Jamie Bell and Kate Mara Joining Jordan & Teller as the 'Fantastic Four'

February 20, 2014
Source: The Wrap

Jamie Bell / Kate Mara

After rumors have swirled for months, we finally have the official cast line-up for Josh Trank's reboot of the Marvel superhero team Fantastic Four. Just as we heard previously, Michael B. Jordan and Miles Teller are being lined up for the roles of Johnny Storm (aka Human Torch) and Reed Richards (aka Mr. Fantastic), and now Kate Mara ("House of Cards") and Jamie Bell (King Kong) are in talks to play Sue Storm (The Invisible Woman) and Ben Grimm (The Thing). However, the deals are not yet finalized, and there are some pieces that might not perfectly fall into place before production officially begins. Read on!

As of now, The Wrap says Bell is said to be in "heavy discussions" to play The Thing, which is surprising since he's never been connected to the role at all. This makes us wonder if The Thing will be done with motion capture this time due to Bell's experience in The Adventures of Tintin. Meanwhile, Mara is in final negotiations to play Sue Storm, which means there will be a different story detail than normal because she's supposed to be the sister of Johnny Storm, played by Michael B. Jordan. It can easily be explained by adoption or a single parent in common, but it's certainly different.

However, right now one of the big holdouts is Miles Teller. The actor already has a deal in place to reprise his role as Peter in Divergent for the developing sequel Insurgent, which is planned to start production in Louisiana at the same time Fantastic Four would need to be shooting. Apparently his scheduling is trying to be sorted out with Summit Entertainment, but if it doesn't work, they might have to switch him out. The Wrap says the chemistry of the team is important, and there's a chance that the casting of The Thing specifically might change if Teller doesn't close a deal, but they have another source who says that's not true.

Anyway, this is definitely a young cast to bring Fantastic Four to life again, so it will likely change the dynamic of the story a bit. We already know Jordan and Teller are great together because of That Awkward Moment (they're reteaming with the film's director for a heist film at Warner Bros.) and it sounds like they would well with Mara and Bell if they're the final choices for Trank's quartet. Now we wait and see if this all officially comes together or if some of the team will have to be swapped out. Stay tuned for anymore updates. Fox sends the film to theaters on June 15, 2015. Do you like the Fantastic Four cast?

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Nope - they are each of them - individually and collectively - wrong for the roles. Fox has no idea what they are doing.

Bret Wheadon on Feb 20, 2014


they're grasping at straws & trying to be hip. any time you try to be hip it just proves hows out of touch you are

Astroboy3000 on Feb 20, 2014


this x100. I love Jamie Bell but not for any of these roles.

si1ver on Feb 20, 2014


Jamie Bell won't be happy with King Kong as his bracketted defniing film haha. Let's switch Billy Elliott in!

Alex Moore on Feb 20, 2014


Jamie bell is such a baby face. How is this the right role for him?

Jon Odishaw on Feb 20, 2014


this is the shittiest casting for a film in long time. I hate race/gender swaps for established characters. They all look like babies and the only good thing Mara has done was get thrown in front of a subway train.

Astroboy3000 on Feb 20, 2014


Rofl, she does LOOK good in everything.

Brian Sleider on Feb 20, 2014


I usually don't care about race swaps, but aren't the Jordan and Mara characters supposed to be siblings? How is that going to work? Something convoluted where one of them is adopted or they're just half-/step-siblings?

Rick on Feb 20, 2014


The Muppets is to the Fantastic Four as the Muppet Babies is to this...except Muppet Babies was amazing.

Maxx on Feb 20, 2014


I could see Kata Mara, but the other three are horrible choices. Too young (or young looking) all around. That said, whoever they cast for Ben Grimm should only be for the opening (prior to the radiation) and to do the motion capture and voice for the CGI version. No more foam rubber suits, please. And make sure The Thing is taller than the other members of the team this time (Michael Chiklis is 5' 7" - same as Jessica Alba - while Ioan Gruffudd is 5' 11" and Chris Evans is 6', which was a joke).

CoosCoos on Feb 20, 2014


Oh, Sweet Kate Mara!

toonfed on Feb 20, 2014


Why, oh why can't these studios (Fox, Sony) allow Marvel to control at least 75% of the final product!? Granted, none of us know the outcome of the upcoming films, but they are ultimately affecting not only their bottom line, but Marvel's as well. Allowing Marvel to co-finance or even just some creative control would boost both the films and the source material. Meaning more money to both. Fans could be relieved (probably not) that their beloved characters would be given a mostly proper adaption. In a perfect world, I guess.

yomandenver on Feb 20, 2014


Terrible casting. Elizabeth Mitchell or Gillian Vigman for Sue Storm , Jon Hamm or Christopher Meloni for Mr Fantastic, for instance. And, Mace Windu and Shaft and Fat Albert are black. But not the Human Torch.

kitano0 on Feb 20, 2014


I saw the first film and hated it so I passed on the second. I'll do the same pass for this piece of shit.

Cal J. on Feb 20, 2014


agreed. Julian McMahon as Von Doom? I hate that piece of shit tv actor anyway. Now, as to this reboot....yeah I agree. Fuck this movie already. The cast is absolutely horrible

BrianBarrSinister on Feb 27, 2014


I don't care if the whole cast are walking dildo puppets, it can't be worst then the other fantastic 4 movies.

Max on Feb 20, 2014


If the studios listened to all the fans in the world where casting is concerned we would literally have the most ridiculous makeup of movies and probably only 10-20 leading actors for all roles. Heath Ledger wouldve never wowed us with his portayal of the Joker, Daniel Craig wouldnt be the greatest Bond ever, Chris Evans wouldnt encompass everything that is Captain America...Wait what about Robert Downey Jr as Tony Stark? Oh yeah people didnt want that either. Lol people are ridiculous. These young actors are extremely talented in their own right. AND considering that the studio is following the storyline of a younger Fantastic Four, those who are hung up on age need to actually pay attention to Cinema news. Just saying

Primo on Feb 21, 2014


Jesus Fox what are you doing over there?!?! Such an awkward cast. I've lost interest for this reboot.

Rock n Rollllll on Feb 24, 2014


It sickens me the way they are Teening over all of the Marvel staples. Seriously this cast will pretty much ensure that I never see this film.

BrianBarrSinister on Feb 27, 2014


They might as well shoot this F#@%er with a Blackberry 2 MP camera phone.

camraman on May 27, 2014


Nah that's too good just the film the POS with a potato.

camraman on May 27, 2014


So once again the Movie writers have made changes. This will be a bust..When will these turds just pick up a comic book, that have been running longer than most of them have been alive, and read it. Most of the stories are all ready written for them... What a waist.

Fido on Jun 10, 2014

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