Jared Leto Might Be Playing The Joker in David Ayer's 'Suicide Squad'

November 7, 2014
Source: The Wrap

Jared Leto / Suicide Squad

Some potentially big news landing late on Friday night, thanks to a report from Jeff Sneider at The Wrap. He says a source from Warner Bros "familiar with the project" has revealed that Jared Leto, coming off of his Academy Award win for Best Supporting Actor earlier this year, is "circling a key role" in David Ayer‘s Suicide Squad that might actually be – drum roll – The Joker. Wait, what? Yea that's what it says, which makes some kind of sense considering Suicide Squad is a DC villain round-up movie and it did occasionally include The Joker in the comic it's based on. But casting isn't confirmed yet, it's only a potential for now.

This is big news because it does kind of also confirm that we're probably going to see a new Joker in the Suicide Squad movie. The Joker wasn't particularly prominent in the Suicide Squad comics, so much as his relationship with Harley Quinn. Maybe this means there's a good setup for a Harley Quinn storyline in the movie, and Leto is just one piece of the puzzle. That's what we can hope for. The Wrap's report says that "Ryan Gosling was initially sought to play The Joker but he was unwilling to sign a deal with options for multiple movies", and somehow it has moved onto Jared Leto (of Dallas Buyers Club, Mr. Nobody, Panic Room) instead. In addition, they confirm that Tom Hardy, Will Smith and Margot Robbie are "in various stages of discussions", with Jesse Eisenberg the latest to also join as Lex Luthor. Quite a cast for this one.

There's also that report from Latino Review a few weeks ago with a rumor about Harley Quinn, meaning it sounds like we might be seeing the Joker/Harley Quinn combo. Hopefully. The Wrap also says the Joker was not in the first draft of the script, written by Justin Marks, but the latest "revision is rumored to include The Joker." I guess it doesn't matter that Justice League is forming because even though Batman is in there, he probably won't be fighting Joker. Though, he could crossover/cameo briefly, wouldn't that be something. You never know what tricks DC has up their sleeve, especially to respond to Marvel's crazy Phase 3 line-up.

David Ayer is directing the film about a team of imprisoned super-villains who perform high-risk missions for the U.S. Government in exchange for commuted sentences. The team's actions are highly classified, and the government is able to deny any involvement by claiming that they are not responsible for the damages of a random super-villain attack. The catch: their mission will probably kill them all. Ayer has described the film as The Dirty Dozen with super villains, and that sounds fun as hell. With production already underway on Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, I wouldn't be surprised if Suicide Squad might be in the works soon after. Release is initially set for August 2016, stay tuned for more updates. Is Leto a good choice?

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5 actors I would like to see in the role of Joker: 5. Joseph Gordon-Levitt 4. Jared Leto 3. Michael Shannon 2. Daniel Day-Lewis 1. Joaquin Phoenix

CineTV-world on Nov 7, 2014



blargh on Nov 8, 2014


Michael Shannon as the Joker… YES PLEASE.

IamSlave on Nov 8, 2014


Why would Shannon play the Joker when he's already been Zod? If Gosling won't commit, you can easily bet Day-Lewis and Phoenix won't either. Pretty much you're only looking at Leto and JGL.

JBrotsis on Nov 10, 2014


I like it, I'm sure he'll play an interesting Joker. And enough time has passed for us to accept a new version. Leto is better than Gosling for this role. Gosling would be my dream cast for Flash though. And I'm still not sure what to think about this movie. It seems off somehow, but I want it to be good

Ricardo_PT on Nov 7, 2014


My guess is Tom Hardy fro Floyd Lawton and Will Smith for Bronze Tiger and Margot Robbie for Harley Quinn

matthew south on Nov 8, 2014


King Shark & Black Manta.

Astroboy3000 on Nov 8, 2014


King Shark is a knock off of Killer Crock, and completely disposable, I don't believe they would tie such a big name to a character like that. My vote is still for Lawton, but then again we could be ignoring the obvious choice of Bane, but the problem of that is the opposite of King Shark, being that he may be too big of a character for the Suicide Squad.

matthew south on Nov 10, 2014


Damn, at first, I was like 'Suicide Squad? Um...okay?' But hearing that Hardy, Will Smith, and Margot Robbie are all in talks for leads, hearing that Eisenberg might reprise his role as Lex Luthor, and now hearing that Leto might be the new Joker....this amplifies my excitement for the film ten fold.

Chris Groves on Nov 8, 2014


Dude THE SUICIDE SQUAD story is badass and extremely fun. You should check it out.

DAVIDPD on Nov 8, 2014


As big of a fan as I am of superheroes/comic books, I never read comics. I grew up in the 90s where all of these superheroes were cartoons, so that is where my fandom started from. I have since done a 'wiki dive' to get a grasp of what this title/team is all about, and there is certainly some pretty cool on-screen potential. At first I had reservations because it seemed like they might be using rather unknown type of characters, but if they are busting out the likes of The Joker, Harley Quinn, Lex Luthor and Deathstroke...then this could make for one hell of a movie.

Chris Groves on Nov 8, 2014


I just wanna say Chris, I totally relate and agree with you on the comic fandom. As much as I worship these comic book movies, it's difficult to truly call me a comic book nerd, cause I too grew up watching the cartoons (and when I don't know a lot about an upcoming property, I just research it on the internet). I love comics but find myself too busy and with other more desirable hobbies to go out and buy/read actual comics. Plus nowadays, comics are sooo different than what's being put to screen, it's hard to want to start reading now (I don't want to read a female Thor comic line, I want to read the male Thor).

JBrotsis on Nov 10, 2014


Exactly. My passion is for cinema. The only comic I've ever read(and own) is Watchmen. I own maybe 2 dozen or so novels...and that is about it. When I need to know something about these comics that are being adapted, I just use wiki or google or something to educate myself on the basics.

Chris Groves on Nov 10, 2014


O M G ! Wow...I like this. I like a lot.

DAVIDPD on Nov 8, 2014


Nice! The man IS an oscar winner. This will be interesting. I was kinda hoping for Sharlto Copley though. I think he would play an awesome Joker.

Rock n Rollllll on Nov 8, 2014


Interesting... however does anyone wonder if DC's casting is going to misfire when you hear they considered Gosling for the joker? Can barely think of anyone who would have been a worse choice.

blargh on Nov 8, 2014


They can consider everyone they want, what matters is the final casting (we may not even get Leto). Besides, Gosling is a very solid actor, I'm sure he could pull it off. Sure, he doesn't seem the right fit at first glance.

Ricardo_PT on Nov 9, 2014


I'm finding it funny that all the "throw away" actors Marvel had, DC is trying to pick them all back up.

JBrotsis on Nov 10, 2014


Will Smith...hell no

311 on Nov 8, 2014


I think you mean "awww hail nahh" But seriously, in the right role in the right film he'll be great. He didn't become a terrible actor, he just made a few bad choices in his roles. Whatever inspired him to do After Earth...I'll never know.

Chris Groves on Nov 8, 2014


I love Smith, he's talented as hell. After Earth was doomed from the beginning with a terrible script with so many plotholes it's sickening.

ColtNoir on Nov 9, 2014


The guy who I always thought who was talented enough to pull off The Joker is Jude Law...After watching the 2007 SLEUTH...incredibly creepy and just gives off a Joker feel to his character. If you've missed that movie, go check it out now. also, I'd totally watch a Gosling Joker, that would be fantastic!

ColtNoir on Nov 9, 2014


As long as Will Smith doesn't try to convince the studio to give his son a role within the film...I'm quite content with Smith playing a villainous role.

JBrotsis on Nov 10, 2014


Sorry but Will Smith just doesnt have it anymore. Please no Will Smith.

Rock n Rollllll on Nov 10, 2014


Hmm. While I love Leto's work, I'd have to see a screen test. Not sure that's a good fit. As a guest mentioned below though... Michael Shannon could own that part.

avconsumer2 on Nov 10, 2014


You mean get General Zod to be Joker, then again Marvel could have just cast Tom Hidelston as Thanos also. Same universe means you can't recast all willy nilly

Goodfella on Nov 10, 2014


Eh - generally I'd agree, but as Zod is kaput, and the Joker requires much makeup, I think it could work. Though, I would not support a Tom Hiddleston Thanos. He doesn't exactly exude "all powerful". I see him as more of a sneaky snake, power through deception type.

avconsumer2 on Nov 11, 2014


I am totally loving the ideal of Jared Leto as Joker, am a huge fan of his work from over the years maybe Will can be Black Spider, I mean Jada is a badass in Gotham.

Chelsea on Nov 10, 2014


Bryan Cranston for Joker, old Joker, trust me

Goodfella on Nov 10, 2014


I'd rather get him for James Gordon. He and Affleck were a great duo in Argo, and Cranston already voiced Gordon for the "Batman: Year One" animated film. Beyond that, Cranston's age relative to Affleck's 'early 40s' Batman would be perfect for Gordon. So I think casting Cranston for Gordon in the films is just a perfect fit.

Chris Groves on Nov 10, 2014

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