Female 'Spider-Man' Spin-Off Coming + 'Venom' Movie Has Carnage?

August 4, 2014

Venom / Spider-Woman / Carnage

Back during the madness of Comic-Con, some adjustments to Sony Pictures' plans for The Amazing Spider-Man franchise were revealed with The Amazing Spider-Man 3 being pushed back to a release sometime in 2018 and The Sinister Six actually getting a release date on November 11th, 2016. But that's not all Sony has in store for the webslinger's cinematic universe. We know that the Venom film is still on the way, and buried in an extensive Deadline report on Sony's plans for Spider-Man is a rumored title for the film along with news of development for a female superhero film set in the Spider-Man film universe.

Let's talk about this female superhero movie first. With all the success leading ladies of action are having at the box office with The Hunger Games, Divergent and most recently Lucy, movie goers are starting to clamor for female superheroes as Marvel is dominated by a mostly male line-up, and DC is only just now getting Wonder Woman into the fray. Well, Sony is keen to meet the demand as they've just hired Lisa Joy (writer and producer on "Burn Notice") to script a feature film focusing on a female superhero from the Spider-Man comic books. However, there are no specifics on just what heroine will take the spotlight.


Spider-Woman would be the obvious choice, and it could give Peter Parker the chance to pass the torch after The Amazing Spider-Man 3, which will likely be the last outing for Andrew Garfield as the wallcrawler. It would be a bold move to shake up the film franchise, which has become increasingly more stale, losing more of the audience with each Spider-Man movie since starting with Sam Raimi's first blockbuster adaptation back in 2001. It's not surprising following Marvel's news that Thor would now be a woman in the Marvel comics universe for awhile. Otherwise, there's other side characters like Black Cat, Silver Sable and Firestar, though none seem prime for their own film.

Frankly, we're still wondering how these films that focus on the villains are going to pull audiences in when the main hero is struggling to maintain its audience with the primary Amazing Spider-Man franchise. The Sinister Six will be a big test, and it sounds like Venom won't be far behind. Deadline notes that the film that will be directed by Alex Kurtzman, from a script he's co-writing with Ed Solomon, seems to be aiming for a 2017 release date in between The Sinister Six and The Amazing Spider-Man 3. Does that mean Venom could end up popping up in the 2018 sequel? We're not sure, but the spin-offs title does tell us something.

Venom, Carnage, Spider-Man

Supposedly the title for the spin-off Venom film will be Venom Carnage, implying that one of the other major Spider-Man villains will be the force with which the anti-hero Venom will have to contend with. Like Venom, the character Carnage was created with an alien symbiote. But unlike Venom, the host who becomes Carnage is an absolutely madman, and essentially becomes a much more powerful and evil version of Venom. Both Venom and Carnage appear together a lot, and even had their own bigger story arc in Venom vs. Carnage, a comic book series from 2004, so it makes perfect sense for the big screen.

Honestly, this all seems far too haphazard of a plan for The Amazing Spider-Man, and Sony just reeks of desperation in trying to hold on to this Marvel property so it doesn't fall back into the hands of Marvel Studios. Of course, we're at least grateful that the studio is trying to fix things instead of just proceeding without a clue. Deadline's source, seemingly at Sony, says, "The one thing you can’t ignore is the fans. There was a rejection going on with having another Spider-Man come out so soon, and you have to listen to the fans in this world. We all took a good look in the mirror and said, we have to try to have to figure it out and revamp it.” Do any of these plans hold promise? What do you think?

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Felicity Jones already played black cat in the amazing spider-man 2, so it would make sense that she would be expanded into her own movie

Ryan on Aug 4, 2014


I'd pay to see that. She was gorgeous and intriguing in ASM 2. She could be a boon for the Spider-Man franchise, kind of like how Black Widow is showing up in plenty of Marvel films, she could make appearances and it would be well received, not to mention a origins/obtaining powers movie with her should definitely happen.

thefinalword on Aug 5, 2014


Thor is a bitch, now a bitch spiderman. I guess Marvel is finally all out of ideas, now they're monkeys are like "whats next?........well lets now give em all tits. Sounds good, put it through."

Rock n Rollllll on Aug 4, 2014


^ Most likely not to get laid this weekend.

97point6 on Aug 4, 2014


Well, for one, Spider-Woman is nothing like Spider-Man. Clearly you and whoever wrote this article have the wrong idea about the character. She is, and has been, her own stand alone character for years now. Hell, I don't know much about her, but I know her and Spider-Man are completely different. She doesn't wall crawl. She doesn't have a spider sense. She has completely different powers from Peter. And they are mistakenly making a connection that isn't there. Just because Marvel NOW is making Thor a female. They assume that because her name is Spider-Woman, that they must be making her the new "Spider-Man". Facts people. Make friends with them

Danny Cool-Nerd Thomas on Aug 5, 2014


I think your point about people getting the marvel comics and cinematic universe confused is the most accurate. Most assume that if something is changing in marvel then it must be all marvel products and not just a comic series, collection, story, or movie. Hell if that were the case, half of the spiderman characters would never exist and spider verse would be a lot quieter.

Theangelsofblood on Aug 5, 2014


Thank you. Misinformation is a killer. I just did a quick discussion about it on my YouTube channel, feel free to check it out. Search "Cool-Nerd"

Danny Cool-Nerd Thomas on Aug 5, 2014


Give the Rights back to Marvel!!! We (the Fans) want Spider-Man (Andrew Garfield) to join the Avengers!!! πŸ˜€

Dubmaster2010 on Aug 4, 2014


Lets give the Marvel Characters back to Marvel please. The rest of you are just fucking it up.

Brian Sleider on Aug 4, 2014


Let Spider-man come home. X-Men and Fantastic Four should be at their own studios, but Parker deserves to be with Marvel.

MattPeloquin on Aug 4, 2014


Sounds really cool πŸ˜€

Tuomas Lassila on Aug 4, 2014


You'd think with all the costume redesigns, Spider-woman's would be at the forefront, because it's HORRIBLE. Also, Sony apparently did not learn from the more villains = more money scenario with Amazing Spiderman 2. Everything they're trying to do is feeling overcrowded, and I think they should take a cue from Marvel on how to properly balance a full roster before throwing money at it.

RAW_D on Aug 4, 2014


You don't need to revamp it, you need to stop shotgun-blasting new movies all over the place. Disney and Marvel can handle it, Sony obviously has no idea what they're doing.

OfficialJab on Aug 4, 2014


No Like. Too much leeway here with the Spiderman universe. Sony is going to ride this IP into the ground.

DAVIDPD on Aug 4, 2014


I have my doubts as to whether Spider-Woman will be the chosen character for the scripting. I don't really recall her as a major part of spider-man comics. I wouldn't mind Firestar and Black Cat movies, but I doubt they would draw crowds on name power alone. Silver Sable would probably be an easy mark for scripting and producing, though I can't think of a reason to build an entire movie off of her character, unless it were to hunt down superpowered villains and arrest them for a bounty, along with some interference to eventual assistance from Spider-Man. The working name for the Venom Carnage film is terrible. Venom: Lethal Protector would be more interesting, but for his first film, Venom could simply work for a title just fine. I'm a little disappointed with all the complainers in the comments section. I was quite satisfied with ASM 2. It was visually impressive, action packed, well paced, and did plenty to hint at bigger and better things to come. I think it's plenty fair that Sony continue to work with the Spider-Man franchise, Marvel has plenty of projects to work with as it is and Sony, having the limited range to work with as far as licensing, can actually spend the time creating movies of Spider-Man that deserve to be seen that actually revolve around him fighting alone, much like he is often doing in the comics in most stories anyway. I feel the same way towards the ever improving X-Men franchise. Days of Future Past was just good. I can't wait for more films from all 3 studio companies.

thefinalword on Aug 5, 2014


Spider woman has huge milk sacs.

TheOct8pus on Aug 5, 2014


I would think if they're spinning off a female character that has similar powers (if they're planning to replace Spidey with her) they would go with the recently revealed character, Silk. She was apparently bitten by the same spider, that fateful day. If this is just a spin-off that doesn't have that goal, I would think Black Cat, since she's his version of Catwoman. But if they do plan on flat replacing him, I wonder if they'll write in Miles Morales, from Ultimate Spider-Man. Plus, Spider-Woman may not even belong to Sony, in the books she's not really associated with him, besides having a similar name. She usually gets irritated when people ask about that in the first place. Besides, I'm still clinging to my (perhaps fading) theory that Skye from Agents of Shield is actually Jessica Drew/Spider-Woman, the character with a murky, brainwashed past and connections in the comics to Hydra and Shield. Not only would it be nice to have at least one agent with some powers (pheromones and wall crawling ftw), but she just plain looks like Spider-Woman. I mean, if we were cold-casting Jessica Drew, she would have to be a finalist.

Wes Blackwood on Aug 5, 2014


why spider women is not an avengers ? she as nothing to do with spider man at all

Necroxide on Aug 23, 2014


I say if they make a movie revoling around a female Spider-Man character, they should go with Black Cat.

Gabrielle Taylor on Mar 7, 2015

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