MoviePass Testing New AMC Theatres Deal to Include 3D & IMAX

December 17, 2014
Source: New York Times

AMC Theatres / MoviePass

Back in 2011, when the idea of the MoviePass was introduced, movie theater chains across the country were enraged and wanted no part of cooperating with the company trying to deliver unlimited movies to theater goers. Then in 2012, the service hit the marketplace by using a debit card combined with an iOS app, and it's been up and running ever since. They've had some hiccups as far as their service goes, mainly the introduction of the 24-hour countdown between movie check-ins that ruins any chance for late evening into midnight double features, but now they might be improving by striking their first movie theater partnership.

The New York Times reports MoviePass is teaming with AMC Theatres, the second largest movie theaters chain in North America, that expands their service of allowing people to see one free movie (not the same movie twice) everyday for the price of a monthly fee. The new deal with AMC will introduce this service in Boston and Denver beginning in January, and while it's not specified in the article, we're assuming that what will make this deal a little more convenient is that AMC Theatres will probably have their own MoviePass card that doesn't require customers to check into a movie on a mobile application first.

In addition, what sweetens the deal is a new premiere tier for those who want to try out the MoviePass partnership with AMC Theaters. Right now, the monthly fee (which ranges from $30 to $35 depending on location) for current MoviePass customers only covers standard format movies, but AMC Theatres and MoviePass will offer a $45 option that will include IMAX and 3D formats as well. That's something that would be a sweet addition to the current MoviePass membership deal, but we're betting that they want to try it out with AMC first before making it more widely available.

The subscription model has been working well for Netflix, Spotify and Rhapsody with movies and music, so this kind of deal is a no-brainer, especially as movie theater attendance declines in all the sweet demographics. The profit comes from those users who pay for the service but don't see enough movies to cover that cost themselves. The model has been working for MoviePass to keep them going for a couple years now, and if this new deal with AMC Theatres works out, you may see the membership service adopted in more chains across the country. But we'll see. If you're in Boston or Denver, let us know how it goes!

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This sounds exciting. I mean, for $45 bucks a month, in theory, you could see a movie every day...and you would be getting a lot of value for your money. When you consider that the typical movie ticket is in the range of 10 dollars. Even seeing a movie every other day would be about 15 movies, which, at $10 a pop would be 150 bucks. Basically, for the type that LOVES going to the theater, this would be a great value for your dollar.

Chris Groves on Dec 17, 2014


But keep in mind that you can only see each movie once. That's where the catch is. In it's current inception of just MoviePass by itself, it's still worth your while if you see tons of movies and live near multiple theaters with a variety of blockbusters and indie releases.

Ethan Anderton on Dec 17, 2014


You can see each movie as many times as you want! I've had it for 2 years. Saw Guardians 8 times using Movie Pass...

Kento on Dec 17, 2014


Is it perhaps just once in a day? like, you can't see Guardians twice in a day, but once on Monday, once on Tuesday is acceptable?

Chris Groves on Dec 18, 2014


According to what I read you can only see a movie once. The thing is you can only use movie pass once every 24 hours. I will give it a shot...maybe it will work..

537les on Oct 29, 2015


Well they might of fixed the glitch since then...I will give it a try, but it keeps a record on the app so I don't think it will work.

537les on Oct 29, 2015


Ah, only each movie once might be tricky.

Chris Groves on Dec 18, 2014


Right now 2 both my local theaters are under construction so half the auditoriums are closed so there aren't many playing. There is a AMC about 20 minutes away, 30 including traffic. I still see at least 4 movies a month, usually more.

537les on Oct 29, 2015



Joker's hideout on Dec 17, 2014


As long as it has IMAX. Then again I'm in Canada, and considering this is a gradual rollout for the US, I'm thinking this will be just a fantasy for a couple years at least.

OfficialJab on Dec 17, 2014


Yeah, even here in the US, they seem to be starting in like, two cities. This won't be nationwide for a while. Even when it is across all AMC theaters, that still doesn't exactly cover everywhere. My nearest AMC theater is a good hour away, my two 'local' theaters aren't AMC...they are smaller chains, so it will be even longer before they even think about adopting something like this. This being any kind of common thing seems to be at least a good 3-5 years away. Might come in handy once we start getting 3 Marvel Studios movies, 2-3 DC movies, 1 Star Wars movie and 1-2 Pixar movies every single year though.

Chris Groves on Dec 17, 2014


The only concern is that in 'dead months' where there aren't a lot of great films out, you're losing money. Paying the $30-$45 fee when there might not be any movies you're interested in. So then you are compelled to go see SOMETHING, ANYTHING just to be getting your money's worth. Making numerous trips to the theater, spending gas money that you normally wouldn't be spending to make up for the monthly fee you are paying and want to get 'value' for. So I can see how this might not be a super attractive offer for some. If you live within walking distance of a great theater though, it would be a sin not to get something like this.

Chris Groves on Dec 17, 2014


Where in the world are movies 10 bucks? In major cities like NYC and LA it's 13-16 depending if you go day or nighttime and that's not even 3d or IMAX prices which go up to $20. Even if u saw 3 movies a month you will still end up winning. Even dead months like the last two months has at least 3 decent movies to watch so the pass is a steal. Been using it for over a year and love it. Saves me more money than anyone I know. Just wish arclights used them.

Barnaby Barrilla on Dec 17, 2014


San Francisco, Austin, Miami... lots of cities have 10 dollar movies still.

Kento on Dec 17, 2014


I was speaking on average. Of my two local theaters, the better one is 10 bucks for a standard ticket, and the other is 9 dollars. That is a 2D showing. 3D is 2-3 bucks more and matinees are 2-3 bucks less. I don't live in a major city though.

Chris Groves on Dec 18, 2014


Well it's $10.15 ($10.65 weekends) $6.90 1st showing of the day and $8.90 before 6pm. Tuesdays it's $5.50 all day..The other one I go to is $10.80 after 6pm ($11.05 weekends) $9.02 before 6pm and $4.92 (with club card) and $5.97 (without card) on Tuesdays. AMC theaters are a bit more but not much unless you see Imax or Imax 3D (15.00 non 3D $18 3D).

537les on Oct 29, 2015


I have been using this lovely service for over a year here in Atlanta where we have a plethora of theaters to choose from, yea for me, and I have been waiting for this option to come along the whole time. I am one of those people who make sure they at the very least break even every month with my MoviePass, read: not married. I took a survey from MP about 6 months ago asking if I would be interested in paying a higher amount for the inclusion of 3d and Imax films to which I answered in the loud positive. As it stands, I would still go see movies in 3D or fake Imax / RPX or even real Imax at the Mall of Georgia and if I wanted to see it again, I would just use the Pass and just see it in regular format. I guess that would stop, but I wouldn't be complaining. Bring it on already!

Whichhalfofthewit on Dec 17, 2014


Rip off.

DAVIDPD on Dec 17, 2014


I see 3-5 movies a week with Movie Pass... soooooo no... No it's not a rip-off. I'd be spending 30-50 dollars a week, that's 120-200 dollars a month on movies. But instead I spend 30

Kento on Dec 17, 2014


nope. sorry.

Kento on Dec 17, 2014


Movie Pass is the best thing that happened to me as a movie goer... I use it so much. For over 2 years now. Never going to drop my subscription. Here's hoping the 3D stretches to other theaters soon.

Kento on Dec 17, 2014


I'd love this. I spend at least 15-18/mo depending if it's the < noon 2d show ($7.5) at AMC or an evening w lie-max & 3d($17.5). There's many dramas & kid movies I don't watch in theater as they're as good at home, but I'd love to see them when fresh & the hot topic. And during the "blockbuster" season? I saw 10 of intended 11movies in 13 weeks the summer of 2014. Most in 3d &/or lie-Max. $45 for a month's sub even imyrrhibis I didn't use it more than 1 show in another month, would pay for itself quickly between Mar-Aug, then the Tgiving-Xmas Day span.

VAharleywitch on Dec 21, 2014

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