Fox & New Regency Cancel Steve Carell's North Korea Set Thriller

December 17, 2014
Source: Deadline

Steve Carell

Briefly: For those who didn't know, 20th Century Fox and New Regency were developing a thriller starring Steve Carell. We heard about this project back in October, but details were sparse on the story other than that it was a paranoia thriller. Now new details have emerged, but only because the project has been scrapped entirely. Deadline reports the film that was going to begin production in March, but the setting of the film was North Korea. And due to the recent uproar of threats to the US from the country due to the comedy The Interview, which has resulted in the film being pulled from theaters, the project is now dead.

Here's how Steve Carell responded to today's events:

It's not clear why the location couldn't just be changed, for the film that would have been directed by Pirates of the Caribbean franchise helmer Gore Verbinski from a script by Steve Conrad, but it's apparently not an option. The film was called Pyongyang, based on the graphic novel of the same name by Guy Deslisle, and it would have followed the author's travels in North Korea, made possible by a work visa obtained for his gig working on a children's cartoon show. Verbinski released this quote on the news:

Yesterday, I was told by New Regency and Fox that Fox will no longer be distributing the film. Prior to that, the film was green lit and fully funded by New Regency with Fox distributing. I have been told in no uncertain words that based on the situation at Sony, Fox has now decided to not distribute the film. Without a distributor, New Regency was forced to shut the film down.

My thoughts: I find it ironic that fear is eliminating the possibility to tell stories that depict our ability to overcome fear.

Remember when the remake of Red Dawn which changed its villains from being Chinese in post-production to avoid any potential conflict. The irony there is that the villains were changed to be North Korea, but that wasn't enough to piss them off back then. But still, this is just one more victory for our enemies as we let fear guide business decisions, even when there's no credible threat to national security. Who knows what other projects will be shut down in the wake of these insane events and reactions to cowardly threats.

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Reader Feedback - 12 Comments



Sky on Dec 18, 2014


LOL. I can't even...

DAVIDPD on Dec 18, 2014


I hereby declare, on this firstshowing comment section, that if any movies are made with derogatory references to Canada I will go to the studio's headquarters and flick staples at everyone. Think I'm bluffing? Try me.

OfficialJab on Dec 18, 2014


If only all despotic dictatorships were as easygoing as Canadians.

TheOct8pus on Dec 18, 2014


The streets will bleed golden brown with delicious Lanark county maple syrup

rickvanr on Dec 18, 2014


North Korea is a lost world ... I mean look at Canada - we make fun of them to death and they never threaten us... oh wait, its Canada ... see North Korea should be more like Canada, Ey? I love Canada TV - Trailer Park Boys RULE !!!!

shane willett on Dec 18, 2014


So...essentially North Korea is censoring movies in the States now....

TheOct8pus on Dec 18, 2014


Oh Hollywood... ye have teensy tinsy cojones. North Korean terrorists... lol.

avconsumer2 on Dec 18, 2014


Taken: 4 -- Bryan Mills goes to North Korea to take back Hollywood's nut sack!!

theslayer5150 on Dec 18, 2014


North Korea is a lost world ... I mean look at Canada - we make fun of them to death and they never threaten us... oh wait, its Canada ... see North Korea should be more like Canada, Ey?

shane willett on Dec 18, 2014


Pussy ass distributors.

Brian Sleider on Dec 18, 2014


Lots of naive and childish remarks here, which is typical of the American public. And why are all acts of our 'perceived enemies' labeled cowardly? Like the whole 9/11 thing was cowardly. Like dropping the two Atomic bombs on two different cities in Japan killing hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians, many of them women and children, wasn't cowardly...but wait...heroic? Are we all in some kind of hypnotic insane trance? You think for a minute that these two films are not political and propaganda in nature? Bashing a country and it's leader; mocking the country and it's leader? Who happens to be a lunatic mass murderer? Do people in this country really think we can do this with impunity? Come on, now. How naive is that kind of thinking? Now that the chickens have come home to roost we are going to whine about it? Hey folks!...they don't think like we do and they don't believe as we do. You want to be free to express yourself? Go ahead. Ask the Dixie Chicks how that went for them and they were censored and bashed by their fellow Americans who supposedly believed in freedom of speech and expression too. Except when they don't like what you express or don't agree with you. Then they hand out their punishments heavily. Again, just ask the Dixie Chicks. What would any sane, intelligent, and mature person think would happen when you mock a mad man who is known to order killings of his own people who he didn't find in his favor? Duh? Even wanting to do such a thing is pretty stupid in my book; it's insane to think you can do it without some pretty serious repercussions! And then whine about it? My, embarrassing. And all over an immature, low brow of a movie. Sad, sad indeed!

Guest on Dec 18, 2014

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