Fox Sets 2017 Release Dates for 'Fantastic Four' & 'Wolverine' Sequels

March 21, 2014
Source: ComingSoon

The Wolverine

Briefly: With the annual CinemaCon exhibition industry convention taking place next week, Hollywood is solidifying their upcoming release schedule with dates for their next five years of blockbusters. 20th Century Fox has set some big comic book movie release dates to top off everything else on their line-up in the next few years. Fox has scheduled The Wolverine sequel, which just announced that James Mangold would be returning to direct, for March 3rd, 2017 early in the year, along with The Fantastic Four 2 (sequel) set for July 14th, 2017. They're betting big on this, as we still have to see Josh Trank's new take on Fantastic Four in 2015 to begin with. As we still have three years to go, we expect plenty of updates on these projects.

In addition, Fox also as an unknown Marvel mystery project dated for July 18th, 2018. Maybe that's where Fox hopes to release the gestating X-Force movie? Or maybe they're scoping out a date for the potential crossover of X-Men and Fantastic Four. Or if we really want to think outside of the box, maybe they're finally going to commit to Deadpool. However, that's a prime summer release, and I doubt they have that much faith in a Deadpool movie. We'll let you know if we hear anything about this mystery Marvel movie.

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Dear Gawd. At this point I just want Jackman to retire his run from Wolverine. A man at his age should not be working out so hard. Seriously.

DAVIDPD on Mar 21, 2014


I have a suspicion that this over-confidence might blow up in Fox's face. Moving forward with X-Men: Apocalypse before Days of Future Past has even had a 2nd trailer, let alone been released. It could seriously under-perform or even flop, nothing is certain. Announcing Fantastic Four 2 when they haven't even STARTED PRODUCTION on The Fantastic Four...and word around the campfire is that things aren't going to smoothly with that film.

Chris Groves on Mar 21, 2014


Now now. Announcing dates versus starting production are two different things. I would agree that FANTASTIC FOUR 2 seems a bit foolish, but that is just press for the first one. On the other hand, I think DAYS OF FUTURE PAST will if nothing else, be a financial success based solely on the star power and audacity of the concept.

DAVIDPD on Mar 21, 2014


Agreed. Announcing FF2 is a bold move. And based on how much I really hate the new FF I hope it bombs so they can cancel FF2. However, despite my feelings (or perhaps in spite of my feelings) it will do well enough to warrant a sequel.

CoosCoos on Mar 21, 2014


it doesn;t matter if the 1st one bombs is what they are saying . Because FOX committs to making two films to keep their stranglehold on these characters . Before they lose them legally . personally I don't need a FF reboot . they was nothing wrong with the CASTING of the 1st one . Just that Alba llooked better with auburn hair than blond . But it was Jesica Alba ; she gets whatever hair color she wants ...FOx only has a few Marvel characters " under contract " so to speak so if their films bomb maybe Marvel can snatch them back . They were smart to committ to Wolverine tho ; that will always make money

Dominic on Mar 24, 2014


Jesus! How can Hugh continue to keep up this physique?! I'm ready for a new face to play the cigar-smoking badass.

Rock n Rollllll on Mar 21, 2014


well he has said that that is the biggest hasle with playing the character , having to start bulking up for 6-8 months before shooting starts . Otherwise he has no reason to EVER stop , as this franchise made him . and , c'mon part of Jackman's charrm for this is that his face is Almost perfect for ths role . WHO else can you name that would look good in those mutton chop sideburns ? ... People always say they want a new face , but who really is out there that has a face for the character BETTER than Jackman ? ( obv bodies can be enhanced but only so much makeup can go on the faces ...)

Dominic on Mar 24, 2014


I'm not taking anything away from Hugh cause hes an amazing actor; however i would prefer wolverine to resemble the comics a little bit more. Shorter, stocky, raspy-voiced, cigar-smoking, yellow & marroon suited son of a bitch! I think after 5 wolverines it'd be cool to see this......................BUT, this probably wont happen, so Hugh will continue to do.

Rock n Rollllll on Mar 24, 2014


ahh THAT's the issue . Yes we all want the squatter , hairier MUCH more vicious ( no newbie fan understands where us ORIGINAL Logan fans fom the early 80's are coming from on this ) Wolverine . BUT it's Hollywood , RnR , They'll never put a character like THAT as a " leading man " . No one will bankroll it , while Hugh's status now gets Any movie bankrolled that he's in as proof , this is why the DOFP storyline got changed ( a LOT ) as part of the story would have been the TEAM meeting their FUTURE doppelgangers , one of which was that squatter hairier Wolverine . JJ wasn't giving us that character which would have competed with Hugh's popularity...... I would vote for a cable Network ( HBO ! they gotta replace True Blood ) to buy the rights from FOX and restart his story from its true beginnings , in Canada

Dominic on Mar 24, 2014


I'm actually upset that JJ DID change the DOFP story so radically , as I was looking forward to a bald and taller Ororo who was Logan's GF , as well

Dominic on Mar 24, 2014


I have no interest in this Fantastic Four Movie, and I know many other comic fans who don't either. Great...

Guy who comments on things on Mar 21, 2014


I Hope it fails.

Fidel Reyes on Mar 21, 2014


I suspect that could be the last Wolverine appearance for Jackman. Though I really don't get the issue some people have with a 45 year old man in great shape.

Steven on Mar 21, 2014


So does Fox own X-Men and Fantastic 4 in perpetuity? Does anyone know the answer to this question?

TheOct8pus on Mar 21, 2014


All licenses are on a "use or lose" basis. If they don't release a movie within 10 years of the previous movie they lose rights to that 'brand'. I say 'brand' because Fox could make a Wolverine movie (without any other mutants) every 9 years and keep the license to the entire mutant 'brand' or universe. Same with Fantastic 4, which is why Fox is rebooting in 2015 - the last movie was 8 years ago, they're close to losing the license. For example, Fox currently has rights to Elektra. The last movie was in 2005. If they don't make another Elektra movie by 2015 the rights will return to Marvel and she could be used in the new Daredevil TV show they're doing for Netflix. (Daredevil reverted back to Marvel in 2013, 10 years after the Daredevil movie in 2003.)

CoosCoos on Mar 21, 2014


Thanks for that insight. Never really understood it either.

Danimal on Mar 21, 2014


Very well said and informative. Thanks!

Rock n Rollllll on Mar 21, 2014


It's all properties under Daredevil so: Daredevil/Matt Murdock, Elektra (Natchios), The Kingpin/Wilson Fisk, Bullseye, Jack Murdock, Karen Page, Ben Urich. So yes Marvel has Elektra because she was under The Daredevil Banner.

Guest on Mar 21, 2014


Incorrect. Elektra was licensed separately from the Daredevil 'family', which is why Daredevil (and characters) already reverted back to Marvel but Elektra doesn't revert until next year. That's also why the standard Daredevil characters did not appear in the Elektra film.

CoosCoos on Mar 21, 2014


That makes little sense. Daredevil only just reverted back to marvel and at the time of the Elektra film Fox would still have had the rights to the characters. However. Thinking about it. I'm struggling to figure out why I care who owns the rights to Elektra.

blargh on Mar 21, 2014


At the time of the Elektra movie they still had rights to Daredevil, but since they didn't put him in the movie the rights reverted back at different times (though Affleck did shoot a cameo, they never used it). Good point about 'who cares', though with Marvel doing a Daredevil TV show, it's good to know Ms. Natchios can play a part.

CoosCoos on Mar 23, 2014


two words Jennifer Garner as an actor that nailed her charcater perfectly . i'd like to see her do it again

Dominic on Mar 24, 2014

23 we're never going to see Spidey, Wolverine and the Avengers on the same screen together.... 🙁

TheOct8pus on Mar 24, 2014


no until Marvel gets full control over all back . which could be decades , as pointed out

Dominic on Mar 24, 2014


Sad...Marvel should just give Fox and Sony a billion dollars each...or better yet, Disney should just buy Fox and Sony...

TheOct8pus on Mar 24, 2014


well thanks to CoosCoos for the contract info , gives me hope to see JGard in the Red Ninja assasin suit again . But if there's ANY company you don't want to give any more monopoly power from ANY industry to , its Disney ;o( between them and Comcast , they Will Have connections to all the entertainment industry on the East Coast , at least ....

Dominic on Mar 25, 2014


If Arnold gets go play The Terminator again in Terminator 5 I see no problem Hugh Jackman playing Wolverine at mid-40s. Just like i don't have a problem Robert Downy Jr. Playing Iron Man nearing 50, and Daniel Craig playing James Bond in his mid-to-late 40s as well. All these actors have worked so hard to own their roles and they're pretty darn goood at it. Keep these awesome X-Men movies coming!

Luis Eduardo Ortiz on Mar 21, 2014


I Hope Fantastic Four fails so Marvel can get the Fantastic 4, Dr. Doom, Silver Surfer, Galactus(Etc...) back those characters could play a big role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Because Fox don't know what they're doing, and yes X-Men would be great to have too but I actually enjoy those movies (Despite their great faults)

Fidel Reyes on Mar 21, 2014


Even if Marvel gets those characters back they are not going to do anything with them immediately. Marvel already has a set plan for the future in the MCU and that wouldn't include them. Which is why the F4 is best stayed with Fox for now. No matter if Fantastic Four fails Fox will still have them. Get off your high fanboying horse. I truly have hope in the F4 reboot and there is many reasons why to like it. You have Josh Trank a director with potential at the helm, the amazing Matthew Vaughn producing, and a fresh cast. There is no way the movie would bomb at all. Fox may have had their share of mistakes in the past but you can't deny they are gradually learning and willing to fix. We have Bryan Singer back at the helm of the X-Men franchise and The Wolverine film that was deeply rooted to Wolverine himself. I for one am curious into the future of what Fox has to offer.

Ryan Thomas Hardy on Mar 21, 2014


Maybe you should get off your Fox-fanboy movie only antics. Majority of people already think this F4 reboot will fail. I am more than confident that even though Marvel has plans for its MCU until 2028, you can bet your ass that they would rearrange those plans or change them up a bit if Marvel gets them back, which the majority of people think will happen. Marvel already tried to get the movie rights to Galactus and the Silver Surfer when Fox was trying to make a Daredevil reboot. What makes you think they won't work in the MCU? You know what kinds of interesting stories would come out if Marvel had the whole FF mythos back?The FF belong to the company that created them and know them best, which is Marvel. Fox doesn't care bout the FF as much as Marvel does.

Johnson Carlos on Jun 11, 2014


I'm with you Marvel needs to bring all of the family home! I like my horse!

Jimmy Love on Mar 21, 2014


hmm yes and no ... technically one of the reasons CB movie are so popular now , is that you have this 3-way competition for who can adapt a CB series the best . in American business , more competition is ALWAYS good , better for the consumer ... what we would say is that Marvel is one of the few monopolies we trust to put out a good product , regardless of who's pushing it to put out one . DC/Warner makes it a 4-way competition as well ; they're ready to pick up any slack . So the pressure is all on FOX and Sony definitely . ...Hollywood Must Have Marvel's product , so it's a Golden Age for us fans regardless ...

Dominic on Mar 24, 2014


One day...........

Rock n Rollllll on Mar 24, 2014


They got daredevil back, which means that they have Elektra as well, sir

Raymond Delgado on Jul 24, 2014

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