Hugh Jackman in 'X-Men: Apocalypse' & 'Wolverine 2' Back-to Back?

May 9, 2014
Source: Collider


In just two weeks, we'll see X-Men: Days of Future Past hit the big screen, and we're hoping the combination of both lead casts from X-Men and X-Men: First Class makes for one hell of a mash-up. But at the same time, we're also wondering what Fox has in store for their future Marvel installments with the characters. We've heard that X-Men: Apocalypse, set for May 27th, 2016, will focus on the X-Men: First Class cast, but it sounds like at least one of the original X-Men stars will stick around, and it makes perfect sense. If a couple interviews from Collider are interpreted correctly, it looks like Hugh Jackman may not only be in X-Men: Apocalypse, but he might shoot back-to-back with The Wolverine 2. Read on!

Now the interesting thing here is that X-Men: Apocalypse and The Wolverine 2 take place in two different timelines. The Wolverine from last year followed Hugh Jackman after the events of the first three X-Men films, and the sequel would continue that path. However, X-Men: Days of Future Past takes place both in the future after The Wolverine and also in the past before the original X-Men films.

Now we've already seen Wolverine turn down Professor X and Magneto's offer to join their team in X-Men: First Class, but clearly the time traveling transfer of modern-day Wolverine's consciousness to the Wolverine of the past changes things up a bit, essentially creating a whole new timeline to follow from the past. After all, Bryan Singer recently talked about recasting the roles of Cyclops, Storm and Jean Grey, because he eventually wants to show how that particular group of X-Men came together.

But if there are two different X-Men timelines now, why would X-Men: Days of Future Past and The Wolverine need to shoot back-to-back? Well, it's a matter of practicality for Hugh Jackman to keep up his ripped physique to play the mutant. Collider spoke to Jackman about the prospect of shooting those two films together, and he didn't bat an eye, almost as if he knows that he's in X-Men: Apocalypse:

Collider: Is that something you’d want to do in the future, let’s say for X-Men: Apocalypse and another Wolverine sequel?  Or is that something where you think that’s too much?

Jackman: No, in a weird way that has crossed my mind if that’s the way things play out, because physically, even though I was complaining about it because I found out about ['X-Men: Days of Future Past'] a month before I finished 'The Wolverine,' so I was already planning on my cheat meals.  It’s much easier because it’s tough to get there, physically, but once you’re there, it’s easier to maintain it.

So while he doesn't confirm that he's in X-Men: Apocalypse, the fact that he's thinking about how to maintain his physique for two films is an important piece of information. And the fact that he's now worked with the X-Men of the past in X-Men: Days of Future Past means that he could stick around for the events of X-Men: Apocalypse. And if we needed anymore confirmation, Collider also spoke to producers Lauren Shuler Donner and Hutch Parker and they confirmed that they're attempting to get both sequels going with back-to-back production:

Collider: It seemed what [Jackman] was saying to me was that in an ideal world, X-Men: Apocalypse and another Wolverine solo movie would be, in an ideal world, filmed very close together to keep his physique.  So are you guys planning to film them that way?

Lauren Schuler Donner: We’re trying

Hutch Parker: We are

Lauren Schuler Donner: We're absolutely trying yes.

And then Donner thought out loud, "We announced Apocalypse to come out in 2016, so that means we have to shoot next summer.  And then we’d have to shoot our new Wolverine movie either before or after that. I think after because it will come out after." The Wolverine 2 is already slated for release on March 2, 2017 so that makes perfect sense. Of course, Hugh Jackman has been playing coy about whether or not he's going to end up doing The Wolverine 2, depending on how the story works out with director James Mangold. Of course, this would be a hell of a way for Jackman to finish up his time as the character since he's said that The Wolverine sequel will likely be his last turn as the mutant.

But there seems to be a problem with how all this will play out franchise wise. Obviously this kind of thinking is far out, but if The Wolverine 2 ends up being Jackman's last film as the character, then will they kill him off or have him leave the team in X-Men: Apocalypse? If not, they'd have to recast the role if the character is meant to stick around in the timeline featuring the X-Men: First Class cast. We don't know what kind of role Wolverine will have in the 2016 sequel, so some of this is pure speculation, but it sounds like Fox has big plans for how to continue the X-Men franchise, and hopefully Hugh Jackman is with them.

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You cant kill off Wolverine. He always has and always will be an important role in the X-Men. He ages extremely slow and never really dies in the comics. His character lives it all the way to the end. The character must be recasted so you have plenty of time to think long and hard about this one Hollywood, so dont screw it up.

Rock n Rollllll on May 9, 2014


Marvel are actually killing off Wolvereines character in the comics this year..I don't think another actor playing him would work. Especially after playing him for 9 movies... Best to move on after that give other characters the spotlight (ie cyclops, storm, colossus)

johnv23 on May 9, 2014


Gambit, Cyclops, Jean, are the ones that should be recast,storm and Colossus have been done to death and are boring anyway. Cable, Hope summers, Boomer, Ink, Cannonball, and a dazzler cameo would be good inclusions.

5star fornicator on May 9, 2014


And , sooner or later , Jubilee ... More teen market angst , tied to Logan

Dominic on May 11, 2014


I would like to see jubilee done better also, but I can't see it happening for a long time. The prequel to dofp is supposed to focus on the 80s so she dosn't fit into that time line, and she dosn't fit in Xforce. Maby the next wolverine movie I don't no wear or when that takes place. Could be wolverine go's shopping, wolverine go's swimming, wolvie snaps one of, not sure. She should have been in dofp as I think she is one of the mutants that have perished in the future in comics I think. So I have all but lost hope.

5star fornicator on May 11, 2014


yeah i gotta find my copy of those issues in real DOFP story arc ...however JJ , et al , hae pretty much shown that they could care LESS about continuity , and where people USED to fit in a character's overall storyline . Hollywood has modified greatly its versions of these heroes ... you know , just like they decided it was Too Corny ? to have Wolverine created by a mad scientist robot in Canada , so they made Stryker an American major instead , and FOUND the adamantium in Africa lol ..Which cut off a rich vein of stories of the other mutants also created in that lab , which the CBs used for friends and enemies of Logan ... ... ( now if they wanted to set up a Black Panther - Wolverine confrontation , to sell a T'Challa movie , then that adamantium theft could be used as a motive .. )

Dominic on May 11, 2014


Almost shaw I shed a geek tear when I saw her grave stone in the future. Yeh the continuity is up the shit creek, but I feel like their trying to rectify that. Having Jubilee in the 80s when she was 15/16 years old in x 1 in the year 2000 is just a bit wtf. Wear as Dazzler fits right in to the 80s time line & she has similar powers to Jube, But I'm shaw they will make more movies based in the future, she suits that time line better I think. same as Nightcrawler, but in saying that look at Emma Frost, she's a teenager in wolverine at the end, witch I believe is the 80s, yet In first class based in the 60s she is a 30+ years old with a much more developed rack. She was awsome by the way for any haters! Bow down to the white queen haters.

5star fornicator on May 11, 2014


And I want boomboom she is cool as and has a dark past. I may have to wait for X Force though.

5star fornicator on May 11, 2014


I absolutely hate what they've done to Colossus. He is an awesome character but they do not show him enough and they only give him like two words in every movie. Hes an important X-Men and must be respected. AND GIVE HIM HIS DAMN RUSSIAN BACKGROUND AND ACCENT TOO! Hes not American!

Rock n Rollllll on May 13, 2014


Yeh a lot of players miss out due to wolverine, but at least he has been in 3 movies so far, Cyclops 2, Gambit 1, Deadpool 1, jubilee is only in deleted scenes, the others I mentioned we have not even seen yet. I get what your saying, but I don't reckon you will see Colossus again after dofp.

5star fornicator on May 13, 2014


they're going to "kill" him but they aren't going to lose one of their bigger draws who's so spread thin in the universe that it's annoying. I'm sure his healing factor just so happens to return after he's "dead"

ColtNoir on May 9, 2014


in The CBs , he has regenerated from being burned to a crisp . The whole body not just his face and back , as in The W . just not immediately tho took days .... So yes , that would be how you introduce a new actor in the role

Dominic on May 11, 2014


ok...I'm talking about comics only, not what's happening in the movies. In the comics - he's lost his healing factor.

ColtNoir on Jun 13, 2014


hmm OK i haven't bought CBs since 2005 ; not up on the latest storylines .. i would say that after 35 years the writers are bored of him being invincible . So you strip his healing factor to male him killable . Give him a year off ; someone that hijacked his body restarts him . Or something like that .. they feel they can do that now , because the Movie version ( and Logan in geneal ) is so dominant they won't lose character focus among the fans .... Jackman'll do at LEAST two more Wolverines . ESP . Now , woth DOFP ruining THE Wolverine greatly , and tweaking some of Origins : W .. Then he'll be about 50 , and can start playing Old Man Logan , somethime

Dominic on Jun 14, 2014


Marvel has no relation to what is being done in the films - that's fox. they've gone so far as to not promote characters for comics in hopes of it ruining fox and sony's movies. again, we're really not talking about the same thing at all lol

ColtNoir on Jun 16, 2014


That's their fault for not spreading out the spotlight in the first place. Yeah, Wolverine is cool but to use him as much as they did was overkill. There are A LOT of great mutants out there with great powers and incredible back-stories, their character should be shown the same amount of gratitude that has been shown to Wolverine.

Rock n Rollllll on May 13, 2014


I need some one to explain how Wolverine keeps getting movies?

Brian Sleider on May 9, 2014


Because, despite what FOX has done to destroy the character, Hugh Jackman is a top notch actor who brings a raw intensity and honesty to Wolverine. So did Stewart and McKellen. Unfortunately Marsden did not do that for Cyclops. Berry didn't do it for Storm. Janssen didn't do it for Grey. The list goes on. The truly sad fact is that they were lazy with casting in the original X-Men. Hugh Jackman was actually a last minute change. Everyone can hate on the overuse of Wolverine and I am often annoyed with his being used as a leadership character. But because of Jackman and this character The X-Men has been kept around and we received X-2, First Class and Days of Future Past. So I don't mind all that much. Also, I think that they are taking advantage of this very impressive cast from the First Class group and adding Wolverine into the mix.

Maxx on May 9, 2014


Co-signed completely. Especially with Wolverine being used as a leader. It will be interesting to see Days of Future Past. But I would not mind if Fox rebooted this series.

fatjitsu on May 10, 2014



hi hello on May 10, 2014


" raw .. honesty " i'll do one better He's Fucking Perfect as Logan In the way that a LOT of actors fit into this ONE role of theirs just So Right . IF he bulks up .... which he has said IS the only reason he'd stop playing the character . "cheat meals " ;p) I got abused for saying this before , but this using him as like the " glue "between several Marvel movies , is Exactly what they did with him in the CBs . there were 5-6 mutnat book out at any one time : he was in ALL of them . VS most of the other mutants , or even someone like Spidey , who had 4 books under his name but didn;t regularly appear , say , 10 months out of 12 in other titles ... I think Hollywood is finally geting the formula down ....Last few movies all good or good enough reviews . and I expect DOFP to be like " The Avengers " of Mutant movies .... No Actor wants to give up a role like this , in a Franchise ... 1st off it's a steady check ...

Dominic on May 11, 2014


Tho I'm still upset that they Bastardized the story , specifically in order to get that Star Talent from 1st Class , and Patrick and Ian . That's where we get Old Man Logan we want , and a taller bald Ororo ; the Original story , set in the future . But No Prof X so no dynamic between him and Magneto , or his younger self , McAvoy (. I saw a youtube clip if Fassbender Jackman and McAvoy - shaved looking like he was 18 -. answering questions , and just ascting like three silly Brits/Aussies .. You could tell they had a blast working together ...).

Dominic on May 11, 2014


Adding wolverine is fine, agree he dose a great job, but he doesn't need to have every storey line revolve around him. I think Janssen did a good job and so did Marsden and Page. You can only do so much with 4 minutes screen time. Also wolverine solos are boring, the last one especially. X men are about teams not loners, Two wolverine films were enough.

5star fornicator on May 11, 2014


Because Fox thinks that X Men draw comic book fans to their movies and Hugh Jackman brings every one els.

5star fornicator on May 9, 2014


I hope magneto kills him. I want to see the brotherhood kill the Fantastic 4 in a movie to.

5star fornicator on May 9, 2014


YES. I'm 100% up for him being in both...purely for the reason that Jackman would finish his tenure as Wolverine having appeared in a grand total of NINE films. The original X-Men trilogy, his own Wolverine spin-off trilogy, AND the alternate reality trilogy. Would he have the record for the most times any actor has played a character? I am almost positive he would have the record for a superhero movie. I know Sam Jackson is on a 9 film deal for Nick Fury(and I believe his Iron Man cameo preceded that deal) but he hasn't completed that yet.

Chris Groves on May 9, 2014


I think it would be nice if they held onto him for a little longer to round out "The Wolverine" trilogy far in the future to show him in sort of "old man logan" mode. That way we could actually see him get that closure the character is always looking for through death. Plus if they were gonna do one so far in the future Jackman wouldn't have to worry about the physique aspect and we could then all pretend origins never existed as you'd have three other trilogies. Although I would really like an R-rated X-force movie before Jackman hangs up the claws.

blargh on May 10, 2014


ME TOO! I was always hoping all the SOLO WOLV movies would have been rated R..... But FOX ruined them with PG-13 kiddie adventures.

hi hello on May 10, 2014


I think FOX is looking for the next Wolverine already. Back to back movies makes sense financially too. Costs around 50% less to make 2 in 1 long schedule. As long as they arnt bombs, it is a win win financially. And Jackman isn't getting any younger. Having to wait 3-4-5 years between sequels has always been a problem imo, So I am glad more and more studios are trying to make sequels faster. LOTR opened the door wide open for back to back movie making.

hi hello on May 10, 2014


Ah snap. Jackman is certainly the hardest working actor in Hollywood.

DAVIDPD on May 9, 2014


I know that Wolverine is one of Marvel's "money" characters but I would like to see a true X-Men story where the focus is on the team. The difference between the X-Men and other teams was that they were a family. I do not think they have shown that. So far most of the so called X-Men movies have been "Wolverine and the X-Men Movies" Fox can still make their Wolverine Movies, I just want to see X-Men movies where Wolverine is not the protagonist. You know Fox is going to keep it going so they can keep the film rights but it may be time for a reboot.

fatjitsu on May 10, 2014


A reboot would be nice. First Class did a decent job stepping in the right direction but it would have been nice for it to not be connected to Singer's universe. Who knows? After Jackman hangs up that wig, perhaps FOX will give the rights to Marvel Studios and we can get the group/family dynamic that the movies have lacked so far. Though I do have a feeling that DOFP will supply that in a way that we haven't seen before. Just don't mess up Apocolypse, FOX!

Maxx on May 10, 2014


Hell, fox should keep the wolverine film rights and sell the other x men back to marvel.

cetrata on May 10, 2014


X Force is coming, hears hoping to no wolverine.

5star fornicator on May 11, 2014


I totally agree. I love Jackman as Wolverine and all the contributions he's done for the films so far, but it'd be nice to keep the focus on the family orientated team. I hated how in the first X-Men, they kept that love triangle between Jean and Cyclops/Wolverine...inevitably making Cyclops a pussy and dying off immediately in X-Men 3. Cyclops is a badass and they made him a weak character in the trilogy...WTF??!!

JBrotsis on May 11, 2014


A Rated R Wolverine is what I am waiting for. Seriously. Give me KILL BILL blood trails all over the place while Wolverine kills people. PG-13 Kills it. Also, the Wolv movies have sucked, it seems to be way better to keep Wolv as part of a bigger movie instead of on solo adventures. SURE FOX is making money, so they will continue to churn it out. But no question the Wolv movies have been awful compared to X-men movies. I really wanted to like them. But cmon.. they were just B A D.

hi hello on May 10, 2014


I'm totally with you on this one!! This is exactly what needs to happen

Rock n Rollllll on May 11, 2014


wolverine is my life~!

Jake Cross Clores on May 24, 2014


pg 13 ruins movies

Rhett J D. on Aug 7, 2014


Can't imagine anyone else portraying Wolverine.

Mook ~^^~ on Mar 30, 2015

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