Oscar Winner & Comedian Robin Williams Found Dead at Age 63

August 11, 2014
Source: THR

Robin Williams

The hits just keep on coming in 2014. After Philip Seymour Hoffman passed away earlier this year, another great actor has died after a battle with depression, drugs and alcohol. THR reports that legendary comedian and Oscar-winning actor Robin Williams was found dead at his home this morning at 63 years old. Even more tragic is that the Sheriff’s Office Coroner Division suspects the death to be a suicide due to asphyxia. Like many great comedians of his time, Williams had a battle with alcoholism and drug addition and had checked himself back into rehab as recently as last month. This is truly a heartbreaking loss for everyone.

Williams' wife Susan Schneider confirmed the news saying:

"This morning, I lost my husband and my best friend, while the world lost one of its most beloved artists and beautiful human beings. I am utterly heartbroken. On behalf of Robin's family, we are asking for privacy during our time of profound grief. As he is remembered, it is our hope the focus will not be on Robin's death, but on the countless moments of joy and laughter he gave to millions."

And that's exactly what we should do. Robin Williams may have struggled with depression and substance abuse, but he brought joy to millions, and you could tell that he loved every minute of it. From his early days of stand-up comedy that led to countless late night talk show appearances where anything and everything could happen to his breakthrough television performance on the "Happy Days" spin-off sitcom "Mork & Mindy." And that was just the beginning of what would become a long, decorated, illustrious and hilarious career on the big and small screen.

President Obama released this statement on the passing of Williams today:

Iconic film roles include a wide variety of films ranging from his Oscar-winning performance in Good Will Hunting to other notable performances in films like The World According to Garp, Moscow on the HudsonJakob the Liar, Hook, Patch AdamsDesconstructing Harry, Insomnia, One Hour Photo, The Final Cut, Man of the Year, August Rush, Flubber, Toys and Jumanji. His voice was immediately recognizable, even when he would dive into various characters, in animated fare like Happy Feet and his brilliant turn as Genie in Aladdin. More recently, Williams took on some darker comedy in World's Greatest Dad and the lesser celebrated but thoroughly entertaining Death to Smoochy, but still brought fun to families in the Night at the Museum franchise.

Other personal favorites of mine include his incredible comedic and dramatic work in both The Birdcage and Good Morning, Vietnam and his silly but hilarious turn in Mrs. Doubtfire, which had a sequel that was in development, but will likely lie dormant now. More recently, Williams took on TV comedy again in the CBS sitcom "The Crazy Ones" and the feature film comedy The Angriest Man in Brooklyn. One of his last performancse will be as Teddy Roosevelt in Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb this winter, and he has a comedy called Merry Friggin' Christmas in post-production. There's not enough that can be said about an actor who leaves this world all too soon, but he leaves behind endless laughter that will be remembered for generations. Rest in peace.

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Such a sad loss.

Guy who comments on things on Aug 11, 2014


Very sad to hear this news

Chris Groves on Aug 11, 2014


Just the worst news. So depressing. I was sincerely one of his biggest fans. I truly loved this guy from the age of 7 when I went to the theater 11 times to see him play Popeye, one of my all-time favorite cartoon characters. Not only did he do that role justice, but he was the only reason why folks enjoyed that film (film didn't get great reviews, but I loved it). Personally, I think he's one of the greatest comedians that ever lived. His ability to ad lib on any stage, any time, made him a cut above the rest. Shit, this is such a shock to me. I feel just terrible for his family. RIP Robin.

Quanah on Aug 11, 2014


One of my childhood legends has passed. Goodbye Robin Williams.

DAVIDPD on Aug 11, 2014


Legend. You'll be missed Mr. Williams.

Danimal on Aug 11, 2014


Oh, and thanks Ethan for getting correct which film he won an Oscar for. ABC f$#@ed it up and put "Mrs. Doubtfire."

Quanah on Aug 11, 2014


The world grew a little darker today. Robin Williams truly was a shining light. He'll be missed. 🙁

Qrious on Aug 11, 2014


He was a funny dude. Really sad news Made me laugh and cry in equal measures. I think my favourite movie with him in was 'Good Morning Vietnam'. But there were so many more.

Carpola on Aug 11, 2014


very depressing news. He was a joy to watch.

Quynh Truong on Aug 11, 2014


The hero of my childhood passed away!!! Thank you for these magical moments and years!!! R.I.P...

Dubmaster2010 on Aug 11, 2014


This is one of the worse news I have ever read in my life. I would never ever think anything like this would happen to such an amazing person. This guy could make us laugh and cry and get in touch with our inner child sometimes. Loved every movie he was in simply because he was himself, whether it be comedy or drama, this man could do it. The world lost not just a great actor, but also a great person. Rest In Piece Mr. Williams. We will never forget you, ever. You are all in our hearts.

Urban James Kirk on Aug 11, 2014


Williams was a lovely man. Truly heartbreaking that he felt so low to end his life. I will always remember him as the Genie and for his performance in What Dreams May Come, Patch Adams, Good Will Hunting, Mrs. Doubtfire, Good Morning Vietnam, and of course Aladdin. RIP Mr. Williams.

Xerxexx on Aug 11, 2014


Rest in peace, "O Captain My Captain."

ion677 on Aug 11, 2014


Fisher King, my favorite.

mooreworthy on Aug 11, 2014


I'd forgot about Fisher King, not sure why because it's amazing.

Carpola on Aug 12, 2014


Yeah, its easy to mention his popular and mainstream films; i almost didnt think about that film when going down memory lane.

mooreworthy on Aug 12, 2014


Incredibly sad over this. Grew up watching him perform. What a magical time. I'm glad he was able to keep the demons at bay long enough to give us decades of memories. RIP, Robin.

WJ Kovacs on Aug 11, 2014


Not only was he a great comedian but a great dramatic actor as well. What a sad day.

Chuckee Knowlton on Aug 11, 2014


Goddamn shame. He balanced comedy and drama with the best of them, and his darker turns were always impressive. Such a great fucking actor. Goddamn shame. RIP

grimjob on Aug 11, 2014


No one is mentioning AWAKENINGS... wonder why. That was a great, memorable performance

Leiner on Aug 11, 2014



TheOct8pus on Aug 12, 2014


As great as he was in GOOD WILL HUNTING, he was better in Penny Marshall's film. You could feel the shyness and anxiety radiating off the screen with his performance. In light of the circumstances of his passing, whether films like GWH, AWAKENINGS and ONE HOUR PHOTO were more of a glimpse into the real him. I've known a few people who were absolutely manic, 24x7. Always quick with a wisecrack or sarcastic comment or a joke. Getting to know them better I found they were hiding some of the deepest pain imaginable. Williams always struck me like that. A shame to see him go.

denverchris on Aug 12, 2014


I always made fun of him (let's be honest not all of his films are exactly great), but deep down I loved the guy! He was funny and very likable. I'm sorry he went out on such a sad note. I'll really miss him. My condolances to family & friends. RIP, Robin!

Davide Perretta on Aug 11, 2014


What a shock. Sad times guys

SkyNet300 on Aug 12, 2014


RIP great actor and comedian...

Avi on Aug 12, 2014


Not ONE mention of Dead Poet's Society? Perhaps his best film?

TheOct8pus on Aug 12, 2014


Very sad for his family... but it hasn't hit me as hard as I thought. The circumstances are very surprising though...

OfficialJab on Aug 12, 2014


One of my favorite recent appearances by Robin Williams was in the show "Louie" when he and Louie meet up at a friend's funeral and they end up in a diner afterwards talking shit about the dead guy. Then Louie and Robin go to the dead guy's favorite strip club and all the strippers get really upset when they hear the news of the dude's passing. Robin plays himself in that episode, and you can really see that he was a melancholy individual, but he knew how to make people laugh.

TheOct8pus on Aug 12, 2014


Ugh. Couldn't believe it when I first read it. Truly a legend. Shaped a large part of my humor as a kid (& adult!) So many laughs. Was truly expecting so many, many more. Sad day.

avconsumer2 on Aug 12, 2014


Distraught! :*(

ragethorn on Aug 12, 2014


We forgot something...his wonderful performance in Awakenings.

Xerxexx on Aug 12, 2014


that was his best performance ever.

dan on Aug 12, 2014


Wholeheartedly agreed.

Xerxexx on Aug 12, 2014


I think a piece of my childhood died with the news. I could not believe it when i read the news. I wish he would've gotten more help. Depression sucks. I've been there and its really something i wish onto nobody. RIP Robin.

Sascha Dikiciyan on Aug 13, 2014

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