Mark Ruffalo Says Marvel Considering New Standalone Hulk Movie

June 17, 2014

The Hulk

Back towards the beginning of the summer blockbuster season, word came from "Incredible Hulk" TV series star Lou Ferrigno that Marvel was planning to do a standalone Hulk movie sometime after The Avengers: Age of Ultron. But despite the fact that Ferrigno is involved with doing some voice work to bring the big green guy to life, he's likely not within the circle of trust who knows the future plans of Marvel Studios, even if it's specifically with the character he helps bring to life. However, Mark Ruffalo just recently spoke with Digital Spy, and he also thinks that Marvel is keen on another standalone Hulk movie.

When asked whether he would get his own movie as The Hulk, Ruffalo said:

"I think they are, for the first time, entertaining the idea of it. When we did 'The Avengers' it was basically 'No!', and now there is some consideration for it. But there's still nothing definitive, not even a skeletal version of what it would be. I look forward to going down that road, if we could crack that nut."

It doesn't sound like that's a definitive or even solid plan, especially after next year's reassembly of The Avengers, but at least Marvel is thinking about the prospects. After all, Ruffalo's version of The Hulk does seems to be the fans' favorite iteration. But at the same time, Marvel knows that two different big screen versions of the monstrous hero weren't among the better comic book efforts. This seems to be because Hulk works better in small doses, and Marvel hasn't been able to figure out how to make the character appealing for an entire feature film focusing on that character. Perhaps they'll figure it out at some point, but don't count it happening in the next two years. We'll keep you posted.

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I hear the Planet Hulk story is pretty crazy. This Avengers series could do with some more of that I think. From what I understand he can't keep it under control, and so the Avengers exile him from Earth?

OfficialJab on Jun 17, 2014



The Walking Cuban on Jun 17, 2014


That's awesome. Like the other guy said, it wouldn't have much Banner apparently, just Hulk, but that's not a total loss since he's still doing the acting as Hulk.

OfficialJab on Jun 17, 2014


Of marvel's animated movies, I think planet hulk's the best. If yo wanna spoil it even more, watch that. But it's not really spoiling since it's not even in the works. So watch it anyway.

The Walking Cuban on Jun 17, 2014


Depends on his contract, I know Andrew Garfield and Chris Evans have a specific amount of time without their mask on written in for each film. I don't think we need Planet Hulk...the animated version should have been released in theaters because it was fantastic.

MattPeloquin on Jun 17, 2014


The storyline is pretty awesome because the black hole he travels through actually makes him weaker than normal, and he then has to develop war tactics to survive, and he eventually gets use to the planet's stronger gravity and gets even stronger than when he was on Earth.

mooreworthy on Jun 17, 2014


he's literally the only developed character to emerge from the Avengers, and the fan and critic favorite, ruffalo carried the pathos of that film on his shoulders, a solo hulk film is the least they could do for his amazing take on Banner and Hulk!

Linkfx on Jun 17, 2014


I would definitely like to see them go a new route with The Hulk, but where else can they go? There is still The Leader in question to be a potential future villain. Also there has been talks of Planet Hulk possibly happening, but that would mean it would strictly have to be a Hulk film without Banner which could cause some problems.

DJ Jack Ryan Hardy on Jun 17, 2014


Planet Hulk and World War Hulk please.

Dimius on Jun 17, 2014


I'm sure if Planet Hulk is made, it depends on the success Guardians Of The Galaxy. But it would be nice if it was made and one of the possible future Avengers sequels (Avengers 4 or 5?) was called The Avengers: World War Hulk.

Tuomas Lassila on Jun 17, 2014


My wish-list is as follows, and it is kind of based around the whole idea that Ruffalo initially signed a 6 film deal, 2 of those(Avengers and Age of Ultron) have already been completed, leaving 4 left. 1. Hulk Unleashed - An earth-set Hulk film with a SHIELD-heavy supporting cast like Hawkeye, Widow, Hill, Fury, etc etc Possible options for villains could be Leader, Red Hulk, and a returning Abomination. Release it in maybe 2017, between Age of Ultron and before Avengers 3 2. Avengers 3 - ETA May 2018. Thanos obviously expected as the villain. 3. Planet Hulk - Obviously the story would need to be properly adjusted and adapted, but it has massive potential. 4. Avengers 4/World War Hulk - Huge crossover event storyline, ends with SOME kind of redemption for Banner/Hulk Then Ruffalo signs another multi-film contract and everyone goes home happy.

Chris Groves on Jun 17, 2014


This makes it sound like, at the earliest, it would be a Post Avengers 3 film, coming in Phase 4, which is unfortunate. I personally would like to get it in 2016 or 2017. I think the Planet Hulk and World War Hulk arc should be saved for a little bit later. But that a proper Hulk film should be next. Go with the rumor that it would be based on the 'Indestructible Hulk' plot-line where Banner works with SHIELD. He uses their scientific resources to try and make the world a better place, and they ask him to unleash the Hulk at anything they need taken out. In fact "HULK UNLEASHED" would be a good title. Banner could be working with SHIELD 2.0, so there could be plenty of room to give him a great cast of supporting SHIELD characters(Maria Hill, Black Widow, Hawkeye, perhaps even Coulson and some of his guys) which would without a doubt up the general interest in the movie. Then, of course, you are talking about villains. I think the progression towards The Leader would be a no-brainer for an 'earth-set' Hulk film. They could pretty efficiently re-introduce and re-explain who he is. There is always the potential of breaking Abomination out and using him as a villain. Or they could explore General Ross becoming Red Hulk and maybe work in a redemption arc for the character. With Banner/Hulk they could explore Hulk becoming more intelligent and sentient and developing a personality of his own(so that Banner-Hulk would become more of a genuine Jekyll-Hyde set-up, which could build towards a future story like Planet Hulk where he is predominately Hulk for most of the story) I think good options for directors would be: Justin Lin(the last 4 Fast & Furious films), Louis Leterrier(The Incredible Hulk, Clash of the Titans, Now You See Me which starred Ruffalo...who Leterrier wanted as Banner over Norton) or Rupert Wyatt(Rise of the Planet of the Apes) And if they could, maybe get Joss Whedon to write it. But in the mean-time, while they are stewing over whether or not to actually make a new Hulk film, they could at LEAST maybe try to get Mark Ruffalo to pop up a few times on Agents of SHIELD Season 2.

Chris Groves on Jun 17, 2014


I guess I didn't realize the Incredible Hulk with Norton did that badly...and that for me was pretty much the epitome of a Hulk film. And Ruffalo was okay as Hulk, he was adequate, but for me, Norton always felt like the Bruce Banner I knew. Too bad he couldn't or didn't want to negotiate back into the role for the Avengers.... If they continued with the Incredible Hulk storyline, I believe Tim Blake Nelson was nicely setup to be the Leader correct? Which I think would be an interesting foe for future endeavors. Or maybe She-Hulk should be introduced? We need a stand-alone Hulk movie either way.

RAW_D on Jun 17, 2014


I would love it they fast tracked it ahead of ANT MAN. I know it won't happen but it would be so nice to see Ruffalo's Banner do some intergalactic battlin'~~~!

DAVIDPD on Jun 17, 2014


Honestly guys, the reason "the fans love Ruffalo Hulk the best" (sorry, Ruffalo Hulk sounds too goofy to not use) is because he didn't have to carry 45 minutes of emotional baggage and another 35 of another (redunancy intentional) lame villain/anti-climax. Norton still is the best banner, simply because he had a whole movie to work with. They are both great actors and can put out exceptional characters. Eric Bana is very good, he just didn't have the material to work with (that was a Hulk movie, where everyone just wanted to see the Hulk in action, not a Bruce Banner movie). Finally: Dear Marvel. We know who the Hulk is, and all about Bruce Banner. We don't need another Super Hero coming into his own... his relationship troubles. A good romper stomper team-up would be just fine. Always time between epic scenes for some character development, or platonic emotional connection. But please no aw-shucks love-interst crap.

Akirakorn on Jun 17, 2014


I seem to be in the minority but I couldn't stand Ruffalo's take on Banner. He seemed too nonchalant and goofy. Norton seemed to nail it. I loved that version of Banner/'s too bad it didn't do better with box office numbers.

Aaron Earls on Jul 29, 2014


Hasn't this always been just a "when" issue? When did it become an "if" question? What am I missing? Marvel is just now thinking about possibly doing a Hulk movie with Ruffalo? Nice Marvel. Way to take a bold step onto safe, flat secure ground with this one. Hardly stepping out on a limb.

LightningB on Jun 17, 2014


They need to green-light a Ruffalo-starring Hulk sequel as well as a prequel mini-series about Banner's/Hulk's origins(Something like the opening moments of TIH expanded into a 6-8 episode mini-series) featuring younger versions of the Bruce/Betty/Ross trio.

Chris Groves on Jun 18, 2014

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