Kevin James Hates You, So 'Paul Blart: Mall Cop' Sequel is Happening

January 7, 2014
Source: THR

Paul Blart: Mall Cop

Because torturing audiences with films like Here Comes the Boom, Zookeeper, The Dilemma and two Grown Ups films wasn't enough, Kevin James is bringing back his painfully stupid Paul Blart: Mall Cop for a completely unnecessary sequel at Sony Pictures. It's unclear just what will happen this time, but the comedy is said to take the bumbling security guard on another adventure. James will co-write the sequel again with the first film's co-writer Nick Bakay. However, Steve Carr couldn't be coaxed into this disaster, so the studio hired the "talents" of Andy Fickman, the man behind Parental Guidance and She's the Man.

THR reports Adam Sandler is producing with Todd Garner by way of his Happy Madison banner again. It seems appropriate that despite turning towards more substantial pieces of filmmaking like The Cobbler with Thomas McCarthy, Sandler is still helping to churn out pure garbage. James is also producing the film which is hoping to begin production in April. At least with a sequel like Grown Ups there was helpful elements like Chris Rock to keep things from driving people absolutely crazy. This time it's just Kevin James being a schlub on a segway again, because that's so damn funny. Whatever. Does anyone care?

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I do

Carth on Jan 7, 2014


Paul Blart: Mall Cops starring Kevin James and Adam Sandler, Paul Blart 2: Meet The Blarts with Kevin James playing every role or Paul Blart To The Future where he discovers a time machine device that sends him back to the same mall in the past. Which one would you watch if you had to choose?

Damon King on Jan 7, 2014


Wow. "Meet the Blarts with Kevin James playing every role." I would watch the mess out of that. I hope Kevin James is reading this. That movie needs to be made. If only to annoy the writer of this article.

CoosCoos on Jan 8, 2014


Objective much?

mooreworthy on Jan 7, 2014


No kidding. However I agree, I would be happier if it never happened. It's almost the same reaction I have when hearing about Scary Movie 5.

OfficialJab on Jan 7, 2014


True, I did see the first (I have little ones) and the second one will not be in my future, but Ethan, man, for the lay person, you make it seem like they are complete morons if they see this. Your article about the Muppets is the exact opposite, but the second Muppet film doesn't look appealing to me, and I could just switch your articles and change the names and none would be the wiser.

mooreworthy on Jan 7, 2014


Yes because also considering people don't go into these types of films expecting something serious. They are a comedy. It's just there to make you laugh and give you a great fun time with some friends. So how dare he make fun of those kind of people including myself!? Enough of this liberal journalism and for once take a look in a more forward view.

Damon King on Jan 7, 2014


Good comedies can have quality writing and not just stupid slapstick humor and cartoonish nonsense. Claiming that people who don't like stupid comedies go into them expecting some kind of serious Oscar contender is the common, lazy "defense" of these kind of films. I love comedy. I just don't like comedy that could have been written by a child and contains no wit or cleverness whatsoever.

Ethan Anderton on Jan 7, 2014


Well. Then maybe you should write a "quality" comedy void of "slapstick humor and cartoonish nonsense," and go make it into a movie. After all, you make it sound so easy. Comedy writers and filmmakers devote their lives to making others laugh - offering a 90 minute, carefree oasis or perhaps an escape. And in my opinion, if one person smiles or laughs, that's a win for the film industry. Since PAUL BLART: MALL COP made over $140 million dollars at the box office alone... I'm guessing more than a few people had a good laugh or a few chuckles. Freedom of speech is a wonderful thing, but why insult someone's livelihood, or a source of laughter and happiness? And if you're going to flippantly say, "Whatever. Does anyone care?" at the end of an article... then why did you write it? The implication is that... if you took the time to write it... you do in fact care. For example: I wrote this response... because I care. Furthermore, if you're not interested in a new movie, don't go see it. Or go see it and write something about the final product. At least then, if you're going to judge a project, you can judge actual material rather than its announcement. The end.

Elizabeth on Jan 7, 2014


Ah, so many cliches in this comment, starting from the old "maybe you should do it then" defense, to the YouTube comment section of "you obviously DO care because you took the time to write about it blah blah blah!!!" *fart sound*. Shut up and quit being an asshole. This movie sounds like/will be utter garbage just like the first one. The end (fucking dork). As for the rest of you knuckle-dragging clods looking forward to this tripe, you should really be hot under the collar for the new film "Ass". It's up for eight Academy Awards, including "Best Screenplay".

Crooked Mile on Jan 8, 2014


"...knuckle-dragging clods..." from the person with the Homer Simpson avatar. See, I made a judgement about you and your choice of comedy based on a picture. That is what a "knuckle-dragging clod" would do, which I cannot call you because we have never met.

mooreworthy on Jan 8, 2014


Your point being?

Crooked Mile on Jan 8, 2014


I like cliches. Here's another one for you: I just don't think you should peg this movie as a failure before it's even made. I love movies and have a respect for all filmmakers.

Elizabeth on Jan 8, 2014


Why does he have to write a movie just so he's allowed to have an opinion? I think Justin Bieber's music sucks, do I have to record an album now?

Guy who comments on things on Jan 8, 2014


Having an opinion is different than being insulting and saying, "a child could have wrote that," which implies it's easy. And it's not easy. Neither is recording an album. No one ever sets out to make a poor version of either.

Elizabeth on Jan 8, 2014


Recording a shitty album is easy as is writing a shitty comedy movie if you know anything about either music or film. His OPINION is that a child could have wrote it. I agree with him, as I'm sure many other people do too. Again, just because you don't, doesn't mean he should have to write his own movie to prove you wrong. I'm sorry that it offends you so much. His point, I believe, is that the humour is immature. It's not even the good type of (so bad it's great) immature though, like Billy Madison, the Piranha remake or Freddy Got Fingered. It's just lame. If you can name me a time when a sequel to a comedy movie has been much better than the original though I might be more inclined to understand your frustration.

Guy who comments on things on Jan 8, 2014


Nor do you have to, I just hate (not saying you) when some people feel superioristic to others based on movies they have seen or not seen.

mooreworthy on Jan 8, 2014


We've never claimed to be, nor have we ever been, objective. We inject our personal opinions into nearly every piece we write. That's fine if you're not interested in Muppets Most Wanted, and if you wrote an article in the fashion that I've just written about Paul Blart: Mall Cop (Part Deuce?) I would disagree if you wrote a scathing criticism of the project existing. That's the beauty of opinions. We all have different points of view.

Ethan Anderton on Jan 7, 2014


I think Ethan is more disgusted that Kevin James and Adam Sandler would rather focus their creative efforts on garbage like this, rather than give us an original quality film. I saw the first Paul Blart because my in-laws like this crap, and apparently it was profitable enough to warrant a second one, and because Kevin James has apparently nothing better to do. But the game of Hollywood, is anyone really surprised at this point?!

RAW_D on Jan 7, 2014


If you do not enjoy Paul Blart, that's fine. No need to speak down upon others that do. That's just being the stereotypically annoying movie critic, with an inflated ego.

yayayaya on Jan 7, 2014


okay - so there will be "Observe and Report 2" as well?

orangutanklaus on Jan 8, 2014


He has done far worse I suppose (haven't really seen any of his films lately, they all looked terrible).. I liked the first Paul Blart film, though of course a sequel is completely superfluous, I still might check it out.

DavideCoppola on Jan 8, 2014


We can down-vote comments. I wish we could down-vote articles. I, for one, enjoyed the first film . . . on TV. I would never have paid to see it, but I'm glad I did see it eventually. It was humorous and actually had a decent plot twist. Plus, it has one of my all time favorite quotes, the one from the arrogant SWAT captain: "3 . . . 2 . . . 1. I'm in charge." (Must be said with a New York/New Jersey accent.) I say that when I walk into rooms sometimes. When "Mall Cop: Blart Too" (see what I did there?) comes out I will also watch it. On TV.

CoosCoos on Jan 8, 2014


Ummmmmm......................Hey did anyone hear bigfoot is real and is now shot dead?

Rock n Rollllll on Jan 8, 2014


Could you imagine if every film that came out kept Ethan Anderton happy? It would be such a depressing world. I would give up on movies altogether. I like how he calls this new film a disaster, not even Kevin Smith has seen a script. Not all of Adam Sandlers movies are bad in fact he has been responsible for some classic comedy, his most recent classic imo That's My Boy made me laugh a lot more than the reviews would have led me to believe. Critics are setting their standards way too high and are never satisfied. That's fine, Become twisted towards your livelihood. Me, I am just going to enjoy it and leave my cynicism until after I have seen the film.

Jon Chamberlain on Jan 8, 2014


I personally liked the first one, granted it was 2009 and I was 16 years old. It had an interesting cast and good soundtrack. It was cheesy as hell, but warm-hearted and fun (at times). I think what left a bad taste in my mouth was when they tried to pass off extreme sport athletes as actors with some god awful dialogue and, no offense mike v., but stick to skateboarding man...

Christian M on Mar 5, 2014

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