More Black Widow in 'Avengers: Age of Ultron' + Her Own Movie Soon?

February 13, 2014

Scarlett Johansson

In April, we'll see plenty of Black Widow action when Scarlett Johansson joins Chris Evans for the Marvel sequel Captain America: The Winter Soldier. However, unlike her first go round in The Avengers, apparently Joss Whedon's follow-up The Avengers: Age of Ultron will feature the bad ass character in a very big role, one that will give us some more insight into Nathasha Romanoff as a character. Kevin Feige recently spoke with Total Film (via Comic Book Movie) and said, "We learn more about her past and learn more about where she came from and how she became in that film." But that might not be all.

Feige adds this nice little tease for fans who might want to see more of Romanoff in action down the road, "The notion of exploring that even further in her own film would be great, and we have some development work with that." There have been rumblings of S.H.I.E.L.D. getting their own movie exploring the exploits of Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) and his team, which just happens to include Clint Barton (Jeremy Renner) and Johansson's Natasha Romanoff, but no concrete plans have surfaced. We'd love to see a movie about Barton and Romanoff's past missions since they were hinted at in The Avengers.

Of course, it'll be interesting to see what happens to the Marvel universe after Captain America: The Winter Soldier hits theaters. The latest trailer hints at some pretty big moves regarding S.H.I.E.L.D. becoming a little too nosy and protective for their own good. Feige himself said this sequel will definitely shake things up as we head towards The Avengers: Age of Ultron. Feige explains:

"We wanted to change the dynamic of the cinematic universe with this film. We wanted Cap and really the entire cinematic universe to be very different at the end of 'Winter Soldier' than it is at the beginning. Therefore, when we meet the Avengers at the top of 'Age of Ultron,' it's a very different landscape than we left them at the end of the first film. Partially that's because we love the rhythm that the comic books have developed. Each of the characters appear in their runs, occasionally they get together for a big event or crossover series, they part again, and then they come back together again."

Keep in mind that there's still one more Phase Two film arriving before this section of the Marvel universe comes to a close with The Avengers: Age of Ultron on May 1st, 2015. Later this summer, Guardians of the Galaxy will make their debut, and we're pretty sure whatever action and adventure that ragtag team of heroes will see far out in space will have some sort of effect on the Marvel universe. The first trailer for James Gunn's film that arrives between the Captain America and The Avengers sequels should be arriving soon so stay tuned. What do you think is in store for the Marvel universe.

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My dream line-up for Phase Three: The Increible Hulk 2 with Mark Ruffalo, Loki movie, Black Widow movie, Runaways, Dr. Strange and Ant-Man.

Miguel Garay Boszeta on Feb 13, 2014


Don't forget about Black Panther.

MattPeloquin on Feb 13, 2014


or the Beta Ray Bill spin-off! Hahaha!

DAVIDPD on Feb 13, 2014


I want Runaways to be a TV show. It has so much more possibility as a series.

Kento on Feb 13, 2014


The agents of shield die in a plane crash, I which Coulson dies and survives, and he has no choice but to team up with Tigra and She Hulk as they set off to train, and launch a pilot for: Avengers Academy.

The Walking Cuban on Feb 14, 2014


I dont think the Hulk should get another movie unless its Iron Man & the Hulk... or Planet Hulk. He needs another hero to play off of, or a whole other world.

Sky on Feb 13, 2014


PLANET HULK would be fucking great! But depending on how successful GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, it probably not happen.

DAVIDPD on Feb 13, 2014


I could see guardians of the galaxy leading into a captain marvel movie.

Anthony Moore on Feb 16, 2014


I so pumped for Guardians of the Galaxy! I think its gunna do really well, people were saying the same things about Thor, and it did great. He has now been in three movies! I am already thinking now that there can been so much more than just Three Phases of this Marvel Universe. They just need to keep replacing the actors, like they did Ruffalo for the Hulk, James Bond up the whole Superhero thing so stories can continue over decades

Sky on Feb 18, 2014


Mine would be: HULK 2 (Ruffalo), BLACK PANTHER, DOC STRANGE, CAP 3, ANT-MAN. And maybe GUARDIANS 2...

DAVIDPD on Feb 13, 2014


I was kind of hoping for a Black Widow/Lady Sif team-up. B.W. for the smarts and sneakage and Sif for the super-powered heavy lifting. Hopefully we'll get a hint of what that would look like when Sif and Agent May share the small screen in AofS.

David Young on Feb 13, 2014


I just want a Black Panther movie with Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje as the lead. Seems unlikely now that he was Kurse in Thor 2. Sigh.

wat on Feb 13, 2014


That's the same sigh I sighed about Djimon Honsou being (wasted) cast as Korath the Pursuer in GotG. What's next? Chiwetel Ejiofor as Terrax the Tamer?

The Walking Cuban on Feb 14, 2014


Yeah it would be cool for AAA and Djimon to co-star in Black Panther. Ugh Marvel, what's WRONG with you guys?

wat on Feb 14, 2014


I do know one thing: black panther looks like batman. I would hate for him to be looked at as the black batman, or the male catwoman lol! Then again, people gon think what they gon think. Thing is, Luke Cage is coming out on Netflix, and I know it's tv, but it's also several hours more than a movie. You'd think after Blade there would've been more black heroes by now. Only thing I don't like is when comics get turned into civil rights issues, and plenty people out there are doing that. I just wanna watch a movie! And them it's "no Johnny storm is white". He may be, but fire isn't always red, orange, or yellow, sometimes it's blue! I'd rather a black Johnny storm than a blue human torch

The Walking Cuban on Feb 14, 2014


Agreed. Also, wow I forgot about the Netflix shows. Did they ever give a time for their release?

wat on Feb 14, 2014


2015 is all I know. But in my head, here's Luke Cage and IronFist.

The Walking Cuban on Feb 14, 2014


umm maybe the mask facially looks the same but then again Batman's classic costume is a cowl with the bat wings sticking up the sides of his head . While Panther's is merely an all-black costume , skintight mask over his face ( they just draw his jaw justting out further , incostume ) they really look nothing alike . Esp with Batman's lighter color around his chest and jsut as obv when the mask comes off he'll look NOTHING like any Batman actor ....

Dominic on Feb 17, 2014


Preaching to the choir here, I was playing devil's advocate. I agree with ya. But Val Kilmer's facial features... I think he's an albino, I don't know

The Walking Cuban on Feb 17, 2014


MARVEL desperately needs a new cash making solo character to replace Iron-Man. Unfortunately only Spiderman can achieve that and he is in foreign hands. Although I like Black Panther and Doc Strange they're THOR level characters at best. A Black Widow solo movie would tank in a Catwoman fashion. So like everyone here I guess Phase 3 will be more movie but with a lower budget and more diversity.

Ntabuye Paul on Feb 14, 2014


Can we get a ms marvel movie before black widow plz -.-;

Anthony Moore on Feb 16, 2014

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