It's Not Over Yet: Michael Bay Promises Another 'Transformers' Trilogy

April 11, 2014

Michael Bay - Transformers 4

For better or worse, more Transformers movies are on the way. At least three more of them. We have the fourth one titled Transformers: Age of Extinction, still directed by Michael Bay, arriving in theaters this summer. As pretty much everyone completely and totally expected, Michael Bay has revealed via an Entertainment Weekly interview that this one is the first in another new trilogy of Transformers movies. There's a brand new cast this time, new 'bots, a new storyline, of course it's the start of a new trilogy. Would we expect anything less? I think not. Then again, this is about gaining new fans moving ahead in the series.

In the interview with EW, Bay revealed the news and spoke a bit about the storyline in Transformers 4, or Age of Extinction (see the teaser), which involves the Dinobots and all kinds of other characters. He says:

"It's kind of like a new Transformers," Bay says. "We had three, the first trilogy, and this is going to be the next one." The next…trilogy? "Yeah, it's the first of a new trilogy," he says after a moment of hesitation. "I'm not necessarily sure that I'm doing [the others], but that's what it's meant for."

[…] "Lockdown's ship has a lot of meaning that can go into other movies. There's a lot of backstory about that ship that's not laid out here,” he says. "You're going to see a few things where you're like 'What is that? And what is that?' And you're going to see a couple shots like, 'Wait a minute, who are they?' But we don't answer those questions."

I think he means: yet. Until the trilogy continues. Lockdown, another Transformers robot character that he's referring to, is neither an Autobot or Decepticon - he's another bounty hunter who turns into a Lamborghini Aventador. "Lockdown is an interesting character. He travels the galaxy, he works for somebody else. And he's here for one person, one alien, and then he's out of here. So he doesn't really want to take sides. The cause and balance of the galaxy is kind of messed up when different species play with different species. And that opens up a whole other gigantic world for Transformers." Whoa. That definitely gets into all of his "what is that" shot kind of questions, but I'm still curious to see just how deep into the mythology he goes.

For now, we'll have to hold out for more footage in trailers and wait until Age of Extinction hits theaters this June. Bay won't reveal much else and is keeping the plot secret. "I like to keep things very much in the dark. But yes, you’ll understand why [Dinobots are] there when you see the movie. If you think I'm supposed to give away a lot of story points? No way! Keep it secret." Indeed. Even before anyone has a chance to see the first one, there's already more Mark Wahlberg Transformers mania planned. Are you excited for more?

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Reader Feedback - 39 Comments


Bring. It. On. SPLOTIONS!

l.21 on Apr 11, 2014


Oh great, that means no reboot.

Rock n Rollllll on Apr 11, 2014


We just got Bay'd!!!~

DAVIDPD on Apr 11, 2014


Cool. They're reliable for a fun watch.

OfficialJab on Apr 11, 2014


Please....make it stop...

cuckoozey on Apr 12, 2014


Why do you hate fun?

davidshaw on Apr 12, 2014


So different species of Transformers? Sounds pretty cool. I honestly enjoy the movies for what they bring: giant robots fighting. And I think they do a good job at it. I'm not as much of a hater as others seem to be.

ListenToVinyl on Apr 12, 2014


That's been a given in the comics & several of the cartoons for a while now. That's part of the problem - there's so much separate & conflicting history/stories in the TF franchise Hasbro & TakaraTomy (w/ Paramont input) had to finally comb through the past 27 years (will be 30yr this summer) & figure which history , personality & events for various characters is canon, & have a "unified continuity" going forward. Which I'm excited to see what H & TT decide. OTOH - I'm lukewarm on TF:AoE. I'll be there opening weekend, probably Midnight Madness... but I doubt I'll be paying for 5 viewings like I did TF1.

VAharleywitch on Apr 15, 2014


Micheal Bay and James Cameron should make a crossover where transformers visit Pandora and Christopher Nolan produces it and they call it The Goonies 3: Return of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Gremlins and see how quick the internet explodes.

Dustin_Fuston on Apr 12, 2014


Ugh! But what the hey? These films, well movies, will make the Bay guy a billionaire so how can one blame him? I'm happy to report I won't be putting a nickel in this guy's pocket. I'm sure he'll be devastated by

Bo on Apr 12, 2014


Why do you hate fun so much?

davidshaw on Apr 12, 2014


This question is embarrassing and almost, almost, doesn't merit a reply from me. I'll put it this way...I used to have a lot of 'fun' playing in the sandbox when I was five years old. Then I grew up and it wasn't 'fun' any longer messing around in the sandbox. I found more intelligent and grown up things to enjoy. 'Fun' is for children and an immature mind; enjoyment and intellectual stimulation is for adults with intelligence and curiousity about life. That answer your question? If you have fun watching Bay's moronic movies why do you take umberage at someone who finds them idiotic? Just askin'...

Bo on Apr 13, 2014


I'm guessing you're a grape nuts, leather bound books, and iron your underwear kind of person. "Fun is for children and an immature mind." This statement has been scientifically proven to be untrue for quite some time now. Your sarcasm was quite tasty, but fun on a childhood level and the ability to get lost in imaginary fun is a quality often attributed to some of the most brilliant minds in history. It's the basis of Google's model for "enjoyment and intellectual stimulation." On the contrary people who are unable to indulge in childlike wonder, and accept fun at face value without insisting on applying their own "adult" standard have been found to be less happy, and live a lower quality of life. So while I agree with you that the Transformer's films aren't the pinnacle of intellectual film making, they do fit into the category of spectacle and fun....which is why they're released in the summer and not November. So if you can't find anything "intellectually stimulating" by "messing around in a sandbox" with some rock em sock em robots that's cool... but truthfully, it's not that those who enjoy these films are morons...its that you're not creative or intellectually inspired enough to find anything fun to do in a sandbox, which is typical of uninspired and uncreative people So you could argue that a person who acknowledges that they like these films not because they're great but because they're fun is less of a moron than someone who scoffs at them out of a false sense of intellectual superiority. Enjoy your grape nuts, and make sure you take your tighty whitey's off before you try and iron them.

UrAllThumb on Apr 13, 2014


Good lord, someone loves to hear themselves type. Do you actually think anyone is going to read your long rant? The guy made a simple and excellent point. Some people just need a little more imagination put into their art. You don't and that's fine.

Chuckee Knowlton on Apr 13, 2014


Hear, hear. Thank you kind sir! I believe you are correct in your perception that I made a simple and 'excellent' point. I'm afraid when it comes to Michael Bay movies I need a whole bunch more imagination put into my art. These movies are not art; they are cheap entertainment for the masses and the herd mentality and designed by capitalist businessmen who would know art of dog poop! That's a fact and if people fall for it so be it. But really, the truth is the truth and all the ranting and typing in the world won't hide the fact that one likes moronic entertainment and feels threatened and frightened at those that do not and are in fact digusted by it....sorry...ranting

Bo on Apr 14, 2014


Bo, First of all your name is 'Bo'? Are you a strong fan of Dukes of Hazard or something? Because they weren't 'childish' or Hill Billy in the least. This whole comment thread is between Bay fans & Classic Transformers fans so where do you fit in? You are quoting swearing from other posts which arguably isn't intelligent. You use 'lol' because your probably a 15 year old girl who's mad because you don't have double D's yet. I would highly recommend you find some indy film article related to a movie where the lead actor & actresses lay in bed all day talking about fine food & Paris at night. Thank you for edifying us all it was greatly appreciated, like getting knocked in the head with dry constipated documentary about the analysis of the molecular composition of cheese.

Luke Fager on Jul 7, 2014


lol wow. While I support Bo's choice to hate "fun" movies, that was a terrific reply sir. Bravo. Well played. I hope you're a trial lawyer, if not, you may have missed your calling. 😉

avconsumer2 on Apr 14, 2014


You fell for that childish and silly rant? Shame, shame on

Bo on Apr 14, 2014


Well, this is rather like a PhD college professor of Philosophy and Ethics attempting to converse with a first grade school teacher. Look, you're in the sandbox throwing sand and refuse to see how childish you are being. Your silly and lengthly rant has only proven my point. Insecure and immature people rant on defending themselves and their choices. Read the two replies below from avconsumer2 and especially from Chuckee Knowleton. I'm extracting myself from your rather clumsy attempt at a showing of intelligence. By defending a Michael Bay movie like Transformers? Say it ain't take care now....

Bo on Apr 14, 2014


I never said I enjoyed the films, nor did I ever defend the Transformer films. I defended the idea of fun which as a concept is subjective like art. So you can't defend "art" (as you did below) and then refer to these particular movies as "cheap entertainment for the masses" because not only is all art cheap entertainment for the masses, but essentially so are all films. Only those who are open to all forms of art truly appreciate the subjective experience....the fun...that art provides. Those who judge it, and think some art/films superior to others without recognizing their inherent value removes the subjective aspects in favor of their own ego (which relates to my earlier point). If this was the case across the board with all people it would cause a narrowing of creativity with people trying to live up to a standard instead of truly trying to be creative. Films like transformers have their place, because despite not being Kieslowski's The Three Colors Trilogy, the Transformers Trilogy does inspire creativity in its own way. Insisting on "more creativity in your art" shows a lack of appreciation for film and art as a whole, and a lot of appreciation for your own ego over the ideas of art and fun as pure aspects in their own right.

UrAllThumb on Apr 21, 2014


Sounds good, but it's all bullshit man! None of this is art and yammering about it like this is rather trite. All creative endeavors are open for debate and criticism as that's the nature of the beast. Look, I admire your defense of the herd mentality and the cheap entertainment for the masses. You get a gold star by your name and will go to to have a little fun here, monkey man. I am reminded of what Pauline Kael once wrote, and I's okay to watch trash and even like trash, but just be aware that it's trash! I also stand by my notion of 'having fun' as being a bit childish. If you 'have fun' watching Michael Bay movies be my guest. Relax and give up trying to persuade me to your way of thinking. As I said it's all bullshit and ego aggrandizing. Myself, I am no one and nobody. There's no ego here, monkey man. You keep bringing that up which leads me to see how involved your own ego is in your BS rants. Come on, man. It's all bullshit anyway. It's all ego aggrandizing and you're as guilty, if not more so, as those you accuse! I mean, this thread has been dead for over a week and yet here you are again addressing me and my opinions. What's up with that? Forget about it...move're way too full of yourself and your defense of dogshit movies! Thou doest protest too much, my man. Your insecurites are about me...we ain't in the same league...yours is way tooooo high for the likes of me! That's fucking irony in case it flies over your head!! Sorry, so sorry...I, of course, anxiously await your next repetitive

Bo on Apr 22, 2014


lol Fun is for every one.

Brian Sleider on Apr 13, 2014


Yes, yes of course it is. My point is that fun is a word for kids playing in the sandbox and having fun in Michael Bay movies. They are no longer 'fun' to me. That kind of fun is for children and when I was a child I had fun with childish things, but now I've grown up and left childish things behind. I seek and find many other forms to enjoy in a grown up and mature manner. People do not want to grow up and will, as proven below with the Urthumb guy, rant and defend their right to remain childish and immature. They need not bother to do so as I could care less. Although it is a difficult world to live in with so many grown up people continuing to act like children and these Michael Bay movies cater to that mentality. To argue and rant against that is childish and immature.

Bo on Apr 14, 2014


Yeh you sound like you would be a blast at parties. Sometimes fart and poop jokes are funny. Some times its nice to discuss global politics or existentialism, and sometimes its fun to turn off the thinking and watch robots smash shit.

Brian Sleider on Apr 15, 2014


Sounds good to me, however, as should be very apparent by now...I do not find it 'fun' to turn off the thinking by watching robots smashing shit. It just doesn't work that way for me. In fact, it's just the opposite. Watching robots smashing shit puts me into an existential horror so I avoid that like the plague as that horror is always lurking near-by a presentations manufactured for the masses to avoid it only do the whatever works for whomever...fine with by the way, it seems that many find me a blast at parties. I have a lot of 'fun', I laugh a lot, have a great sense of irony, and am 'fun' to be around...or so I've been course, others, can't abide me at all and it's all the same to

Bo on Apr 15, 2014


Michael Bay and James Cameron both have same illness! lets pray for their cure

Бабак on Apr 12, 2014


Why do you care?

davidshaw on Apr 12, 2014


You're really comparing James to Michael? Wow!

Rock n Rollllll on Apr 16, 2014


I wouldn't be surprised if Bay decided to direct one of the following Transformers movies, despite him saying T4 would be his last one.

Isildur_of_Numenor on Apr 12, 2014


If they're making more, then it isn't a trilogy is it?

octopus9498 on Apr 12, 2014



Sky on Apr 14, 2014


Bumble Bee is a Volkswagen dammit. Well... at least he can't "product placement" up the dinobots.

avconsumer2 on Apr 14, 2014


When lord! WHEN! WILL THIS NIGHTMARE EVER END! Please let someone make a REAL transformers movie!

Jimmy Love on Apr 14, 2014


Please pass it on

Geoffrey Ewasiuk on Jun 10, 2014


He should go back too it's roots

Geoffrey Ewasiuk on Jun 10, 2014


I wish Bay would move on to different things. I really liked Pain & Gain. I wish he did more stuff like that. Hope this is the last one for him.

DavideCoppola on Apr 15, 2014


Please bring back the beetle he was the original Bumblebee

Geoffrey Ewasiuk on Jun 10, 2014


Thank you Michael Bay for messing up Transformers once again

Geoffrey Ewasiuk on Jun 10, 2014


Michael bay should of went back to its roots and use the beetle for BumbleBee he was the original

Geoffrey Ewasiuk on Jun 10, 2014

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