New 'Death of Superman Lives' Trailer Explores Tim Burton's Vision

August 19, 2014

Death of Superman Lives: What Happened?

Back during Comic-Con, director Jon Schepp made the timely debut of a trailer for his gestating documentary The Death of Superman Lives: What Happened? Now we get another glimpse of the doc which is still in production and looking for help with a FanBacked campaign. For those who don't know, the film is about the failed attempt by director Tim Burton to create a new Superman film with Nicolas Cage as the DC Comics superhero. This new trailer focuses on the crazy vision for the movie that included monsters, weird landscapes, a translucent, Sigfried & Roy-style  Superman suit, and much more insanity.

Here's the second trailer for The Death of Superman Lives: What Happened? (via SlashFilm):

The Death of Superman Lives: What Happened? is directed by Jon Schnepp and explores the failed production of a Superman film that was supposed to be directed by Tim Burton (Batman, Beetlejuice) and written by Kevin Smith (Clerks). The film documents the making of the film that was never to be, talking about the casting of Nicolas Cage as Superman, the story that included villains like Brainiac and even a cameo by Batman. With concept art, behind the scenes footage, interviews and more, this is the most in-depth chronicle of the Superman movie we'll never see. There's no release date just yet, because the film still needs to be completed. Donate here to help finish the documentary for everyone to see. Your thoughts?

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Id rather ATM withdraw as much money as i can and throw it out the window when driving on the freeway than pitch in to have this monstrosity completed.

Rock n Rollllll on Aug 19, 2014


You do realize that this is to complete the documentary, and not Tim Burton's film, right?

Drejhead on Aug 19, 2014


Hell, I'd withdraw my life savings and donate it all if it meant the completion of Tim Burton's film!

Neuromancer on Aug 19, 2014


An even bigger waste of money then??

Steven on Aug 20, 2014


If no one gives a shit about the film, why would you think anyone would give a shit about the documentary?! Its a crap shoot for both.

Rock n Rollllll on Aug 20, 2014


A terrible Superman film idea, but maybe a cool NEW superhero idea...

Bill on Aug 19, 2014


Nic Cage is a legend. 8 mm was awesome.

Xerxexx on Aug 19, 2014


Seems like such a wild kind of production. I'd love to watch this documentary, hopefully they get the funds they need.

Chris Groves on Aug 19, 2014


I don't recall people being all distraught that this wasn't made after the details came out. Audiences wanted to see Superman back on screen, but not in that way. I can't remember if it was in the bonus features of Superman Returns or the Look, Up in the Sky: The Amazing Story of Superman documentary, but I think they said that Burton's version of the film would include Superman throwing a blade-like "S"--almost like a bat-a-rang; in the spirit of Superman II's cellophane "S." Uh, no thanks. In fact, I remember when they said Nic Cage was in talks to play Superman & it was more like a collective "what?" Nic looks like Tim Burton in that [pictured] costume. Was that coincidence? Probably not.

FireMadeFlesh II on Aug 19, 2014


I bet. Although I want this doc to come to light, I am sure everyone involved was just super passionate about the original film.

DAVIDPD on Aug 19, 2014


Yeah, I would watch it too. --But knowing all those changes--and most importantly, a non-flying Superman (likely because this was way before movie flying effects were perfected--or at least what they look like in today's movies)--this was going to be a straight up Batman & Robin-level disaster.

FireMadeFlesh II on Aug 19, 2014


The way this trailer is edited is epic! So 90s.

DAVIDPD on Aug 19, 2014


Cage looks so lost.

Xerxexx on Aug 19, 2014


Thank the Gods this was never made, the love for Burton equals the horrific relevance of Cage.

Randall Miller on Aug 20, 2014


Y'know, if it wasn't SUPERMAN...this probably could've been an interesting flick. At least visually.

leemoder on Aug 20, 2014


This would have been so bad it'd be epic.

SkyNet300 on Aug 21, 2014

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