Full 2015 Release Schedule with Over 50 Movies Listed Now Available

January 12, 2014

2015 Release Schedule

The year of years. One to remember. By all accounts, 2015 looks to be one of the most exciting years in big Hollywood movies in a long time. From the return of Star Wars, to the return of The Avengers, to the return of Jurassic Park, to the return of Terminator, to the (re-)appearances of Ant-Man, Desmond Miles, SpongeBob, Aaron Cross, James Bond, Jason, Ethan Hunt, Ted & Mad Max. In keeping up with the features on FirstShowing, we've (finally) launched our 2015 Release Schedule, with listings that we'll update as time goes on. For now, we wanted to inform everyone that the schedule is up and up-to-date.

To visit the 2015 release schedule online, click here. You can also find our Google Calendar listings here.

We're expecting 2015 to be considerably entertaining as we wade through so many of these new movies, and as always we'll be here to keep you informed and updated on the latest news, trailers & details regarding all of these 2015 releases and beyond. In the meantime, dive into the 2015 schedule to stay current on the latest release dates for the 50+ movies on the line-up. From Star Wars: Episode VII, being directed by J.J. Abrams, to Brad Bird's sci-fi Tomorrowland, to Jurassic World directed by Colin Trevorrow, to Ant-Man from Edgar Wright, it's going to be an unforgettable year. What movies are you most excited about?

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Put the kettle on Turkish.

Xerxexx on Jan 12, 2014


So many sequels. Sigh. 2015 is going to be bad.

Insider on Jan 12, 2014


You knew things were crazy when in the last half of 2013 people were talking more about 2015 than they were about 2014.

Chris Groves on Jan 12, 2014


2015 is sequels and reboots galore. Only a few original films in between but damn the amount of sequels is high! It's going to be a huge box office year indeed.

Damon King on Jan 12, 2014


none! 2013 was a good year! ain't them body Saints... world war z... prisoners... Man of steel... mud... So to know what's coming is unnecessary, I want to be surprised...

Avi on Jan 13, 2014


Well, your opinion is certainly not a very popular one. Most people think 2013 was very disappointing compared to previous years. 2014 will probably be a lot better.

Mauricio Guaura on Jan 27, 2014


Mud for sure. Underrated. Great simple story.

derek on Feb 26, 2014


MUD was a better performance than dallas buyers club

Gerard Kennelly on Jul 4, 2014


February 13th can die, two of the worst properties ever!

Mxyzptlk on Jan 13, 2014


So many I don't know which ones to comment about. I guess I'm looking forward to Ted and Mission Impossible most. I'd say Bond if they hadn't gotten Mendes back, I'm not sure about that call. And I'd say Star Wars if there were a written guarantee that it won't be 70% vfx.

OfficialJab on Jan 13, 2014


Star Wars if for no other reason than to see the fan boys go off their nuts again, especially with JJ' s lens flare.

Jason on Jan 13, 2014


JJ already promised that there won't be any lens flare in his Star Wars movie.

Avatar on Jan 28, 2014


JJ = Jar Jar. yep, buckle up!

MFFLJBM51D on Apr 9, 2014


Will they use tripods?

Joe Mackey on May 4, 2014


What to tripods have to do with anything? Lens flare is controlled by the lens exposure, which is physically controlled by the camera, and sometimes it is added in post production, as JJ did for much of trek, since it is supposed to be an idyllic and bright future.

blair85 on May 21, 2014


Holy smokes. The jackpot! Can't wait to jump to 2015!

Wallace A. Richard on Jan 14, 2014


Mann... the last four years have gone by so bad.

Lex on Jan 28, 2014


Another Friday the 13th and Amityvillie re-make! I'm having a stroke at hollywood's re-re-makes.

Steve Ward on Feb 25, 2014


Avengers and Jurassic park and James Bond! 😀

Ania Chuvashova on Mar 1, 2014


conchita worst will sing the tune you heard it here first

Gerard Kennelly on Jul 4, 2014


And yet Hollywood is filled with gifted talent, apparently still going untapped. Shame on the decision makers for being lazy and unimaginative!

Sherry Sapp on Apr 4, 2014


Well, right now 2015 looks like a bust. Remakes and sequels are bad enough. They become worse when you didn't care about the originals.

John Taylor on Apr 18, 2014


Wait?!?!? What?!? Whatever happened to Jaws 19? It was due for an October, 2015 release, the last I heard!! 😀

obloodyhell on Apr 18, 2014


They are making episodes 5-18 a tv miniseries with a celebrity victim of the week starting with the kardashians

Mr Awesome on May 9, 2014


That would be fun!

Stephen Thompson on May 9, 2014


Wish it was true and I hadn't made it up. Hope some director picks this up and makes it happen. That would be good for business

Mr Awesome on May 10, 2014


please tell me it's reality tv and not drama?

thwap on May 16, 2014


whatever happened to mona lisa ....rourke secret in their eyes ......denzel the chaser .......dicaprio long good friday .....winstone welcome to the sticks ......will smith

Gerard Kennelly on Jul 4, 2014


Star Wars VII ? Really?

Marvel Slots on May 1, 2014


Yh but disney is involved :/

Mårtensson Ane Arnold on May 24, 2014


Looking forward to Jurassic Park and Avengers - been reading up on what could happen in next Star Wars series and does sound like it would be a good set of movies - half expecting there to be 6 though (based on how much they could put in)

NotGonnaLie on May 6, 2014


All sequels and remakes... sigh

Backflipsimmons on May 7, 2014


rourke mona lisa denzel secret in their eyes winstone long good friday dicaprio the chaser gosling cell 211 will smith welcome to the sticks

Gerard Kennelly on Jul 4, 2014



Jayce Everling on May 7, 2014


Migod is nothing original anymore?

Sejanus on May 8, 2014


Well, a sound explanation for that can come in the form of a question... What original, non-remake, non-adaptation movie were you ever excited about a year and a half in advance?

Stephen Thompson on May 9, 2014


Back in the days of Starlog magazine there were rather a few actually. Also I would not count the first big screen adaptation of novels to be non original.

Sejanus on May 9, 2014


Hmm, interesting point. I guess its the change of the times. Familiar things are cash cows in the entertainment industry. Similarly, in video games, and more frequently, it seems, on television, there are the same franchises reappearing and original ones are usually forgotten. We also see that if there is anything fresh and original that wowed audiences everywhere...most likely it will have a sequel, too. Let us all mourn together.

Stephen Thompson on May 9, 2014


There area few, but they are typically big name directors (or sometimes actors) like Avatar or Gravity. They in themselves are typically cash cows though, but because of the people involved.

Duncan Hill on Jul 24, 2014


Says the guy who has a picture of an actor for his profile picture

Bob on May 12, 2014


Hey at least I am not using the original blank empty

Sejanus on May 12, 2014


I LOL-ed at your response. So you could say that "I commented here to laugh at you".

Ultimate Android on Sep 8, 2014


where is the list of movies?

Marvel Slots on May 12, 2014


You have to click on the read words saying click here and the one saying the full 2015 schedule

David Redhawk-DaSilva on Jun 6, 2014


Can't wait for Crimson Peak. I need a Guillermo del Toro film stat! That, and Avengers 2 and Guardians of the Galaxy...

LAB on May 21, 2014


For all the hipster grousing about remakes or the books being better than the films, sequels wouldn't be made if they didn't usually net a huge return. That means people are buying tickets - it is a business after all. Kinda sad because the best movie I've seen so far in 2014 is Only Lovers Left Alive and it's not going to break any box office records. It took Jim Jarmusch 7 years to get it made.

LAB on May 21, 2014


Bourne 5 is an interesting slot . I take it the story hasn't been nailed down ..

Dominic on May 22, 2014


If Damon isn't in it, I'm not interested!

Gustavo Laureano on Jul 16, 2014


You suck

Christian on May 24, 2014


Avengers 2 May 1, then no tentpole film til Universal's Jurassic World mid June? The other studios aren't even going to TRY, just cede all of May to Disney wtf?

yo on May 27, 2014


learn english and also your comment is muypendejo

David Redhawk-DaSilva on Jun 6, 2014


So basically 12 good movies and all the rest are crap

David Redhawk-DaSilva on Jun 6, 2014


All i am waiting for are these 4 movies in 2015. 5.Jurassic Park 4 4.Justice League 3.Terminator 5 2.Avengers 2 1.Assassin's Creed: The Piece Of Eden

Guest on Jul 6, 2014


All i am waiting for are these 5 movies in 2015. 5.Jurassic Park 4 4.Justice League 3.Terminator 5 2.Avengers 2 1.Assassin's Creed: The Piece Of Eden

Sian FT on Jul 6, 2014


Justice League is releasing in 2016. -_- You are no fan..

kedex on Jul 6, 2014


Batman v Superman is releasing in 2016. Justice League is releasing in 2017. -_- You are no fan..

JessJames on Jul 13, 2014


You're a person. 😀 You are no fan.

Ultimate Android on Jul 31, 2014



malik on Aug 23, 2014


What about Star Wars Episode VII, comes out in December of 2015. Maybe the most highly anticipated movie in a decade.

Scott on Aug 1, 2014


I seriously doubt that, considering a lot of fans aren't even on board about seeing Star Wars 7 yet.

Ultron on Aug 1, 2014


After seeing the trash that were episodes 1,2 and 3, I have no desire to ever see another Star Wars movie.

CCF on Sep 22, 2014


I'll give it a shot. I like JJ abrams and I like Star Wars. It can't really be worse than Episode 1....right?

Ultron on Sep 22, 2014


Hell with star wars crap !

Moron on Aug 6, 2014


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daphnewbowden on Jul 7, 2014


I'd like to see something done that isn't a reboot or a sequel. Does anyone notice that 90% of what hits the big screen as NEW is really only AGAIN?

Bubba-stush on Jul 12, 2014


Agree 100%! It's a rare thing to see original movies nowadays. And to also be great, like Inception, is even more rare!

Gustavo Laureano on Jul 16, 2014


Se nota que no sabes nada de películas! Y de lo que parece, eres un jodio envidioso que no puede cruzar la frontera!

Gustavo Laureano on Jul 16, 2014


They better have some movies that actually deliver other than being apart of a large franchise. This Summer was probably one of the worst Summers in recent film history in terms of decent films. Planet of the Apes, X-Men DOFP, and Edge of Tomorrow were the only ones where I felt like I got my money's worth. Didn't even bother going to Transformers mostly because Michael Bay is a part of it which means TMNT is also going to be a flop most likely. That man needs to retire already. CGI alone can't save a movie.

john on Jul 21, 2014


Guardians of the galaxy was really good I thought and I think u mean xmen DERP

that guy over there on Sep 17, 2014


how about Thomas the Tank Engine movie?

JosephW on Jul 26, 2014


they forgot Batman-Superman!

JosephW on Jul 26, 2014


It was done on purpose. Both characters suck.

CCF on Sep 22, 2014


Is Point Break a remake of that gay cop romance movie with Patrick Swayze and Keanu Reeves?

Michael Renn on Aug 2, 2014


No its a action classic about under cover cops

Jesse Barajas on Aug 3, 2014


Nah, Michael had it right lol.

Anthony Caputa on Aug 27, 2014


But I'm much more excited with James Cameroon's AVATAR series ( Avatar 2,3 & 4) that will be scheduled to come out in 2016, 2017 & 2018

MD on Aug 3, 2014


Hey weirdo ! Avatar is a shit movie.

Guest on Aug 6, 2014


Avatar was a shit movie !

Moron on Aug 6, 2014


it was a shit movie but its the best movie ever maid -_- and maid the most money of any movie like 2 or 3b $.u sound stupid do your research

malik on Aug 23, 2014


So you just assumed that i didn't know how much it grossed ? Abe gadhe; it grossed $2.7 billion. It had a 250 million dollars publicity campaign. Power of marketing. It is a shit movie. It was a success money wise; but its a shit movie. And if you don't like someone's opinion of personal liking or disliking, you can ignore it.

Moron on Aug 24, 2014


Yes i agree and so was Iron man 3

Clark Kent on Aug 31, 2014


made* made* you* Your grammar negates your point, idiot.

Rob on Sep 4, 2014


Avatar is a remake of Fern Gully

Michael Renn on Aug 9, 2014



Jai Krrishna on Aug 20, 2014


So far, according to Robert Downey, Jr. (who holds the Iron Man costume/role), there will no longer be an Iron Man 4. Most likely, we will see more of Iron Man from the Avengers 2 and (if there's one) 3.

Ultimate Android on Sep 8, 2014


Assassin's Creed: The Piece Of Eden oh yeaahhh

RAFAEL on Aug 23, 2014


Everything is a remake of a book or writing from before if not another movie, which still has a script just saying

dd on Aug 29, 2014


I'm really excited for the new star wars movie

alexandermacdonald on Sep 3, 2014


well fnf 7 on the way

Hell Angel on Sep 21, 2014

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