Paramount Cancels Alamo Drathouse's 'Team America' Screenings

December 18, 2014
Source: Deadline

Team America: World Police

Well, the good news bear just keep on delivering us sweet, sweet honey! Yesterday, following Sony Pictures' decision to pull The Interview from release on Christmas Day (with no plans to release the film on VOD or home video in the near future either), the Alamo Drafthouse revealed they were still going to have a little fun at North Korea's expense with a screening of Trey Parker & Matt Stone's comedy Team America: World Police, which features Kim Jong-un's father Kim Jong-il as a lonely puppet villain. This was only happening at the Dallas/Forth Worth theater, however, Deadline reports that the screening is canceled.

Reportedly Paramount Pictures has decided not to let the theater chain show the movie after all. Alamo Drafthouse sent a message telling their customers that the screening wouldn't take place "due to circumstances beyond our control." If you live in the area and already bought a ticket, you'll get a refund. Keep up the good work, movie studios! We should probably go back into all our old movie libraries and get rid of any negative references to anyone who might threaten the United States. In the meantime, the good news is that Team America: World Police is available on Netflix Instant right now, so go watch it.

UPDATE: Other theaters like The Plaza Atlanta Theater in Georgia and the Capital Theater in Ohio had planned screenings too, but any legal screening of Team America: World Police in place of The Interview has been canceled by Paramount Pictures as well.

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The irony hurts

Jon Odishaw on Dec 18, 2014


Does a theater really need permission to show a free movie? Could this all get any dumber?

emceegreg on Dec 18, 2014


It's not a free movie. Of course they need permission to show it. It's also very dumb that they canceled anything, but old people run the show and they have no idea what's going on.

Bill Brixton on Dec 18, 2014


I thought the screening was going to be free. I'm sure there's legality/permission needed for an event showing at a theater, but I don't know why. I mean would Paramount have the right to stop any public showing, for example at community auditorium on a projector?

emceegreg on Dec 18, 2014


movie theaters sell concessions along with the yes in effect they profit by the movie showing.....

desispeed on Dec 18, 2014


Absolutely, provided they own the movie. If theaters were allowed to play whatever movie they wanted whenever they wanted without having to pay for the rights, provided they didn't charge admission, we'd have thousands of little theaters playing "free" movies every night (an idea I would absolutely love). Theaters make almost all of their profits from concessions.

Bill Brixton on Dec 18, 2014


more and my hate for communism grows and North Korea is a big joke - man wish there was no UN, i feel they are secretly playing a part in all of this also

shane willett on Dec 18, 2014


North Korea isn't Communist, it's actually Mentalist.

Carpola on Dec 18, 2014


I thought that was Simon Baker

Jon Odishaw on Dec 18, 2014


he he. Him too.

Carpola on Dec 18, 2014


These hacker people must be falling over in their chairs laughing at this.

OfficialJab on Dec 18, 2014


how in the hell did the new Red Dawn(NK invasion) even make it to theaters then??

desispeed on Dec 18, 2014


Presumably because that shows some perverse form of respect in "acknowledging" that NK could invade the US - this just mocks them. And am I making this up, or do I recall that film being edited and presented in NK as some sort of documentary?

Wafffles on Dec 18, 2014


Wasn't it the Chinese who invaded, then China got the olympics and a became a big chunk of the global economy... so they made em all North Koreans in post production?

Akirakorn on Dec 18, 2014


They should screen that Dennis Rodman/Jean Claude Van Damme movie, Double Team, instead.

TheOct8pus on Dec 18, 2014


All those people who were gonna go are now So Ronery....

TheOct8pus on Dec 18, 2014

17 In 1940, Hollywood gave us this. It was an industry that reflected our values, like freedom. It challenged us, and the world we lived in. What the hell happened. To Paramount and Sony, would you have released this movie?

MAWG on Dec 18, 2014


Movie theaters get prints for films 2 weeks to 2 months early - so I'm sure theres someone who will say FU North Korea and play it - what Sony gonna police the 900 thousand theaters in USA ? NOOOOo

shane willett on Dec 18, 2014


Most theaters don't get prints now. Lots of digital distribution.

Ethan Anderton on Dec 18, 2014


Those hackers must feel like god. I wonder what else they'll do behind a computer that'll make us change our ways thousands of miles away.

Rock n Rollllll on Dec 18, 2014


We can send Bradley Cooper after them. =) But seriously, what happened to freedom of speech?

Bearded Coffee Monkey on Dec 18, 2014


Well this is certainly how you let the littel douchers win. Sad and pathetic.

Brian Sleider on Dec 18, 2014


This is sad and pathetic on so many levels. The fact that they are letting this happen will give them power. So now future filmmakers will have to watch what stories to write... They have to watch what stories they MAKE UP in order to not offend these "threats". This is completely absurd that this is happening. I understand the reasoning behind the company doing this, but this is going to create a ripple effect in cinema, future storytellers, and god knows what else. This is so stupid.

Franklin Carpio on Dec 18, 2014


This is one of craziest, stupid things I have ever seen.

DAVIDPD on Dec 18, 2014


...but it's still good. Kinda. Like Baseketball... wait what are we talking about again?? 😛

Akirakorn on Dec 18, 2014


Wow. SMDH.

John Doe on Dec 18, 2014


If the US government (or its agents) had stepped in and said that the theaters couldn't play the movies then it would be a freedom of speech issue. Private companies have absolutely zero nothing to do with that. Sony and Paramount can do whatever they want with the properties that they own.

Bill Brixton on Dec 18, 2014


Yet Hollywood can produce shitty remakes, I don't live in America anymore, North Korea just found a new b*tch.

mooreworthy on Dec 18, 2014


I'm not a fan of bootlegging movies, but someone needs to upload the movie, so we can spread this mug.

mooreworthy on Dec 18, 2014


What?! Studios are spineless shit-wits? I'm truly shocked!

Swanland on Dec 18, 2014


I repeat, we have no I.N.T.E.L.L.I.G.E.N.C.E.!

DuirMan on Dec 18, 2014


im a huge movie buff, and i share alot of the same sentiment, but i swear alot of people have loss touch with what FREEDOM is, like responsibility doesn't go hand 2 hand, just cause you can do something doens't make it film in HISTORY portraits the assassination of a contemporary leader and given the distribution of american films allover, the perception of a joke would antagonize an already subtle situation and for what? a good laugh at their expense...that would cripple their integrity and make us look more of a bully role than they ever could be percieved...#thinkpeople

Liam Knurtsis on Dec 18, 2014


I'm guessing you're joking, since there's no way you could actually seriously be defending Paramount's decision based on some kind of... empathy or even sympathy for a murderous dictator... in addition, your belief that somehow a movie studio screening a ten year old movie would sway international opinions against the entire country for being... what... INSENSITIVE TO TERRORISTS / HACKERS?!!? "Their INTEGRITY"!!??! lmao - good one. If you're not joking, I hope and prey that you're not a voting American.

avconsumer2 on Dec 19, 2014


Just cause someone expresses a seperate view does not make them a terrorist, my perception was that it looks antagonizing to another group of people especially a hostal one to make them the butt of a very crual joke, there is no honor in a military going to war and american lives lost or a tense standoff from something as SIMPLE as a wana talk about integrity? Where is everyones sense when you wanna promulgate free speech on american soil then send the message internationally that its your right to make fun of what ever and who ever you desire...thats not a joke...thats just irresponsibley crual...

Liam Knurtsis on Dec 19, 2014


Sadly, if a theater was blown up, the first thing the general public would do is sue the theater for putting them at risk.

Bill on Dec 19, 2014


The day of the jackal, anyone?

MAWG on Dec 20, 2014


Do you require gratification from others since you lack conviction of your own words the end of the day IF it is N. Korea all they have to do is pull the card of rich snobs to manipulate them and this whole structure is done cause its obviously run by people who, like you, lack conviction!

Liam Knurtsis on Dec 20, 2014


Oh! giving ransom to hackers and terrorists? shame on you sony

Pincode on Dec 19, 2014

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