No Longer Will Character Actors Be Referred to as 'Hey, It's That Guy'

August 13, 2014
Source: EW

Rob Corddry

Day in and day out, character actors go without the recognition that superstars, blockbuster leading men and Oscar-winners get every single day. Most of the time audiences can't even be bother to learn their name, constantly pointing and saying "Hey, it's that guy!" or "It's that guy from that one thing." But some of Hollywood's character actors have had enough, and they're looking for some recognition. Entertainment Weekly has put together this powerful PSA featuring character actors like Rob Corddry, Doug Jones, Rob Huebel and more, making sure you know who they are, and they deserve to be called by their name.

Here's EW's important message from the character actors of Hollywood:

Donald Faison, Matt Walsh, David Costabile, Silas Weir Mitchell, Anthony Stewart Head, Donal Logue and Mark Evan Jackson aren't anywhere near covering all the various actors who don't gain the fame of actors like Tom Hanks. Though this PSA is tongue-in-cheek in nature, character actors deserve serious recognition, because their performances allow the leading man to shine, giving them just the right performance to play off of on the big and small screen. However, we're wondering where all the character actresses are in this video, because it's not just these supporting male talents who go unnoticed.

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Awesome. We need more of these.

Xerxexx on Aug 13, 2014



TorpedoVegas on Aug 13, 2014


No, the irony is that they were being facetious and you had absolutely no clue.

tommyturner on Aug 13, 2014


Wow, pal, do you have issues. Let's see you were an actor and (if you are the same "Bo" that has been posting elsewhere) you claim to have been a drill sergeant in 1967 (see comments about American Sniper film). Are you R. Lee Ermey? Seriously, all irony and facetiousness aside, you are one angry, miserable dude. Get some help before it's too late. Or not...the choice is yours.

tommyturner on Aug 13, 2014


Plus you tend to bloviate. Get some help for that too.

tommyturner on Aug 13, 2014


So your argument is based on insults.. tell me your age again?! The guy told us his opinion in very polite way and your argument is to tell him that needs help..

Nick D. on Aug 13, 2014


How did I insult him? He obviously got very angry and upset about (mainly) comedic actors making an obviously tongue in cheek PSA about not getting respect as character actors. He used words such as "hate", "envy" and "jealousy" when referring to these actors. He shows anger and bitterness towards these people. He should get some help to calm down and not take things so seriously. And he does bloviate. No insults. Facts...and concern.

tommyturner on Aug 13, 2014


By the way, Nick, he also called them "childish" and told them to "shut up" and "quit whining". But I'm the one hurling insults by telling Bo he's too angry. Interesting.

tommyturner on Aug 13, 2014


And calling them "bad actors", Nick, THAT wasn't insulting? Tsk-tsk. People in glass houses...

tommyturner on Aug 13, 2014


Yeah.. No it's not the same! Calling someone good or bad at their job and saying to someone you don't know that need psychiatric help... You direct assault him just because have a different opinion with you. You could just ignore him... BUT NO!!! no one can have any other opinion that yours.. What an insult to the Tommy the center of the universe. But I would not keep lowering for him, I spoke my mind, he if he wishes can defend himself. In our topic. Tommy they are bad actors that's a fact and not an insult.. Their work speak for them. My top in my mind is the series Dominion. Just look at him acting and honestly tell me that he is not a very bad and wooden actor. And that's only mr Head. Tell me, please, just tell me one of those actors who actually impressed you or inspired you or affect you in any positive way by watching their work. This video is a cry for attention. They started it cause the ppl don't recognize them... Boo fucking hoo.. As I said you are at Hollywood you have a job (even if you don't deserve one) and you are making good money. Ok not the millions that an "Oscar" actor makes, boo hoo... Again... You want me to remember your name? Earn it! So simple Tommy so simple...

Nick D. on Aug 13, 2014


No, YOU think they are bad actors. That is YOUR opinion - not a "fact". So, based on your logic (illogic), if I say you are an idiot and claim that to be a fact and not an opinion, then it isn't an insult. Interesting.

tommyturner on Aug 14, 2014


Prove me wrong then. Tell me one good acting scene from one of the above actors...

Nick D. on Aug 14, 2014


Both Robs are in Childrens Hospital which is hilarious. Donald Faison was on Scrubs which was a fantastic TV sitcom. Donal Logue most recently was on Sons of Anarchy last season and he was awesome. If you want me to argue that they are all DeNiro or Bogart, they obviously aren't, but I feel that are good at what they do. Getting back to the real reason I replied to your comments is that this was meant to be a funny bit. YOU and your buddy Bo took it as if they were SERIOUS. You both missed the point and your anger towards their obviously fake envy took over and it's making you both look kind of ridiculous.

tommyturner on Aug 14, 2014


you are describing a show... i never spoke about the shows they are in, i spoke about their acting.. tell me one scene that you actually said to yourself that this isn't an actor, this is the Character! one scene from all those in the commercial. just one that you said "sir please take this emmy award" No its not funny.. they presented as funny but they want to make a point, they want to get heard, they want recognition, they are just asking it in a funny way, cause if they where serious, all ppl would see their true selfs and the huge ego that those actors have unsatisfied...

Nick D. on Aug 14, 2014


So if you don't win an emmy or academy award, you are a bad actor? I guess Leonardo Dicaprio, Julianne Moore, Will Smith, Bill Murray and Johnny Depp are all bad actors. I tire of your illogic and deep seated anger. You are a loser. Yes, I am insulting you.

tommyturner on Aug 14, 2014


you know very well what i mean stop taking it so literally! all i am asking is to name one good performace to all of those actors from above, just one that impressed you so very much! but you avoiding to answer and instead you insult just because you are out of more reasonably arguments.. yeah... sorry but im not offended by insults from a guy with a nickname in a random site...

Nick D. on Aug 15, 2014


What did I accuse you of that wasn't true? I was told that I attacked you, but it was you who referred to me (albeit indirectly) as a pig. Hypocrite.

tommyturner on Aug 14, 2014


Dude. Stop arguing with strangers on the internet and go get laid. This is one of ten dumbest arguments I've ever encountered. It was a good article and decent entertaining PSA or maybe not whatever who the fuck cares. Go get some pussy or some dick and stop trying to act like people give a shit about your or anyone else's opinion on the internet. Fuck you. And fuck you too Bo.

Detective Fucku on Aug 14, 2014



Detective Fucku on Aug 14, 2014


oook we will talk when you get to the grows ups land..

Nick D. on Aug 15, 2014


I'm hurt.....but you DID read all the posts. You must have been entertained. Ka chow! I will take your advice and get laid immediately and I agree Hot Tub Time Machine is an awesome film which Corddry rocks every time he is on screen.

tommyturner on Aug 15, 2014


I agree!! If you feel that you dont get what you want from your current job you can always try something else and stop winning for Christ sake, you are at Hollywood and you are getting paid...

Nick D. on Aug 13, 2014


Matt Walsh and Donal Logue need to make something together.

DAVIDPD on Aug 13, 2014


I get what you're saying, and I totally agree, but I think it was a joke...

Guy who comments on things on Aug 13, 2014



Quanah on Aug 13, 2014



cobrazombie on Aug 14, 2014


Ummm you realize it was a joke right? Like... it's not a real PSA. They don't really think the things that they're saying. It's all for the sake of comedy...

Kento on Aug 14, 2014


serious Donal Fasion ???? He was kind of the second male lead in cluless, and second male lead in Scrubs, and he was Dr. Gravity in Kick Ass 2

shane willett on Aug 14, 2014


Well, I like to take pride that I know repeat "character actors" whose performances I enjoy. Then again, I recognize multiple VAs now days as well. I am quite happy watching the contribution to "Falling Skies" that Doug Jones is giving as Cochise. After I learned he was Abe Sapien + Pan's Labyrinth, he became a name I look for w/ prosthetic work. ASH is another one that I enjoy the work of, wish he was in more things. His turn on SyFy's "Dominion" was decidedly different... especially that he didn't have his British accent I've always heard him with.

VAharleywitch on Aug 15, 2014

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