change that phrase to " female ACTION hero stars " . ScarJo as " Lucy " might be the biggest summer movie out there to come . and it's just a mutant version of her Black Widow character . The one that just got approved for a solo movie . I could bring up the legion of female action TV stars ,( Rachel Nichols , Tatiana Maszlany , for two ) as well ... unless u count Vin Diesel and Jason Statham , all the MALE Action stars , are old men . Hollywood smartly realized the problem , and moved on to young ladies for this genre .....

Dominic on Jun 6, 2014


Cruise only LOOKS young ...

Dominic on Jun 6, 2014


It doesn't have any undertone of sexism. Stop reading into things that aren't there. If you think "movie star" implies "male movie star" then that's your own problem in your head. The point is, there isn't an actor OR actress like Tom Cruise with as big of a career, who works as hard, and remains as prominent and successful of a star. Not just an actor, but full fledged movie star.

Ethan Anderton on Jun 5, 2014


"works as hard" "remains as prominent" On what basis are you measuring any of this, other than whatever is "in your head" also? Further - the only remotely scientific attempt to calculate star power (that I know of) is the Forbes star meter. And among male actors, Cruise ranks 11th. http://star-currency.forbes.com/celebrity-list/actor Among male and female actors, he ranks 13th - below Jolie and Roberts. http://star-currency.forbes.com/celebrity-list/top-celebrities

crystaltowers on Jun 5, 2014


he's not high on my 'lists" either . BUt I respect the fact that he saw the writing on the wall , and is betting on sci-fi keeping his career alive . Oblivion wasn't as bad as I thought it'd be ... this movie appears to be the human version of "Transformers" , or a more human version of " Pacific Rim ".. Every actor works hard . Bu he remains prominent because he plays HIMSELF well , still . the character don't matter as long as he sells The Tom Cruise Image correctly , in whatever movie ( Ben Affleck is similar - they don't change their hair color , face shape , hardly use beards or moustaches ,rarely slouch or affect a strange accent.....)

Dominic on Jun 6, 2014


True words. Though when they do implement beards, it is pretty glorious.

Maxx on Jun 6, 2014


I guess your comment doesn't have "undertones of sexism" by overstating the fact that a woman holds a position over a man. We get it, you believe women have more prominence as actresses than men do as actors. Why do you insist on parading it in everyone's face?

Anomaeus N on Jun 6, 2014


Actually, you don't get it. Where have I ever written "women have more prominence"? All I did was question why anyone would get all misty-eyed over Cruise, and consider him the "last true movie star". And I suggested that the only species of movie star in decline, that could bring on such nostalgia, is the male action movie star. Which raises the question - after 18 oscar nominations and 3 wins, what does Meryl Streep need to do to be considered a true movie star? And for that matter, what does Daniel Day Lewis need to do? Wear sunglasses more often?

crystaltowers on Jun 6, 2014


Fair enough. I admit I was being overzealous. To address your point, as far as a blockbuster movie star goes, Tom Cruise is a shoo-in. No would ever accuse him of being a "character" actor like Streep and Day Lewis. Edge of Tomorrow breathed some new life into the action blockbuster genre, but it was Emily Blunt who really stole the show. She surpassed Cruise's acting ability by a longshot.

Anomaeus N on Jun 6, 2014


No problem. For my part, I think Cruise should at least have won an Oscar for Magnolia 🙂

crystaltowers on Jun 7, 2014


While I don't believe the sexism comment, I really still don't see how Cruise qualifies as the only true movie star. Your definition seems really subjective and I think I could name a number of actors that fit that outline. I can respect your opinion, as opinion, but as fact, I cannot.

Whatintheduece on Jun 5, 2014


Obviously it's subjective. There's no way to definitively determine something like that and have it be objectively correct. That's why the sentence was written with the word "seems" in it, and not "without a doubt" or another definitive phrase trying to claim a fact.

Ethan Anderton on Jun 6, 2014


I was clearly referring to the comment I actually responded to that was stated very firmly and definitively to substantiate the statement we are all discussing. Everyone's entitled to an opinion, It just frustrates me when people don't bother to leave any indication that what they are saying is opinion or write things so forcibly that it comes off that way.

Whatintheduece on Jun 6, 2014


I'm male and I agree with you. No man has gotten more Oscars than the woman with the most Oscars.

MLTC on Jun 5, 2014


It's funny how feminists look for insults in everything; it's as if they believe that all men should be thrown in jail for not treating women like gods.

Anomaeus N on Jun 6, 2014


I think just because of the longevity of his career. He's never peaked. He's still as big as he was ten, twenty years ago. And on top of that he does more of his own stunts than any other A lister.

Jon Odishaw on Jun 5, 2014


Why should he get all the glory? What sort of dum-ass question is that? Yes there are professional stuntmen whom deserve more praise, but the guy is willing to take those risks himself. Now this maybe because he wants the scenes to look less fake, or maybe he's an speed junky or control freak. Does it really matter? It could be said he's doing a stuntman out of a job, but then I suspect they are still there setting up the stunts. None of this matters as the glory always go to the stars of the movies, partially because it helps sell the film. Somehow 'Emily Blunt almost killed Stunman X' doesn't have the same pulling power.

Steven on Jun 5, 2014


Tom's best stunt was him jumping in Oprah's couch. 😛

MLTC on Jun 5, 2014


That read like a PR release, if I've ever seen one.

indidream on Jun 6, 2014


Is Ethan ever going to get rid of that stupid Avengers icon?? Sick of looking at that man. Can't take anything you say seriously when that is before every sentence you type...

Mr Sinister on Jun 6, 2014

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