Kevin Hart Joins Colin Firth for The Intouchables' American Remake

October 1, 2014
Source: Allocine

Kevin Hart

A remake of the hit French film The Intouchables has been brewing since 2012 when Chris Tucker was in talks to take the role originated by Omar Sy and British actor Colin Firth was rumored to be attached. Since then directors like Tom Shadyac and Paul Feig have been linked to the project, but we're not sure who's supposed to get behind the camera now. However, a report from French site Allocine (via The Playlist) reports that Firth is still in the film, and comedian Kevin Hart will be taking the co-starring role. Does that mean this is going to become less of a drama and more of a straight-up comedy than the original?

This would be the first film that isn't pure comedy for Hart, who hasn't really shown that he has the acting chops to take on a role like this. The original French film is funny but touching with the right mix of drama and comedy. As someone who doesn't find Hart funny in general, I'm already not a fan of this pairing, but moreover, I just don't think he has the dramatic skills to make this role work. Anyway, it's not clear how quickly this project might come together, and we're still waiting for confirmation on who will direct, so we'll do our best to keep you updated as more news surfaces.

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Pass. Soft pass.

DAVIDPD on Oct 1, 2014


Bad idea, the Intouchable is the worst movie I have seen in ages, filled with buffoonery and racial stereotypes.

amy on Oct 2, 2014


Bad casting. Firth will drop out. He is too good of an actor to stay involved.

Susan on Oct 2, 2014



Nielsen700 on Oct 2, 2014


wait a minute now. I think this movie role will be great for colin firth. The black community does not even know who colin firth is and this role will give him a chance to win over new fans with blacks. Kevin Hart has many black fans and they will pay to see this film. It is a win win situation for Colin Firth and I am happy that he will finally have a black male co-star. I know there are a lot of prejudice white people who do not want to share the very talented Mr. Firth with blacks, but they need to get real and wake up to the new century.

Candy Moore on Oct 6, 2014


Candy, do you know anything about Colin Firth? I'm a fan of his. He spent the first five years of life in Nigeria, where his sister was born, as his father was a teacher there. When they returned, his father, a historian, was an education consultant with the Nigerian Government. Firth is one of the leading UK proponents of fare trade and ethical (coffee and gold mining). He is one of the U.K.'s leading activists fighting for African Refuges being given sanctuary in the U.K. He is an ambassador for Oxfam. He produced a film called "This is My Africa" and appeared in it too, talking about his love of controversial African musician Fela (there was a Broadway show about his a few seasons ago) and literature.He starred in a wonderful film called the Secret Laughter of Women about a white Brit (his role) and his love affair with a Nigerian ex-pat in the South of France. His love interest was played by Nia Long, the American actress who is very very popular here. I learned about the Nigerian community from watching that film. Its on youtube for free if you are interested. It is not that he is not known to black American audiences - he is virtually unknown to American audiences of all backgrounds. Here is an example. I live in NYC. I knew that Firth was going to be on David Letterman promoting Magic in the Moonlight so i called up for tickets. I was put on standby so I had to wait on line to get my tickets the day of the filming. Nobody on line, including a 25 year old aspiring actress knew who he was. Everyone was disappointed that he was the guest. I explained the Kings Speech and that he was an Oscar winner. It didn't help. I was the only native New Yorker on line so I have the opportunity to see all of his movies on screen as they come out, but these tourists (the actress was from Colorado) had not idea who he was. Race is a non issue in America - black or white - he is obscure. In Europe, its the opposite. Everyone knows who he is and given his political positions, I'm sure he has his share of black fans. Kevin Hart fans will see this movie go home and in a day or two if you ask them who Colin Firth is, they will have no idea. Same for the white fans.

Susan on Oct 7, 2014


I know everything about Colin Firth my dear. I am just making a statement that racist white people do not want to see him acting with a black male co-star. I think that you may also be one of those racist people Susan since you are making such a long speech like most racists do.

Candy Moore on Oct 8, 2014


You are vile to accuse me of being racist based on my response to your post. So you didn't like it. Respond, but why attack me as a racist? I don't know anything about you and you don't know anything about me. I'm a CIVIL RIGHTS lawyer that has tried Civil Rights Section 1983 cases to verdict. Look it up - you are too ignorant to know anything about Civil Rights Law. I was born and raised in NYC - Brookyn, where there are a plethora of ;minorities. How about you? Ever lived among minorities? Have you no shame? What have you done to champion minority rights? On a single day, I do more than you have in your lifetime. You are the bigot, not me!

Susan on Oct 8, 2014


Susan I am also white and have many friends of different races. I am just stating the facts. They did a survey and many producers decide on which films will be made by white America's reaction. Many white people will not see a film if it stars a handsome white actor with a black co-star. And that is a fact. White people in America are very racist.

Candy Moore on Oct 8, 2014


Candy, you are beneath my contempt. You did not like what I had to say so you called me a racist out of the blue. You don't even have the decency to apologize and continue to argue that I am wrong. We are talking about an actor and a movie. You interjected race out of nowhere in order to get a thrill calling me names. Get a life you vile bully. I will not respond to the likes of you again.

Susan on Oct 8, 2014


Folks, do you know how to report abuse to Disqus. Candy called me a racist out of the blue when we were talking about casting a movie and Colin Firth's lack of exposure in the USA. Read what she said and what I said and tell me why she should be allowed to post here again?

Susan on Oct 8, 2014


Susan, I never called you a racist. I stated that most white Americans are racist. Don't get your knickers in a twist. you are waay to dramatic girl. And it must be true since you are so angry or else you would let this stuff go.

Candy Moore on Oct 9, 2014


I am just amazed at how many of us white folks are so racist. I just don't understand it at all. And it seems to me that the younger generation of whites are more racist than older people. I am so ashamed of my race for being like this.

Candy Moore on Oct 11, 2014

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