First-Time Director Roberto Orci is Confirmed to Helm 'Star Trek 3'

May 14, 2014
Source: Variety

Star Trek / Roberto Orci

Briefly: In what was already assumed to be a done deal, Variety reports that Roberto Orci has officially signed on to helm Star Trek 3 as his first feature film as director. As we previously reported, Orci has extensive experience with the Star Trek reboot as he co-wrote the original reboot and the sequel Star Trek Into Darkness with his former writing partner Alex Kurtzman (they also wrote The Amazing Spider-Man 2). Right now Orci is working on the story with writer J.D. Payne and Patrick McKay, so Paramount is eager to get started. We're obviously worried since this will be Orci's directing debut, but we're hoping for the best.

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I absolutely loved Abrams 2 Star Trek films(and I'm not one of those 'I hated the originals so the new ones were cool' people) but am very unsure about Orci directing the 3rd. I mean, it seems like any time we are primed to get a great trilogy, some sort of circumstance always leads to a scenario where the 3rd doesn't exactly deliver. Even when the 3rd films are still very good, it feels like they don't reach potential. Spidey 3 had executive meddling forcing the release date and Venom into the movie. Bryan Singer left X-Men 3 for Superman Returns, and again, Fox was adamant that they make the date. The Dark Knight Rises was very good, but still over-reached in some aspects. Iron Man 3 was also very good, and although I personally loved the twist, many people didn't like it. Now we have Star Trek 3 switching up Directors, and going with a first-time director no less(a problem I remember Blade: Trinity having). It seems like we are never going to get the next Lord of the Rings...MAYBE when Cameron makes his trilogy of Avatar sequels?

Chris Groves on May 14, 2014


I enjoyed Abram's Star Trek's as well.

Rock n Rollllll on May 14, 2014


The lens flare's really added a truly great and dramatic effect. Didn't bother me at all.

Cocaino Weaver on May 14, 2014


Well everyone is a critic indeed, Spider-Man 3 was great, just some nitpicky fans didn't like it. Same for X3, TDKR, BT, I3....wait are we seeing a pattern!? They are all comic book films! And you know how comic book fans always like to be judgemental about their own adaptations of their favourite characters. They would just pick out anything even the smallest details piece by piece. They truly don't know what good filmmaking is and what it takes for a film to steer in the right direction. All those comic book 3's were excellent and I was proud of them of what they succeeded in.

Cocaino Weaver on May 14, 2014


I for one liked all of those 3rd films, it is just that in one degree or another, those films were either let-downs or downright hated by some fans. Yes, those were all comic book films, but many felt Pirates of the Caribbean 3 was a let-down as well, Godfather Part 3, Jurassic Park 3 etc etc It seems that one of the few 3rd films that almost everyone felt truly delivered was Return of the King

Chris Groves on May 14, 2014


I wouldn't relevantly count Return of The King as a true third film, more in line as a continuation of a story. The characters were already established including the goals previously. While many third films tend to create new character leads and stories altogether.

Cocaino Weaver on May 14, 2014


Perhaps that is WHY it is such a great 3rd film? Because it focused on concluding what was established? I mean, the definition of a 3rd film isn't really debatable. The Return of the King was the 3rd Lord of the Rings film, and it is the high water mark or 3rd films in the modern era of cinema.

Chris Groves on May 15, 2014


Ooh...not sure about this. Into Darkness ended on a good note...not sure we need a third outing...that being said I'll give Orci the benefit of the doubt...good luck sir.

Xerxexx on May 14, 2014


State your purpose!!

Rock n Rollllll on May 14, 2014


Roberto Orci is one of the greatest writers working in Hollywood next to David Goyer. Star Trek 3 is simply going to be amazing. Heck if Orci is this talented at writing he sure knows what proper direction is. I have no doubts that the quality we will see will be better than the previous films. Orci will fill in the blanks Abrams left. There was no other better choice. Having an experienced director in Hollywood to direct Star Trek 3 may have ruined it altogether, Orci having written the films is the only one that knows the formula. The writer knows what is best for the material. Take Blade Trinity for example, David Goyer having experience writing the previous films helped that movie exceed beyond standards and was easily the best of the series. When you have a man with written experience, it's guaranteed he knows how to direct the experience the way he intended from that example with Goyer. Star Trek 3 is going to blow people's minds. This will be the most amazing #3 blockbuster franchise movie to come yet.

Cocaino Weaver on May 14, 2014


I really, really hope...this is all dripping with liquid sarcasm.

Buzzfunk on May 14, 2014


Comments like yours are what gets Cocaino up in the morning.

OfficialJab on May 14, 2014


Hopefully it won't be the same as Brett Ratner getting the reigns after Bryan Singer. I really don't want Star Trek: The Last Stand.

SkylerB619 on May 14, 2014


Except that JJ is way more visionary than Bryan. To compare would be an insult to JJ. But i do agree with giving away the third installment. It could be disastrous.

Rock n Rollllll on May 14, 2014


why would a crappy (overrated) writer be given the opportunity to be a crappy (overrated) writer/director?

Zac on May 14, 2014


Because thats how Hollywood works. While i did dig the original ST reboot, I have to say that Into Darkness was absolute trash. They should have skipped the Khan storyline or at least do something new. Like "To boldly go where no man has gone before" maybe? This dude co-wrote the transformers movies and i might add that the 2nd one was one of the worst movies i have ever seen. Atrocious dialog, bad gay humor and even worse acting. So really, i have zero faith in this dude. Hopefully he prove people like me,wrong.

Buzzfunk on May 14, 2014


his origin of ST was solid and dare I say even the Transformers origin story was pretty entertaining. His sequals of ST, Transformers, and spiderman should make a film fans everywhere angry. Why he thinks he can make a redemption by doing a 3rd installment of any franchise is beyond me but yeah ive been surprised before....not by Orci.....but i have been pleasantly surprised by people ive underestimated before. Hopefully this will be the case.

Zac on May 14, 2014


The first Transformers was very light, fluffy entertainment. Granted it was fun for a bit. And while someone could argue (well they are) that these movies are just popcorn movies, i was a little bit angry after into darkness just because they did such a good job on the first one and this sequel (not sequal :)) was just lazy. Cool action sequences alone don't make a good movie. But heh i guess i could be worse. Damon Lindelof could have been writing this. Luckily, all the (justified) fan hate got to him and he bailed on twitter. 🙂

Buzzfunk on May 14, 2014


I am nervous about someone with no directorial experience being handed the reins of a $150 million tentpole like Star Trek. But I know it's not my decision. Best wishes, Mr. Orci. Prove me wrong.

Edward Curtis on May 14, 2014


J.J. quickly pulled out his knife and set it against the studio head's throat. He intensely whispered: "My friend Roberto really wants to direct this film. Understand?" The man nodded his head in defeat.

Nielsen700 on May 14, 2014


Holding out hope for STAR TREK 3. I would have preferred some fresh non-Bad Robot blood for the director's chair.

DAVIDPD on May 14, 2014


I dunno, I like this news. I love studios giving first-time directors huge projects.

OfficialJab on May 14, 2014


🙁 NO! 🙁

MLTC on May 14, 2014


I didn't think the new Trek movies could get any worse, then this news...

cobrazombie on May 15, 2014

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