Jai Courtney or Boyd Holbrook Will Be Kyle Reese in New 'Terminator'

February 10, 2014
Source: Deadline

Jai Courtney / Boyd Holbrook

Despite the fact that Megan Ellison and her Annapurna Pictures backed out of financing Terminator: Genesis for Paramount Pictures, the film is having no problem moving forward with Skydance Productions still in place to get the film off the ground. Emilia Clarke ("Game of Thrones") and Jason Clarke (Zero Dark Thirty) are already on board as Sarah Connor and John Connor respectively, but we've been waiting to hear who will play Kyle Reese, the character who saved the mother of the leader of a future revolution against Skynet and the machines. Deadline says it's between Jai Courtney and Boyd Holbrook for the big role.

The role is important because it will span at least two movies telling the story of Skynet's battle with the human resistance. Courtney has already had decent blockbuster exposure with Jack Reacher and A Good Day to Die Hard in his past, but neither performance makes him desirable for this role. He's bland and boring. Boyd Holbrook on the other hand still has something to prove. Soon he'll be seen in Gone Girl and Jane Got a Gun, and has appeared in small roles in The Skeleton Twins (read my review from Sundance) and Out of the Furnace. Our vote goes to Holbrook, but we'll find out who gets the part soon. Stay tuned.

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great news! i was only yesterday looking at my Terminator box set and thinking, you know what, i can't possibly watch this anymore, it was made in the 80s for chrissakes, and all the effects are rubbish; i wish someone would remake this for a wider family audience using today's CG. genuine good luck to younger actors hoping to break out, but i don't understand why any studio would fight to reboot *such* an established property, especially after the box office reception Total Recall got, with established actors. never mind, there's always that box set.

son_et_lumiere on Feb 10, 2014


I forgot that when this gets released all the current copies of the original Terminator series will suddenly catch fire.

MattPeloquin on Feb 10, 2014


from michael biehn to this.....UGH

Have Hope on Feb 10, 2014


I refuse to be so close-minded that I'll damn a movie this early on. No great story ever deserves to be told just once and in only one way. Adapt an amazing novel to the screen and nobody complains, re-make(This seems more like a re-imagining) an amazing film three decades late and everyone loses their mind.

Chris Groves on Feb 10, 2014


Yeah...I cant wait till they remake The Godfather

TacoMeatMcGee on Feb 10, 2014


Yep, because 100 years from now it's still going to be just as sacred as it always was.

Chris Groves on Feb 12, 2014


See... the thing is though... it's such a huge universe! So many more stories that could have been told within that universe! My mind grows weary of associating so many different actors / actresses with the SAME character! We're on Batman... what... #5... #6? (not that I haven't liked - in some capacity - all of them) I've lost count!! Wait till I'm dead to reboot crap & change actors. ;P (This may be self serving, and to some extent a reflection of my feeble and aging mind, but there it is.)

avconsumer2 on Feb 11, 2014


Yeah, but if you just focus on continuing a story, eventually it just plays out. After the steps down that were Terminator 3 and 4...are we dying to see the story continued on? Do we really need 'the movie that ends with them sending Kyle Reese back in time and bringing it full circle'? Do we need that? When we all know where it's going. Riffing off a story and continuing it on and on can be just as tired and boring as re-creating it. Not every story needs to continue indefinitely.

Chris Groves on Feb 12, 2014


I'm somehow not communicating well. I'm talking about entirely different stories in the same universe. Something about another resistance general maybe, or even just a plebe foot soldier. Something completely different / new / off the wall / ORIGINAL... like maybe a T-600 that malfunctions and starts wasting machines. Regardless - I'm no screenwriter, but there's a crap ton of other stuff that would have been going on in that universe, (almost) completely unrelated to known characters. Hell... maybe something post-war even?

avconsumer2 on Feb 13, 2014


I don't know what it is but i just can't get into Jai Courtney. He's like blander version of Sam Worthington.

Astroboy3000 on Feb 10, 2014


I shit turds more interesting than Jai Courtney

saga frontier on Feb 11, 2014

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