Must Watch: Awesome Animated Short 'Batman vs The Terminator'

February 26, 2014
Source: YouTube

Batman vs The Terminator Short

"You picking this up, John?" Dang, this is cool. There's an animated short making its way around online (tip via Wired) titled simply Batman versus The Terminator. Enough said. That title alone should be more than needed to make you want to watch this, whatever it is. Well, it's a 5-minute long animated short film from a New Zealand-based filmmaker named Mitchell Hammond that does indeed pit the legendary Bruce Wayne, aka Batman, against The Terminator, aka Skynet, among other things. Set in the year 2029, three decades after Skynet's nuclear blasts, Wayne emerges with a vehicle called "The Stinger" to head out to find John Connor. I love the visual style of this, it's an incredibly well made short, great work. Enjoy below.

Watch Hammond's full short Batman versus The Terminator on YouTube, thanks to Wired for the tip.

Synopsis: 30 years have passed since Bruce Wayne survived Skynet's nuclear blasts in August of '97. Iron demons now roam the planet, and without the requirement to defend the innocent against crime and injustice, Wayne has seeked refuge in the bomb shelter that saved his life; the Batcave. Having scavenged the wasteland for resources, he discovers the radio of a dead soldier. There is static over a frequency. Flesh and blood is rising up to the west. With The Stinger; a riot control vehicular unit built before the apocalypse along with a refitted bomb blast vest, Batman makes his way across what remains of the United States to join forces with the man determined to neutralize the electronic menace - John Conner. Original Concept by Tony Guerrero, Original Music by Noir Deco, with Animation/Sound Editing/Writing/Directing by New Zealand filmmaker Mitchell Hammond. For more info visit his blog here. Thoughts?

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That was dope.

Nick Sears on Feb 26, 2014


That was awesome! Please make this into a series! So sick.

SkyNet300 on Feb 26, 2014


Fanboy McFanboy in me loves this so hard.

DAVIDPD on Feb 27, 2014


This had more of a Terminator 'feel' than T3 or Salvation.

Steven on Feb 27, 2014


Animated, still darker than any of the Marvel movies 😀

dawko on Feb 27, 2014


Everything was working then Batman spoke, a helium voice would have sounded better....

DJROBL on Feb 27, 2014


So, is this SkyNet, or Hardac?

Dan Hibiki on Feb 27, 2014


Good start! Six degrees of separation - Christian Bale edition.

avconsumer2 on Feb 27, 2014


Although I prefer Robocop vs Terminator , its not short masterpiece but i like it.

Ehsan Davodi on Feb 27, 2014


Love it! Had to come back for more! When Batman reaches the gate is spot on a F**k you Sally moment. Gives me chils every time.

Armitall on Feb 27, 2014


Yeah but wouldn't Superman come in and just save humanity...

backwardsprogress on Feb 27, 2014


like the style of this. Wish it was a game.

Tyrell Antonio on Feb 27, 2014

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