Marvel Ready to Progess on 'The Inhumans,' Has Completed Script

August 12, 2014
Source: Collider

The Inhumans

Following speculation yesterday that Vin Diesel might be teasing fans with a potential role in Marvel's gestating adaptation of their comic book The Inhumans, we have more fuel for the fire with news that the comic book studio is ready to make some progress on the project. Collider has word that Marvel intends to develop a feature film version of The Inhumans much in the same way that they developed Guardians of the Galaxy, which only makes sense since the two were rumored around the same time in 2011. Reportedly there's a script that has been completed by Joe Robert Cole, and it will be shopped to filmmakers soon.

Then, just as Nicole Perlman's original script for Guardians of the Galaxy was brought to James Gunn for him to rewrite with his own humor and style, Cole's script will be handed over either to the chosen director or a new writer to rewrite to go with the filmmaker's vision for the film. Like Perlman, Cole came out of Marvel's writing program, and that worked pretty well for Guardians of the Galaxy. While Gunn made the film his own, he did it within Marvel's framework, and maybe that's where Edgar Wright had trouble with his vision for Ant-Man.

For those just joining us, The Inhumans are a race of early human beings who were turned into a race of superhuman warrior-servants by the Kree, the alien race from Guardians of the Galaxy from which the villain Ronan the Accuser hails. They become a team of their own which is led by the king Black Bolt (who doesn't speak because his voice is too destructive) and his family of oddballs including Medusa, Karnak, Gorgon, Triton, Crystal, Maximus the Mad, and the giant canine Lockjaw, who could become the next Rocket Raccoon or Groot

There have been rumblings that The Inhumans would have ties to The Avengers in that Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver might be made out to be superhumans created by the Kree. That's because Marvel can't use the term "mutants" because it's part of Fox's stronghold on the X-Men franchise and all the properties that go with them. However, Kevin Feige has ruled out that possibility before, so maybe there will be different ties to what's happening on Earth instead. The movie is still early in development, but if Vin Diesel is to be believed, maybe 2017 could end up seeing the film hit the big screen. Thoughts?

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As far as Im concerned Marvel can do whatever the hell they want as long as they pick the right director. Some of their best movies had mediocre scripts.

Jon Odishaw on Aug 12, 2014


Maybe Tarantino or Rodriguez would do it. Probably not. But maybe!!!

DAVIDPD on Aug 12, 2014


Just like Guardians of the Galaxy, I have good feelings about this. Didn't know anything about either of the two groups, but I have hopes for this like I did GOTG. I read a little bit on The Inhumans and I'm excited to see more on what they have planned for this group.

Justin R on Aug 12, 2014



Xerxexx on Aug 12, 2014


They just started a new run at Marvel comics, so a great time to pick them up, and hells yeah, this is awesome since they won't have the continuity mess that Fox has made with the X-Men, although DoFP kicked action ass. Inhumans, the Guardians and Avengers in the same movie universe??? Duuuuuuuuude.

mooreworthy on Aug 12, 2014


I'm all for inner fanboy is just sinking into depression every time they announce a new movie that ISN'T a Hulk film.

Chris Groves on Aug 12, 2014


Hell Yes! I did a bunch of research on The Inhumans a couple days ago and they are so freaking cool! I want this to be fast tracked for my viewing pleasure like yesterday! BRING IT MARVEL!

DAVIDPD on Aug 12, 2014


Get it done! Can't wait to see this...errr...well I CAN wait if waiting means doing it right.

Quanah on Aug 12, 2014


apparently , somebody said " Let's TRIPLE - down on Superhero team up movies . And make two of them interstellar ..." So maybe GotG was slated to be the comic entertaining romp , and the Inhumans will be the serious , thought-provoking one ...They could even meet down the road , and for some reason have to both be near Earth/The Avengers . Or maybe just the female Thor ... Do you see WB/DC with such ambitious plans ? no - this is why Marvel is doing its movie adaptations better , while Bats-Supes won't even introduce the Justice League well enough ..

Dominic on Aug 12, 2014


OH SHUT UP, Marvel boy! Stop comparing the two! Marvel has put out a lot of movies and yes, they are making a lot of money, but thats because 7 and 8 yr olds love all the cool shiny CG and PG action so they make their mommy's and daddy's take them back for seconds. So because they have that luxury, they have a more flexible budget to do more, but let me tell you this, Marvel has put out a lot of garbage. Iron man 1 was okay, 2 was boring and not that great, 3 was just a complete bag of shit. Thor's 1 and 2 were bags of douche left out in the sun, and The Avengers was just made for kids. Too many cheesy lines and lack of seriousness takes away from the movie so much so that it just feels as though no one is in real danger. The same tone was set for GotG. So before you go praising Marvel as if they're the movie-making gods, let me give you a reality check and tell you that it's not that great. And i can justify this because i am a fan of these comics since i was a kid. One last thing, stop comparing the DC movies with Marvel. WB is not Marvel so stop making them out to be cause you're sounding like an asshole.

Rock n Rollllll on Aug 13, 2014


umm reread both our letters ; I think you're a little higher on the A-hole meter ... and you MUST be a DCFanboy . to have this emotional a reaction .. Plus you still miss the point ; at least Marvel has a Progression of stories from different heroes , and was willing to take chances with "minor" characters in their own movies. Whereas DC/WB is just now getting the message BUT still pushing Supes-Bats down our throats yet Again . granted I'm tired of Spidey movies for the same reason .. The stats put out on this site last year , back my claims up - Marvel wins purely on more movies getting decent revenue , while each's blockbusters even the other's out , in revenue terms .. in fan terms , Marvel is the one known to have more of an Adult-teen fanbase . tho no doubt BOTH co's want the 7 and 8 yr olds squeezing their parents to buy the associated crap

Dominic on Aug 13, 2014


No, Im a fan of both actually, but i have read your posts in the past and you are always wiping your chin after discussing anything about marvel. Youre avatar justifies it. There is nothing to compare with these two universes but yet thats all you do when DC stands for one thing and marvel stands for another. Just tired of your one sided arguments i always see. They're dumb. Just respect them as their own entity!

Rock n Rollllll on Aug 13, 2014


again keeping up your A-hole level ... "There is nothing to compare with these two universes" Well , why not ? they are both full of superheroes , who have all pretty much the same ethos and pathos . Do you think writers have never switched companies ? and that again ISN"T THE POINT . the point is the marketing and movie-making strategy of said Movie Universes , which Marvel HAS done a much better job of . EVEN THOUGH DC's universe is actually much richer than Marvel's could ever hope to be . Marvel had the better plan here , esp by diversifying product control , so that two other studios make Marvel films . For all the grousing they get , it means Marvel dominates the market UNTIL DC/WB get off its ass and starts pushing its product better . Like a Justice League movie finally... How about a REAL Constantine movie , with John having blond hair and a cockney accent ? instead of him on TV ... a better Swamp-Thing ? and thru him , The Spectre and all of DC occult characters ? ... I collected DC once upon a time , but only Constantine for the last few years that I read CBs at all .. DC could be competing easily with Marvel but they didn't commit early enough

Dominic on Aug 14, 2014


No, they are not both full of superheroes. DC makes characters like Sandman, Constantine, The Watchmen, V for Vendetta, etc......... DC is not creatively on the same path as Marvel. And about your "movie-making strategies", well Marvel barely began to get its barings with Phase one, and that was just a few years ago thus barely beginning to connect all movies to eventually make an Avengers. I dont understand why you're all gung-ho about DC having to do the same thing that Marvel's doing, omg who cares what Marve's doing! Eventually, DC characters will all get a movie part, JUST LIKE Marvel, and im glad they're taking their time cause, IMO most of the movies Marvel has put out feel rushed and are completely filled with cheesy dialogue and weak tones. I'm not gonna sit here and say that Marvel isnt doing their job, they are indeed successfu monetarily, but there are in a sense like Michael Bay, the guy makes tons of money off of transformers and now TMNT but they're crap and the movies pay no justice to the original source. Like i said before, they're successful because all the millions of kids who want to watch all the cool visual effects and good guys fighting bad guys. They dont care about story, acting skills, tone, and direction. Marvel makes their movies for the general audience, not the marvel fanbase. So in that aspect, I prefer DC take their time and not pump out the garbage Marvel has been. So stop with the whole competition crap, DC makes tons of money off their movies JUST LIKE Marvel and sometimes they dont.

Rock n Rollllll on Aug 14, 2014


DC has cheesy dialogue at times too .. and Marvel has occult characters too . which again they've jumped ahead on by greenlighting a Dr Strange movie . In the end analysis yes ALL are some form of superhero . whether they LOOK the part or not ; the stories will be told in the same conventional CB ways . Constantine , for ex, for all his faults , ends up the Antihero who still does good , in most of his stories . And his actions looked like the safe moral alternative , between the machinations of Hell AND Heaven I believe you are showing that YOUR opinion is the too-biased one , as he movies u mentioned were not as bad as you said , or u misinterpret the comedy as something bad . Problems with " story , acting skills , tone , and direction " have plagued BOTH company's movies . I trace that more to 60-70 yr-old directors , making movies in a genre they never respected . While TODAY'S producer/director/writers of CB movies are 30-40 , and grew up like us reading both Company's products . So they represent the ethos and pathos better , and are making better movies NOW . You thinking DC didn't make movies with the general public more in mind than the fanboy , is biased thinking , at best ( paging Green Lantern , anyone ? ). You cast a shadow over your own rants ... "DC is not creatively on the same path as Marvel or most of all timeline." LOL and why is that a GOOD thing ??? ....but thanks - that statement actually confirms my point...

Dominic on Aug 14, 2014


I'm psyched about this project. Guardians opened the door to a whole new universe for Marvel.... I just think it's 100% ridiculous that they can't even use the word "Mutant" in any Marvel script. Marvel and Disney should just pay Sony and Fox whatever they want to get their babies back.

TheOct8pus on Aug 13, 2014


Fox having x-men is why the Inhumans is getting any sort of push to the big screen at all. Marvel is making the Inhumans the new "Mutants" essentially. I just really hope it doesn't mean they'll let their X-books receive less attention from the better writers out there, but I wouldn't be too surprised if X-men take a backseat in some future comic events.

ColtNoir on Aug 13, 2014


True. Inhumans is not nearly as well-known as the X-men in popular culture. Based on Marvel's track record, I'd bet that Inhumans will be better than any X-men movie out there (maybe on par with First Class). Still....if Marvel had X-Men and Spidey back, I'm sure they would come up with something fresh and new for those worn out franchises.

TheOct8pus on Aug 13, 2014


I wouldn't doubt it. Fox just needs to let it go. Hopefully we get an xmen movie made by marvel before i'm old and grey.and it really sucks not having spidey in an avengers movie..

ColtNoir on Aug 13, 2014


Yeah. No shit.

TheOct8pus on Aug 13, 2014


Move faster!

Xerxexx on Aug 13, 2014

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