Here's Marvel Studios' Entire Phase Three Film Line-Up Through 2019

October 28, 2014

Marvel Studios

Today Marvel Studios had their own event to announce their future plans for the big screen, and there were some big announcements. We'll be taking a closer look at some of the news in the coming hours, but first up, we wanted to run down the list of projects that Marvel Studios will be sending to theaters through 2019. They include some sequels we expected like Captain America 3 and Doctor Strange, but there were also some long-developing films that were finally given official release dates. Even Guardians of the Galaxy 2 was given a new release date meaning it will arrive earlier in the summer of 2017. Here we go!

Here's the line-up for Phase Three of Marvel Studios' cinematic universe (full logos via Ryan Penagos):

And here's how all that looks on the overall Marvel Studios' timeline across the next five years - wow:

Marvel Studios' Phase Three Slide

So there you have it. There are huge things coming up for Marvel, and we'll be posting a little more detailed information about Black Panther, Thor: Ragnarok and Captain America: Civil War later in the day, not to mention that mind-blowing two-part The Avengers: Infinity War. And for anyone saying the DC Entertainment was starting to gain ground on Marvel because of their future slate, Marvel just fired right back. But at the end of the day, no matter whether you prefer DC or Marvel, there's no doubt that comic book fans are getting the films they always dreamed of seeing on the big screen. Comic book movies aren't going anywhere, and they're only getting bigger. Stay tuned for more on Phase Three coming soon!

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I wonder where Winter Soldier will fit in to all of this. Sebastian Stan still has 7 movies left on his contract!

CoosCoos on Oct 28, 2014


He will burn his 7 credits on that lame Agent Of Shield.

Ntabuye Paul on Oct 28, 2014


Hey! That series ain't bad.

lezboyd on Oct 28, 2014


You're a fucking moron.

davidshaw on Oct 28, 2014


I would imagine Avengers: Infinity War doesn't end Marvel's superhero movie venture just the Thanos arc. And if the rumors are true about part 1 being the new Avengers team starring in that movie, I would guess part 2 is the old Avengers getting back together to save the world after the other team gets their ass kicked in part 1. This is probably where Cap *spoiler* kicks the bucket and Winter Soldier picks up from there with whatever next movie needs a new Captain America. No doubt we'll see him in Civil War too.

cooper on Oct 28, 2014


He may be there in every movie providing sniper cover for Cap haha

JBrotsis on Oct 28, 2014


So is it Civil War or Serpent Society?

HarryFiddleSticks on Oct 28, 2014


Its a troll title.

Xerxexx on Oct 28, 2014


Oh okay

HarryFiddleSticks on Oct 28, 2014


I'd still watch a Serpent Society movie. I'm a sad, sad, comic book movie junkie...

stavi82 on Oct 28, 2014


Try your hardest to find Fantastic Four (1994), Captain America (1990), Nick Fury: Agent of Shield (1998), and Generation-X (1996), succeed and you SHALL be THE SADDEST COMIC BOOK MOVIE JUNKIE EVER!!!! Good Luck! (I had the bootlegs of each on VHS, once upon a time)

matthew south on Oct 28, 2014


I was still a kid back then, so they kicked ass!

stavi82 on Oct 28, 2014



SkylerB619 on Oct 28, 2014


I am a full on DC fan but if audiences were to suffer superhero fatigue... DC will bear the full brunt of it.

Zack Snyder on Oct 28, 2014


totally...but Sony's Spidey will tank before them all.

lezboyd on Oct 28, 2014


I feel bad for Spidey. Sony totally murdered him.

TheOct8pus on Oct 28, 2014


Maybe...just maybe...he'll be resurrected in an appearance in Civil War.

JBrotsis on Oct 28, 2014


I fear the onslaught of tv series after series will create superhero fatigue.

Steven on Oct 28, 2014


Wrong year in the text for Guardians of the Galaxy 2. It needs to be 2017 instead of 2015

HarryFiddleSticks on Oct 28, 2014


Well, it NEEDS to be 2015, but unfortunately, we have to wait until 2017...

stavi82 on Oct 28, 2014


Whoops! Thanks! Fixed it.

Ethan Anderton on Oct 28, 2014


So I'm curious which of these movies is most likely to tank?

Cortells6930 on Oct 28, 2014


I'm not a betting man, but I think Captain Marvel because

rickvanr on Oct 28, 2014


None, if things go as they are going right now. I mean, did you SEE the Ultron trailer.?!

lezboyd on Oct 28, 2014


did you see guardians?! that's the movie comparable to tanking. and it surpassed tanking.

JBrotsis on Oct 28, 2014


Captain Marvel.

Guest on Oct 28, 2014


Calling it right now... Agents of SHIELD will tie into the Inhumans movie.

lezboyd on Oct 28, 2014


if it even lasts that long on air lol

JBrotsis on Oct 28, 2014


So true.

mooreworthy on Oct 28, 2014


For what exact reason Marvel/Disney would cancel Agents of Shield and why would they even need to bother. It's the only show now Marvel has which currently ties into their cinematic film universe and with lots of spots for story expansion as seen with the Hydra take over it is not going to be running out of steam. Leave the show to the fans who like myself enjoy visiting the Marvel universe with a new story every week. I guess when the episodes connecting to Age of Ultron air you will be scrambling to get caught up. I will say the first half of the first season was a bit weak but it has picked up it's feet and it has gotten way better.

Jordan Odinson on Oct 28, 2014


I too watch the show and enjoy it. I do. Even if every episode isn't very strong, it's still fun to watch and even more the better when they actually have hard tie ins to the movies (Nick Fury & Maria Hill appearance, Hydra takeover, Sitwell saying he's gotta go catch a boat...) but looking at the ratings and viewer numbers beginning of season 1 and how season 2 is going along, it fluctuates up and down very often instead of staying a constant line. With Inhumans not being released till 2018, that's 4 years Agents of SHIELD will, by then, either need to become a very, very, Breaking Bad/Walking Dead type show or it will eventually end, unfortunately. And I don't see it becoming that desirable. far can they really take that story of rebuilding SHIELD? As of now, SHIELD is dead and it may not return. You got Cap vs Stark, Guardians in the cosmos, Panther in Africa, and everyone else worlds, inter dimensions, and countries away...SHIELD may never be needed again, so why continue a story that will stop having an immediate connection to the MCU. For all we know, Fiege may introduce SWORD before Infinity Wars happens, and thus, all the attention will become focused on that, giving an even more reason to discontinue the SHIELD storyline. All I'm saying is....I too enjoy watching Agents of SHIELD; I tune in every week but I'm highly doubtful the show will last another 4 years.

JBrotsis on Nov 5, 2014



Miguel Garay Boszeta on Oct 28, 2014


so happy to finally see Black Panther with a date, been waiting for that movie for a while!!

cooper on Oct 28, 2014


looks good but disappointed there are no more Iron Man movies

David on Oct 28, 2014


I believe that's because Tony Stark is going to abandon the suit after Civil War.

matthew south on Oct 28, 2014


Probably true but still disappointing, IRON MAN ROCKS!!!

David on Oct 28, 2014


Well now, that a lot to look forward to.

Brian Sleider on Oct 28, 2014


IMO infinitely more exciting than the DC lineup.

Moon Knight on Oct 28, 2014


CAPTAIN MARVEL is really happening! So happy they are going to give us this character. I really hope they will go with a female Captain.

DAVIDPD on Oct 28, 2014


Sounds like they are using Carol Danvers as Captain Marvel, which destroys my own theory that Skye from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is Ms. Marvel...

matthew south on Oct 28, 2014


Waiting for Fox to follow suit with their own superhero movie line up...

matthew south on Oct 28, 2014


Why, because they are choosing to use the Carol Danvers version of Captain Marvel? If it tanks it will be because people are tired of the genre, NOT because of a female lead.

matthew south on Oct 28, 2014


I don't know about that... let's not start making excuses for it already. I'll bet on comic book movies still being popular in five years over a female lead CBM doing just as well as a male lead one every day of the week. (Although, I also believe quality will overcome anything.)

si1ver on Oct 28, 2014


I agree. I was just trying to point out that having a female lead be the reason a movie tanked was preposterous.

matthew south on Oct 28, 2014


I'm in complete agreement with you. It's not that I don't want to see female characters. I just don't like it when they shoehorn them into a male character mold. Men and women have different strengths and abilities. It's genetics, not sexism. If they make her character believable and have a quality script, director and leads I'm sure this movie will be incredible. I just see it as the most likely to be the odd movie out if they don't.

rickvanr on Oct 29, 2014


It's not 'shoe-horning' when the character already exists as a female. Carol Danvers (the original Ms. Marvel) assumed the mantle of Captain Marvel after Kamala Khan takes the Ms. Marvel moniker

matthew south on Oct 29, 2014


Salt. Tomb Raider. The WNBA. the results aren't always ideal. That's all I was trying to say.

rickvanr on Oct 29, 2014


Stop. I can only get so erect.

si1ver on Oct 28, 2014


We only have Avengers and Fantastic 4 to look forward to next year.

Ant on Oct 28, 2014


And Antman

TheLawliet08 on Oct 29, 2014


Jesus. I hope I don't die before I see these.

Jonathan on Oct 28, 2014


gooood dammit i hope i dont die from cancer or any other man made illness cause i gotta be around for this shit here ouhhhhhhhhhhhhwwwww

Liam Knurtsis on Oct 28, 2014


Pissed about there being no Black Widow film.

Brooke on Oct 29, 2014


Why the change in Subtitle in 'Captain America: Serpent Society to 'Captain America: Civil War' ?

Wonderland on Oct 29, 2014

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