Must Watch: Impressive 'Akira Project' Live-Action Fan-Film Trailer

May 11, 2014
Source: Twitter

Akira Live-Action

"Tetsuooo!!" There's a very impressive live-action Akira fan-film going around the web we must share. While we wait for Hollywood to figure out what the heck to do with their own Akira movie, still stalled somewhere in development, we at least have this to keep us anxiously awaiting a feature adaptation that turns out awesome. Nguyen-Anh Nguyen directs this crowd-funded live-action take on the manga titled The Akira Project, which is finally ready to be shown off in trailer form. The cast includes Osric Chau as Kaneda and Xavier Yuvens as Tetsuo, with Simon Li as Yamagata and Judy Wong as Kei. There's some great work in here for a fan-film, showing Hollywood how it should be done before they even had a chance.

Watch Nguyen-Anh Nguyen's fan-film The Akira Project trailer, direct from their own YouTube:

"The Akira Project is a crowd-sourced, non-profit project meant to create a live action fan trailer of Akira, the renowned manga-turned-anime film from the late 1980's; a stunning example of both mediums as art forms. While Hollywood has been working on a live-action Akira movie for a few years now, we, as fans, wanted to take a shot at making our own adaptation. A chance to stick as close to the source material as possible. A chance to do Akira Justice." This first launched as a 2012 Indiegogo project, but after "a global endeavour, filled with adventures and hurdles, involving more than 40 artists in 12 different countries" they have finished. "We hope to have done justice to the timeless work of Katsuhiro Otomo and look forward to, someday, seeing the full scope of the Akira story translated to the big screen as a live-action." Thoughts?

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I liked where they were going with it before it got stalled. The concept art was amazing.

OfficialJab on May 11, 2014


Akira should never be make into live action movie, it will never be good no matter how hard they try. the concept just does not fits.

Quynh Truong on May 11, 2014


Why do people always say that they hope a movie never gets made? If you don't like what's made then just don't watch it and let the rest of the other people who might have a different opinion from you enjoy it.

nate on May 11, 2014


Because in the grand scheme of things it lowers the quality of future movies. If Katsuhiro Otomo, the man who created the manga and made the anime, decided he wanted to make a live-action film. I, and many other people, would be all for it. But it's incredibly difficult to make a coherent Akira movie, just look at the 2,000+ page manga. Hell, even the anime was confusing and Otomo was behind it! Warner Bros. adaptation would more than likely be white-washed VFX extravaganza that would miss a lot of the points in the manga. Did you know early drafts of the script had Tetsuo renamed as Travis? Travis. Think about that.

axalon on May 11, 2014


This movie was already made. it's called Akira. It came out in 1988, and it's great. Don't see why it needs to be re-made.

oct8pus on May 12, 2014


This is amazing. It would be interesting to see if they could really pull off something of this caliber for a feature, and also manage to be something coherent. I would love a project like this if it were done well and kept in so many of the iconic images from the comic book like this trailer did. I think the biggest problem now is the business and politics of it all. the best way to do it in my opinion would be to make it Japanese, but that would likely have less box office potential and possibly a lower budget, but to get the higher budget theyd probably have to include a few out of place A list actors like andrew garfield (love the guy, dont want to see him in akira) and make some compromises to the story. ultimately i think it would just be a matter of funding. It would be a very high budget project to be done well but to market it in order to make money back hollywood would have to do some damage to the concept, i would guess. Its unfortunate, but i dont blame hollywood studios for not wanting to dish out a few hundred million dollars to make a scifi based on an underground cult classic from the 80s (At least in america).

jay on May 11, 2014


Seriously, Warner Bros should give these kids the money they need to go out and make it a feature film.

Trey Wilson on May 11, 2014


I like the beginning a lot, but it fall apart towards the end. I'd be happier if it was redone as an anime.

DAVIDPD on May 11, 2014


This movie would work if they made it, #TheAkiaProject. #Hollywood needs to grow a pair of fucking balls and make this movie as accurate as possible the to the original anime. But no i doubt it the will fuck it up with their overpaid writers who insist on taking credit for an original plot with a cheesy PG13 rating with cornball actors to make it safe so families can go. Movie would prob have 1 or 2 token asian actors that won't be main characters and worst part is the plot change from original source material. IMO Kazuaki Kiriya should make this movie in Japan. I would not mind Japanese subtitles if its done right with a rated R rating. If you never heard of Kazuaki Kiriya he did Casshern which is visually stimulating and Akira would fit perfect for his style. If #Hollywood reads this take a risk. Do not white wash this movie. Do what Zack Snyder did to Watchmen. Rated R and just like the graphic novel. No cheesy one line comedy puns and keep it dark and most important the score has to be Tsutomu Ōhashi.

TKB on Feb 10, 2015

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