Get a First Look at Arnold Schwarzenegger in 'Terminator: Genisys'

October 30, 2014
Source: EW

Terminator: Genisys

Following yesterday's hokey Entertainment Weekly covers giving us a first look at Jason Clarke, Emilia Clarke, Jai Courtney and Matt Smith in the franchise reboot Terminator: Genisys (and the completely weird plot details), some more photos have arrived. Most of them are just promo images from the same cover photoshoot, but this time showing the cast wielding their guns and screaming in rage, though all but John Connor don't seem to be concerned with actually aiming the weapon properly. However, there's at least one photo from the actual film with a first look at Arnold Schwarzenegger as an aged T-800.

Here's the new photos from Alan Taylor's Terminator: Genisys from Entertainment Weekly:

Terminator: Genisys

Terminator: Genisys

Terminator: Genisys

Terminator: Genisys

Terminator: Genisys

Terminator: Genisys

Terminator: Genisys

Terminator: Genisys is directed by Alan Taylor ("Game of Thrones," Thor: The Dark World) and written by Laeta Kalogridis (Avatar, Shutter Island) and Patrick Lussier (Drive Angry). Emilia Clarke, Jason Clarke, Jai Courtney, J.K. Simmons, Byung-hun Lee and Matt Smith all star in the film that takes a completely different approach to the Terminator timeline, finding Sarah Connor orphaned and being raised and trained by an aging T-800 Terminator (Arnold Schwarzenegger) as Kyle Reese (Courtney) is sent back in time from the future again on a new mission. Paramount Pictures releases the film on July 1st, 2015.

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Is Jai Courtney wearing pajamas under that trench coat?

cg on Oct 30, 2014


Who the f(*& is Jai Courtney?

ragethorn on Oct 30, 2014


Jack Mclean

OfficialJab on Oct 30, 2014


A prick.

qweqwu on Oct 30, 2014


...and is it a silent "J" pronounced "Hi" Courtney (jai ali)? or Jai... Jeye... Jaye... ah forget it.

avconsumer2 on Oct 30, 2014


Looks like it, haha And his head looks big as hell... Whoever made these pictures should be fired.

Enola on Oct 30, 2014


Fixed that for you EW. No more awkward squinting due to all that extra-harsh lighting:

Aj Meadows on Oct 30, 2014


Also they look cool now.

TheOct8pus on Oct 30, 2014


This is great, haha

qweqwu on Oct 30, 2014


Now they are all terminators.

bumboclot on Oct 30, 2014


Their future is going to be so sad, they gotta wear shades.

Methadras on Dec 2, 2014


To hide all of their tears 🙁

Aj Meadows on Dec 2, 2014


Also, I love that Sarah Conner and Kyle Reese are both shooting at the ground while screaming at the horizon in their solo pics. WHAT IS HAPPENING in these pictures EW?!

Aj Meadows on Oct 30, 2014


Complete and utter casting fail, IMO. Looks like they're trying too hard. Too bad Salvation just crap, it had the right gritty look IMO.

Sascha Dikiciyan on Oct 30, 2014


I agree this cast is so bad besides Arnold of course and maybe Emilia Clark, but I was hoping Tatiana Maslany would of got the Sarah Conner role instead. It seems Emilia just got it because she is the "it girl" with G.o.T now. Salavation casting was pretty good besides Sam Worthington lol

Oblique on Oct 30, 2014


I was really optimistic about this film. After these and the last photos, I'm not seeing it no matter what the preview looks like. In fact I'm avoiding previews.

OfficialJab on Oct 30, 2014


Why is one person (arguably 2) shooting the gun without aiming it or even looking where they are shooting? What is this, gun kata?

borninatrailer on Oct 30, 2014


So Wow this photo shoot was what? An 8 year olds school project. Terrible just fucking terrible.

Brian Sleider on Oct 30, 2014


Are those paintball guns?

TheOct8pus on Oct 30, 2014


I think they are water guns because they hope to short-circuit the terminators.

MLTC on Oct 30, 2014



TheOct8pus on Oct 30, 2014


Paintballs to the camera/eyes would do more damage to invincible robots. Of course Skynet would adjust and the very next batch would have window wipers built in...

bumboclot on Oct 30, 2014


Good theory, except the way those people are holding their guns, they're not gonna hit anything smaller than a watermelon.

TheOct8pus on Oct 30, 2014


They're clearly shooting cheese balls.

Swanland on Oct 30, 2014


Arnie and the shiny robot look great, but it's not going to hold up a film with a poor script. I really hope the details given so far are wrong. Such a pity Alan Taylor didn't direct Salvation and drop Sam Worthington from the film.

Steven on Oct 30, 2014


What's up with everyone having their mouth open? Plus it looks like Jai Courtney is shooting the floor while yelling at someone down the road. Very cheesy posters, I don't like them one bit.

Justin R on Oct 30, 2014


OMFGLOLROTJ... so I Sarah Clarke in hers! Is it just me or are they all looking like Arnold in all these shots. And the group photo looks how-ahh-bowl! They look like the soldier dolls from Small Soldiers.

Akirakorn on Oct 30, 2014


He's yelling DANCE while shooting at someone's feet. That's old school.

bumboclot on Oct 30, 2014


All I could think was

Snev De la Fontaine on Oct 30, 2014


Just read the full (i think) plot from the EW article, and uh... REALLY. *#()$#Y^# REALLY!? They are pretty much taking the plots of Terminators 2 and 3 and swapping John for his mother. I'd rather see Expendables: Genysis.

Akirakorn on Oct 30, 2014


I hope Paramount pictures is reading these comments....

TheOct8pus on Oct 30, 2014


i know right! looks like something SyFy would produce, or worse. the top two pics look fairly decent, but the next four, uhg! Terminator unboxed at the bottom looks exactly like TSCC version, but looks good

somejackball on Oct 30, 2014


LOL!!! SyFy. The idiots of cable television content creation. They are by far the stupidest people in television cable networking. They have to be.

Methadras on Dec 2, 2014


TSCC Terminator? looks good though, TSCC version below...

somejackball on Oct 30, 2014


Those all look terrible.

Dalinkwent on Oct 30, 2014


My new favorite surprised face...

avconsumer2 on Oct 30, 2014


"OHHHH MY GOOOOSSHHHH!" Should be a good caption for that face.

Justin R on Oct 30, 2014


Or I'm about to ccccccccccc.................Ahhhhhhhh

thewolfamongthesheep on Nov 1, 2014



Rocky Severino on Nov 29, 2014



Rocky Severino on Nov 30, 2014


David Tennant Sux!

Rocky Severino on Nov 30, 2014


F@#$ Peter Capaldi!

Rocky Severino on Nov 30, 2014


I'd like to buy a VOWEL!!!!!!!

Rocky Severino on Nov 30, 2014


Arnie "I'll be bac-" Smith: "NO, we're not doing that. NOOOOOOO"

Rocky Severino on Nov 30, 2014



Methadras on Dec 2, 2014


good directors, but some odd cast pairings...hope they pull it off..could be interesting

InvisiGhost on Oct 30, 2014


..riiiiiiiiiiiiiiight Arnold looks okay though, hair looks good..hoodie looks comfy I am pretty sure I could have done a better job with that photo shoot - I would have simply cancelled it and released movie stills. Is this what's known as a "behind the scenes" photo shoot? Are they in character? Or out of character, but in character posing.. for photos at an airport run way? Also Clarke's got a mouth on her eh.

Edward Footlong on Oct 30, 2014


Dr Who meets the Terminator at Westeriatopia. Looks like an ad for dental hygiene or a brand of genesis toothpaste.

Mike Samual Zarquon on Oct 30, 2014


This looks dumb as shit.

DJ Homeless Mike on Oct 30, 2014


Haha thank you for that!

Justin R on Oct 30, 2014


I like Emilia Clarke as much as the next guy, but I can't watch this. Jesus, went back and read the plot synopsis. Holy God in Heaven, this is gonna suck so bad!

Richie G on Oct 30, 2014


Looks so amateur , so disappointed in this. Of course I'll go watch it... But it will be awful no doubt. Those pic look like a troll or joke posters... WTF. Totally lame.

Henry Willis on Oct 30, 2014


Does one normally look away in a different direction that you're firing? That doesn't really ensure accuracy.

Bill on Oct 30, 2014


This movie's going to be a real turd!

thegorn on Oct 31, 2014


You have to look away when you're shooting your enemies in their toes, it's called shame.

thewolfamongthesheep on Nov 1, 2014


well sure, what if blood makes you dizzy? get a good aim, look away Joker style, only way to go, that's how i roll.

Rocky Severino on Nov 29, 2014


This is fuuuucking terrible. WTF?!

DAVIDPD on Oct 30, 2014


LOL! Guys, there are not frames from the actual movie. They are photos from a recent magazine shoot. Chill the fuck out. Alan Taylor will deliver.

Trey Wilson on Oct 31, 2014


Bookmarking this and will quote you on it later. ;P

avconsumer2 on Oct 31, 2014


I'll reserve final judgment (ha) after I see the fucking movie. Not some crappy magazine cover shoot. If the movie sucks, so be it. But you can't call it by simply looking at these photos.

Trey Wilson on Oct 31, 2014


looks amazing, matt is in it? he is so hot, cant wait <3

candy melon on Oct 31, 2014


I like the way they scream... for some reason.

capitandelespacio on Oct 31, 2014


What's wrong with your face?

TheOct8pus on Oct 31, 2014


I smoke too much.

capitandelespacio on Nov 3, 2014


What are they shooting? Paint guns?

thegorn on Oct 31, 2014


ah yes, the classic "Scream while aiming" technique. this is the reason why our military has such a hard time training other country's armies...

ColtNoir on Oct 31, 2014


Uh, please don't confuse a stupid hollywood mechanism as a direct correlation to actual military techniques of soldiering and training. That just doesn't happen.

Methadras on Dec 2, 2014


not that it should need explanation, because it was very clear, but: uh, please don't confuse the statement as being directed towards the trainer's and not the trainee...

ColtNoir on Dec 2, 2014


It's nice to see that after a thermonuclear war the radioactive fallout was written out of the script and that the bombs missed the gyms, clothes shops, and dentists! If everyone gets to look so pretty after armageddon I say bring the nukes on!

TheDeathStarsKeyFob on Nov 1, 2014


Great observation. The flashback in The Terminator did great service to that world.

Richard Abella on Nov 6, 2014


Because radiation only kills ugly people and so all the cosmetic support businesses were reestablished first? 😉

edinvestor1 on Nov 12, 2014


well john would presumably have been safe from that in the presidential bomb shelter. Sarah would be dead when that happened, kyle looks a little roubh, and matt might be a terminator. not sure who that leaves.

Rocky Severino on Nov 29, 2014


This looks... so really bad.

blargh on Nov 1, 2014


I've hated everything Terminator after Terminatrixt 3, Terminator: Salvation, and cancelling the Sarah Connor Chronicles, but I really like Emilia and Jai, and I wanted to believe the hype about the Rock being the Terminator, so I was up for a reboot. Then I heard fat, old Arnold was back, so I was back to hating. However, after I read the storyline it actually sounds sort of cool. They know the last 2 movies sucked bad, so I'm hopeful. I don't think they're Sony. They'll resuscitate this franchise and not kill it. (fingers crossed)

thewolfamongthesheep on Nov 1, 2014


Rock is the worst actor ever he should stick to wwe. you are stupid to call Arnold fat and old

Nick Phonix on Nov 2, 2014


I thoroughly enjoyed reading your comment history, Remind your mom that your medication needs to filled

thewolfamongthesheep on Nov 2, 2014


Fuck off you asshole

Nick Phonix on Nov 3, 2014


Remind your mom to kill you

Nick Phonix on Nov 3, 2014


I know they're bad, but remember they are just pics for a magazine, not pics from the movie. Paramount recreated Trek pretty well. Have some faith.

thewolfamongthesheep on Nov 1, 2014


Yeah, but they aren't even done right. The girl's weapon is firing and her finger isn't even on the trigger. The last photo shows the rifle in a downward position being fired while he's staring straight ahead. The open mouth screaming thing is stupid. I'd get as much entertainment looking at the package art from a modern video card for the same thing.

Methadras on Dec 2, 2014


They should have rebooted the whole thing! Cut Arnold out, redo the whole franchise and release it as 6 Movies from start to finish and all done at the same time kinda like Lord of the rings. What fans want is a start and stop to the story and the story to make sense and not be screwed up. They are just banking bucks off the franchise because of Arnold. Arnold not the only movie star in Hollywood. They need go with the original time line. How Skynet came to be. Whow as really responsible. Who John Connor really was. All of it the way it originally was before Kyle Reese was sent back through time. Once Kyle Reese went back through time with the T-800 it distorted time and created an alternate time line. They need to make it all about before Kyle Reese. It should end with Kyle Reese going through to protect Sarah Connor. That should be the 6th Film. hey don't need any of the old cast if they do it right. If they do it with good quality actors that fit the parts. Id even suggest they go with new named actors and actresses. The Story is whats gonna sell the movies. Not the same people we see on screen all the time. Faster these people who own the rights to the Terminator see this the better. I think they should stop this Movie release. To Release this script and this movie would destroy a part of the franchise. They need to redo the whole thing using the original story what was before Kyle Reese and the T-800 going through time.

raven on Nov 6, 2014


I did like the female terminator (Summer Glau) from the TV show. I would like to see her make an appearance too.

D.B. Cooper on Nov 11, 2014


Let's not leave her out!

D.B. Cooper on Nov 11, 2014


don't leave her out and don't leave out of her either if that ever comes up in life. j/s

Rocky Severino on Nov 29, 2014


They already did in the trailer my dream for this movie was to see her fight Arnold's Terminator summer glau was the only person I liked from the series she is a good actor which who has not really been given a chance I was not sure about her at first in the Terminator Series but after season 2 she became the only reason I watched the series if only she was the one to fight Arnold that would be so cool to see but it sucks that they did not ask her to be in Terminator Genisys that has me bummed some but what the hell Arnold is in the movie so I can't be too upset he is the main reason I love the Terminator anyway.

Brandon Parker on Dec 5, 2014


Everyone open your mouths...okay just like that.

The Ricker on Dec 1, 2014


Ok this is hokey already

brb39 on Dec 1, 2014


Already know I will never , never spend a cent on this corney shyt

brb39 on Dec 1, 2014


At this point. I think Bruce Willis would end up making a better Terminator and could carry the franchise.

Methadras on Dec 2, 2014


Arnold Schwarzenegger is still a muscle god and sexy at 67 years old and that comes from a young person. I would lick him all over if he asked me to. He is what makes terminator and no one else!

john lgkif on Dec 2, 2014


Ridiculous to reboot a classic. The classic is not that old. Crazy.

Mike Gentile on Dec 2, 2014


WTF will Schwarzenegger do in the new film???? Will anyone tell me???

Craig Albert Witfill on Dec 4, 2014


Im a Beast and Im back!

ToyCollectorsUnited on Feb 10, 2015

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