Katniss Gives Orders in 'Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part I' Trailer

September 15, 2014

Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part I

"Ms. Everdeen, it's the things we love most that destroy us." After seeing Jennifer Lawrence all decked out in rebel gear and surrounded by fire on the latest posters for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part I, the full theatrical trailer for the first chapter f of the two-part finale has arrived. This looks to be the biggest installment of the young adult franchise to date with larger scale action, higher stakes and Katniss becoming a true leader. Her confrontation with President Snow promises to be a great scene, and this looks like it has the potential to top Catching Fire, even if the source material left something to be desired. Watch!

Here's the full trailer for Francis Lawrence's The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part I from Lionsgate:

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part I is the first movie in the two-part finale of The Hunger Games franchise, based on the books by Suzanne Collins. In this chapter we follow heroine Katniss Everdeen's (Jennifer Lawrence) journey as she leads the districts of Panem in a rebellion against the tyrannical and corrupt Capitol. As the war that will determine the fate of Panem escalates, Katniss must decipher for herself who she can trust and what needs to be done, with everything she cares for in the balance. Francis Lawrence directs the adaptation written by Danny Strong and Lionsgate releases the film November 21st.

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Boohoo more melodramatic teen crap, made for TV acting, and 1st grade CGI effects that look like they are from the 90s. Did I also mention Mockingjay is a stupid title? I'd rather get a Twilight reboot than see another one of these.

Stephen Ritchie on Sep 15, 2014



rickvanr on Sep 15, 2014


Lolololololooooooo, it's actually a catchy song, I like it. What's the name of it?

Stephen Ritchie on Sep 15, 2014


Stephen, you are so unfunny, it hurts.

movieguyryan . on Sep 15, 2014


Stephen, you are so unfunny, it hurts.

movieguyryan . on Sep 15, 2014


did u audition for a role and they fired u or something? lol

WarrenWII on Sep 15, 2014


Did I audition? Jee I would love to have directed this movie but they rejected me! I handed in my résumé like I directed a few TV show episodes hire me to direct please but they rejected me! Like I may have not directed the most popular TV shows but come on! But audition no cause I suck acting so bad, but I was in the movie Twilight they gave me a role in that oh and I was also in Tramsformers and that new TMNT.

Stephen Ritchie on Sep 15, 2014


What was your role? Guy eating slice of pizza in the background? Guy standing on phone in the background?

steve on Sep 15, 2014


I see the internet is still up in your mom's basement.. good for U dude !!!

Tester on Sep 15, 2014


I get it, but a Twilight reboot? Oh please no. Please, please God no. Please.

Quanah on Sep 15, 2014


Ive actually been really impressed with these movies. Having never read the book, and in fact having a strong aversion to young adult fiction, I assumed they would be crap, but IMO, the surprisingly expressive cinematography and production design are so well realized and and stylized that those alone make them worth the watch. I also appreciate how each movie has felt very distinct; while I love the harry potter series as much as the next guy, the episodic formula of each film was a little frustrating for me. HG seems to have found a way to not only make each film unique, but they really seem to raise the stakes each time and pump up the 'epic' factor for each subsequent installment. Im on board.

jay on Sep 15, 2014


And also the fact your name is Jay and the film is called Mockingjay. So hello movie PR person trying to act like some excited fan to promote the movie and trying to get people hyped? Because no one is hyped for this.

Stephen Ritchie on Sep 15, 2014


Well no, actually just a dude who likes movies and happened to enjoy this series, who thought he could express his opinion? Not sure where the hostility is stemming from here... That being said, people are hyped for this. The first two films are some of the highest grossing features of the decade so far, and pretty clearly some of the most anticipated releases of the season. Not sure where you are getting your opinions from. I think the real question, however, is why am i feeding the trolls so much???

jay on Sep 15, 2014


Oh really just because I have different opinions means am instantly a troll oh I forgot this is the Internet where no can take a opinion and they just go cry about it in a corner boohoohoo hey if I wanted your opinions I would have wanted them man but it looks like you don't have none that are valid. Some of the highest grossing features of this decade I would have taken you seriously but um Lord of The Rings was that released in this decade um compare box office numbers you see where am getting at these films are the lowest on the meter and they are at the bottom of the sea where the fish leave their crap at. No one asked for Hunger Games and no one wants it just makes me so mad we get Hunger Craps adapted but Del Toro At The Mountains of Madness can't even get an adaptation we get this stupid thing instead grrrrr!

Stephen Ritchie on Sep 15, 2014


troll subtlety factor decreasing exponentially

jay on Sep 15, 2014


Factor to not give valid opinions to responses and just write stupid one note comments because you are not intelligent and have nothing of intelligence to say increasing greatly.

Stephen Ritchie on Sep 15, 2014


this is actually awesome now

jay on Sep 15, 2014


So, what's up dude?

Stephen Ritchie on Sep 15, 2014


I never read the books but I really like these movies. Just like the Potter series they seem to be getting darker and better.

Jon Odishaw on Sep 15, 2014


I say no.

eRIC on Sep 15, 2014


Looks pretty effing great. Very excited to see how well they adapted the third turd.

DAVIDPD on Sep 15, 2014



digifruitella on Sep 15, 2014


Remind me to not piss off a girl with a bow and arrow. Looks intense.

Quanah on Sep 15, 2014


this is a kind of movie you watch since you're not interested in reading lousy books; and those books, especially these days, are made with secret desire to be filmed and profited by. In short, if you're gonna really read a book worth reading, you'll take something serious. So, that's why I'll watch this flick(s). It takes less time to find out how bad this story is...

shiboleth on Sep 16, 2014

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