Empire Reveals 'X-Men: Days of Future Past' Covers with More Coming

January 27, 2014
Source: Empire

X-Men: Days of Future Past

Today is supposed to be a day full of X-Men: Days of Future Past reveals, and first up, we have a collection of  covers from Empire to help celebrate the magazine's 25th anniversary. In fact, as the day goes on, there will be 25 new covers total, and they are each part of one giant image featuring the wide array of characters. We've posted the first eight below, featuring Jennifer Lawrence, Peter Dinklage and others, not to mention a full-bodied Sentinel and our first look at Evan Jonigkeit as a young version of Toad. We'll keep updating this post as the new covers are revealed throughout the day every hour, but stay tuned for new posts as well, because there might be a new teaser trailer arriving at some point as well. Look below!

Here's the covers for Bryan Singer's X-Men: Days of Future Past from Empire:

X-Men: Days of Future past

X-Men: Days of Future past

X-Men: Days of Future past

X-Men: Days of Future past

X-Men: Days of Future past

X-Men: Days of Future past

X-Men: Days of Future past

X-Men: Days of Future past

X-Men: Days of Future past

X-Men: Days of Future past

X-Men: Days of Future past

X-Men: Days of Future past

X-Men: Days of Future past

X-Men: Days of Future past

X-Men: Days of Future past

X-Men: Days of Future past

X-Men: Days of Future past

X-Men: Days of Future past

X-Men: Days of Future past

X-Men: Days of Future past

X-Men: Days of Future past

X-Men: Days of Future past

X-Men: Days of Future past

X-Men: Days of Future past

X-Men: Days of Future Past is directed by Bryan Singer and written by Matthew Vaughn and Simon Kinberg. The sequel features cast members from the original X-Men franchise like Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen, Halle Berry, Anna Paquin, Ellen Page, Shawn Ashmore and Daniel Cudmore along with X-Men: First Class cast members like James McAvoy, Jennifer Lawrence, Nicholas Hoult, and Michael Fassbender. The present day X-Men are in danger from a mistake in the past, and Wolverine is sent back in time to fix it in order to avoid a dark, terrifying future timeline. Fox releases the film on May 23rd, 2014.

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Not My Favorite Covers I think i need movies as movie lover as much as need the air. Without them i can't breath. Everytime i say to myself X-Men & Avengers are two hell of team , beside X-Men has good sequels & prequels , then this time next X-Men must defeat the avengers. I just waiting and i hope this time X-Men show some more surprises.

Ehsan Davodi on Jan 27, 2014


Sure glad they all don't look corny as shit.

Brian Sleider on Jan 27, 2014


Ouch...a lot of these character designs look BAD. Is Marvel Studios the only one who can master the technique of capturing the spirit of the comic book without making it look ridiculous and silly?

Chris Groves on Jan 27, 2014


Looks awful.

Nielsen700 on Jan 27, 2014


ooooph. Aside from Jennifer Lawrence looking hot as shit and Wolverine being the bad ass he's always portrayed as, these are mostly terrible... especially Quick Silver. It's going to be easy for Whedon to top this version.

Kento on Jan 27, 2014


If THAT's Quicksilver in the 8th one he is WAYYY too young .. They skewed it for a teen target audience , young brother and sister ....

Dominic on Jan 27, 2014


I don't get the negativity. The characters and covers have a good overall feel for it's setting.

Steven on Jan 27, 2014


These look great! Somewhere between comic book and movie. Love em... all of em.

JJ King on Jan 27, 2014


Comon Singer...your Sentinels are ugly and boring. Hopefully this is a mach 1 version and there are upgrades following.

superultraboy on Jan 27, 2014


The Sentinels suck - we knew this months ago Some D!#% decided they couldn't be red and have a face like Galactus ....Which IS prob the key Singer doesn't want people saying Galactus looked like the Sentinels .. or that midget from AIM ..or Jack Kirby's Forever People creations

Dominic on Jan 27, 2014



Have Hope on Jan 27, 2014


Wow....really hope that's not how Quicksilver is going to look in Avengers.

JBrotsis on Jan 27, 2014


So, wolverine won't have his adamantium claws when he's transported back into the 70's (or the entire movie)? And I'm unaware, hoping someone can answer this for me, but how are the sentinels invulnerable to ALL mutant powers??

JBrotsis on Jan 27, 2014


AHHH good eyes ! because the 1st shot is bone claws , but the GIJOE uniform he has adamantium ... So they have to explain the transition sometime in THIS movie hopefully not the next one Now the Sentinels : what the CBs usually scripted is that certain Sentinels were made to be invulnerable to a CERTAIN mutant . And when they attacked , the one to neutralize Storm's( for ex ) powers would attack her only . With others distracting , of course . One made of adamantium for Logan ; one made resistant to Cyke's eyebeams , etc . The point of the storyline is that humans plotted to destroy all mutants , and Trask is evil scientist enough to create ones that could neutralize each mutant individually . Unfortunately baseline humans got in the way as well .

Dominic on Jan 27, 2014


Mother of god... That Evan Peters Quciksilver looks AWFUL! Is that a joke? I'm curious to see what the Aaron Johnson one in Avengers 2 looks like in comparison to this.

Rick on Jan 27, 2014


Young Xavier is standing!!! What!? How?

DAVIDPD on Jan 27, 2014


That's definitely an arrow pointing at Mystique's... ermm... vajayjay and now I can't unsee it (not that I want to).

Neuromancer on Jan 27, 2014


? u drawing the line from her navel , or something ? the arrow head shape above/on her groin ? nothing new in women's fashion . Looks more like it's simulating a trim of the "jungle" ( another funny euphemism , like VJJ ) ....

Dominic on Jan 27, 2014


I wish I was applying her prosthetics...

Blake Sturchio on Jan 28, 2014


the 2nd one is too techie tho . An extension of what they wear in the movies yes but he wore nothing this GIJoe in the comics . Not all are awful - both Professor Xs are appropiate . Havok's has the proper energy signage on/around his chest . Lawrence's chest is too big ...I don't like Fassbender's , no . The 1st Wolverine is awesome YES , with the unhealed bullet wounds ; this must have been done same time as cover art for the BluRays and DVDs ...

Dominic on Jan 27, 2014


Excited as I am for this movie, gotta admit the magazine covers look pretty terrible. Lack of creativity and poor photoshopping abounds

Zak Coleman on Jan 28, 2014


That massive vein on wolverines arm is god damn comical. wth were they thinking??

Pace on Jan 28, 2014


This looks like a massive mess.

BinaryChaos on Jan 28, 2014


You people are to critical , I would love to see what you did, oh wait, your just a watcher not a do'er ... so keep on saying lack of creativity or looks like a mess.. what was your last movie out, can i watch and review it, Ill be nice

shane willett on Jan 28, 2014


I know, isn't it something? That's all these idiots do is complain, but throw something like Twilight at them and they start wetting themselves like 12 year old girls.

Angry Larry on Jan 28, 2014


I'm no fan of these covers, many of them I think are a big photoshoppy mess. This could have been handled way better.

Hans Kleinenberg on Jan 29, 2014

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