Marvel Reveals Two-Part 'The Avengers: Infinity War' for 2018 & 2019

October 28, 2014

The Avengers: Infinity War

After the credits scene following The Avengers in 2012 revealed the titan Thanos as the puppeteer behind the mischievous plans of Loki (Tom Hiddleston), comic book fans were immediately excited about the potential of seeing a storyline play out on the big screen featuring the artifact known as The Infinity Gauntlet. Their hopes were confirmed in the credits scene for Thor: The Dark World when the presence of the Infinity Stones (or gems) was revealed, which ended up leading to another one being shown in Guardians of the Galaxy. And now we know where that all is leading as Marvel Studios has announced The Avengers: Infinity War, arriving in two parts in the summers of 2018 and 2019. This is crazy!

Marvel announced The Avengers two-parter at their event in Los Angeles today:

And it looks like they showed Thanos with the Infinity Gauntlet as well:

The Avengers: Infinity War - Part I arrives on May 4th, 2018 while The Avengers: Infinity War - Part II arrives on May 3rd, 2019. For those who still don't know, in the comic books, all the Infinity Stones are all collected by Thanos (who came to be played by Josh Brolin in Guardians of the Galaxy) and fitted into the golden glove known as The Infinity Gauntlet, which is part of one of the most iconic Marvel storylines. He ends up using it to destroy half the universe to please the physical embodiment of Death. We can already tell this won't play out exactly as it does in the comics, but it's still going to be a huge event.

Seeing this unfold on the big screen will make for a massive, mind-blowing experience. But of course, it's still about four years away, and there's a lot of stuff happening before then. We're mostly interested to see what happens in Captain America: Civil War, Thor: Ragnarok, Doctor Strange, Captain Marvel, Black Panther, Guardians of the Galaxy 2 and Inhumans that leads to this massive two-part story. It's a good time to be a fan of comic book movies, and we're absolutely foaming at the mouth with anticipation to see how Marvel pulls all of this off. And if you're a DC Comics fan, remember there's plenty for you coming in the next six years too. Thoughts?

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Sorry, I'm behind. What's Inhumans? Part of this story?

OfficialJab on Oct 28, 2014


Inhumans is another super hero ensemble, much like the X-Men (they sort of overlap in comic world) but they're more in-line with Guardians of the Galaxy in that they're from other planets. Vin Diesel is set to star in Inhumans... Come on, OfficalJab! Don't you read Firstshowing? Here ya go, buddy:

TheOct8pus on Oct 28, 2014


nhumans is another super hero ensemble, much like the X-Men (they sort of overlap in comic world) but they're more in-line with Guardians of the Galaxy in that they're from other planets. Vin Diesel is set to star in Inhumans... Come on, OfficalJab! Don't you read Firstshowing?

TheOct8pus on Oct 28, 2014


I sure do, but for this Marvel thing is turning into a dog's breakfast. A sexy one though.

OfficialJab on Oct 28, 2014


Yeah. Ironically, it seems that they're simplifying all the storylines from the comics.

TheOct8pus on Oct 28, 2014


I'll say civil war may SEEM that way, but I bet it will continue what winter soldier (and AoU) have started. It'll take the spotlight until Strange, I'm guessing, then 2 cosmic movies (Thanos destroying Asgard and Xandar) And Civil War'll come to a head with Black Panther. Then that head will explode with infinity War 1 when they realize how much energy they've wasted while Thanos bathed the starways in blood. They lose. Then 2 movies, and infinity war 2, and finally they win. I think.

The Walking Cuban on Oct 28, 2014


you'd have to google their long history. essentially they're going to be used as Marvel's "mutants" in the film world since they don't have the rights to X-men or the term "mutants". there was a recent comic arc that created multiple Inhumans throughout the the world.

ColtNoir on Oct 28, 2014



TheOct8pus on Oct 28, 2014



TheOct8pus on Oct 28, 2014


Very excited...Hopefully a new Hulk movie is announced between now and then though (Planet hulk or just skip to WWH please!)

ColtNoir on Oct 28, 2014


I don't think it would be in their plans, but I'd think a Dr. Strange/Hulk movie would be cool. It could be (very) loosely based on one of their Defenders story lines.

SenorApplesauce on Oct 28, 2014


It seems very possible to me. Civil war is what can lead up to it. plus they're already planning on not using these guys later on as the main avengers team - so he's got to go somewhere, why not Planet Hulk? a nerd can dream 😛

ColtNoir on Oct 28, 2014


That would be cool. I said this in another thread, but I can see Hulk (or Thor or even Ironman to a lesser extent) being the ones that bridge the gap to space and the Guardians. Have Carol Danvers introduced in GotG2 and then have them all Ms. Marvel, GotG, and whichever Avenger is out there be in the Capt. Marvel movie then head home for Avengers 3

SenorApplesauce on Oct 28, 2014


I'd be down for that. I wish we'd get more "team-up" movies...a movie with Hulk/IM centered around them fighting/Hulkbusting would be fantastic!

ColtNoir on Oct 29, 2014


There's an article on screenrant that Marvel stated during this event there will not be any standalone movies for Hulk or Black Widow between now and the final Avengers movie. After that's over...who knows. I've never been big on the Planet Hulk concept, but I did really want to see him go up against Red Hulk, especially with how far mo cap has come.

JBrotsis on Oct 28, 2014



Xerxexx on Oct 28, 2014


Hopefully they introduce Adam Warlock into the mix. If I remember correctly he had a huge role in beating Thanos.

Dave on Oct 28, 2014


I think it would be irresponsible not to bring him in. He, after all, sets everything back to normal, after the defeat of Thanos. He also coaches the heroes in how to approach the fight with Thanos.

ResurrectRider on Oct 28, 2014


if you look carefully in GOTG, we can see warlock in one of the glass cages, we can imagine Warlock was freed during the explosion of the Collector's hideout

tomkatt59 on Oct 28, 2014


Oh wow, you can actually see Adam Warloock? I only ever spotted his cocoon. Darn I only have a crippling anticipation for December 9th to get here.

ResurrectRider on Oct 28, 2014


that's what he meant. you don't actually see him.

ColtNoir on Oct 29, 2014


I figured...but, the wording suggest otherwise.

ResurrectRider on Oct 29, 2014


But in the post credits scene the glass case holding him is shattered and the cocoon is open

JDReign on Oct 29, 2014


I saw that, but i never saw Adam Warlock himself.

ResurrectRider on Oct 29, 2014


I have a strong suspicion that Starlord's father is Adam Warlock. It doesn't follow the canon (James Gunn has already said he won't follow the books in naming Papa Starlord), we've already seen his cocoon( and his seemingly empty cocoon during the Howard the Duck scene) and it seems to be the simplest and best way to introduce him and throw him straight into an engaging and pre-set storyline.

Astroboy3000 on Oct 29, 2014


Marvel/Disney basically have a license to print money.

CoosCoos on Oct 28, 2014


Disney has Pixar, Marvel, and Lucasfilm...that pretty much makes them unstoppable. Disney Animation has been kicking ass as well.

Chris Groves on Oct 28, 2014


I hope they throw Silver Surfer into this mix.

Rock n Rollllll on Oct 28, 2014


pretty sure Fox owns him. I hope they throw Beta Ray Bill into the mix. Or get a more in depth development of AIM (featured in IM3) which then leads to the iconic villain MODAK.

JBrotsis on Oct 28, 2014


M.O.D.O.K. but still. Geekgasm!

Donovan Loreman on Oct 28, 2014


Beta Ray Bill fa SHO. And he'll actually wear his helmet. Like a boss.

The Walking Cuban on Oct 28, 2014


Glad you pointed that out. It saddens and upsets me that Thor NEVER wears his helmet in this franchise. It's an iconic piece to his whole suit and he wears it more often than not in the cartoons and comics.

JBrotsis on Oct 28, 2014


Yep. They should at least have him wear it at Hammer Time. Picture hittin yourself with that thing! You be dayd!

The Walking Cuban on Oct 29, 2014


Most exciting news I've heard all week!

ThrashyTrends on Oct 28, 2014


INHUMANS!!! EEEE!!! This is the news to be excited over! So ready to see Black Bolt on the big screen.

DAVIDPD on Oct 28, 2014


Dude, can you imagine Blackbolt in IMAX when he speaks?

mooreworthy on Oct 28, 2014


Best time ever to be a comic fan!

mooreworthy on Oct 28, 2014



Trey Wilson on Oct 28, 2014


Why dontchou just... Go to SLEEP...

The Walking Cuban on Oct 28, 2014


Absolutely amazing news.

Chris Groves on Oct 28, 2014


DC is on suicide watch (even with their upcoming JL franchise)

JBrotsis on Oct 28, 2014



Rock n Rollllll on Oct 29, 2014


Although it's fun to speculate, does no one else think that Marvel are diminishing the immediate future roster of films for the long term future? I know they are comic books and we shouldn't be surprised at the dollar sign franchise runner that every film represents but here is Marvel trying to tease the audience with images of Cap's shield being destroyed and the Avengers team in peril, whilst at the same time discussing how Cap and Stark will be in Cap 3 and Thor in Thor 3. It feels like the Lost-ification of the franchise. Don't worry about the experience, just worry that each film will now be a showcase for the next couple of films. It smacks of a studio saying "we don't really care what you think of this loud, noisy film. We just want to secure your buy in for the next one. But don't worry because when the next one comes along, we'll have already negated any tension or surprise from the film by discussing what's happening 5 films after that". Don't get me wrong, I'm stoked after seeing the Avengers 2 trailer but you can't escape the over bearing feeling that you are on never ending machine rather than enjoying a defined moment in time. On a macro level, Cap 2 was a good example of Marvel's blundering. In their desperation to sell Cap 2 (which are less Cap films and more of roster of launching other characters - no wonder Chris Evans is getting frustrated when all he is, is the hangar for other characters to be hung on), they peppered the trailers with the lift scene and the heli-carriers crashing into the ground. When showing such memorable scenes, do they not think "um, people might remember this which will completely remove the suspense and excitement from the actual scenes within the movie". Seemingly not. It's a shame because Marvel are so successful and are making so much money that you think they would have the confidence to try to be a little different, not feel pressured to releasing their whole slate to mirror what DC did and possibly remember that nothing lasts forever and that the flooding of the superhero genre might be getting to saturation point. It's beginning to feel like someone telling you what the Christmas present is that they got you before you've had a chance to unwrap it.

Payne by name on Oct 29, 2014


If Marvel was in the habit of cranking out poorly made films that didn't respect, honor & celebrate the source material that would be one thing. However, Marvel seems to really love their films and how beloved they are by the fans(both comic nerds & those who just watch the flicks)As a long time fan of comic books one of my favorite aspects of the greatest story lines is the build up. Multiple books, heroes (solo & teams)villains, anti-heroes & civilians all finding themselves involved in something bigger than anyone of them could handle. You know once the dust settles that the universe will be forever changed. I love that Marvel has been building to the Infinity War. Much more exciting than simple, one and done films that aren't interconnected.

Astroboy3000 on Oct 29, 2014


Marvel had revealed plans for Cap3 and Thor3 well before the recent El Capitan theater announcement. So, it did not really spoil anything for me or diminish the enjoyment or anticipation of Age of Ultron for me. All that Marvel did now was to reveal the details about it, like the titles and what we could vaguely expect from the upcoming movies. Marvel is also making sure that those who have read the comics are also not left with a frame to frame remake of what they have already read. There are plenty of details I am sure they have held back, which we'll find out only when we see the movie. Cap and Thor might not die on Age of Ultron, but they can still be horribly defeated, which would be just as heartbreaking to witness on the big screen. And don't forget the surprise reveal of Cap2 about SHIELD and HYDRA that no one saw coming until they actually went to see the movie, even after all the promotion from Marvel. I suppose what I am trying to say is... In Marvel, we trust.

lezboyd on Oct 30, 2014


I hear what you are saying but telling the audience before they've even made it into the cinema that Cap is going to be double crossed just removes any tension from the film. For me the reveal of Hydra felt like a cheap cop out rather than a revelation. Toby Jones in the first film always seemed reluctant about Hydra and more concerned with applying his science rather than taking over the world. Yes, they may be visually appealing and spectacular but I want to 'feel' the movie experience and knowing beforehand that there will be a double cross, that the heli carriers will be crashing and burning (meaning that the final act mission of bringing them down is already a foregone conclusion) and that the story with the mysterious figure referenced in the title won't be resolved because the actor playing it has signed a 7 picture deal, does diminish that 'feeling'.

Payne by name on Oct 31, 2014


I think what you are saying is, you want to enjoy a shared universe franchise movie in the same way as you would a traditional one-off action/thriller. I would say, adjust your expectations. Having said that, I would agree with one thing, which is that knowing how many movies a character is signed on to appear in is one information I can do without. But then again, while everyone was sure a month ago that RDJ would only appear in Avengers 2 and 3 as part of his contract, Marvel renegotiated his deal and made him a more integral part of at least Phase 3. This sets the precedence that such re-negotiations cannot be ruled out for other characters like those of Chris Evans or SLJ. For me, part of the fun is in knowing in advance WHERE the story will go, but not knowing HOW they are gonna get there. For me, that is part of the shared universe experience. I think of these movies as an investment in my future entertainment, and like any traditional investor, I wanna know how my investment is gonna pay off in the future. P.S.: Zola saying it was all in the name of science could easily been seen as a deception, a way to gain trust, and in line with HYDRA's philosophy of cut one head, two will take its place. In this case, Red Skull was cut, and Zola and Baron Von Strucker took his place.

lezboyd on Oct 31, 2014


if the movies are from high quality I don't care if the schedule it until 2030!

Avi on Oct 29, 2014

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