Has the Basic Storyline of 'Star Wars: Episode VII' Just Been Leaked?

July 20, 2014
Source: Badass Digest

Star Wars: Episode VII

First of all, we just want everyone to know that we're not going to post every single story detail about Star Wars: Episode VII that hits the web. There are too many unsubstantiated rumors out there to sift through all the garbage and truly know the real details of the sci-fi sequel. Plus, because of the profile of this project, everyone is going to be skeptical anyway. Having said that, there are some things that we know about the project, but aren't at liberty to divulge, and we're not going to be posting spoilers at all. But the basic storyline of the film has just been leaked, and it's pretty spot-on with what we've heard. More below!


The folks over at Badass Digest have gotten ahold of some intriguing details about Star Wars: Episode VII, but thankfully they've decided not to spoil some of the portions of the story that we've heard about. In fact, we're not even going to talk about some of what they've posted, because we think news of the opening shot following the iconic text crawl is a little too cool of a detail to give away this far out. But if you can't resist, check out there entire report right here. What we will talk about though is the basic storyline, purposely vague so as not to reveal too much about the film and characters.

We're given the MacGuffin of Luke Skywalker's lightsaber from The Empire Strikes Back (along with something else) as it somehow ends up in the hands of two characters played by Daisy Ridley and John Boyega. We could tell you what kind of characters these two play, but it's better if you just find this out through official channels. These two characters recognize the lightsaber as a relic of the Jedi, and aim to return it to the proper people, which feels like an Indiana Jones plot set in the Star Wars universe. This is the quest of our heroes, and it's this inciting incident that brings them to Han Solo and Chewbacca.

Again, we're not going to reveal what Han Solo and Chewbacca are doing, because we don't want to give too much away, but the two recognize the lightsaber immediately, and we learn that they haven't seen Luke Skywalker in 30 years, which is how much time has passed since the events of Return of the Jedi. And so begins our adventure to track down their estranged friend and missing Jedi Master. And as we've heard recently, it sounds like our heroes aren't the only ones looking for Skywalker, or for any remnants of the keepers of the peace known as the Jedi.

Sounds like a cool story, and there's plenty of other goodies in store that no one knows about yet at all. Badass Digest adds, that they're "hearing extremely positive things about the action, and very, very good things about the characters themselves and the way the actors are bringing them to life." We're so anxious to see how the saga continues, especially with a cool mystery about the whereabouts of Luke Skywalker. Of course, that would mean that he might not be in the movie much, so what is Mark Hamill doing in London this whole time? Stay tuned for any more updates.

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I clicked the link, and no. Just no. A severed hand floating in space gripping on a lightsaber? Magically falls on a planet all in place? No, just sounds too far fetched and stupid. How the heck is his lightsaber and his hand, NO! What the heck are they smoking!? Doesn't stuff like burn up on entry into another planet helloooo basic physics 101. NO! Simply no, I refuse to believe this it's just so stupid. They could come up with something more better and logical not this crap.

Stephen Ritchie on Jul 20, 2014


If you believe in Star Wars to begin with then you're rather dull, it's obviously supposed to be just good old entertainment.

Richard 33377 on Jul 20, 2014


Oh gee let me look at my window let's see now OH LOOK IT'S THE MILLENNIUM FALCON...wait that's not it, oh right because it doesn't exist! What the heck do you think I am delusional of course Star Wars doesn't exist it's science fiction no sh*t Sherlock! But of course within science fiction there are rules in place. Oh no it's not real world logistics of course but there are rules in place much like the real world we live in....and I refuse to believe a hand gripping on a lightsaber floating in space for many many upon many years which suddenly happens to land on a planet intact with the lightsaber (without obviously burning up upon entry towards the planet) would ever happen in Star Wars logistics. It's not a question of believing it's a question of logic and this god damn logic DOESN'T make sense at all!

Stephen Ritchie on Jul 20, 2014


Oh and there's no sound in space which Star Wars seems to think is true, they already had no logic from the start, get over it Ritchie Rich.

Richard 33377 on Jul 21, 2014


What, would you have just wanted a quiet Star Wars film without any sound effects LOL. That would have been pretty boring eh especially when sound effects are a standard in film. So it's not really that much of an argument when comparing to this subject.

Stephen Ritchie on Jul 21, 2014


You're just a sad, whiny little man aren't you? I pity you, as I'm sure everyone you know does. Get a life, loser.

davidshaw on Jul 20, 2014


That is the most creative and thoughtful response I have ever read. Points for grammar and sentence structure (I've seen worse but you nailed it). But I may need to correct you on a few things. Am not sad nor whiny, am just a perfectly normal person with a brain that sees things the way it is intended to be. I don't think anyone in life would pity me as that would be careless. There is no need for pity or greed in this world. And most importantly, I do have a life I obviously live. If I didn't have a life I obviously wouldn't be breathing and living and have currently written this which you don't seem to understand well (maybe more courses in science would work well for you). And I am not a loser, I am a winner. I have just won (no hard feelings).

Stephen Ritchie on Jul 20, 2014


Call him names, but the guy makes a valid point. The whole notion of a frozen hand, somehow ascending into space from Bespin, then surviving the journy of space, only to survive re-entry on Tatooine -- yeah, sounds retarded.

Trey Wilson on Jul 21, 2014


I actually like the idea of a lukes severed hand and light saber coming into play. But the way they are trying to go about it is silly.

Jon Odishaw on Jul 21, 2014


The sad, whiny little man is also right. This sounds like bad fanfic. I'd write it off as a stupid rumor except I remember when we were writing off that rumor that Abrams was going to drag Khan into his new Star Trek Abramsverse...

nerdrrage on Jul 21, 2014


What could have caused a 30 year rift between Han and Luke? That is the potential question I have.

DAVIDPD on Jul 20, 2014


Well Han is banging his sister...

Jon Odishaw on Jul 20, 2014


Who was, as you'd recall, Luke's original love interest (who he kissed) until Lucas decided to resolve the love triangle by suddenly making the princess from another planet his twin sister in a later book/film, dooming Luke's love life to emulate James Bond while Han gets to settle down with family.

Fenris Vánagandr on Jul 21, 2014


onley Christopher Nolan can save this movie!

Avi on Jul 21, 2014


Hopefully, not in the Dark Knight Rises way. We don't need more plot holes than plot.....

Stephen Dedalus on Jul 21, 2014


Luke's hand tumbling through space???? But he lost his hand on Bespin. How did it gain altitude and make it into space???? This sounds ridiculous. I think Bad-ass Digest just got fed a ton of bullshit.

Trey Wilson on Jul 21, 2014


I didn't read the report but, from the comments here, the notion of Luke's lightsaber landing on another planet is pretty far-fetched. Wouldn't it be better to have the lightsaber found on Cloud City? The kids are wandering around in the maze-like walkways deep within the floating city and come across the weapon still in the grip of a skeletal hand..?

Jake Bailey on Jul 21, 2014


Yikes. Not the most plausible at all...not very Star Wars-y...

Xerxexx on Jul 21, 2014


If you read the novels, you'll see that Luke's hand and saber were found by a remnant of the Empire (on Bespin). The hand was used to create a clone of Skywalker.

Stephen on Jul 21, 2014


I've heard that works as a novel but on the movie screen it may be a bit wonky. I'd rather someone find the holocron of Darth Sidious and reignite Bane's rule of two.

Xerxexx on Jul 21, 2014


Or just resurrect Exar Kun so he can go apeshit on the galaxy

ciddeuce on Jul 21, 2014


That would actually be pretty awesome.

Xerxexx on Jul 21, 2014


1. There's WAY to much anger over this speculated upon, no-verified report of vague happenings that MIGHT be in the new movie. Plus, it says "a hand attached to a lightsaber." Is it his robot hand? Was it the one from Empire? Is it Vader's from Jedi? They just say it's Luke's lightsaber, not even that it's his hand! Maybe someone else got it, and part of the plot is that he's so powerful now he doesn't need a lightsaber. Or maybe he's training other Jedi. 2. I'm tired of the anti-spoiler mindset of some people that they want to go into a movie so "clean" that they avoid not just all spoiled surprises (that's understandable) but want to avoid the PLOT of the movie. I get that it's "Star Wars" and that means a vast number of people were seeing it based on the name, but events that happen in the first five minutes of the story that DRIVE THE PLOT isn't a spoiler: It's what gets people to see the movie. "Two kids team up with Han Solo to find a missing Luke Skywalker." That's the plot of the movie. That's what it's about. Seeing that shouldn't drive you to nerd rage over spoilers: it should entice you to see it. "Han Solo dies at the hand of a now evil Luke Skywalker" that's a spoiler. 3. Only about half of this information jibes with the OTHER rumors. Maybe his hand was cut off by the rumored Jedi Hunters? Maybe the kids on the backwoods planet that find a random hand and lightsaber get in to see Galactic President Han Solo? Of course, FILMING has been delayed so unless they cut off Mark Hamil's hand, strapped it to a lightsaber, and dropped it in the desert, they haven't done FX shots yet chances are this is from a shooting script that can change literally at any moment. 4. Everyone chill. I know rumors are fun, but the level of anger at the rumors is really too much. Personally the only rumor I want to hear is that Episode VII starts with a flashback to just after Anakin turns and enacts order 67, which was for all stormtroopers to capture Jar Jar Binks and kill him in the most creatively painful way possible.

Bad Shakespeare on Jul 21, 2014


The hand and the lightsaber would disintegrate into the atmosphere when falling on the planet. This is simply preposterous and impossible. Someone is pulling your leg and trying to test how stupid/gullible you are. And Skywalker and Solo haven't seen each other in 30 years? That sounds hard to believe, too.

retrogaming on Jul 21, 2014


I'm always skeptical of movie rumors until we get closer to the film. Bloggers, writers, and film-buffs all want to believe they have the breaking story or plot point no one else has. As to this particular rumor, I could certainly see the new films digging into the previous film's mythos. I look forward to seeing the film opening day, not to see who got the rumors correct, but to see Star Wars again.

Quanah on Jul 21, 2014


So, are we going to see the remnant of the empire/sith trying to make a clone of Skywalker? That's what happened in the novels when they found his hand and saber on Bespin. Plausible? Well, it happened in the novels, so why not in the theater?

Stephen on Jul 21, 2014


And the previous novels written doesn't follow under the current Star Wars continuity they are currently making and that goes for the entire expanded universe they have made within previous novels, they are creating an entirely new expanded universe for the films that are not from the novels which has been previously stated before oh and your getting this right? So let's just forget some of those silly novels never happened okay. Because you gotta admit, most of them were kinda (stupid), in a way that would never be seen in an actual Star Wars film, which am glad that would never happen.

Stephen Ritchie on Jul 21, 2014


Agreed! Some were good, like the Rouge Squadron books, but I could do without most of them. Well stated, sir.

Stephen on Jul 21, 2014


The Kevin J Anderson books with Kyp Durron and Exar Kun where some of the best books I have ever read in the Star Wars Universe. Silly? Maybe Phantom Menace and Clone Wars were silly but not the expanded universe books that you clearly never read.

ciddeuce on Jul 21, 2014


First, I highly doubt we will see a severed hand floating in space and falling to a desert planet — because...quite frankly, that is insanely stupid. If this rumor has even a shred of truth to it, it will most likely be a ship carrying Skywalker's lightsaber "artifact" and it crash lands on the desert planet. Second, even if that's true, this is a shaky premise to open the new trilogy. I think it's much more likely that this whole rumor is just misinformation to distract people from looking for the real plot.

Wampa Clown on Jul 21, 2014


I have a hard time believing Luke would leave his friends for 30 years as much as he cared for them.

Christian Groves on Jul 21, 2014


This is not any kind of "Indiana Jones" plot (assuming that's a good thing to begin with.) A couple random people finding a lightsaber and then trying to return it to some guy they don't even know sounds like bad fanfic. What Luke was up to for 30 years and why he would desert his friends like that, now that could be the basis of an interesting movie. But it would require Luke be recast. Or maybe in a few short years, it will be possible to photorealistically re-create actors at any age and Mark Hamill can provide the voice acting to his younger self. I'll wait for those movies, thanks.

nerdrrage on Jul 21, 2014


If this is true, why don't they just start from scratch because I have come up with better shit than this. But luckily, I think its bullshit.

Flava Futha Muckin J on Jul 21, 2014


Behold people! This is the plot that will replace the expanded universe... Lol, this is so terrible it has to be fake.

Merlith Gero on Jul 21, 2014


Really? Luke's hand, which was severed on Bespin, somehow floats out into space... then drifts for 30 years... then falls to a desert planet without burning up on re-entry... and some kids find it and assume that the REST of the person ISN'T dead along with the severed hand... and they decide to track down through the entire known galaxy the owner of a severed hand that fell to their planet after 30 years adrift in space? Really?

TIDMADT on Jul 21, 2014


It's bullshit. Or they're smoking crack in the writers' room.

cobrazombie on Jul 21, 2014


I wonder how much Abrams pays to funnel misinformation through the Internet.

David Jenson on Jul 21, 2014


I think Darth Vader has returned and sends bounty hunters to kill all remaining Jedi Knights. Han Solo and his sons are smuggling goods to another system while Ambassador Luke Skywalker and his five daughters arrive with Queen Leia at her ice palace fortress on Kurasawa to attend a new trade conference. A Siff lord has been seen on Tatooine who uses old black armoured stormtroopers to eradicate anyone associated with the old republic alliance. Obiwan's clone daughter is a highly trained handmaiden and executioner travels along with her android counterpart wreaking havoc against the New Empire Of Lackeys and Sycofants. A new large death star station is built inside a large asteroid. The droids have married and settled down on Luke's old farm. Lando and his six sons become the new heros.

Mike Zarquon on Jul 22, 2014

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