Megan Ellison's Annapurna Pictures Pulls Out of 'Terminator: Genesis'

January 23, 2014
Source: Deadline


The revival of the Terminator franchise is in the works at Paramount Pictures thanks to David Ellison and his Skydance Productions and Megan Ellison and her Annapurna Pictures. Unfortunately, the latter production banner has now dropped out of the reboot Terminator: Genesis, though she will still have an executive produce credit. Skydance Productions is still sticking around to fund 66% of the project with Paramount forking over the dough for the rest, but those figures may change a bit once it's actually budgeted. The blockbuster franchise was out of the ordinary for Annapurna anyway, so this isn't surprising.

Megan Ellison told Deadline:

“We have been working closely with the filmmakers and have the utmost faith in their abilities. We love this project and the direction it is going in, but for now Annapurna’s primary focus is to produce independent films. As I am staying on as executive producer, I am looking forward to working closely with David and Paramount to make a film that will live up to the brands’ legacy and one that I know audiences will love.”

As of now, Jason Clarke is on board to play John Connor, the leader of the future revolution against the machines, and Emilia Clarke (no relation) from "Game of Thrones" will play his mother Sarah Connor. An actor still needs to be found for the role of Kyle Reese, who saves Sarah Connor in the original Terminator. Alan Taylor (Thor: The Dark World) will be at the helm of the reboot arriving July 1st, 2015.

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Reader Feedback - 19 Comments


This movie smells of failure already. I bet they actually pulled out because of how stupid this is going to turn out and them not wanting a part of the blame. Terminator: Genesis, what are they even on!? Just give us a Terminator vs Robocop movie or a Terminator vs Aliens vs Predator movie and it will be awesome okay guys.

Damon King on Jan 23, 2014


Oh ye of little faith. Tis it not the great and grand Alan Taylor at thy helm? Stay strong puny human, for many of us still hold faith.

Trey Wilson on Jan 24, 2014


LOL, I have more faith in the Robocop reboot than the Terminator movies they've been awful since Rise Of The Machines. On another note, I vote Luke Mitchell to play Kyle Reese he looks exactly like Michael Biehn back in his youth when he played the character. It's just weird how Luke Mitchell embodies his mannerisms an exact clone I say.

BinaryChaos on Jan 24, 2014


With the reboot of Robocop that's not a bad idea a lot of people would clamor to see a Robocop vs. Terminator type movie and with both franchises failing on all fronts it would be smart for the studios to collaborate on the idea. You know what's funny too Arnold was originally chosen to play Robocop as well but they dropped the idea of him thinking the suit would be too bulky with him in it.

BinaryChaos on Jan 24, 2014


Hollywood making Terminator vs Robocop is the only reason I'm even remotely interested in these reboots but somehow i think that if they did make it, it wouldn't be as good as the Sega genesis video game.

Jon Garza on Jan 24, 2014


No bad news here, just let the damn thing go.. do something else

Tester on Jan 24, 2014


I just can't see Jason Clarke playing John Connor... sorry, I just can't. As I far I know, or at least on IMDB, it has been officially confirmed that he has even been casted. Can anyone else back this up?

DarthVerous on Jan 24, 2014


I dont know about that as of yet. The guy has a pretty good resume' and is pretty charismatic. But i have to admit that im skeptical about this new franchise. I actually liked Salvation and thought that movie had brought it back to life but i guess not. Unfortunately tho, something like this wont just die, theres always gonna be another label trying to pick up the rights to just keep pumping them out. Nothing much we can do about it but perhaps not voluntarily watch em.

Rock n Rollllll on Jan 24, 2014


I liked Salvation as well. Christian Bale played a very believable John Conner IMO. Yes, people will still criticize about this film and about 3 and how awful they both are. Everyone, has their own opinion. The only thing that bugged me in Salvation was that it didn't explain how John Conner and the Resistance was able to obtain that much military technology after Judgment Day... to me, that shouldn't even be possible. Most cities where destroyed, and it would have taken years to gather up all of the military weaponry before Skynet considered it to be a threat and decided to blow it all up.

DarthVerous on Jan 24, 2014


I think what happened is that they (Resistance) probably found secret bunkers full of ammo caches and equipment which imho doesnt sound too far fetched. Also, i liked Salvation.

Jon Garza on Jan 24, 2014


Just getting tired of all the John Connors. Surely there were other / better / more original stories to be told in the Terminator universe. Something involving the resistance in the post d-day time period would have been nice a-la Salvation - but maybe not solely centralized on Connor.

avconsumer2 on Jan 24, 2014


Yeah i agree, it could be expanded more. Perhaps maybe more on how Skynet takes over and how it operates and what not. I still think Edward Furlong should of just been in part 3, but maybe he saw the script and thought it was horrible lol. My personal opinion, I think Gerard Butler could pull off a damn good post-d-day John Connor.

Rock n Rollllll on Jan 24, 2014


Gerard Butler? Surely you jest. Gerard Butler? Say it ain't so. Oh well, one's man's floor is another man's ceiling and Butler in my floor. Sorry to hear he's your it's all moot. Without Cameron at the helm and having written the script these movies will never be any good. Or certainly not as good as the two he did...especially the second one. So...Gerard Butler??? Ye gads!

Bo on Jan 24, 2014


Ohhhhh yes, you're the 60 yr old "articulate" gentleman who had so much negative and condescending things to say about the fanbase surrounding "comic book movies" a few days ago. I happened to hold my tongue that day even though you came off as a real closed-minded jagoff; however now that you and i are finally crossing paths and your comment is directed towards me, let me just tell you this, You're just a 60 year old douchebag who has nothing else to do but jump on here, post rude and condescending comments and make others feel like their taste in genre's should be outlawed because not everyone shares your opinion and standards on what YOU think is suitable to watch these days. Its not a matter of "growing up" as you said, or a matter of living some false reality, its simply entertainment from a mythological universe. It's very marvelling to know that as kids we've chosen to take an interest in reading something that is now, years later, has pretty much dominated the cinematic universe, and not to mention, the fact that todays technology can implement it in film and bring it to life. But hey, If you dont enjoy them or like them, well thats all fine, to each their own. What angers me is that you personally jab at the fanbase surrounding it and insult them. You dont have to insult our intelligence and tell us to grow up, moreover, tell us how you're "Thanking the gods" cause you had elders who "rattled and shook" to help you realize the world you're living in. Oh, just cause people enjoy this genre, we're not educated or cultured right?! PFFFF give me a f****** break! This site is for opinions/comments on upcoming films, If you have so much to preach on the way people should choose to live their lives, well Mr. Bo, you're place is at detox clinics, helping others rehabilitate their troubled lives as that is where your time is needed and should be spent. Not here. No one is reaching out to you for your perception on how to live a just and truthful life including and especially, what to joyously watch. So if thats what you feel you must do, there are more relevant environments out there for you to do it. And finally, yes,thats right, i said Gerard Butler. I believe Gerard has the charisma to pull it off, of course if James was back at the helm, then perhaps i may consider others but for this new franchise, Gerard is just one of the people i would choose, so calm down old man, like i said before, not everyone and everything revolves around your particular taste, so get off your high horse before you get knocked down!

Rock n Rollllll on Jan 27, 2014


My, my...such anger...which serves as a cover for intense fear. Your chosen name indicates much of the fear residing beneath the surface, my friend. Of course, none of your post has any meaning except to you. Your reactions to my postings are only revealing what's going on inside your head and it doesn't look to comfortable. Yes, you can blame me for all your inner bile, but I have nothing to do with it. Also, what is indicated here as that you position yourself, as well as all others here, in the 'victim's stance. That too is your own choice. And yes, I will admit that I challenged those who find comic book movies worthy. What's the matter? Too insecure to face challenges and engage in heated discussions.Your words, again, have no meaning for me. Especially your name calling. That's grade school silliness, which is what I challenge the mentality of comic book movies in the first place. I would suggest that you try to calm down, wonder why it would make you so angry as to need to pour out this bile as if it would have some effect on me. An intelligent and reasonably sane person might read my postings and wonder. 'Um, I don't agree right away with what is being said here, but let me 'think' for a moment just what this person's 'opinion' means. Where this person is coming from. Is there any truth to this? Am I missing something here? Is there a chance for me to learn from another point of view, especially from one that is a bit older and probably a lot wiser than myself? Or do I want to remain what I'm accusing them of being which is a closed-minded jag-off?' Are my perceptions of this person being distorted by my own fears and insecurities? Interesting questions that most people never ask themselves. Instead, they go to super hero comic book movies to lose themselves and their fears watching people fly around battling huge robots. And grown men doing this? Tis a pity. Sorry, can't help but challenge you again, but there's no doubt I've forgotten more than you'll ever know because it seems you don't know that you don't know. Do you know that? That you don't know that you don't know and that you don't want to know that you don't know? How's that for a challenge? I can't bring myself to relate to you as what, Rock n' Rollll...? With all those l's...come on, man. And you expect to be taken seriously? It's that kind of silliness I'm talking about. Grow up and wake up. You're out of you league here. If you want to discuss my perceptions and views in a more intelligent manner I invite you to do so. Otherwise, go about your usual nonsense and don't meddle with me. Peace..

Bo on Jan 27, 2014


older - yes, wiser - pffff HA okay. Whatever helps 60 yr old men sleep at night these days. Whats even more hilarious is you think you can analyze and dissect people just from reading a couple posts claiming they have 'insecurities and fears'. Wow, that just tells me how far you're out there. No, I think YOU'RE the one that is perhaps detached from reality and may need help getting back to the realm as it appears you are in a world all by yourself. You can continue to spew out all the rhetoric and psycho-babble bullshit you want, to make you feel superior i guess, but im sorry old man, its just not enough to pierce my skin and make me feel that i'm 'insecure and/or fearful' of my reality. So, to conclude this little back and forth we got going here, i'd like to let you know that i have no desire to discuss perceptions and or views with someone who likes to self-claim his intelligence (over the internet no less) on a forum/blog site about movies. No, if you are half intelligent as you claim, you would not be here judging people but instead maybe trying to understand the youth of this generation as it is US who is now taking care of people like you. You, sir, are a judgemental, self-righteous, 'douchebag' whom i no longer care to have the slightests of conversations with in any way. I'm sure you'll have something to reply, but just know that the last thing you decide to say will fall on deaf ears as i no longer care to troll this conversation. Good luck living the rest of your life in the jailed reality you created.

Rock n Rollllll on Jan 27, 2014


You poor young sod. But thanks. I will contine to live in a world by myself. I do not suffer from the 'herd mentality'. Or the shallow popular culture. Look, Rock n Rollllllllll...this is a waste of time for both of us. 'The ordinary ruck has praise for the lowest virtures, admiration for the medicore, and for the highest virtures no sense at all.' Ask yourself where you fit in there. It's an old saying, my man, which you no doubt will have disdain for as you seem to for all that is old. Carry on. You seem as though you own this site and those who post and what they can post or not post. Interesting. Right now, today, you are an ignorant young guy. I wish you well and time will tell if you ever decide to crawl out of that hole. It'll take courage and self-honesty and a craving to being free and other than a programmed robot. Most never leave that hole. Take care....grow up. Stop giving me such importance. I speak the truth. Ordinary rucks fight and whine and name call out of fear and not wanting to see things as they really are. Comfort in the herd and all that. Oh, one other thing. I was being ironic and joking with you in regards to Gerald Butler. You missed the irony and laughter of that, which ordinary ruck usually do. Don't bother replying as I'll just delete it. No sense attempting communication with, your words here, 'deaf ears'.

Bo on Jan 27, 2014


Just Needs True Creative Smart Captivating Sensible Story

Ehsan Davodi on Jan 24, 2014


They need to stop! After Terminator 2 (James Cameron) the rest are bs at best.

TyeFighterPilot on Jan 26, 2014

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