Marvel's 'Guardians of the Galaxy 2' to Face 'Batman vs. Superman'?

February 6, 2014
Source: JoBlo

Guardians of the Galaxy

When Warner Bros. decided to move Batman vs. Superman, the sequel to last year's Man of Steel, to the release date of May 6th, 2016 instead of arriving in the summer of 2015, we noted that Marvel had an unknown film slated for that same date. It was assumed that maybe Captain America 3 (which will bring back The Winter Soldier directors Anthony & Joe Russo) or maybe Thor 3 (which just hired some writers) could take that spot, or maybe even the gestating Doctor Strange and Black Panther adaptations, but if JoBlo is to be believed, it will be a Guardians of the Galaxy sequel taking the summer release slot.

Though Marvel is all about planning ahead, Guardians of the Galaxy is by far the riskiest part of their cinematic universe so far, and without knowing how the film will perform at the box office yet, slating a sequel for release seems unwise. But that's probably why this information comes from a scoop and hasn't been officially announced. We're betting the sequel won't be officially announced until the first film hits the big screen this August. By then, Marvel will know if they have a hit on their hands and can proceed.

What supports this fact though is that Disney XD is apparently planning an animated series focusing on the Guardians of the Galaxy for 2015, which could act as a bridge between the two films, or at least a way to keep younger fans interested in the characters. At the same time, it seems risky for Marvel to put up their lesser known cosmic superhero team against the likes of Batman and Superman being on screen together for the first time in a live-action film. But maybe they just have confidence in what James Gunn has done with the first film. The footage at Comic-Con looked bad ass, so we have high hopes, but since we've only seen one official photo, we're anxious for a trailer to pop up soon. What do you think?

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Hard to judge right now, but why wouldn't they try and take some Box Office cash away from Batman Versus Superman. Seems like a smart move to me and like the article says, Marvel does love to plan ahead.

Jay Runham on Feb 6, 2014


I suspect that whatever it is, that after Captain America: the Winter Soldier becomes a huge hit this April, that that May 2016 Marvel movie will become an April 2016 Marvel movie. I just pray that we get a new Hulk sequel in 2016 or 2017. Now, if Guardians of the Galaxy 2 was some kind of hybrid with the Planet Hulk concept....that could be a potent mix.

Chris Groves on Feb 6, 2014


That's just how ballsy they are at Marvel. Taking on Superman and Batman with the Guardians

TheOct8pus on Feb 6, 2014


"You can fight the hurricane, and you can win."

Chris Groves on Feb 6, 2014


I'm not sure what that means, but I like the sound of it.

TheOct8pus on Feb 6, 2014


It's a quote from Pacific Rim, seemed applicable.

Chris Groves on Feb 6, 2014


Very soon the public at large will tire of the superhero trend.

Brian Sleider on Feb 6, 2014


I agree. It's getting old. I think Marvel knows this too. That's why they're releasing their more sci-fi and less traditional stories now.

TheOct8pus on Feb 6, 2014


I would agree, but I mean, it's been going on for YEARS and hasn't let up. I mean, Spider-Man started the 'craze' in 2002, but before that, X-Men was out in 2000 and Blade was even out in 98. So no matter how far back you go, the genre has been going strong for well over a decade. But I mean, why does it have to be a 'trend', perhaps it's merely a new genre of film...that will have ups and downs but never go away. Are 'animated movies' a "trend"? I mean, the biggest successes in superhero movie history were just had in 2012 with The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises. Blockbusters never go out of style, and while Fox and Sony's superhero movies might slip and fail, as long as Marvel Studios continues to make their superhero films great by blockbuster standards, they'll be fine. Not to say that it will be extremely successful indefinitely...but as long as Marvel Studios keeps making good movies, people will keep going to see them.

Chris Groves on Feb 6, 2014


spiderman did not start the craze

BreakingChad on Feb 6, 2014


I mentioned X-Men and Blade both as precursors, unless you are trying to say the craze came later...because that's very much not true. Spidey was the highest grossing superhero film for quite a while, and it did indeed start the wave that brought Daredevil, Hulk, Hellboy, Fantastic Four, The Punisher, Batman Begins, Superman Returns, Ghost Rider etc etc Of course, there are other benchmarks. The Dark Knight in 2008 was one(Iron Man in 2008 in many regards as well) and The Avengers in 2012 was another.

Chris Groves on Feb 6, 2014


I think he means the Batman and Superman from the 70's 80's and 90's. Not all were hits but some were huge.

Josh on Feb 7, 2014


Yeah, but when Batman and Superman were the only hit superhero films, it's hard to say it was a 'craze'. I'd say the current 'craze' had it's earliest seeds with Blade and X-Men(rebuilding the legitimacy of superhero movies after Batman & Robin) and had it's first big boom with Spider-Man...which started a wave of getting a superhero film on a pretty regular basis ever since. The Dark Knight and Iron Man in 2008 were the next sort of benchmark year, in my was 2012 with The Avengers.

Chris Groves on Feb 7, 2014


The trend I speak of is the multi year movie arcs. Marvel is slated out to what? 2020? Superhero Movies have been around since what the 80s? But the annualized franchise release is a new trend on the past 6 years or so. All bubbles burst.

Brian Sleider on Feb 6, 2014


Perhaps, but if Superhero movies have been around since the 80s, it's not likely that people will stop going to see them(as long as they are good) And if the performance of the Marvel Studios films is any indicator, the mainstream audiences are eating this "Cinematic Universe" up. It's simply the next step of 'big time storytelling'. Back in the day, 'event films' were very singular, it was about making ONE great movie. Titanic being a 3 hour epic was sort of the peak of that ideology. Then with the Star Wars prequels and The Lord of the Rings, the next big thing became trilogies. Everyone and their mother wanted to make some kind of trilogy(Spider-Man, Pirates of the Caribbean, The Matrix, The Dark Knight trilogy) But a franchise like Harry Potter proved that you can go well beyond a trilogy and the audience will stay with it. Now Marvel Studios is re-writing the book again on large-scale story-telling by creating a franchise of franchises that includes multiple 'solo' films, building to big crossover films, and even a TV show that millions of people are still tuning into every week. Now, they DO have a rough plan to 2021, which is bold...and obviously when you starting hitting more than a decade of films that make up the 'universe', the continuity runs the risk of collapsing on itself from being so dense. BUT at that point all they would have to do is reboot it and start again...and then they MIGHT have the advantage of A-list characters like Spider-Man, the X-Men, or the Fantastic Four being able to be included.

Chris Groves on Feb 7, 2014


I do not necessarily disagree. But Harry Potter is not the same it had MASSIVE through put before the movies, something comics do not have. These movies have pushed them into the mainstream but people are not running out to buy the newest X-Men or what have you. And again, superhero movies are a bubble and all bubbles burst.

Brian Sleider on Feb 7, 2014


Well, this 'bubble' has been going since 2002, and with Iron Man 3 pulling $1.2 Billion, it shows no signs of slowing down. Do you think Avengers: Age of Ultron is NOT going to be every bit as huge as the first? Do you think Batman vs Superman is NOT going to be as huge as The Dark Knight or The Dark Knight Rises? I'm not saying interest will remain high indefinitely. But if it starts to decline, the films that will feel that first will be the X-Men and Spider-Man films, which have been running for the longest time. The Marvel Cinematic Universe films and the Batman/Superman films are going to be the last films affected, because they are the most prestigious. Superheroes are not just a 'movie fad' like found footage horror films. Superheroes have been part of pop culture for generations, and are thoroughly embedded not just in comics, but in cartoons, TV shows, and feature films. The market may very likely contract a bit, but I doubt it will ever disappear. We've had hugely successful superhero films for decades now. Superman ruled from the late 70s and into the 80s. Batman reigned from 89-97. By then we were starting to get to Spawn, Blade, X-Men and Spider-Man...which quickly transitioned to Daredevil, Hulk, Fantastic Four, Batman Begins and Superman Returns. Ghost Rider came and went, then we got Iron Man and The Dark Knight, followed by Thor, Captain America, The Avengers, Man of Steel...and etc. I don't see it ever really becoming a 'dead genre' like the Western or Pirate genres. At least not in the immediate future. 10 years from now, who knows....

Chris Groves on Feb 7, 2014


we're tired of idiot trolls but that hasn't slowed the likes of you down

BreakingChad on Feb 6, 2014


Making an observation is not trolling. I do not mean to incite or offend. I enjoy these movies, I just do not believe the public will last as long as the Studios expect them too. I think that fatigue will begin to show this summer and really present in 2015. I could be wrong.

Brian Sleider on Feb 6, 2014


I think that will only happen when they need to reach for more outrageous characters, not due to the trend itself.

OfficialJab on Feb 6, 2014


Marvel will move the date. Regardless of what movie they put there, it would be a lose/lose to put the two biggest movies of the summer on the same weekend. Move the date, make more money. And it would be too fast to put Guardians 2 in that spot, though - that would only be 20 months from Guardians 1 to Guardians 2 which is unheard of, especially for heavy VFX movies. To hit that date they would need to be in pre-production already, or have known ahead of time so they could shoot back-to-back.

CoosCoos on Feb 6, 2014


When I quickly glanced through all the articles, I thought this article was talking about moving GOTG to next summer, same weekend as BvsS. Thank goodness, I was wrong! I need GOTG this summer!

JBrotsis on Feb 6, 2014


It would be very silly of them to release it head to head against the SUPER/BAT film.

DAVIDPD on Feb 6, 2014


Ummmm i guess.........Not gonna work out very well for GOTG i think.

Rock n Rollllll on Feb 7, 2014

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