Hawkeye, Quicksilver & Vision Get 'Avengers: Age of Ultron' Posters

July 25, 2014
Source: Marvel

The Avengers: Age of Ultron

Following The Avengers: Age of Ultron concept art posters for Iron Man and Scarlet Witch on the first day of Comic-Con and two more with Captain America and Black Widow, yet another two posters have revealed Quicksilver (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) and Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner). The speedster looks pretty wild-eyed as he speeds around fighting Ultron's robot army, while Hawkeye is relegated to hand-to-hand combat instead of his bow and arrow. But what's really cool is our first look at Vision (Paul Bettany) flying in the background of Quicksilver's poster, so it seems he'll have a big part of this battle.

Here's the two new concept art posters for The Avengers: Age of Ultron from Marvel:

The Avengers: Age of Ultron

The Avengers: Age of Ultron

The Avengers: Age of Ultron is written & directed by Joss Whedon (The Avengers, Serenity). Earth's mightiest heroes must once again assemble when a super intelligent robot created by Tony Stark created to help fight any threats that might harm the world actually turns against him and the human race. Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Mark Ruffalo, Scarlett Johansson, Jeremy Renner and Samuel L. Jackson all return in the sequel to Marvel's The Avengers with new names like Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Elizabeth Olsen joining the team. Disney & Marvel release the film on May 1st, 2015. Looking good?

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Definitely looks cropped from an image showing the entire battle

Jeff Prioleau on Jul 25, 2014


It is....there's a huge poster with everybody on it. I guess they'll unveil that eventually.

TheOct8pus on Jul 25, 2014


You can see Hulk's crotch in the top of the Hawkeye poster and you can see Thor's cape in the top right of the Quicksilver poster

TheOct8pus on Jul 25, 2014


Thors cape was easily noticeable but I actually didn't see Hulk until you said something, that's def him. Cheers.

Jeff Prioleau on Jul 25, 2014


It is. Here is the final version. Seems legit.

CoosCoos on Jul 25, 2014


Hawkeye is cool, but how has he survived all this nonsense? He's just a dude with a bow.

TheOct8pus on Jul 25, 2014


There is no way. And if he were actually caught in the situation he is in on this poster at any moment in the movie, I dont think even marvel could write a way for him to get out without some other hero coming to save him.

jay on Jul 25, 2014


well if black widow and cap could survive so could he. He has trick arrows are alot more versatile than anything cap or widow has explosive arrows would probably be a good crowd control method

Lance Kemal on Jul 25, 2014


Good point. Black widow just seems more nimble, even if she didnt do much damage I feel like she wouldnt die.

jay on Jul 25, 2014


That's because she is by far more nimble and more skilled but she would have to get within arms reach to defend herself leaving her more susceptible to being grabbed and overpowered since she doesnt have guns in the concept art where as hawkeye doesn't have to get in close and even if they to close for comfort he can stab them with the arrows also haweye does know various martial arts to some degree. Black widows in the safe zone though because shes in between thor and hulk that's why shes not as swarmed as everyone else in the pic.

Lance Kemal on Jul 25, 2014


it kinda looks like quicksilver is making his way towards him. maybe he's actually running to his sister but whatever . . .

Teddy Bear on Jul 25, 2014


I think it could actually be Magneto not Vision. Think about it, both Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch is in this film. And it looks like whoever is flying there is actually lifting up the bots in the air. Magneto's power is to control metal. If Marvel can get shared rights with characters such as Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch then Magneto could be a high possibility.

Stephen Ritchie on Jul 25, 2014


Do they own the rights to that character yet? It looks like the bots that are in the air were thrown upwards from contact with a passing Quicksilver.

Jeff Prioleau on Jul 25, 2014


I might be seeing things but who knows Marvel owns the rights or partial rights to so many characters that not even we would know yet and it has to be over hundreds.

Stephen Ritchie on Jul 25, 2014


No mate that's not magneto its illegal for them to put him in the movie dummy so don't say its a 'high possibility' when the reality is its about a 1% possibility

Lance Kemal on Jul 25, 2014


Um hello? Did you miss the fact that Quicksilver also appeared in X-Men DOFP and now in Avengers 2? Two different companies? It's called shared rights which could be a possibility between most of Marvel character's in the film universe. So don't call me a dummy when you don't know jack diddly squat.

Stephen Ritchie on Jul 25, 2014


The only way that they were able to get QS in this film was not classifying him as a mutant or tying him to Magneto as his father. I also think that when they negotiated this deal with FOX, no one knew how popular DOFP's QS would be. Magneto is too high profile of a character to spread in two universes. Especially when FOX's X-Men franchise is almost as popular as the MCU. In my opinion, the possibility that Magneto would be involved is miniscule. But, my god, Magneto would be a force for the Avengers to reckon with.

Maxx on Jul 25, 2014


So your basically telling me that Quicksilver in Avengers 2 is not really Quicksilver and he is just some guy that runs really fast!? That's simply retarded! If he is not Quicksilver at all then why are people calling him that! Why would Marvel go through all that trouble to get the character when they can't fully use him they might as well have just made an original character entirely this is stupid! I think am gonna boycott Avengers 2 now!

Stephen Ritchie on Jul 25, 2014


If you watched the mid-credits scene of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, then you would know that they explained the twins abilities from experiments with the tesseract technology. And they call him Quicksilver because FOX and Marvel own the rights to the character and his name but his true origins belong with FOX unfortunately. But go ahead and boycott. I am sure they will miss your ticket purchase. Marvel has made as many mistakes as they have had successes.

Maxx on Jul 25, 2014


That's actually not at all what they're telling you. What they are telling you is that Quicksilver is such a minor property that FOX and Marvel aren't about to ruin both movies with a fight over him. Instead, they chose to each make their own version of Quicksilver and let sleeping dogs lie. What YOU were trying to say is that Marvel Studios were willing to risk being sued by FOX just to appease some fans with the appearance of a Major Intellectual Property that they currently do not own. This would NEVER happen. Money always trumps the audience.

Mark Fuentes on Jul 25, 2014


no that is not how this works!! the QS in this movie will be called QS. he will be really fast. he will be played by Aaron Taylor-Johnson. he will be a "miracle" that was created by tesseract technology. the QS in DOFP was called QS. he was really fast. he was played by Evan Peters. he was a "mutant" created by genetics! this is simple! the twins are mutants, so FOX owns them in its own right. but the twins are also avengers, so marvel/disney owns then in their own rights. magneto is not an avenger, so marvel/disney do not own them! marvel cannot call their twins mutants, mention magneto, or mention the xmen. FOX cannot mention their twins hanging out with the avengers! case closed

Teddy Bear on Jul 25, 2014


There is no way that this Stephen Ritchie is this stupid. He HAS to be trolling. I didn't think people that visited could even be this ridiculously stupid.

Charles Oosterhouse on Jul 25, 2014


A COMPLETELY dif actor played QS in DOFP. From my understanding, BOTH studios own the rights to him and his sister.

Jeff Prioleau on Jul 25, 2014


Magneto along with the XMen and a few others are solely owned by FOX for the time being so theres no way he would be in this film.

Jeff Prioleau on Jul 25, 2014


And what does that mean? Nothing quicksilver and scarlet witch have been avengers for longer than ive been alive and are core characters in multiple avengers story lines. Magneto on the other hand has not and is synonymous with the Xmen. You need to realize the difference Quicksilver was on one of the earliest team of avengers and has been on the team as long if not longer than when he was on the brotherhood of evil mutants but with Magneto thats not the case hes not a core character in any avengers storyline ever created and rarely affiliates with them and when he does most of the time it has something to do with his kids.So yeah i wont call you a dummy bro but saying its a 'high possibility' is a laughably dumb statement.

Lance Kemal on Jul 25, 2014


Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch are pretty significant Avengers in the comics. It's a little known fact that neither of them have ever been a member of the X-men. As it stands, the only connection they have to Fox's Franchise is that they're mutants and the children of Magneto. Their connection to the Avengers is that they have been card carrying members for a long time. Since they're pretty evenly split, Fox and Marvel have agreed to share rights. This doesn't extend to Magneto who has always been associated with the X-men and Mutant populations and rarely shows his head around Avengers territory. As such, he is an exclusive character for Fox that Marvel cannot touch unless the rights to that character are returned to Marvel. Besides, I don't think Magneto would ever be caught wearing a yellow cape. Red is his color.

Gritchu on Jul 25, 2014


It's not shared rights those characters have crossover stories which you can present in the avengers without using the word mutants or any ties to the X men you really can't sell the magneto Story under the avenger umbrella.

Byron Dyess on Jul 26, 2014


It's definitely The Vision.

prantsdagger on Jul 25, 2014


It's Vision. Definitely not Magneto. Besides Vision being confirmed ages ago (see what I did there?), it's been discussed multiple times why both companies (fox and Marvel) have access to the two characters. It's actually a very unique situation that, as far as I know, don't extend to any other Marvel characters. The twins were originally X-Men characters and then soon were wrapped up into The Avengers in the 60's. When it came time to sell the film rights to The X-Men, those characters obviously were included but I guess Marvel also retained the rights to them under the Avengers umbrella. Just can't mention Magneto or the mutant aspect of their origins. It's too bad because it's really confusing to most non-nerds and as much as I liked how it turned out, he was under-utilized in DOFP. So, in closing, same character, in essence just different origins, I suppose.

daneforst on Jul 25, 2014


Well you are wrong. The Quicksilver is supposed to be fast, and you can see his trail is what has those clones flying in the air, they were knocked over by quicksilver. And since The Vision was a CONFIRMED character for The Avengers Age Of Ultron, why would you think this shit? You should've gone to Specsavers.

Anonymous on Jul 25, 2014


It was already CONFIRMED...not rumored but CONFIRMED that the X-Men Universe and Avengers Universe is not the same. So there is no Magneto in the movie. period end of story. The QuickSilver in DOFP was a completely different QS and a completely different universe. So though you have a fan's fantasy which makes sense it's NOT what it is in the cinematic universe and wont happen for another 10 years only IF the rights all get back to Marvel/Disney. What would make this easier is if you actually read the NEWS and not fanboy blog post so that you can get actual information and not just opinions and hearsay. All of this information has been CONFIRMED for years now.

Mr. Hall on Jul 25, 2014


Vision's sticking to the comics. Awesome

The Walking Cuban on Jul 25, 2014


The image so far.

Krishna Shenoi on Jul 25, 2014


With the whole thing coming together, it makes SW look like she's not really into it.

OfficialJab on Jul 25, 2014


I don't see that at all. Looks like she is concentrating like crazy using her abilities.

Maxx on Jul 25, 2014


And it's done.

Krishna Shenoi on Jul 26, 2014


Really, really wish they'd release a print without all the individual logos for each character poster. Any chance that is out there somewhere? Could make a great wallpaper.

ACallCreative on Jul 27, 2014


Looks like all we're missing is The Hulk and Thor, right?

ACallCreative on Jul 25, 2014


agreed, only see small signs of them (shorts, cape) but nothing like what we've seen of the others.

Jeff Prioleau on Jul 25, 2014


Hopefully Hasbro makes some 6 inch movie series action figures of all the Avengers.But we better get new toy molds for each avenger not used molds from other action figures.

carlos leon on Jul 25, 2014



Jeff Prioleau on Jul 25, 2014


Hahahhahah, tooo good

Carpola on Jul 25, 2014


Does Jeremy Renner always go into battle after eating handfuls of Xanax?

Astroboy3000 on Jul 26, 2014

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