Marvel Shoots 'Doctor Strange' in 2015 for Likely Summer 2016 Debut

September 17, 2014
Source: ScreenDaily

Doctor Strange

While we still don't know who will end up taking the title role in Marvel's Phase Three film Doctor Strange, with Joaquin Phoenix being the last actor linked to the role, that doesn't mean the comic book studio isn't getting production in order. And Screen Daily reports Marvel is currently working out their schedule with Pinewood-Shepperton Studios across the pond (where Star Wars: Episode VII is filming now) to shoot the film starting around May 2015, lining the film up for release on July 8th, 2016. The date has yet to be confirmed but since it's Marvel's most immediate project following next summer's release of Ant-Man and this is the next date in their long list of reservations, it just makes sense logically. More below!

Scott Derrickson (Deliver Us from Evil, Sinister) is set to direct Doctor Strange with a script from Prometheus scribe Jon Spaihts, working from a previous draft by Thomas Dean Donnelly and Joshua Oppenheimer. The film will reportedly already see Doctor Strange with his powers already intact, so this won't be just another origin story, though he won't yet be the superhero we'll see him become either. It'll be interesting to see how Marvel introduces this mystical character into the cinematic universe, but since they've already successfully blended the cosmic universe with what's happening on Earth, we're not worried.

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Prometheus was a good high-concept script, and Sinister was outstanding. This can't go wrong, can it?

OfficialJab on Sep 17, 2014


Can't wait.

Xerxexx on Sep 17, 2014


The Marvel track record is pretty much perfect. Some films aren't as good as others, but they've made no bad films and I don't see that changing. Now I just want an official announcement regarding who is playing Doctor Strange.

Chris Groves on Sep 17, 2014


Eh, IM3 was very bad - hilariously bad. they're aren't perfect by any means but their majority of films are good.

ColtNoir on Sep 17, 2014


Everyone hates on IM3 because they are all butt hurt over the Mandarin. It's actually a very good movie, and comic nerds need to get over themselves. These are NOT the comic books brought to life from the 60's. Most of the MCU is based off of Ultimate Marvel combined with the regular comics. IM3 was a great follow up to Avengers and IM 1 & 2. Problem is, few people have anything to say other than the Mandarin. They made Tony human, and he still came back as a hero, what else do you need???

artcs . on Sep 17, 2014


Oh, I thought people were entitled to their own opinions, silly me. The Mandarin is a cop out for IM's greatest villain, regardless if you're a comics fan or not, you clearly aren't. how about the fact that I'm supposed to believe Tony can't figure out how to make suits by now? he's only one of the smartest guys in the Marvel U...They made IM3 a Robert Downey JR movie...not an Ironman movie - plain and simple. Once again, my opinion, a very bad movie with forced humor. If you liked it, then good for you. oh, and those "comic nerds" are the reason you're getting these movies in the first about some respect?

ColtNoir on Sep 17, 2014


I don't know if you saw the Marvel One Shot "All Hail the King", but it turns out that the real Mandarin was very upset at someone faking his character.

Drew on Sep 17, 2014


Finally somebody with some sense shows up. The marvel team clearly knew what they were doing but no everybody has to bitch and moan before they see the full picture. If you base your opinion on a puzzle based on pieces 1,7, and 82 then you are missing out on the rest of the 100 piece puzzle picture

Sean McAuliffe on Sep 17, 2014


you'd be correct IF they're doing IM4 based around the real Mandarin.. that's a big "if" - we probably won't see that. for now, IM3 was an absolute waste of Ben Kingsley and the Mandarin character. oh, and last time I checked a movie is, and should be, told as one piece of work. sure somethings can arch over into other movies, but you do not create something and say "To find out what actually happens you should check out this other obscure bit we did" that's not how it works. IM3 was meant to wrap up the story and it was just no where near the greatness that IM1 was.

ColtNoir on Sep 17, 2014


just read the synopsis. sounds like they retconned it due to the outrage. who knows if they'll even follow through with it though. It doesn't sound like there's going to be an IM4 so it seems like a waste.

ColtNoir on Sep 17, 2014


From one "comic nerd" to another. You really expect people to give you respect? Dude, you're in the wrong line of "nerdom" if you think that's the case. This is why I'm also a "music nerd". We're still cool. :p

Yaseen Muad Nasser on Sep 17, 2014


I didn't ask for respect for myself.. I'm talking about respect for the "comic nerds" that create the comics and try to bring it to life in movies.

ColtNoir on Sep 17, 2014


Not a comic nerd. Still thought that third Iron Man sucked. Simply based on the fact that it did indeed suck. Tony and his little kid friend story was a lame addition. I felt less tension watching that movie than I have any other marvel film besides Thor which I also thought sucked. Honestly I don't like marvel movies at all though...

tree on Sep 17, 2014


I'm a Marvel fan, but the IM trilogy didn't "feel" like a trilogy. they didn't feel like they wrapped anything up...if that makes sense. The rings were mentioned in IM1...then just completely forgotten about for the other 2 movies. it's just a bad trilogy

ColtNoir on Sep 17, 2014


The problem with Mandarin was NOT that he wasn't based on the horrible 60's version of the character. The problem is they reduced Iron Man's arch enemy into a comic relief character and for the big bad we got... another rich asshole in a business suit. Just like the first two Iron Man movies. If they had taken the Mandarin from modern comics we could have had a great movie that could have TIED INTO THE STORY THEY TOLD. Stop and think about it? Tony has PTSD because he's weirded out over aliens and gods and stuff like that. The Mandarin in the comics has magic rings from space. It would have actually made sense for Tony to get over his issues by having to cope with an enemy using the very same magical space tech that he's become afraid of. Instead Tony gets over PTSD caused by witnessing the things he knows should be impossible by... fighting another guy in a business suit who uses only technology. It's logically baffling.

Rice on Sep 17, 2014


Perhaps subjectively there are things to hate. But for example, no Marvel Studios film has received a rotten score on RottenTomatoes...which aggregates hundreds of professional critical reviews. And I personally have really liked or loved all of their films. They are the Pixar of superhero films.

Chris Groves on Sep 17, 2014


I picture him as a paranormal investigator in this film.

MattPeloquin on Sep 17, 2014


I think Anson Mount would make a great Dr. Strange.

Astroboy3000 on Sep 17, 2014


Benedict Cumberbatch. Don't know if he can grow a mustache, but he's got the exact presence that Dr. Strange needs. Or, Liam Neeson.

PaintedFlags on Sep 17, 2014


liam neeson is a gud one to play dr.strange i agree wit u

Nelson Howard on Sep 17, 2014


Benedict had a mustache in "War Horse". Whether it was natural or not...

JBrotsis on Sep 17, 2014


Just Googled this up. Liam Neeson it is.

PaintedFlags on Sep 17, 2014


Liam Neeson only seems to do kidnap films now that need his certain set of skills.

Jay Merrick on Sep 17, 2014


Liam neeson sounds good

Nelson Howard on Sep 17, 2014


While he's a good actor, please don't be Joaquin Phoenix.

artcs . on Sep 17, 2014


I'd love someone like Phoenix in the role, but I feel like they would be shooting themselves in the foot. That it would play out like another Norton scenario where we get him for one movie, but then things go sour behind the scenes and the two parties split.

Chris Groves on Sep 17, 2014


While i agree with that situation i also feel that Phoenix shouldn't play Dr. Strange.

Sean McAuliffe on Sep 17, 2014


That sounds plausible. I think they should get a name actor though.

DAVIDPD on Sep 17, 2014


Luke Evans.

Styler on Sep 17, 2014


Damn, I REALLY like that suggestion.

Chris Groves on Sep 18, 2014


Its very unlikely Phoenix will get the part. He doesn't want to commit to a movie contract like that. Plus it's already been debunked about the "powers already intact" thing. They have already said he will get an origin story just like any other hero.

Adam Schneider on Sep 17, 2014


Just because he'll be introduced with his powers already in place doesn't mean they can't have an origin story. The Edward Norton Hulk introduced Bruce Banner as the Hulk already, but placed his origins in flashbacks. Like all of the other Marvel stand-alone movies, he didn't become an Avenger until after the movies sequence of events. Dr. Strange could follow suit.

PaintedFlags on Sep 17, 2014


I hope that it's not River Phoenix...

billyk30115 on Sep 17, 2014


River Phoenix has been dead for over two decades, I think you mean Joaquin Phoenix.

Tigerspike on Sep 17, 2014


Yes thank you for the correction...I was kind've exhausted last evening...

billyk30115 on Sep 18, 2014


Robert Downey Junior for Doc Strange!!! Do ITTT!!!

DAVIDPD on Sep 17, 2014


How can they do that if this is Marvel phase 3 and Downey plays Ironman!!! SMH

Shaun Wilson on Sep 17, 2014



DAVIDPD on Sep 17, 2014


I think that Aidan Gillen would be the perfect part for Doctor Steven Strange he's the right age middle age man in his mid-fifties,and he actually looks the part hence his gray temples,and he's a very fine actor he would actually be able too speak in precise diction...Also Viggo Mortensen who was in the running along time ago would also be perfect all-around,and if not these gentleman...Maybe Mark Strong,Benedict Cumberbatch,or ... I hate too anger any of you folks whom truly love River Phoenix,but I've always thought that River Phoenix was overrated sorry that's just my own opinion...

billyk30115 on Sep 17, 2014


Name river phoenix roles other than MY Own Private Idaho.. all he really did that was memorable was die and play a narcoleptic male prostitute.

Carter Mckinney on Sep 17, 2014


Stand by me, Mosquito coast, and Running on Empty are pretty good đŸ™‚

Joey Jacobson on Sep 17, 2014


A Night In The Life of Jimmy Reardon is one of my faves. Last Crusade? Sneakers?

Jonathan on Sep 17, 2014


yeppers, those as well.. and Explorers haha

Joey Jacobson on Sep 17, 2014


Oooh I LIKE that idea!

awkwardMEOW on Sep 17, 2014


I meant too say JOAQUIN...If it hadn't been for TIGERSPIKE I would have for gotton all about it...LOL...River was in a few movies that were ok...Joaquin was miscast in GLADIATOR...His accent was too forced,and came off as,well bad...

billyk30115 on Sep 18, 2014


Phoenix is absolutely hideous for the part. It would kill the franchise before it starts. Luke Evans would be just about perfect he has the look and the bone structure. and he is really a better actor for the part

Carter Mckinney on Sep 17, 2014


Haha...bone structure? Is there a particular artist's rendering you're comparing him to? And I guess Marvel couldn't get Daniel Day Lewis to play him?

Jonathan on Sep 17, 2014


similarity in the face, Luke Evans has the look (I.e.) Steven Strange wasn't a hairlip >.<

Carter Mckinney on Sep 17, 2014


Haha...yeah, I'll grant ya that. that why the mustache? Hmm...

Jonathan on Sep 17, 2014


I think Johnny Depp would be a good choice...

Rahul Roy on Sep 17, 2014


100% agree. Depp would be a natural.

neverhome on Sep 17, 2014


I hate being 'that guy', but I think he is a bit old and no longer bankable. Audiences have kind of turned on him in recent years.

Chris Groves on Sep 18, 2014


Oh, come on, I can't fucking wait that long...

Jason Newsted on Sep 17, 2014


Depp has always been too overrated...He does look the part,and the Original Doctor Strange was in his mid-too late 40's,and early 50's...Depp movies are always some kind of parody...Never serious...I want Doctor Strange too be abit serious...Not hokey...

billyk30115 on Sep 18, 2014


Benedict Cumberbatch is my favorite choice as Dr. Strange

Miguel Garay Boszeta on Sep 20, 2014

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