It's Morphin' Time: Lionsgate & Saban Team for New 'Power Rangers'

May 7, 2014

Power Rangers

It's been 17 years since any form of the always changing Power Rangers have hit the big screen. The original American TV series adaptation of the Japanese live-action action adventure series Kyōryū Sentai Zyuranger was a mind-blowing success in the 90s, becoming a pop culture sensation in no time. And when something is that popular, it heads to the big screen and became Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie in 1995 and was followed two years later by the new iteration of the heroes in Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie. Now Lionsgate and Saban Brands are teaming for a new live-action Power Rangers film.

The two companies made the announcement today revealing the the feature film will "re-envision" the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. For those who aren't children of the 90s or haven't seen any of the 17 different themed versions of the characters on television, every series follows group of high school kids who are infused with unique and cool super powers but must harness and use those powers as a team if they have any hope of saving the world. They fight weird alien beings with their array of special weapons and giant vehicles, making this a prime property to sell even more toys, comics, video games and more.

Power Rangers has been a staple of children's entertainment since it blew up in the 90s, despite some controversy about the action being a little too lviolent for kids (it's cartoonish action though really). What's crazy is that when America finally decided to adapt the original series, it was actually the 16th installment of Bandai Visual and Toei Company's Super Sentai franchise. And it was cheap to produce, because it used stock footage of the show from Japan for everything, with the exception of the footage where we saw the Power Rangers as normal high school students outside of their Power Ranger suits.

The thought of a new live-action Power Rangers movie isn't surprising, and frankly, we can't believe it took this long for a film studio to jump on board. The question is whether or not this will be something that has a gritty, reboot edge to it like most properties that have been turned into feature films over the past decade or so, or if it will be tailor made for young audiences. Either Way, Lionsgate thinks they have a valuable property that can keep up with their successful franchises like The Hunger Games. We'll see if the audience wants the big screen Power Rangers soon enough. Thoughts?

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haha ohhhh yes I'm so for this...just keep Bay away

Danimal on May 7, 2014


Really? If ANY 80's-90's franchise, this is probably his thing. What is it other than dumb corny fun with unnecessary explosions?

OfficialJab on May 7, 2014


Remember those times in your life 20 years ago experiences awesome new franchises, because they were awesome... and new? Sometimes, I feel like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day carrying a toaster to his bathtub...

Alex on May 7, 2014


If they bring back the original cast and have the green ranger i might watch this. It seems like saban is kicking the skeleton of the dead horse

Luke Hanna on May 7, 2014


But yellow ranger is no more :'(

redskulllives on May 7, 2014



mooreworthy on May 8, 2014


You know Power Rangers is still on TV right ?

dsjj251 on May 8, 2014


*SIGH* was bound to happen i guess. I'm thinkinnnnnnng maybeeeeeeee Gareth Edwards to direct?

Rock n Rollllll on May 7, 2014


Jason David Frank is 100% mandatory. I would also like Johnny Yong Bosch.

OfficialJab on May 7, 2014


God no. The very premise of MMPR was "teenagers with attitudes" as Zordon himself said. JDF is 40 . We need a new cast, and hope to god, some kind of realistic costume.

dsjj251 on May 8, 2014


Except he's still appearing in Power Rangers episodes, as Tommy Oliver and is in fantastic shape. I didn't say to cast them as teenagers.

OfficialJab on May 8, 2014


Met Frank last year during a con, even took my 6 yr old daughter on stage with him cause she couldn't see from where she was. Dude is a class act and though not a teen, still a staple of the Rangers, the reason we stayed with the show when we were young was because the the Green Ranger. He could be the new Zordon or mentor in the film.

mooreworthy on May 8, 2014


Looks like Pacific Rim really started something, and Godzilla will likely continue it. With the entire superhero genre being pretty much completely controlled by Disney and WB(Spidey and X-Men are not hitting $1 Billion any time soon), studios/Hollywood in general needs a new 'it genre' to go crazy over. It seems like giant monsters/giant robots is the favored genre. And why not? Monsters and robots that are hundreds of feet tall leveling cities is about as large scale as you can get, and we are in a world where audiences seem to be craving huge scale films. Pacific Rim and Godzilla are seemingly just the start. I wouldn't be shocked if Power Rangers and Voltron both made their way to the big screen. Another studio might take a look at Gundam or Gamera, or something like Robotech. Further down the line, when the genre has been popular in Hollywood for long enough, someone like Blomkamp or Peter Jackson will come along and try their hand at Evangelion. The tides might be changing. Not that the superhero genre is going to go the way of the western over night. But every genre sort of has its ups and downs.

Chris Groves on May 7, 2014


I hope it has a gritty, reboot edge to it!

MLTC on May 7, 2014


Hell Yeah!! Make this modern as fuck! This is the kind of film Bay needs to make.

DAVIDPD on May 7, 2014


What's Hollywood going to do when there's nothing left to adapt, remake, reboot and/or sequel? This is getting overly absurd.

aclasschris on May 7, 2014


Remember how racist this show was? Lol

SkyNet300 on May 8, 2014

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