Lou Ferrigno Claims a New Hulk Movie is Coming After 'Avengers 2'

May 2, 2014
Source: Latino Review

The Incredible Hulk

Just after revealing a return to voice grunts, roars and other sounds from The Hulk that don't involve real dialogue in The Avengers: Age of Ultron, iconic bodybuilder and TV star Lou Ferrigno has more potential news for fans of the not-so-jolly green giant. While doing an interview with a radio station in Minnesota (via Latino Review), Ferrigno said, "Now because [Hulk] saved the day [in the first Avengers] they’re making another solo Hulk movie after the second Avengers comes out.” While it would stand to reason that a spot for Hulk in Phase Three would be perfect, would Ferrigno be the best source for info?

Ferrigno has said similar things before, but currently Hulk star Mark Ruffalo has previously said that there are no plans for a standalone Hulk movie in the immediate future. Of course, Ruffalo could always just be playing coy, or maybe the development is just so early at Marvel that he doesn't know about it yet. After all, we've heard rumors of a potential Planet Hulk movie and maybe even a World War Hulk storyline for The Avengers 3. Of course, the latter ensemble sequel seems like it will already be full with the rest of the Marvel movies likely leading up to the Thanos and The Infinity Gauntlet storyline (hinted in Thor: The Dark World) so who knows what will happen.

On the more concrete side of news about The Incredible Hulk, one thing that Ruffalo did reveal recently (via ScreenRant) was that motion-capture master Andy Serkis was helping him with his work on The Avengers: Age of Ultron. Yes, Ruffalo is still playing Hulk in the movie, but we're betting it doesn't hurt to get some motion-capture performance tips from the best in the business. Serkis is becoming quite the go-to talent for big blockbusters with his unique talents, and if you need more proof, don't forget that he just got cast in Star Wars: Episode VII. Anyway, we'll let you know if we hear anymore Hulk news. Thoughts?

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World War Hulk would be sweet.

Nielsen700 on May 2, 2014


World War Hulk, but ya gotta do Planet Hulk first or just combine the 2 movies

shane willett on May 2, 2014


Please stop talking. Thanks.

JBrotsis on May 2, 2014


How about a Hulk film where he fucks shit up and it's all Hulk, all about Hulk - Hulk smash.

Cassius2k on May 2, 2014


Agreed I want To see hulk rip people into and destroy buildings and streets more than what they have done. In the comics he would turn buidlings into Rubble.. Hulk Smash is must needed, and less Bruce Banner last I remember the comic is called "Incredible Hulk" not "incredible boring Bruce "

shane willett on May 4, 2014


Ah JBrotis did I upset you, please don't cry, it's okay being a shitbag!

shane willett on May 4, 2014


Nope, not crying. Just exhausted reading all of your outlandish comments with the usage of poor, kindergarten grammar and spelling. I bet it's fine being a shitbag, though I wouldn't know what that's like, as you've since labeled yourself.

JBrotsis on May 13, 2014


Oh no I did make you cry, I'm so sorry. If you don't care to read outlandish comments dont scroll down on the page dick pop, cause you do suck! Don't cry now, just friendly Internet trollage JBro...

shane willett on May 13, 2014


Wow check your inbox much?

shane willett on May 13, 2014


I truly hope he is right, and that he actually knows something and isn't just sort of saying what he wants to happen. There are so many great ideas for films you can do with Hulk now that the dynamic has changed. It is no longer 'I can never Hulk out because I can't control it' so things get much more interesting. Going with the Indestructible Hulk plot-line where Banner works essentially as an Agent of SHIELD could work, between Leader and Red Hulk they have some good villain options. Having the likes of Maria Hill and Hawkeye as his supporting cast could be great. And of course, the Planet Hulk-World War Hulk arc would be pretty epic to see on screen.

Chris Groves on May 2, 2014


I actually would want to see a Hulk movie without the Hulk, just a movie that focuses on Bruce Banner's origins and becoming one of the world's greatest scientist in gamma radiation with the film ending with his accident. Hulk jumps towards the audience and roll credits.

Cocaino Weaver on May 2, 2014


Perhaps we could get a Netlix mini-series with an idea like that?

Chris Groves on May 2, 2014


That is a pretty good idea. Though, i dont know how long a mass audience would care about the works of Bruce Banner. At some point, the show would need to make the transition to the accident. Perhaps a short (60ish minutes), stand-alone Netflix film would work a little better. The only real issue, would be getting Mark Ruffalo to do it.

Ryan Perez on May 2, 2014


Considering that MCU Banner started off looking like Ed Norton, than I think you could justifiably cast someone else to play 'young Bruce Banner' in any kind of prequel. They could even try to have an 'in universe' explanation for Banner's changing appearances, maybe the Hulk-outs and his body changing and morphing so dramatically take a toll on his looks over the years? Maybe it impacts his aging? I mean, there are plenty of 'artistic liberties' with the material that they could use to justify it not being Ruffalo. Plus, having a prequel with Ruffalo would be kind of weird, as chronologically you would go from Ruffalo, to Norton, and then back to Ruffalo. Casting someone who looks like an ambiguous mix of younger Norton and younger Ruffalo could work.

Chris Groves on May 2, 2014


Yeah, i can see that. Nice break down.

Ryan Perez on May 6, 2014


that would be boring as shit!

shane willett on May 2, 2014


Yep it would be as fun as watching shit dry. Why call it a Hulk film when The Hulk is hardly in it.

Cassius2k on May 2, 2014


I want to see Bad Hulk - Hulk can become a villain he has in the comics, Iron Man had to fight him as well as Spiderman, Punisher, Wolverine and many more

shane willett on May 2, 2014


If they ever do, do a sequel to Hulk...please let it be him up against Red Hulk!

JBrotsis on May 2, 2014


Kevin Feige already said, many times that a World War Hulk movie would be next to impossible to make. The cost of having the Hulk on screen the entire time, and little or no Banner, is way to much. As he said it, the screen time is shared at about 70% Banner in the Incredible Hulk, but since it was an ensemble cast in the Avengers, it was 50-50. So, don't get your hopes up for WWH or Planet Hulk.

Wyrus on May 2, 2014


I bet James Cameron could give him some tips, he was able to use 90% CG characters in Avatar. They'd have to use similar tactics for a film like WWH or Planet Hulk, but IMO the originals could have been released theatrically because they were great flicks regardless of being animated. Live action versions seem redundant and I'd rather them bring to life more comic book story lines rather than rebooting animated features.

MattPeloquin on May 4, 2014


Avatar sucks! People who buy into this crap were fans of the 4th Indiana Jones movie- they probably also love National Treasure also...

shane willett on May 4, 2014


I was simply saying that the technology invented which made Avatar a success could be applied here as well, I was not commenting on the script or direction.

MattPeloquin on May 4, 2014


No worries, I just think the movie "plot and story is for kids" but yeah the fact the entire film can run in entirely CG shows people will pay to see it. Agreed

shane willett on May 5, 2014


Yea, but that is Cameron. Very few directors would even attempt to do a 2h long CG movie, not to mention the amount of money that is needed for that to happen. And Avatar was how long in the making? Years right? So if they started now (Let's say they got the money and a good director) it would come out after Avengers 3. Maybe it could work, but I don't think its financially viable.

Wyrus on May 13, 2014


They have done planet hulk animation film, wasn't the best, but tell me This - Michael Bay could make it work... Boom - I blew your mind!

shane willett on May 4, 2014


They should go with the multiple personalities of Banner. Do a couple of films with current green hulk, then go to grey hulk, then professor hulk etc. you can easily do about 10 films if you follow Peter David's run of the hulk comic. That is my wish if they start doing hulk films.

Michael Alexs on May 2, 2014


This not intended to be a slam on Serkis, but what exact makes him the best in the motion capture business? My impression of what makes good motion capture are: correct placement of reference points, correct modeling software and hardware, appropriate cameras and positioning. While I'm sure Serkis is extremely familiar with all of these, he's not the one actually doing any of them, is he? Watching motion capture in action, I haven't seen the requirement to exaggerate one's movements, so I'm fuzzy on what Serkis brings to a movie where simian or wizened Hobbits aren't needed.

mrsatyre on May 3, 2014


He brings character, he brings emotion. Any guy in a suit could act as Gollum but Serkis brought something more, you felt for him, you wished he actually ended up on the good side of the coin. MC on the technical side is all computers and software etc etc, but Serkis wasn't just moving around he was the character. Not to be rude or offending but if you can't see that then you must be blind. He does amazing work and brings that extra level of human emotion into his characters. That is why he is the best in the business. I bet, without looking it up, you couldn't name another motion capture actor, that is probably because they can't do what he does. Or haven't left an impact like he has.

Nick Lee on May 3, 2014


Serkis may be good as far as Hollywood and big fat Peter Jackson is concerned. But mimes are just as good, I bet you there's some Mime out there waiting to cath a break pretending to be a monkey or 500 year old midget, so until that day weird ass Serkis reins king in his little tight spandex duds all probed up with balls all over his body... He loves it!

shane willett on May 4, 2014


Supposedly there's a secret film where Andy Circus, sorry Andy Serkis was motion captured for an animated short in which he plays a character known as Clyde, Clyde the Cancer Cell. I'll tell you this no one on the face of this big ball of planet could bring Cancer to life as well as Andy Cicus can, sorry Andy Serkis. He captivated the minds and souls as that little lump of cancer and that's why he is who he is, because of Cancer!

shane willett on May 4, 2014


I hope this is true! I loved the Norton film. Also Tim Roth rocked in that movie!!!

SkyNet300 on May 7, 2014

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