Paramount Dates 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2' for June 2016

August 10, 2014

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Congratulations, everybody. So many people turned out to see the latest iteration of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles that the film made a bigger splash at the box office than was anticipated. The film from director Jonathan Liebesman and Mission: Impossible — Ghost Protocol writers Josh Appelbaum and Andre Nemec will take the #1 spot this weekend with about $65 million in the United States. And that means Paramount Pictures has decided to fast track a sequel to the film with a release date already set for June 3rd, 2016, right in the heart of summer this time. And yes, Michael Bay will be back as a producer.

Platinum Dunes will again be behind the film with the company's Andrew Form and Brad Fuller producing again as well. Appelbaum and Nemec will return to write the film, because they didn't do enough damage with a contrived new origin story that needlessly gives every character a weird connection to each other besides what was in the comic books, movies and TV series before now. However, it's not clear if Liebesman will be back to direct this one. Let's just hope that the writers learn some lessons on how to write human characters, or just let the turtles have the spotlight more since they're what really matters and ended up being the only enjoyable part of the movie. What do you think?

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This movie wasn't even bad I enjoyed it from beginning to end and people keep bashing it leave it alone people and stop comparing it to the old ones because news flash that's in the past this is a new movie for the new generation and I for one being a turtle fan loved it so to quote Megan fox those of you who don't like this movie can F**k OFF!!!!!

Anonymous8511 on Aug 10, 2014


your an idiot , go watch transformers and suck on your thumb with you hold on to the megan fox picture taped to you pillow

Splinter on Aug 10, 2014


"Your an idiot"... lol.

avconsumer2 on Aug 11, 2014



Splinter on Aug 11, 2014


Both old skool and new generation should shut up about which is better. I'm a child of the 80's and this movie didn't kill my childhood. It's a movie, a bad movie, and not really worth all the fuss about what fan base is better.

mooreworthy on Aug 11, 2014


LOL..... well this will be like the live action series they did on fox a long time ago , you watched it because it was the turtles but after it was over you never spoke of it again.

Splinter on Aug 10, 2014


Holy shit. I can't believe they greenlit this already. What are they thinking? So sad.

DAVIDPD on Aug 10, 2014


Money buddy. Money. It's the one and only vote a movie studio needs.

Quanah on Aug 10, 2014


Origin story out of the movie needs to have Bebop and Rocksteady as a must! Next...reduce O'Neil's role. Next...reduce Shredder's armor (he barely used all this blades anyway to fight the turtles). the turtles have still been training in their martial arts skill between now and then, so when they take on Shredder again, as a team, they actually do some heavy damage (or up against any foe). Not like how Optimus kept getting his ass handed to him every time he fought Megatron in every movie ('s been years since you fought him in the first do you still suck at fight?! And you're the leader of the autobots too, wtf?!). There...that's my two cents.

JBrotsis on Aug 10, 2014


Agreed on reducing Shredder's armor. Part of the beauty of a movie about ninjas is watching ninjas fight. Its like the most pure and beautiful of fights (at least in the movies). I don't want all this tech and gadgetry, just show me some amazing fighting (even if it is CGI) and I'd be entertained.

I'm Batman on Aug 11, 2014


Agreed. Someone mentioned in another site something I totally missed. The Foot are ninjas and yet they carry around guns, which is why Shredder mentioned to that chick her men were weak. Plus, that beauty of ninja fighting...we saw that basically during all of the fight scene with Splinter in the beginning (especially when he was first up against Shredder). That's how the whole movie needs to be. Just ridiculously, over exaggerated, smart ninja fighting on the turtles' part.

JBrotsis on Aug 11, 2014


I WANTED and still want to bash this movie but I have to be truthful here. This movie made me laugh a lot more than I ever expected. The Turtles and their dynamic with each other and Splinter was thoroughly enjoyable. The fights was awesome to watch and that avalanche scene was amazing. The humans as expected sucked. William Fincher did what he could with lines given to him. Megan, God Bless her is just not a talented actress. And the plot was as deep as the short end of the public pool. Bottom line though, I actually had a good time watching this movie. Its definitely not the abomination that critics out there (including Etan) would have you believe. I'm not a fan of anything Michael Bay these days but he/they got the right director and team on this one. Now that being said, I do think a sequel to this will suck balls (prove me wrong, Bay)

Scared S#!tless on Aug 10, 2014



Xerxexx on Aug 10, 2014


God do i miss the days when really great movies ruled the cinema. Blah and Meh.

Sascha Dikiciyan on Aug 10, 2014


I'd hardly say these kind of movies "Rule the cinema". Transformers and this are the only awful movie that seemed to have pull any huge numbers this year. Spider-Man was bad, but not THIS bad. Outside of that, Captain America, X-Men, Godzilla, Apes, Guardians. All movies that seemed to be both big financial success stories as well as movies that received favorable reviews. I mean, I know everyone has different standards, but if your standards are THAT high....then I have trouble thinking of what "time" you are remembering where only "really great movies" ruled the cinema. Was it when the previous Transformers movies or the Twilight movies were ruling? Was it when we were getting spoof movies all the time? Was it when movies like The Shawshank Redemption went virtually unappreciated in theaters? It is how it has always been. There will always be great and terrible movies making loads of cash.

Chris Groves on Aug 11, 2014


Pretty sure this movie has a LONG way to go before it has 'broken even' or is profitable...let alone a hit. It might not hold up very well in the coming weeks.

Chris Groves on Aug 11, 2014


But Paramount is starving for franchises, so of course they announce a sequel this early.

Chris Groves on Aug 11, 2014


No surprise, people enjoy these kinds of movies, Transformers is evidence of that.

Brian Sleider on Aug 11, 2014


Hawhaw! I love when Hollywood gives these middle fingers to critics XD No offense to anybody.

Tuomas Lassila on Aug 11, 2014


Talk about Paramount being desperate for franchises. They need to make Redwall, Martin the Warrior etc. into movies. That'd be interesting.

ion677 on Aug 11, 2014

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