Han Solo's Lead Role in 'Star Wars: Episode VII' & More Confirmed

May 9, 2014
Source: Jedi News

Harrison Ford

With the cast of Star Wars: Episode VII mostly figured out and rumors of the title already swirling, people are now speculating on the characters and plot as the sci-fi saga continues. Now we have at least one little tidbit that should make fans of the original trilogy happy. In the most recent issue of Entertainment Weekly (via Jedi News), there's confirmation of a detail that was only rumored until now. We know Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill are all back as Han Solo, Princess Leia and Luke Skywalker, but only Ford was said to have a large role. Now that has been confirmed along with more info.

First of all, the character of Han Solo is considered to be one of the co-leads along with three of the new young heroes. While there's speculation that some of them might be the children of Han and Leia, we're not sure that our new heroes will have those kinds of ties to the two romantically tied heroes. And while Ford's role is a co-lead, Fisher and Hamill will each have "significant" roles. However, that adjective might not necessarily equate to the size of their role, but only the importance of their part in the story. Ford's lead role also hints at his long-desired plan to have Solo go out in a blaze of glory. Will J.J. Abrams oblige him?

As of now, we're not even sure which of the three actors are taking the roles of the new trio of heroes. However, at this point, we're pretty sure John Boyega and Daisy Ridley are two of the three. Oscar Isaac would make for a good third companion, but there's also a major female lead to be filled, and that might be the final piece of the puzzle. And that would go a long way to please the complaints about a lack of female roles in Star Wars for the entire run of the saga. Perhaps that was part of the major overhaul on Michael Arndt's original script that EW also confirmed was changed drastically by Abrams and Lawrence Kasdan. Anyway, it's clear there's plenty more Star Wars news to come, so stay tuned.

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I wonder if Hammel and Fisher will try to get in some semblance of shape for the movie.

Brian Sleider on May 9, 2014


not sure about Hamil, but I heard the studio hired a trainer a while ago for Fisher.

Pop Ninjas on May 9, 2014


I read an article that said the same about Mark. I'm sure it's true.

Quanah on May 9, 2014


Needs to be, it would be painful to watch otherwise. They look so terrible. You are what you eat.

Ry on May 9, 2014


Yeah, you can bet that the studio is paying good money to get them in shape, and I'm sure Fisher and Hamill were happy to take the offer.

Chris Groves on May 10, 2014


Hamill not Hamil :))

Buzzfunk on May 11, 2014


Seeing Mark Hamil (not Hammel) as Luke with the possibility of yet another lighsaber fight gives me goosebumps. I mean so many childhood memories will just overcome me....I might cry. 🙂

Buzzfunk on May 9, 2014


Hamill (not Hamil). LOL

kuzosake on May 10, 2014


DuH! Swear i thought i pressed the L twice on my keyboard...oh man 😉

Buzzfunk on May 11, 2014


Well duhhh.....Harrison is the only one who became a huge star in the acting department after Star Wars. Of course hes coming back. Plus he's Harrison F***ing Ford!

Rock n Rollllll on May 9, 2014


Your damn right he is. I predict he'll get killed off in this episode and then do one last Indiana Jones. He was quoted last year saying a more modest Indiana Jones interests him, which I'm willing to bet this film might be his vehicle to bring both those franchises to an end for his part. Just pure speculation based on some articles I read from rather unreliable sources, but fun to talk about. Love the Ford. Love him.

Quanah on May 9, 2014


I love me some Indiana Jones but im thinking it'll be hard to make another one since KOTCS flopped. I like to blame Shia on this, just because its easy and fun.

Rock n Rollllll on May 9, 2014


It critically flopped (But even that can be argued if you're into RottenTomatoes, that has it's rating at 78%, but I don't pay heavy to that site now-a-days), but according to BoxOfficeMojo it grossed worldwide $786 million. Just for perspective, Man of Steel grossed $668 million worldwide and had more sequels to come without much thought. So, I think if sales are an indicator, and the fact Disney now owns IJ might fuel one last film. However, I've also read that Ford is fully committed to more than one Star Wars project and his desire to kill off Solo was at the end of ROTJ, which didn't happen. So all that being said, certainly the death of Solo will happen at some point, but to be realistic, I can see a huge payday for Ford in making more than one Star Wars and giving audiences what they love: A lot of Han Solo. Personally I hope he doesn't get killed off in this one. I think his role can certainly be larger in Episode VII, and Hamill and Fisher will be larger in Episode VIII, and by Episode IX the new recruits will have completely taken over the franchise. Anyway, all speculation, which is fun, but I'm certainly just grasping at straws like everyone else. The fun will be in seeing what happens as it unfolds!

Quanah on May 9, 2014


I'm predicting Han Solo dies in this film. Ford is getting up there and can't pull off action for much longer. And I'm not sure how long he wants to drag this out anyway.

Pop Ninjas on May 9, 2014


To be fair Han never really did much physical action in Star Wars. I would like to keep him as much as we can for the next few Star Wars.

Rock n Rollllll on May 9, 2014


He'll be a grumpy old man True Grit type

311 on May 9, 2014


To b e honest, i love Ford's work, at least some of it. But in the last 10-15 years all of his work has been stiff and rubbish. Thats not to say that hes not an A-list talent. But i really would have hope they only use the old cast for a cameo. I think anything else will be painful to watch. Lets hope the script is ace. I have faith in Kasdan.

Buzzfunk on May 9, 2014


Agree wholeheartedly. Harrison has clearly lost much of who he used to be, that charisma he once had I feel has long gone. How much can be recreated with his acting and proper direction I don't know.. I hope people on the production side are as aware of this as we are.

Ry on May 9, 2014


I thought Ford was good in 42, but I don't look forward to seeing the over the hill version of Han Solo

Indiana Bones on May 16, 2014


I was really hoping the OLD cast would just come back as cameos but having a major part....yikes I smell a possible trainwreck

SkyNet300 on May 9, 2014


I honestly could not have cared less if the original three came back or not. I was just happy to see the Universe came back to life on the big screen.

DAVIDPD on May 9, 2014


I just hope that we don't get any overt "pandering" to female audiences just for the sake of it. "Look, we have a cool female character, women please come see this movie!" The last thing we need is anything that remotely resembles the Mary Sue nature of Ahsoka in The Clone Wars...that was nearly unbearable.

Chris Groves on May 10, 2014


I've been a lifelong Star Wars fan despite the fact that there's only one lead female role in each trilogy (Leia + Padme). So obviously, I don't NEED tons of ladies in my sci-fi to love it - but the prospect of getting two important female characters in this trilogy is exciting, and I'm not sure why you would see that as a negative thing? Especially considering the ratio of men to women in the cast is still overwhelmingly weighted toward the former. I don't consider this kind of inclusion pandering - I consider it a very basic acknowledgment of the HUGE female fanbase that has lined the pockets of Lucasfilm et al over the decades.

Ali Miller on May 11, 2014


I think Abrams will handle it properly. My issue isn't with the idea of having female leads, it is with how they are executed. It seems that many filmmakers have a hard time writing cool, interesting, bad-ass female characters that work on screen(Whedon and Cameron are great examples though)

Chris Groves on May 11, 2014


Please no JAR JAR and Overkill of CGI........ UHGGGGGGG. For the love of god I hope these new movies are not ruined like the last 3 were.

hi hello on May 10, 2014


I like this news just because I'm looking forward to Ford doing the talk show circuit for these movies once again, lol.

cobrazombie on May 11, 2014


It's gonna be Indiana Jones 4 all over again.

Chuckee Knowlton on May 11, 2014


Ford will probably phone it in....I want to believe he won't but odds are. Perhaps I'm wrong seeing as Solo made his career. I have faith that Hamill and Fischer will be okay. Luke needs to be like Kenobi

Xerxexx on May 12, 2014


I don't get it! Why not follow the 9 stories of original idea of George Lucas? Why a new story arc of 3 movies...

Avi on May 12, 2014


Ugh at first I was excited about this, having the original cast involved and all, but the more I think about it, the more I think I'd rather not definitively know what happens to our heroes after Jedi. What if the way they kill off Han sucks? Then I'm stuck with that memory forever. I think i may just avoid these films altogether. If Lucas couldn't even get his own prequels right, how are Mr. Cloverfield + Disney going to do any better?

fjordprefect on May 12, 2014


Just my take but I think they should make Solo have some kind job unrelated to the rebellion. His character wasnt the type to be some kind of general. He probably would have done something else after return of jedi. Maybe own a freight business since he was a smuggler. Something where he is doing his own thing. They could have the princess be an ambassador or council person to the new rebel govt. Anyway in my version he would be doing this and trying to keep his kids from going off like Luke did in the original movie. They go off get into trouble and he has to crank up the Falcon and go save them and anyone else involved sacrificing himself like a Hemingway Character. Kinda like the old film Islands in the stream. If you havent seen that movie its pretty good film.

Robert Lukacs on Dec 22, 2014

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