Guillermo del Toro on 'Haunted Mansion,' Shoots Down 'Hellboy 3'

July 14, 2014
Source: Reddit

Guillermo del Toro

With his latest TV endeavor "The Strain" hitting FX last night, director, writer and producer Guillermo del Toro took time recently to participate in a Reddit AMA, and as you might expect, he was asked about some of his developing projects that have been discussed for years. We know that del Toro is busy with Crimson Peak, but is planning a small black & white film before diving into Pacific Rim 2, but he's got plenty more on his plate. While there was good news for his long-gestating adaptation of Disney's iconic theme park ride The Haunted Mansion, there's not-so-good news for anyone still holding out for Hellboy 3. Read on!

When asked about Hellboy 3, del Toro sadly told everyone:

"Well, you know, we don't have [Hellboy 3] on the horizon, but the idea for it was to have Hellboy finally come to terms with the fact that his destiny, his inevitable destiny, is to become the beast of the Apocalypse, and having him and Liz face the sort of, that part of his nature, and he has to do it, in order to be able to ironically vanquish the foe that he has to face in the 3rd film. He has to become the best of the Apocalypse to be able to defend humanity, but at the same time he becomes a much darker being. It's a very interesting ending to the series, but I don't think it will happen."

At the very least, people know where the story was going. It's a shame that a film like this is probably too big for fans to help out by way of Kickstarter or something like that. Maybe if del Toro gets butts into the seats for the other movies a studio will let him do Hellboy 3 as a favor. But even if that were a possibility, del Toro is just insanely busy. And part of his work has still be focused on The Haunted Mansion, which doesn't have a greenlight yet, but still seems to be in the cards:

"Well, I spent 2 weeks ago, I went back to Disneyland with the executives with whom I am developing the screenplay. It’s a hard screenplay to crack. We’ve done it a few times. We are on our third or fourth draft, with 2 different writing teams, and I think the main thing is to try to combine everything that is great about the ride into the movie, and to make it a really intense but with a sense of fun – just like the ride. It’s a tough balance, and I would be happy to report if we had the screenplay. We always feel like we are very close, but not yet. We have developed 50-60 pieces of art, We’ve developed maquettes of the Hat Box Ghost, over the body and face of Doug Jones, but we have not succeeded yet in cracking the screenplay. I have to believe that Disney will make this movie as soon as we crack the screenplay, but until then we cannot tackle it."

As for directing the film, del Toro thinks he'll probably be too busy, but that doesn't mean he's ruling out being at the helm. The filmmaker says, "It is a movie I would love to direct, but I would be happy to just produce it if the timing is not right." And with Pacific Rim 2 set for 2017, the next few years are already packed for del Toro, so we'll see just how quickly The Haunted Mansion comes together, whether he's directing or just producing. In the meantime, del Toro has his next horror film Crimson Peak slated to be released on October 16th, 2015. Here's hoping we find out more about that film soon.

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Give us Hellboy 3!

Xerxexx on Jul 14, 2014


Yes I'd take that over pacific rim any day.

Jon Odishaw on Jul 14, 2014



Xerxexx on Jul 14, 2014


The only thing that gives me comfort is that hellboy 2 was what we wanted hellboy 1 to be. So maybe he will do the same with PR 2.

Jon Odishaw on Jul 14, 2014


Brilliant thinking!

Xerxexx on Jul 15, 2014


I still hope that he will get around to it one day.

Chris Groves on Jul 14, 2014


It would be something to see a 70 plus Ron Perlman run around with the prosthetics. And he would totally do it for GDT too!

DAVIDPD on Jul 14, 2014


If Harrison can still play Han Solo at his age, then Perlman will still be able to play Hellboy. Honestly if I had to bet, I would say that we won't get this in the next 5 years, but we'll almost certainly get it in the next 10 years. Especially if Del Toro can explode in popularity. If The Strain does well, if Crimson Peak does well, if Pacific Rim 2 explodes at the box office, if At The Mountains of Madness does well...then Del Toro will be able to do what he wants, and by then, maybe it won't require the $150 million he previously claimed to need in order to get Hellboy 3 made. Hell, he should start up a kick-starter, and if I win the lottery I would handsomely donate to it.

Chris Groves on Jul 14, 2014


If he thinks he can't direct it, he should at least co-write and executive produce it with someone else as director.

RyGuy on Jul 14, 2014


I would be so grateful if they gave us HELLBOY 3. But everyone I talk to seems to hate HELLBOY 2. I know us FS fans loved it (for the most part), but the public opinion of it seems to be very low.

DAVIDPD on Jul 14, 2014


Seems strange, it had quite a solid critical reception as well. But yeah, I've heard the 'it was like comedic MIB garbage' type stuff more than a few times. It is weird when you really like a movie, and everyone you know likes a movie...then you go on the internet and all of a sudden it seems like nobody likes it. It's kind of like an experience I had with Matrix 2 and 3. For years, I saw the 2nd as the film that over complicated the mythos and simply derailed and diluted the well as taking things into an overly philosophical trajectory, and the 3rd film was the one that took it back to the basics of man vs machine for the grand finale. But evidently there is a large contingent of people that hated the 3rd even more than the 2nd, which just boggled my mind.

Chris Groves on Jul 14, 2014


I really liked Reloaded and don't understand all the hate it gets. I mean it's flawed but so is the original. I agreed with Roger Ebert when he said the 2nd one made him appreciate the first a hell of a lot more than he did. Now the 3rd was just a complete and utter waste of time, IMO. Like it just ran outta gas.

John Doe on Jul 14, 2014


Each to their own. The first and 3rd are pretty pure in their 'humanity vs AI' conflicts, both in the real world with the sentinels and in the matrix with the agents. The 2nd felt like it tried too hard to turn the mythology on its ear and have some kind of twist and spin that matched how mind-blowing the first film was...instead of just exploring the story and characters more after the great set-up. And Neo vs Smith in Revolutions is still easily the best uninterrupted one-on-one fight scene of the new millennium. Anakin vs Obi Wan and Superman vs Zod didn't even come close to matching it. The music also perfectly captured the weight of it, as well.

Chris Groves on Jul 14, 2014


really? IMO the revolutions fight was messy compared to everything in the first and second one.

Jon Odishaw on Jul 15, 2014


Each to their own. The highway sequence and the Neo vs Smith army fights in the 2nd were just overkill for me. Likely because they seemed to sort of stop the motion of the plot in its tracks, while the Neo vs Smith fights in the first and 3rd were climaxes. Not that every action scene needs to be a climax or serve a great story purpose...but those just felt like they meandered.

Chris Groves on Jul 15, 2014


I mean, do we REALLY need a Hellboy 3 tho? I'm not even interested in seeing a PR2 either. I felt both these stories went about as far as they could've gone.

John Doe on Jul 14, 2014

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