Nicolas Winding Refn Checks into Haunted Hotel with 'The Bringing'

May 14, 2014
Source: Deadline

Nicolas Winding Refn

After pulling out two projects with Ryan Gosling in Drive and Only God Forgives, director Nicolas Winding Refn is ready to step into the horror genre. Deadline reports Refn is currently in early talks to direct The Bringing, a spec script by Brandon & Phillip Murphy that was picked up by Sony Pictures after an intense bidding war happened in February. The catalyst for the project was the mysterious tale of a young woman named Elisa Lam, who can be seen in a security video on an elevator in the Cecil Hotel in LA acting strangely before she disappeared and was found dead in one of the roof's water tanks two weeks later.

Here's the video of Elisa Lam, which is much creepier when you read the accompanying information here:

However, the script itself doesn't really have anything specific to do with Lam's death, but it sparked the idea for this script about a man investigating a death at the hotel, and the nightmare he stumbles into. Refn actually sought this project out as opposed to the studio trying to land him for the gig. With the hotel setting and the spooky nature, maybe Refn sees this as an opportunity to make is own version of The Shining without trying to imitate Stanley Kubrick obviously. Refn is a gifted filmmaker with a style all his own, and he can undoubtedly make a quiet, haunting horror flick work. We can't wait to hear more. Interested?

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Exciting! I've been hoping he would make a horror film, Kubrick style!

Marcus on May 14, 2014


Eee...that video is so unsettling. I think she was suffering from undiagnosed schizophrenia. I remember people said they only checked the water tanks because they thought their water "tasted funny".

DAVIDPD on May 14, 2014


Just looks like a drunk girl and not even that drunk. What's the big deal?

Jon Odishaw on May 14, 2014


From the Vigilant Citizen article linked above: "The L.A. County Department of Coroner ruled the death 'accidental due to drowning' and said no traces of drugs or alcohol were found during the autopsy. [...] [T]he rooftop area is protected by an alarm system and the water tank is difficult to reach."

Yaanu on May 14, 2014


I'm in, I'll watch anything this guy makes. Interesting idea for a script too.

Efterklang on May 14, 2014


Creepy shit. Bizarre story too, interested to see what Refn does with this.

grimjob on May 14, 2014


so creepy. can't wait to see what he does with it.

Quynh Truong on May 14, 2014


Everything he does is interesting! A few weeks back I did see Valhalla rising and I was blown away from it! He has the guts to follow his own path...

Avi on May 14, 2014


There's nothing strange about the way she's acting, she was just trying to get the elevator to close/work. That's why she keeps waving her hand in the doorway, and pressing all the buttons. What's strange is how the elevator just wouldn't work until she walked away.

Jesus Manuel Sandoval-Serrano on May 15, 2014


??? What ??? The bitch steps into an elevator, pushed all the buttons & after she exits the elevator it continues on it's journey to the ground floor, stopping at each floor DUE to all the buttons she pushed.... Hmmm.... Did I miss something ???.... I mean if that's scary to anyone, They should be on the U of A campus OR any college campus for that fact any Sunday morning after all the Friday night parties,... Now there's some scary bitches walking around, there. lol.

Douglas Mozitis on May 15, 2014


Anyone that finds it strange that the Elevator didn't start working till she exited it , sure haven't been in a big city. ( weight detector needs reset ) The elevator registered that there was too much weight to travel safely Or possibly another mechanical malfunction . GEEZ !!!!!.

Douglas Mozitis on May 15, 2014


I personally don't find it scary at all, just really sad because her naked body was found wedged in a water tank a couple weeks later, and absolutely no one knows what happened to her. That, combined with the video of her last appearance and the possibility that she may have committed suicide makes it very eerie and strange that she'd be acting paranoid, don't forget she's darting her head out of the elevator as if she's looking out for someone and she's hiding in the corner. Was she hallucinating? Was she disturbed? The toxicology report said she wasn't drugged or medicated. You can't deny it's strange to walk into an elevator and press all of the buttons. I think the scary part for people is that It's a combination of what they see in the video which is odd, and what they know happens to her shortly after. The hotel she was staying in housed The Nightstalker Richard Ramirez and an Australian serial killer for a while. So obviously a lot of people will make conclusions if they believe in haunted houses and ghosts and stuff like that. It's pretty obvious to me how someone can look at those facts and use it as a launching point or a very loose, rough basis for a haunted hotel movie.

NathanDewey on May 15, 2014


Anyone else notice the large male face in the elevator? It seems to be more visible when the girl leaves the elevator. Or, y'know, I could just be seeing things since it is a blurry recording...

Alice on May 15, 2014


Omg I did too! No Cecil Hotel for me!

Jessica on May 15, 2014


This hotel has a bad series of events! I work at a hotel and I'm scared too now lol.

Jessica on May 15, 2014


What's with the lobby windows changing to red at the end of the video when they were a weird black colour to begin with? That's what freaks me out!

Donna on May 16, 2014


It's another level of the hotel.

Lexou Daaz on May 16, 2014


That has to be the funniest thing I have read all night. It is a different floor.

Gary Sims on May 16, 2014

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