George R.R. Martin Says 'Game of Thrones' Movies Are a Possibility

March 19, 2014
Source: THR

Game of Thrones

Since the spectacular adaptation of "Game of Thrones" is a TV series on HBO, we don't cover any of that jazz over here. However, when, the fantasy book series author mentions the prospect of expanding into feature film territory, that's when our ears perk up. Recently, co-showrunners David Benioff & Dan Weiss indicated that the HBO series will likely last seven or eight seasons, and since the fourth season is just not getting into swing next month, there's a few years of TV time for the show left. But when author George R.R. Martin was asked about the prospect of a feature film, he wasn't opposed, and even had some ideas.

Prompted about the potential for "Game of Thrones" to hit the big screen, he told THR:

"It all depends on how long the main series runs Do we run for seven years? Do we run for eight? Do we run for 10?Β The books get bigger and bigger (in scope). It might need a feature to tie things up, something with a feature budget, like $100 million for two hours. Those dragons get real big, you know."

Since HBO has the adaptation of the A Song of Ice and Fire series covered, Martin says there are other possibilities for seeing the land of Westeros in theaters. For example, Martin has a series of three novellas that act as prequels to what audiences are seeing on HBO right now. They're called Tales of Dunk and Egg following a whole different group of characters, with the timeline reaching back to about 90 years before the TV series. Martin says, "They could be the basis for [a film]. I have written these three stories, and I have about a dozen more." Those characters have ancestral ties to the current characters, but Martin didn't give away any details. Either way, for now it's just a mere thought, but if a "Game of Thrones" movie ever actually solidifies, we'll let you know. Thoughts?

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"Since the spectacular adaptation of "Game of Thrones" is a TV series on HBO, we don't cover any of that jazz over here." Huh??? "and since the fourth season is just not getting into swing next month" what

ikkf on Mar 19, 2014


Unfortunately this site is notorious for posting stories without proof-reading. Still love the site, but if you're looking for journalistic integrity this isn't necessarily the place you should go.

Russell Shouse on Mar 19, 2014


Especially when it's written by Ethan. (No offense Ethan).

Russell Shouse on Mar 19, 2014


I'll wait to hold judgement until i hear who will be directing and script writing down the road.

Rock n Rollllll on Mar 19, 2014


Now this is what I will be waiting another 10 years of my life for πŸ™‚

alin2014 on Mar 19, 2014


Isn't Lord of The Rings a much better version of Game of Thrones in retrospect? Yeah George Martin how inspired of you to rip off one of the greatest fantasy authors of all time. I watched one episode of GOT and said nope. Can't take this melodramatic dark Lord of The Rings Tolkien wannabe crap. HBO has good shows but GOT is far from being one of them, overrated and laughable.

Ryan Thomas Hardy on Mar 19, 2014


By that logic, isn't any medieval fantasy story a LotR ripoff? It's a genre, man. That's like saying every detective show is a Law and Order ripoff.

Rick on Mar 19, 2014


"Isn't Lord of The Rings a much better version of Game of Thrones in retrospect?" Do you usually comment on things like this without knowing much about them? While on the surface there are similarities with LOTR (eh... being fantasy, and having a dwarf), it is actually as polar opposite from LOTR that you can be. Characters, plots, themes. You name it.

HyperJ on Mar 19, 2014


The Thrones is great and I love Lord Of The Rings. I think your sort of missing out by not watching it. George Martin's stories are not like the Tolkien verse where there is one evil against the good guys. It's a lot more like real life and real politics, with real sex and real violence. I love Lord of the Rings, but i was read it to my by my teacher aged 8 who was in the Tolkien society and could sing all the songs and play them on the Harp. Game of Thrones isn't for 8 year olds.

Carpola on Mar 19, 2014


Does that mean this GOT fan slaves look for more reality inside the fantasy world ?!? and this makes the show better? I will never understand people's obsession with Game Of Thrones, and I do not want to, watching a theatre is more exciting than the GOT drama. That wannabe Tolkien fatso is the hero of weak people like the GOT fans. Same category of people somehow have no idea about The Vikings TV show, which beats the shit out of their crappy fantasy theatre in and out but they go nuts for some mainstream rubbish TV show. Those same people were so obessed once with the rubbish game called World Of Warcraft, but had no idea about the original strategy game Warcraft series.

krush666 on Aug 12, 2014


I enjoy Vikings too, it's a good series. There's room for everything.

Carpola on Aug 12, 2014


Wow, you watched one episode and just knew the whole thing inside out? Would you recommend only watching 10-20 minutes of any film franchise to determine if it's any good? Sounds like a fool-proof plan. The Song of Ice and Fire books are actually a LOT different from The Lord of the Rings. Both are fantasy, and that's almost it. Ice and Fire is VERY adult in it's themes and more specifically, in it's content. It is also far from the 'good vs evil' morality tale that Lord of the Rings is. Both sets of books(and the cinematic creations based on them) are superb, but outside of being part of the fantasy genre, they are quite different.

Chris Groves on Mar 19, 2014


How about this? I'm not going to be sarcastic or condescending or a dick, or even try to be argumentative but I ask you this, briefly, list 5 comparisons between GOT and LOTR in that one episode that you did watch? And to make it a little difficult, you cannot mention dragons, witches, wizards, kings or queens, knights and a dwarf. I want some specificity comparisons in theme, concept and character development. Also, I do agree with you that Tolkien is the father fantasy, and I am sure George Martin would even agree that he was influenced by him. However, beside the fact they are fantasy, they are completely different, I implore you to watch the first season in its entirety.

T'Challa on Mar 19, 2014


You my friend, have lost your wits. πŸ™‚ And you print this ONLINE for people to read and comment? Ballsy move!...But your argument needs validation. πŸ˜€

ErrorSapiens on Mar 20, 2014


I would see some movies on old Valyria!

DAVIDPD on Mar 19, 2014


I would love to see a big 2-2.5 hour theatrical feature film form the 'finale' of the series. It would be a great way to end it on an epic note.

Chris Groves on Mar 19, 2014


Big feature budgets are more like $200 million these days... They're doing a good job with the HBO show, so why not keep it that way and on television/internet for another few years instead?

cobrazombie on Mar 20, 2014


Sweet prequels that only deal with lore ... hmmm ?

shane willett on Mar 24, 2014

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