Kate Mara & 'Fantastic Four' Post Set Photo at Wrap of Production

August 2, 2014

Fantastic Four

Many were disappointed at Comic-Con a week ago when the 20th Century Fox panel didn't bring any surprises for their forthcoming comic book reboot Fantastic Four. All we wanted was a teaser poster, or an image of the whole gang together, anything would have satisfied the fans' hunger. Well, one week later, we get just a taste of the production from director Josh Trank. Apparently production just wrapped, and star Kate Mara took to Twitter along with her co-stars Miles Teller, Michael B. Jordan and Jamie Bell to post a photo from the set. It doesn't reveal anything, but it's nice to see them all together. Look now!

Here's the photo of the cast of Josh Trank's Fantastic Four from Kate Mara's Twitter:

As you can see, the gang isn't even in their superhero suits, but just street clothes, so there's not much to see other than the quartet assembled for our pleasure. With production wrapped, hopefully that means we'll be getting some kind of official first look sooner than later, though we won't get a teaser for a few months probably. Of course, the film doesn't hit theaters until June 19th, 2015, so there's plenty of time. Cool?

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The production photo with the model for Thing was leaked a while ago. He'll look great!

Tuomas Lassila on Aug 2, 2014


Can't wait to see the movie, and great picture of you guys.

Chelsea on Aug 2, 2014


This may not show anything but the fact that they all seem to be close and like each other gives me hope.

Maxx on Aug 2, 2014


This movie MIGHT end up just fine, it could be amazing for all I know. But even if it is the best movie of all time, I REALLY wanted this movie not to be made, and for the property to revert to Marvel Studios. I'd much rather have the Fantastic Four in the MCU than on their own/possibly being merged with X-Men.

Chris Groves on Aug 2, 2014


When the hell did this even start filming? I honestly thought they were barely beginning, and I am not fond of having found footage in the film. Aw who am I kidding? I just want Marvel to have Galactus and Silver Surfer back.

Fidel Reyes on Aug 2, 2014


Okay. Very interested to see how this baby pans out.

DAVIDPD on Aug 3, 2014


-____- *walks out of internet*

Josef Saltpeppaketchup Woods on Aug 3, 2014


I literally laughed out loud when I read this. You, my friend are a winner.

Big R on Aug 3, 2014


Dear Big R, I've heard from my messenger raven that you responded favorably to my comment on the Fantastic Four film before my departure of the internet. I have since trekked this vast work of ours and built and small cabin in the redwoods. It's beautiful here. Animals roam free and the berries are always ripe for the picking. How is the internet these days? Are memes still in circulation? Have hash tags been boycotted? In any case I wish you all well. Yours in seclusion, -Josef Saltpeppaketchup Woods P.S. Bears are horrifying but amazing lovers. I had no choice.

Josef Saltpeppaketchup Woods on Oct 16, 2014


The internet is the same as you left it. You're not missing much, I will be joining you if this pattern continues.

Big R on Oct 16, 2014


This just has a vibe of shittyness to me. I do not expect much.

Brian Sleider on Aug 3, 2014


Ahh, really talented cast, I hope they dont go to waste on a really shitty film

jay on Aug 3, 2014


F-gs get all excited about TV and movies because you have no children or families. You have to exist in a make-believe world because your so-called life is emotionally empty.

Carlos on Aug 3, 2014



steve on Aug 3, 2014



jay on Aug 3, 2014



avconsumer2 on Aug 4, 2014


This movie is going to suck. Give EVERYTHING back to Marvel.

Big R on Aug 3, 2014


Why does everyone say that about every single non Marvel Studios property. Please tell me how that makes any sense? We would never see a Fantastic 4 film for years to come. Sure some of the other studios aren't as up to par with marvel studios but seriously in the grand scheme of things its impossible for Marvel to retain the rights to all their characters and make films about every single one of them

cg on Aug 3, 2014


Its people like you that are in the way of a real Marvel Cinematic universe. The reason everyone says that is because if they had more properties we would see more character coming together. Then they can have huge story lines like Civil War or Secret Invasion. In the end of those comics you see large panels of EVERY marvel hero fighting together, its beautiful and that what these people are talking about. YOU ARE THE PROBLEM

Sky on Aug 4, 2014


Wait, what? they filmed like in 4 days

toonfed on Aug 3, 2014

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