Marvel & DC Are Firm on 'Captain America 3' & 'Man of Steel 2' Date

April 8, 2014

DC Entertainment / Marvel Studios

In March, news surfaced that Captain America 3 was the mystery May 6th, 2016 release from Marvel Studios that was already in place when Warner Bros. pushed their Man of Steel sequel (frequently called Batman vs. Superman) to the same date. With two superheroes coming together for the first time on the big screen, Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment were certain Marvel wouldn't dare go head-to-head with their blockbuster, especially with a superhero that didn't break $200 million at the domestic box office. But this week, Marvel confirmed that Captain America 3, hot on the heels of the huge success that Captain America: The Winter Soldier enjoyed last weekend, would indeed hit the summer 2016 release. Now what?

Well, (via Comic Book Movie) has word from Dan Fellman, the president of domestic distribution for Warner Bros., that they have no intention of moving their film either. Fellman stated, "It doesn’t make a lot of sense for two huge superhero films to open on the same date but there is a lot of time between now and 5/6/16. However at this time, we are not considering a change of date for Batman vs. Superman." Neither studio is going to win in this scenario, because both will have less box office bank than if they took different weekends in the summer of 2016. So who needs to bail?

Well, Badass Digest smartly points out that considering just how much of a box office increase Captain America: The Winter Soldier has seen, clearly because of the hero's presence in The Avengers, there's no way that Captain America 3 won't be another massive hit for Marvel. And since there's still The Avengers: Age of Ultron to arrive in 2015 before the red, white and blue hero's third film, it's only going to get bigger. As of now, Warner Bros. and DC are still struggling to figure out how they're going to create a shared universe to lead up to Justice League, and they're desperate to catch-up. There's still plenty of time until May 2016, and one of these films will undoubtedly move, and you can count on Warner Bros. being the one to blink and likely move to sometime later in the summer like June or July. Thoughts?

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Warner Bros/DC are being run by idiots. Marvel already had the spot before they decided to stupidly stalk on over. They better move or they would definitely be sorry. Marvel honestly has nothing to loose and even if supposedly Bats&Super gets the higher box office, Marvel already has The Avengers 2 the year before and are already planned out years ahead. WB/DC on the other hand are dependent on the success of Bats&Super for their own future, they can't afford for the film to fail.

Cocaino Weaver on Apr 8, 2014


It was a jerk move by Warner Brothers to put BvS on the same weekend Marvel had already carved out. If nobody blinks they both lose money. However . . . my advice to Marvel and Kevin Feige (as if he would listen to me) is to stick to his guns. The evidence shows that WB isn't confident in their product, they're clueless on their decisions, and they're already on shaky ground. All Marvel needs to do is concentrate on doing their best for Cap 3. My guess is that WB will blink.

CoosCoos on Apr 8, 2014


It's just a silly squabble...MAN OF STEEL 2 will crush.

DAVIDPD on Apr 8, 2014


LOL!! Really? Two words why DC will fall....Ben Affleck. Nuf said

Guest on Apr 8, 2014


You mean Oscar winner Ben Affleck? Guy has more talent than you could ever dream of having.

Brian Sleider on Apr 8, 2014


Yeah didn't reply to him simply because he seemed unaware of how talented Affleck is as an actor/director/writer/producer.

DAVIDPD on Apr 8, 2014


I will say he's a better writer/director/producer, than actor. But growth is growth and i'm curious to see if he can pull it off. I think people are being too hard on the dude, and hopefully he can surprise everyone with an awesome performance.

Danimal on Apr 9, 2014


WB and DC are the ones that should be on edge, like stated, they aren't on stable grounds yet with their universe. Marvel has too many successful movies to be worried about competition just yet, plus the fact that they've already made plenty of money on the movies that have already been released. With The Avengers 2 coming out next year, and even GOTG this year, it makes Marvel stand even more firm to sticking to that date. If it comes down to it, I'm sure I'll end up seeing both movies, but as of right now, Captain America 3 would be my first choice of movie selection. I hope both movies are successful, but as of today, I'd put my money into Marvel's work over DC's.

Justin R on Apr 8, 2014


I, for one, would love to see Captain America 3 go head to head with Batman vs. Superman. It'll definitely make for an interesting box office weekend! Let's see who walks away the winner.

wudawg on Apr 8, 2014


Cap3 will get my money on that weekend. I Know what I will get from Marvel Studios. On the otherhand, I'm still not sold on Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne. I mean, I bet he can play the role of a spoiled rich dude perfectly, but don't see him as Batman. I would rather see Val Kilmer or George Clooney back in that role to be honest. I too will see them both I ma sure, but since movies are expensive enough as it is at a theater anymore, if I'm picking one that weekend to see with my son, it's Cap3.

theslayer5150 on Apr 8, 2014


WB will blink. Marvel could stay in the slot and "eat" the box office revenue since it would also eat into Superman vs. Batman profits at the same time and Marvel can still recoup money on the back end through DVD sales and such. WB can't afford to miss on Batman vs. Superman, a set back will put them even further behind Marvel since between now and that release date Marvel will already see more television shows being created for their characters and the 5 series deal Marvel signed with Netflix is only going to expand their hold on the comic market. While WB is planning Batman vs. Superman and the Justice League, Marvel and Kevin Feige are already starting to dream about life past 2028. Marvel has only just now started hinting at Scarlet Witch and her twin brother Quicksilver who becomes a member of the Inhumans. Black Bolt is character I really want to see on-screen due to the fact that if he yelled at Superman, Superman would instantly die. Superman is nowhere near Black Bolt's power level, in fact, the only person more powerful than Black Bolt is probably Dark Phoenix.

nubsy on Apr 8, 2014


If they both DID open on the same weekend I would go see BOTH on the same day back to back...first cap them supes. I don't understand why there is this unwritten idea that people don't have the ability to see two movies in one day? They used to do that all the was called double feature.

nubsy on Apr 8, 2014


Let alone 2 in one week end.

Brian Sleider on Apr 8, 2014


Marvel and DC/WB will try to deter people from seeing both movies in the same day by showing a "marathon" before the premiere. Superfanboys will be compelled to watch Capt 1&2 and the Avengers 1&2 before Capt 3, thus burning them out for any DC movies....that's just my overthought strategical theory.

TheOct8pus on Apr 9, 2014


Man of Steel made $116 million on opening weekend. Add Batman to the mix, who is pretty much the most bankable/popular superhero in cinema history, plus one or two other JL characters, and MoS 2 should have no problem going against Captain America 3. Although the later will be at the height of its popularity in 2016 after Winter Soldier and The Avengers 2. It would definitely be interesting if they would indeed come out the same day but that's not likely to happen. Whoever comes out that day, I'm still going to be a very happy movie fan coming 2016 as I will get to see two epic superhero blockbusters. I don't see a bad thing in that at all, so bring it!

Isildur_of_Numenor on Apr 8, 2014


When you say "add batman to the mix" comparing box office profits, you can't count TDK series because that's a whole different batman (different actor, director, story). People have already been controversial with Affleck playing batman so that might peg it down a bit...or a lot.

JBrotsis on Apr 8, 2014


Regarding Affleck's Batman, I think it should have the inverse affect. People will WANT to see it because A) they have faith in Affleck's acting ability; B) they want to see how big of a bomb he will be.

DAVIDPD on Apr 8, 2014


I'm sure a lot of people are curious to see what Batfleck does...but if it's bad, word will get around and it will most likely deter people from going to see this in the theaters.

TheOct8pus on Apr 9, 2014


True on every level lol

Danimal on Apr 9, 2014


Of course TDK matters here, we're still talking about Batman, and general audiences don't really care what spin on the character they are going to see (or who plays him for that matter) as long as it's Batman. Sure, it's not like this is a direct continuation of TDK but bringing the character Batman back that close to TDKR is definitely an important factor that will fill more than a few seats. I'm talking more about general audiences here (not comic book/superhero movies fans), the people who will contribute the most to the box-office at the end of the day. I don't think they won't go see the movie just because Affleck is playing Batman, they want to see Batman. Batman alongside Superman, which is really a must-see. The people who won't go see the movie because of Affleck is an insignificant percentage when you think about it.

Isildur_of_Numenor on Apr 9, 2014


For sure!

DAVIDPD on Apr 8, 2014


Excuse my french but screw DC/WB! I say let them stay firm to those dates and let them duke it out for box office money. Marvel wins in any scenario because of their proven formula for their films and with the Avengers movie is fast becoming an true event watch that it bumps the success of all its component movies. So that means Cap3 will make bank to wet fans for the next Avengers movie. DC/WB is getting schooled and they better hope the Batman vs Superman does not suck, for they have no margin for error in this game.

Scared S#!tless on Apr 8, 2014


If I were Marvel I'd be willing to take a hit on Cap3 to hurt BM/SM. They're the only studio with the superhero firepower to really challenge Marvel's dominance and it would be beautiful to mess with the biggest movie in DC history. On the other hand, there is no upside for WB to duke it out Marvel. Plus, Marvel has a built-in audience while MoS was divisive + BM/SM has made really controversial decisions.

si1ver on Apr 8, 2014


So true.

TheOct8pus on Apr 9, 2014


The only thing I have to say here is that if you think Captain America will fare better at the box office than a movie about the two most popular superheroes of all time, you are high as shit.

Chiroptera Exsanguination on Apr 8, 2014


I don't think Marvel wants to beat Supes Vs Bats. I think they just want to hurt their opening numbers....which they will.

TheOct8pus on Apr 9, 2014


I'll get around to seeing Batman fight Superman at some point, but after The Winter Soldier you better believe my ass will be in the seat to see Cap 3 at the earliest possible time.

davidshaw on Apr 8, 2014


To your point, I think DC is waiting way too long to release Supes Vs Bats. That's why so many people have lost interest. I'd much rather see Capt 3 first because I care more about that storyline/universe than the dreary and gray "Man of Steel-Batman" universe.

TheOct8pus on Apr 9, 2014


10 yrs ago DC would crush marvel. Now ask my 5yr old to name a super hero he'll name half dozen marvel guys before he gets to bats. DC has lost an entire generation because of the darker nature and lousy writing (green lantern). So for those reasons I will see Cap3 in theater and bats vs Sup on demand

Joseph Wheeler on Apr 9, 2014


It seems like a bizarre thing to be thinking but I have to agree with the majority. Cap 3 has a guaranteed tied in audience (especially after the Age of Ultron), the continuity of Marvel's films makes them a must see. I still haven't even got round to Man of Steel yet, the only Marvel film I can say that about is Thor 2. Which incidentally only took 20mill less that man of steel, if a movie reviewed so poorly can get that close Cap 3 has to beat it.

blargh on Apr 9, 2014


While I'm sure Superman 2 will beat Capt 3 at the box office, it's still a smart move by Marvel. The gung ho Marvel fans will most likely go see Capt 3 FIRST, which will take revenue away from Superman 2 on opening day. Once the Marvel fanboys see Capt 3, they'll go watch Superman 2 no doubt, but they will have hurt the opening numbers, which is what Marvel wants.

TheOct8pus on Apr 9, 2014


Two words:

Jedi on Apr 9, 2014


pretty sure Marvel had the date reserved first - just hadn't announced the title. ALSO - I think it could be a win win for the studios if they keep the date. It'll be a competition - it'll get both films more marketing and let's face it. Everyone is going to see Captain America is going to see Batman & Superman. The real issue is who makes "the record" opening weekend. But they both win in my book. In fact. HOLLYWOOD wins if they keep the date.

Boye Fajinmi on Apr 9, 2014


Marvel: "On your left" DC: "Arghhhhhhh, not again"

U Dontknowmelikedat on Apr 9, 2014


Hello Ladies and Gentleman's, Here we Go! ( I am a huge comic book Fan, My first choice would Be the " Marvel Universe" why ? Because their character make more sense overall. My Favorite Super Hero I Must Say is " SUPERMAN" But i have to keep things real. DC really sucks in making Good Movies. ( Cristian Bale by far the Best Batman ) and Henry Cavil the Best Man of Steel Although you feel as if there was something missing on the last SuperMan Movie. Marvels the Avengers and its Character are just in another Level!!! And as interested as it keeps getting better. They are going by the Comic Books and that is always points to a FAN.. You Better believe that Captain America will Beat out B/S on May 6th. The Age of Ultron would have helped and the Winter SOldier is one of the Best Movie ive seen. Second if you ask me between a Comic Book Movie.. Why ? Because it has a story to it. Thats what makes a movie Great. it has a build up.. DC please Get that!!!.... Well i guess thats it. my DC fans dont get mad like i said Superman is my fav. superhero. But the Writers actors producers story fights characters MARVEL BY A MILE!!!!!!!!!!!

mario on Apr 9, 2014


What Warner/DC is doing wrong is by not releasing at least one of their Justice League members this summer or next summer. They absolutely have to put somebody up on the big screen to build some momentum. Marvel is straight killin' it right now!

Rage72 on Apr 9, 2014


I know which weekend I'm picking to burgle houses.

az_mclovin on Apr 9, 2014


ONE of them will move. Opening up against one another will cause both of these films to lose too much money. But I'd wager WB/DC will move first. Cap 3 is only a piece of Marvel's release schedule, they can afford to take a bit of a loss on that film. The entire future of WB/DC's "Cinematic Universe" rests on the shoulders of Batman vs Superman. Beyond that, everyone has gone nuts for Cap 2 and Cap 3 in a post-Avengers 2 world will be HIGHLY anticipated. Meanwhile, Man of Steel, which I personally loved, had a bit of a mixed reaction from critics and audiences alike. I feel that if it came down to having to 'pick one' people might be more inclined to see Cap 3, perhaps feeling more confident in it's quality than the quality of a Man of Steel sequel. The MOS sequel needs all the help it can get to be a huge $1 Billion event(Like they wanted MOS to be), putting in Batman, Wonder Woman, Lex and Alfred certainly will help...but Cap 3 opening against it will limit it. As I said before, Marvel can afford to take a loss on Cap the end, it's expected to lose to Batman vs Superman. But if they can pull a few hundred million away from that film, it's a long-term win for Marvel Studios. Both will be big hits no matter what, but one will certainly move before the release comes...and it will most likely be Batman vs Superman.

Chris Groves on Apr 9, 2014


I still dont see the competitive nature between the two but Hollywood has always was and always will be concerned about their wallets first so whatever. If they dont release on the same day, then everything will be fine, and anyway, after people watch CAP2, they will definitely make an effort to watch CAP 3 regardless of how many theaters BVS takes up. I too loved MOS and i personally think that MOS2 will deliver, especially after the Batman Vs Superman combo.

Rock n Rollllll on Apr 10, 2014


Agreed, and as big as Cap 3 would be coming off of Cap 2, it will be even bigger considering that Cap 3 is being released after Avengers 2, which will of course prominently feature Cap. Avengers 2 could do for Cap 3 what Avengers did for Iron Man 3...push it into the Billion dollar territory. Provided that these films don't wind up going head-to-head. If I were WB/DC, I might go for the Memorial Day weekend, or open Cap in April again, to 'get the jump' on DC/WB

Chris Groves on Apr 10, 2014


Disney will have Marvel move it. Disney always moves, they're smart. Warners NEVER move--they're very arrogant when it comes to their release scheduling. Like when they wouldn't move a certain crappy Dark Shadows film and left it to go up against a tiny indie movie called Avengers.

George Caltsoudas on Apr 14, 2014

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