'Godzilla' Sequel in Development, But Where Does the Story Go Now?

May 18, 2014
Source: Deadline


With an estimated worldwide haul of $193 at the box office in its first weekend, there's no doubt that Godzilla is the King of Monsters. The remake from director Gareth Edwards has clearly landed a big audience, and now Deadline reports it's enough for Legendary Pictures and Warner Bros. to start developing a sequel. However, it hasn't been confirmed whether or not Edwards will return to direct the sequel. The move isn't surprising since nowadays sequels go into development before the predecessor even hits theaters, but it seems a little risky since it's not clear how big of drop the box office receipts will be next weekend.

There have been rave reviews about this new version of the giant lizard who first stomped on the big screen in 1954, and there's no doubt that Edwards has created the most realistic portrayal of the creature ever seen on the big screen. Godzilla is less of a monster terrorizing a city, and simply an animal living in a natural habitat that doesn't have much room for him to move around. The same can be said for the opposing monsters, as the creatures in the film are presented as merely trying to live by the laws of nature. It just so happens that there's a lot of people lower in the food chain who wouldn't be so lucky to see them procreate.

However, my concern with this realistic portrayal is that the sequels lose the appeal of this first film. Beware of spoilers from here on out if you haven't seen the film. At the end of the film, after defeating the two M.U.T.O. creatures, Godzilla returns to the ocean, and that's it. No hint of another monster, no tease for a sequel. That in itself is refreshing and makes it so that the film doesn't come off as a gimmick. But now that a sequel is in development, I'm left wondering where the series can go creatively to still pack a punch.

Humanity now knows that Godzilla exists, so his appearance, sheer size and accidental destruction isn't all that surprising anymore. While in this realistic world where Edwards has placed Godzilla, his presence would still have a large impact, seeing him come back to fight another monster for us just wouldn't have the same allure. That's why The Lost World needed two tyrannosaurus rexes to top the memorable and powerful presence of the one in Jurassic Park.

A somewhat interesting angle would be the creation of something like Mechagozilla to defend against him if the government gets worried he'll turn on us. But within the narrative Edwards has created, that seems a little ridiculous, and then we'd be watching Pacific Rim again. From my perspective, it's difficult to see what territory a sequel can tread without simply being a different version of what we already saw in Godzilla, just without an origin story and adding new human characters to react in fear.

At the very least, I have faith that Edwards knows what he's doing and has an idea that will keep things feeling fresh, especially with that young Steven Spielberg style he has. The filmmaker showed incredible restraint in directing this film and didn't turn it into another disaster like Roland Emmerich's 1998 version. But that also seems to have irked some general audiences who weren't all that interested in the human part of the story. In one of my screenings, people surrounding me were visually exasperated, throwing their hands into the air, when Godzilla would begin to fight for a little while before cutting to other human action. But it's a double edged sword, because that's also part of the appeal to critics who enjoyed the film. Anyway, the sequel is happening, and we're at least interested to see where it goes. Thoughts?

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Indeed, far too much human element. It was close to a family tragedy movie with giant monsters thrown in. Valid point on a sequal though, but there is the atomic history of the creatures and you can always jump around time periods. However they write it, they need to lose a few tons on Godzilla and fix his roar. Very disappointed with the roar. Solid article.

Harvy Warlock on May 18, 2014


I thought the roar was great...difference strokes. I guess.

Xerxexx on May 18, 2014


loved the roar, esp in IMAX

Linkfx on May 18, 2014


Roar Epic. So Epic. Roar.

DAVIDPD on May 19, 2014


My testicles still have a slight tingle in them from the roar

Jon Odishaw on May 18, 2014


It was good from a "realistic" quality, I've grown up with the real roar. Really missed the piercing tail-end of it.

Harvy Warlock on May 19, 2014


I thought it was great. Movies should exist one at a time, and on their own individual merits. The original Alien didn't tease a sequel, neither did so many other classic films that merited amazing sequels(Jaws to a lesser degree, all the sequels sucked ass). And almost every Godzilla film ends with him returning to the ocean, this being no different. Even the text on the news proclaiming him King of Monsters, is in line with every film that has come before. I love a movie that exists in a realistic, normal world with Godzilla and other monsters being the only fantastical element. It makes it easier to latch onto, as opposed to Pacific Rim, which was very cartoony and hard to make a human connection. Here, the characters are our eyes and ears without butting in too much. It was an interesting choice, not always perfect, but it definitely had an effect. It was good to have a disaster film without any stupid Shia LaBeouf type characters in it. It's good that this can exist as it's own property, and that it was made individual feeling. If there is a sequel, then this won't be diminished because it works on it's own, thus preserving it's legacy.

Linkfx on May 18, 2014


Okay. so I just saw the move...can I just say atomic breath! I loved every moment of the movie. Godzilla looked fantastic and the two M.U.T.O's were amazing. I especially loved the halo drop. using the theme from 2001 a Space Odyssey was a brilliant idea. I really enjoyed the character development before we saw Godzilla. the scenes with Godzilla fighting the two M.U.T.O's was awesome, the atomic breath was spectacular! Edwards knew how to tease us before we saw the King which was a great move. this version of Godzilla will definitely be added to my collection of DVDs. 9 out of 10. as for a sequel well I don't really need one but if Edwards can do it again and I will definitely see it.

Xerxexx on May 18, 2014


Wait, what, Dvds?

Tester on May 18, 2014


Oh yeah. DVD's.

Xerxexx on May 18, 2014


I like the way you think. The movie was Awesome as shit but it works as a stand alone. A sequel would be nice and if Edwards is in charge I'm all for it but it's not necessary. I'll Just keep watching this one haha.

Jon Odishaw on May 18, 2014


I don't know if Edwards had a say in this, but I am extremely grateful they never showed the atomic breath in the trailers! It's iconic things like that to reborn movie characters, studio always seem to reveal in the trailers we wish they could keep hush hush about.... So awesome to see the smaller spikes on his tail light up...

JBrotsis on May 19, 2014


There was much cheering in the theater I saw it in on Sunday.

VAharleywitch on May 19, 2014


Here's your story for the sequel... Godzilla is too much of a danger and humanity turns on him, trying desperately to destroy him. Doctor Serizawa unleashes the oxygen destroyer from the original movie on him with the help of another scientist to be introduced. They try to use it on him, in some large body of water, which causes massive trauma, unleashing DESTROYAH. You get Destroyah's origin remixed in, Godzilla's second best foe, other than King Ghidorah and the stakes are raises massively because now you work in more environmental destruction. Take it to new places.

Kento on May 18, 2014


The film could also draw inspiration from Gareth Edward's previous film, Monsters and make the creature from outer space, landing and mutating something here on earth.

Kento on May 18, 2014


I wont even bother seeing it if Edwards is at the helm.

Brian Sleider on May 18, 2014



Jon Odishaw on May 18, 2014


Agreed. Then we won't have to see Brian's ignorant comments all over the boards again.

rickvanr on May 19, 2014


I want to start a new thing for trolls where if anyone identifies a troll comment we put in big capital letters TROLL COMMENT ABOVE : CAUTION DO NOT REPLY and after that it should be internet law that nobody comments after it, anyone want to help it catch on?

7992 on May 19, 2014


Ignorant? As the reviews show MANY people agree with my opinion of Godzilla.

Brian Sleider on May 19, 2014



7992 on May 19, 2014


Not a troll comment my legitimate feelings, if Edwards is going to direct the sequel to this massive disappointment I will wait till its free on netflix.

Brian Sleider on May 19, 2014


when you write one sentence that's extremely negative on a comments section for fans, that's trolling, your provoking others and you know you are, the problem isn't the negative opinion its placing it that opinion knowing the majority of people will think your wrong. just saying you hate something adds nothing to a discussion unless you were to explain why you thought the film was bad so others can engage. if I walked into a star wars convention and shouted 'im not going to see these films I don't like jj abrams' and then walked out I would be trolling and that's what you've done. if you don't like something why do you feel the need to tell the world, it adds nothing and no one cares TROLL

7992 on May 20, 2014


Intentions matters. Trolls make comments SOLELY to incite flames. I stated my opinion. There are limited ways I can express my disappointment in the movie, this is one of them. Guess what, not everyone will agree with you through life and that is ok.

Brian Sleider on May 20, 2014


so your intention was to say you didn't like something, as I said its not the negative opinion that matters your entitled to it and it might even be valid, but when you walk into a room of people who love something and declare your disdain for it without offering a valid reason except you don't like the director, that's being a troll. Context matters. put it this way, if I was to make a joke where the butt was trainspotters at a comedy gig then that would be fine, if I was to make the same joke at a convention for trainspotters then I would be baiting a negative reaction which is trolling, it might not have been my Intention but it would have been troll behaviour nonetheless, just have awareness and you'd avoid acting the troll

7992 on May 20, 2014


The room is not filled with people who love the thing though. Its like 50/50. I also disagree with your summation of trolling. If you said something that you truly believed then you are not trolling you are voicing your opinion. If your SOLE intention was to get people riled up then you are a troll, I would have been fine if no one responded to my so called "troll". Regardless of the semantics. I voiced my concerns as to why I dislike this movie in the review page, I saw no reason to restate them here.

Brian Sleider on May 20, 2014


but if you already voiced your reasons for disliking it then why feel the need to do it again and 3 separate times on this comment section alone, you don't seem as limited as you said you felt earlier

7992 on May 20, 2014


Having a back and forth is too much now? Ok bud Im done here.

Brian Sleider on May 20, 2014


somehow I doubt that

7992 on May 21, 2014


they gonna add batman and probably wonderwoman for the sequel,lol

me on May 18, 2014


I really hope this comment haunts you after the sequel and man of steel two are released and are as incredible as godzilla 1 and man of steel.

Jon Odishaw on May 18, 2014


Well Godzilla blew ass for a Kaiju movie. Probably the worst one ever.

Brian Sleider on May 19, 2014


Probably the best kaiju movie ever. I watched pacific rim last night and it was awful by comparison.

Jon Odishaw on May 19, 2014


HOW?!?! I watched Pac Rim right after see Godzilla and was just more depressed at how little Kaiju action there was in the later.

Brian Sleider on May 19, 2014


There wasn't even that much action in PAC rim. And even though there were a few good battles the final battle was an underwater letdown. Edwards direction showed incredible detail whereas del toro(don't get me wrong, he's a great director) just didn't get the angles or the wide shots as well as Edwards. He built it up slowly for a perfect reveal. Del toro jumped right in and there was no where to go but down.

Jon Odishaw on May 19, 2014


Agreed IMO there should have been maybe 10-15 minutes more. But there was enough and what there was was a damn site better/more than what this movie had.

Brian Sleider on May 20, 2014


The first time I watched Godzilla I thought it was perfect. The second time I must admit there wasn't enough Monster battles. But when there were battles they were simply better IMO. Pacific rim didn't have anythin that rivaled the jaw dropping epic ness that was the final battle. When godzilla killed the two mutos it was the best thing is ever seen.

Jon Odishaw on May 20, 2014


I got nothing epic from the last battle, I got frustration and disappointment. I agree the underwater battle in Pac rim was a let down but, for me, it was 1000 times more exciting that 45-60 seconds of monster then 1-2 minutes of human shit for 15 minutes. The movie would have been 8/10 if the last scene had removed the human focus and let us watch the monsters fight. As is I give it a 4/10. IMO if the movie needs a human focus, focus on a human who is at the forefront. To be forced to see an epic battle unfold from a TV screen a kid is watching is just not cool. Yeh lets watch them fix the train and "Stand by Me" on the bridge instead of whatever is happening on the other side with the explosions. "I dropped my comb"

Brian Sleider on May 20, 2014


My thoughts is that they will just simply create more monsters as a result of the bomb detonating over the ocean. That new monster (or monsters) will terrorize some other city where we will meet a new cast of characters and Godzilla will fight and kill the new MUTOs. Sadly that will not solve the "it won't feel new" dilemma, but that seems to be the most likely direction.

SkylerB619 on May 18, 2014


I want Gareth to direct the next film - he's done an excellent and superb job with the movie now. Regardless of the human characteristics being bland except for Bryan Cranston, I reckon Gareth should find someone like Bryan who's more of a dramatic and passionate kind which like the latter did to keep the film going. And, also give the Big G Man more screen time but somewhat have the little restraint of him.

Geo DePuppeh on May 18, 2014


to many monster and superhero movies at the moment, we need lighter movies to cheer ourselves up as well. not just doom and glum but giggles as well in my opinion.

arthurcucumber on May 19, 2014


Oh my god dude. Go watch the wiggles if you want giggles. Who the fuck says giggles anyway?

Jon Odishaw on May 19, 2014


Just as long as they avoid the following subplots US Government is convinced Godzilla might still be a threat and tries to destroy him and unwittingly unleashes another monster from way back in the day that radiation was closer to the surface of the Earth. Evil Corporation X realizes the military potential of the MUTOs and finds the one egg that escaped the tanker explosion and unwittingly unleashes another monster from way back in the day that radiation was closer to the surface of the Earth. Consortium of world governments upon realizing the extent of the MUTO threat creates MechaGodzilla, but but Terrorist Organization Y steals the prototype and unwittingly unleashes another monster from way back in the day that radiation was closer to the surface of the Earth.

denverchris on May 19, 2014


Aren't those all already movies. xp.

Guest on May 19, 2014


Just another reason to avoid the repetition.

denverchris on May 19, 2014


I think they should throw in a Godzillian (female) and have an earthly party breaker... then maybe all the mini Godzilli's fight the MechaGodzilla.... or even pre Godzilla origins where they show why they tried to kill it with a nuclear bomb in the first place... just a thought..

Godjeela on May 19, 2014


I should have read your suggestion about a prequel first as I echo it above.

rnorthro14 on May 24, 2014


I don't want any military unit to be the main human protagonists. Bring back Ken Watanabe and make him the main human character.

superultraboy on May 19, 2014


That sir is a wonderful idea.

denverchris on May 19, 2014


Yup - his character + his assistant were decent. Olsen & Johnson? not so much. (My mom couldn't get over the tree trunk of a neck he got, so hope he's lost some of that bulk for Quicksilver in A2).

VAharleywitch on May 19, 2014


What they could do is just have another monster emerge, And it be one Moster that Godzilla can't fight alone. So another Monster shows up to help Godzilla in the battle, And it could be either Mothra or Rodan.

TigerClaw305 on May 19, 2014


Several thoughts. First the nuclear missile did go off. They can go with the original idea that a creature was mutated from the radiation of that missile causing there to be a new monster. Second and my more preferable idea is that Godzilla is not the savior people envisioned him. He returns to the shore and becomes the classic Godzilla, terrible and horrifying. Not a misunderstood beast but instead of force of destruction. You can easily then make attempts at a mechanized beast or a human created monster to counter Godzilla.

Jcraddo on May 19, 2014


I don't understand... The franchise doesn't have to do anything. I just want to see a city get smashed as Godzilla fights another monster. Like tigerclaw305 said. Another monster could emerge and Godzilla would need help from Rodan..;

Mick Dundee on May 19, 2014


I think the next one should be about aliens coming to Earth in plans to take it over. They have a monster. We have a Godzilla.

Trapper Tom Leturgey on May 19, 2014


Yes, that would be interesting to work on that idea from the original, and introduce Monster X.

SubSumeYou on May 20, 2014


Everything is about the environment ...the Smog Monster, or some ecological threat...same reason I think an Aquaman movie would go over too.

Robert Benson on May 19, 2014


I'm worried about the sequel now that Gareth is still on board....he has said he wants to do the same exact formula as the first film for the sequel. What a pretentious director! Ugh fire this guy please!

SkyNet300 on May 20, 2014



Brian Sleider on May 20, 2014


i don't want a godzilla with a story fit for retards so no.

James G on May 31, 2014


I thought this remake was a massive let-down. 2 hour GODZILLA movie where the title character only shows up for 20 min? Yeah fuck that noise.

SkyNet300 on May 20, 2014


Were Jaws and Alien let downs for you as well? Edwards just went with a style that has been very effective in "monster" films. The slow burn to a great reveal. I thought it was just right. If anything it is the narrative flaws on the human side that hinder the film as a whole, (once Cranston's character dies the film is just deflated of emotion). But I thought the Godzilla parts were great. Of course I would have loved to see more, but I think we would be saying that no matter how many minutes he had been on screen.

David Diaz on May 20, 2014


Thanks, D.D. It's been brought back as a reminder. Garth did a respectable and honest approach than anyone ever has, certainly more so than from the two morons, Emmerich and Devlin.

SubSumeYou on May 20, 2014


I agree. Since we are getting a sequel I'm betting you'll get your wish for more Godzilla on screen.

David Diaz on May 20, 2014


Hmmm, I think, with the right approach, i.e., not being campy nor hokey, as Garth Edwards has demonstrated, more screen time for Gojira or held back screen time can work in the effective service of the story, it works when there is harmony and balance. What people, here and on other sites, seems to be clamoring for on the lowest common denominator is nothing but constant, constant Godzilla, which gives me the impression, that these folks' mindset is for a WWW match or the late 60s and 70s franchise which, imo, got commercial, campier and a parody from the original intention. You have to have a story context associated with extraordinary events. I am a Godzilla fan but not to the point where the story is degraded, even as a little kid, I was enjoying those 60s and 70s Godzilla movies, but I still criticized them.

SubSumeYou on May 20, 2014


I just did not like the first one at all. The human story was forced and awkward and you hardly ever got to see Godzilla. Super frustrating. If the sequel is going to be any better it needs higher quality acting (aka more Watanabe) and more Godzilla fights.

Six Three on May 20, 2014


Well i would prefer to see Kiryu come onto the big screen sense all of the necessary plot items are available. - In the original films, a dead Godzilla's bones where used to make Kiryu (a.k.a Mecha-Godzilla 3). There where old Godzilla bones present in the movie. - The military now has the need for a machine to be able to neutralize Godzilla Yet i also doubt any of the original monsters would be present in the future films due to none being present in the present film. So all we can look forward to is new monster/new threats, and hopefully a new game with the old and new monsters

Andrew Beeco on May 20, 2014


How about another Godzilla, even more powerful than this one appears and completely demolishes a city to open the film. The military and general public are confused as to why Godzilla would attack them based on him being the savior after destroying the MUTOs. Ken Watanabe's character, Serizawa is convinced that this has to be another Godzilla in the species. A more powerful creature who is seeking out the other one to show its dominance against it, like a territorial type thing. The military goes on the offensive attacking the "good" Godzilla thinking he is the "bad" one. This could be an epic military altercation with Godzilla in a classic setting like the countryside. Then the "bad" Godzilla appears (kind of like sanda does to aid his brother in War of the Gargantuas) and both Godzillas have a standoff. Everything is dead silent as the two versions size each other up. Then they go after one another and duke it out destroying everything in their path including the military, who is caught in the middle. Shear chaos ensues. The military throws everything they've got at the two Godzillas fighting. Then the two beasts take their brawl into a city like New York, or Los Angeles. Ken Watanabe tries to convince the military that the Godzilla from the first film is the one trying to save humanity not harm them and this would be the conflict throughout the film. You have Serizawa as the lead and the two Godzillas battling it out to be the dominant one. Perhaps slightly different shades of color to differentiate them or features that distinguish one from the other. Larger ridged spikes on its back for instance, or the other one having the more classic dorsal fins to distinguish the difference. I don't know. This idea seems really ridiculous the more I think about, but I truly think, since they already set up the fact that Godzilla was a species and there were more of him in the past, they shouldn't forget that piece of lore in this universe they've created and expand on it. Either way, I'm excited and interested to see what could come from a sequel. Definitely more Godzilla screen time for sure. Thoughts fellow G-fans?! I love all the ideas being thrown around. Please be GO GODZILLA!

Jonathan on May 20, 2014


yes! a must watch. my goodness.

Mick Dundee on Aug 11, 2014


Mechagodzilla is by definition ridiculous and silly.

Dirk on May 21, 2014


How about a prequel that captures the events of 1946-1954 and delves into some of the theory about what he is how to classify Godzilla? When did his species walk the Earth? Was this a post-K2 boundary species or a species that lived prior to the dinosaurs? Why does it fight the MUTOs? A prequel would be easier to make than a sequel.

rnorthro14 on May 24, 2014


Batman v Godzilla.

rnorthro14 on May 24, 2014


I think the way to take the godzilla reboot as a series would be to establish a true threat in the 2nd movie that will carry on in the third. Maybe monarch could experiment with g-cells and the creation of biollante or destroyah could be the humans side of the story in that there could be atempts to contain or stop the experements with the research surviving and becoming the monster for godzilla to fight In the 3rd movie. Maybe monarch already created there own kaiju and have it locked away somewhere ebut the battle in the second movie should be a free-ffree-for-all between godzilla ghidorah and rodan where godzilla kills rodan or teams up with him and ghidorah gets away. in the third movie the battle could be between godzilla the created monster and ghidorah teaming up against him with mothra or angerius lending godzilla a hand. Oh and the third and final battle needs to go down in tokyo.

Garrett Pettit on Feb 7, 2015

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