Len Wiseman Says Kate Beckinsale is Returning for 'Underworld 5'

October 13, 2014
Source: IGN


Just last month, we learned that the developing Underworld reboot was actually more of a sequel in the franchise that would focus on Divergent star Theo James in the role of David, the vampire ally of Selene who came into play when she united with her daughter and sought out the hybrid Michael Corvin (Scott Speedman) in Underworld: Awakening. There have been rumblings that the film will feature Selene and Michael's hybrid daughter Eve, because Kate Beckinsale wasn't going to return for this film. However, director Len Wiseman spoke to IGN at New York Comic-Con this weekend, and said that wasn't the case.

When asked about the future of the Underworld franchise, Wiseman said, "There’s a few things being developed right now. “There are some characters who we really liked that will be in a kind of a spin-off like we did with Rise of the Lycans, then we have another film in the works with Kate [Beckinsale] as well." That's interesting. Maybe the film developing with Theo James is just a spin-off and there's one more sequel with Beckinsale involved. Or maybe Beckinsale will just have a small role in the developing sequel and she will pass the torch to her daughter. It's tough to say, but expect plenty more Underworld down the road, because Wiseman also teased, "And then there’s a television series." Thoughts?

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I like the idea of Kate coming back but not the idea of a t.v. series. Theres already too much vampire/werewolf garbage out there already, no need to make a show out of it.

Rock n Rollllll on Oct 13, 2014


Plus I'm not sure the violence/gore which I admit, is part of the lure of the Underworld series, will translate well to the TV. Repeat 2-hr outings, a couple years+ apart... huzzah. 10-13 (+?) weekly outings? err, no thanks.

VAharleywitch on Oct 13, 2014


Good. As I said. She is Underworld.

Xerxexx on Oct 13, 2014


Sucks for Kate that she can't turn this schlock down. She's much better actress than given credit for (Snow Angels, Nothing But Truth) but she's identified with this series which is really B movie-level and I guess that backfires when she tries to get better roles.

fishnets on Oct 13, 2014


What do you consider better roles. She's working with great actors in numerous films over the last couple of years, many of the more interesting than the comic book crap.

Joe_HTH on Oct 13, 2014


yes but she isn't get top tier roles in top tier interesting movies. IMO, her affiliation with that B franchise gives her B star status whereas she deserves to be an A list. Agree about comic book crap. the irony is that actresses from comic book crap have higher status than she, even though she headlines a franchise and they don't, just because CBM are given A-list budgets and treatments and Underworld isn't.

fishnets on Oct 13, 2014


If it's such a "B" franchise, why do they still keep coming out with more? It's because they're raking in ticket sales. "Underworld" isn't anymore of a "B' franchise then "Alien(s)", "Resident Evil" or "Terminator". How about we stop focusing on status and start focusing on kick ass stories, shall we?

Kelley Chambers on Jul 21, 2015


LOL, you mean crap kick ass stories.

fishnets on Jul 22, 2015


She's still about the hottest actress out there...

Bl00dwerK on Oct 13, 2014


Right a skinny drug addict who weighs 70 pounds for a ck1 commercial very hot.

cromthelaughinggod7 on Jan 9, 2015



Guest on Feb 25, 2015


Oooooo be call dude your forgetting Resident Evil Mila Jovovich

Jess New on Apr 4, 2015


is realy anyone interested in the underworld movies?

Avi on Oct 13, 2014


Well yeah! Duh! The Underworld movies are bad ass!

Shelly Ford on Nov 9, 2014


What happened to her career?

TheOct8pus on Oct 13, 2014


What are you talking about? The Trials of Cate McCall - James Cromwell, Nick Nolte Stonehearst Asylum - Ben Kingsley, Michael Caine, Brendan Gleeson The Face Of An Angel - Daneil Bruhl, Cara Deleigne Absolutely Anything - Simon Pegg, Terry Gilliam, John Cleese The Disappointments Room - Mel Raido, Lucas Till, Gerald McCraney All of that in the last two years. Seems to be doing fine.

Joe_HTH on Oct 13, 2014


Acting and having success are two different things. Kate Beckinsale is clearly still working (which is great), but the biggest paychecks are still the ones are when she's dressing up as a vampire since most of this other stuff doesn't get a wide-release.

KISSman on Feb 25, 2015


Never heard of any of those movies. Sorry...

Kelley Chambers on Jul 21, 2015


Ah yeah...More shiny leather cat suits. More, more more!!!

DAVIDPD on Oct 13, 2014


For what it's worth, Wiseman didn't confirm a thing. He used the words "possibly". No film has even been greenlit for Kate in the Underworld film and she seems to have little interest in return.

Joe_HTH on Oct 13, 2014


Kate is married to the bloke who developed this Len weisman, why wouldn't she do it, financially i bet they make millions from producing writing and staring in these movies. She needs to be in no5.

Steven Ashton on Jan 3, 2015


She was almost married to Sheen as well. So?

Kelley Chambers on Jul 21, 2015


peolpe were discussing whether or not she would be in the next film. As she's married to the bloke that makes the films and who makes the most of the money you know the producer? Then that's a big incentive for both of them as they'll make 10s of millions from it. You talking about Charlie Sheen makes you look a little stupid in this context.

Steven Ashton on Jul 21, 2015


Really? Clearly, you don't know your 'Underworld' history as much as you THINK you do. Beckinsale was married to MICHAEL SHEEN for EIGHT YEARS before she was married to Wiseman. NOW, who looks just a "little stupid".

Kelley Chambers on Jul 22, 2015


Fair enough i accept you're correct am I'm sorry i called you stupid, I'm an adult i can accept when I've made an error. However it that still has nothing to do with my comment as Micheal Sheen has nothing to do with the production on the Underworld Franchise. However Len weisman does. i.e. he is the producer which means he helps to fund it write it etc Im not really that bothered with Underworld history as i have a real life i just like the films. I only know what makes financial sense as I'm a business owner, and from that perspective the beckinsale household which is weisman and kate will make a fortune from producing and staring in basically there own film seeing as they'll get a big percentage of the profit. do you understand this? it would be silly not to

Steven Ashton on Jul 22, 2015


Finish the dang storyline people... I would like to see an ending to the Michael/Selene and Daughter storyline before any kind of new storyline ... I don't want to pass on not know if they find each other and believe me since it takes them 20 friggin years to make a decent sequel movie now, I will be dead before the story is finished. Thanks you bozos.

Juan Kuan on Jan 21, 2015


Underworld 4 was a massive disappointment compared to the prior 3 films. It relied too much on Beckinsale to carry the load and skimped on just about just about everything else (script, actors, director, effects etc.). There's still a lot of potential in the Underworld series, but they need to invest in some quality actors to pull it off. This series would have never taken off without Sheen and Nighy's memorable contributions. With Beckinsale and Speedman's careers going nowhere fast, hopefully they can at least get them both back into the mix and pit them against a cool villain. I'm a big fan of the franchise overall, but one more stinker and I'm out.

KISSman on Feb 25, 2015


Ya, 8 movies and a video game voice over since the last movie, I'd say Kate's career is doing just fine. Hoping to see her back though.

Guest on Mar 9, 2015


Just because she's working doesn't mean that her career is flourishing. Since 2007, she's only been in 1 non-Underworld film that has been seen by a wide audience (Total Recall) and in zero movies that would be considered a success. Don't get me wrong -- I like Kate Beckinsale, but her career is going nowhere and that's why she'll be back.

KISSman on Mar 9, 2015


There are NO Underworld movies WITH OUT Kate Beckinsale. How shit. When you start with main characters follow through with them. Would Yoda ever have been phased out!!!!! Yer right start and end with the real characters don't wonder off!!!!.

Jess New on Apr 4, 2015


Totally agree!

Taryn J. White on Apr 10, 2015


Scott Speedman. Scott Speedman. Scott Speedman. THAT IS what this film AND THE ONES FOLLOWING needs! Keep the original storyline alive... that's where sequels/"franchise" series screw up most. CONTINUE developing the storyline between Michael, Selene and Eve... don't look back. Don't think twice. JUST DO IT!

Kelley Chambers on Jul 21, 2015

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