Legendary & Warner Bros. Slate 'Godzilla 2' for June 2018 Release

August 14, 2014


Briefly: Following a tease of Godzilla 2 at Comic-Con, revealing that Rodan, Mothra and Ghidorah will all pop up in the sequel to this year's blockbuster monster remake, Legendary & Warner Bros. have finally pegged a release date for the return of The King of Monsters. Godzilla 2 will hit theaters on June 8th, 2018, meaning that director Gareth Edwards will be moving straight from his Star Wars spin-off, slated to arrive on December 16th, 2016, back to the franchise reboot he helped kickstart. It's going to be quite the whirlwind of work for Edwards over the next four years, and we hope Edwards can handle the pressure.

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I think it's still a WB film.

JDubs on Aug 14, 2014


Indeed you are right. We fixed the article. Thanks!

Ethan Anderton on Aug 14, 2014


God damnit that's so bloody far away 🙁 oh well Star Wars will likely kick ass.

Jon Odishaw on Aug 14, 2014


I wish they would have fast tracked it. But hopefully the new name monsters will make the wait worth it.

DAVIDPD on Aug 14, 2014


It would have been nice but I'm also down to see him take his time on Star Wars

Jon Odishaw on Aug 14, 2014


For sure. Seriously.

DAVIDPD on Aug 14, 2014


This ensures that Edwards will return to direct. If we wanted this movie in 2016 or 2017 it would likely mean replacing him, and I think he did too good of a job on the first to replace him.

Chris Groves on Aug 14, 2014


I agree, I fully understand why they are pushing it back so far. They could bring Kubrick back from the dead and I would still rather see Edwards at the helm.

Jon Odishaw on Aug 19, 2014



Xerxexx on Aug 14, 2014


Hopefully they'll have time to put him in the movie this time.

OfficialJab on Aug 14, 2014


Yep hopefully they will put him in so much that you're tired of seeing him by the end

Jon Odishaw on Aug 14, 2014


This again? Shit I would have been happy if we just got to see the final fight scene for more than 30 seconds at a time. There is a balance between to much and not enough, there is A LOT of room in between. I am glad you liked the movie. But reviews back up the movies mixed reception and lack of the staring character. if the last fight had been 10-15 min of monsters fighting there would have been a lot less unsatisfied movie goers.

Brian Sleider on Aug 14, 2014


There's only so much big monsters can do. It's clumsy and awkward. They can't just fight for that long.

Jon Odishaw on Aug 14, 2014


They didn't have $225 million to throw at the screen like Man of Steel or The Avengers, they didn't have $250 million like Amazing Spider-Man 2. They didn't even have $190 million like Pacific Rim. HELL, they didn't even have the $178 million budget that Edge of Tomorrow had. They had $160 million. When dealing with huge CGI creatures...3 of them, they had to get creative and use Godzilla and the MUTOs effectively. You lose all of the human/story tension if it ends with nothing but monsters fighting, they HAD to inter-cut it. Your memory betrays you, because we DID get more than 30 second spurts of fighting.

Chris Groves on Aug 14, 2014


I'd give this a hundred up votes if I could

Jon Odishaw on Aug 15, 2014


I am really hoping they bring that card board cut out, Ford, back for his awesome acting. Sarcasm off.

Brian Sleider on Aug 14, 2014


That's seriously ridiculous to wait that long..

steve on Aug 14, 2014


Meh, will not waste money until I know if there will be good fight scenes and not hacked up 30 seconds of monsters like the last pos.

Brian Sleider on Aug 14, 2014


Seriously, Godzilla was the biggest piece of cinema Garbage of 2014. I suppose TF4 is close but Big G takes the cake. Of course - IMO -.

Sascha Dikiciyan on Aug 14, 2014


You're the most pretentious movie critic of 2014 to grace this site

Jon Odishaw on Aug 14, 2014


LOL. Here here!

DAVIDPD on Aug 15, 2014


You're saying that Godzilla was worse than TMNT?

TheOct8pus on Aug 15, 2014


I don't really understand the haters. Even if I were to nitpick the fuck out of GODZILLA, I would still say, at worst it was a C-. It's like PACIFIC RIM all over again.

DAVIDPD on Aug 14, 2014


I liked it. I thought it was miles above Pac-Rim in terms of storytelling, characters, realism and visuals.

TheOct8pus on Aug 15, 2014


Miles? Not in my opinion. Character develop was just as poor. But the point of both films was not the characters. They were basically just set ups for monster battling, regardless of how much monster battling we actually got. Realism? Yeah... Visuals? I'd say they were about on par with each other. PACIFIC RIM was gorgeous.

DAVIDPD on Aug 15, 2014


Godzilla was one of the more under-appreciated blockbusters to come out this summer. Can't wait for the next chapter, but at least stuff like Skull Island and Pacific Rim 2 will make the wait less difficult.

Chris Groves on Aug 14, 2014


I am not sure I'd call it under appreciated, just misunderstood. Again, just like PACRIM the marketing was wonky and they sold it as a Cranston led action fest. I really cannot wait for the sequel to come.

DAVIDPD on Aug 15, 2014


I'm more curious about this Star Wars spinoff than about the Godzilla sequel. With Godzilla we know essentially what we're getting, but who knows what the Star Wars movie will be....

TheOct8pus on Aug 15, 2014

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