Peyton Reed to Direct 'Ant-Man,' Adam McKay to Rewrite the Script

June 7, 2014

Peyton Reed

After Marvel cycled through several possibilities to replace departed director Edgar Wright on their gestating 2015 release of Ant-Man, the comic book studio finally announced today that Yes Man, Bring It On and The Break-Up director Peyton Reed will be at the helm of the film after being revealed as a recent candidate later last night. In addition, after turning down the gig behind the camera, Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy and Step Brothers writer/director Adam McKay has been brought in to "contribute" to the script previously written by Edgar Wright and Joe Cornish (and supposedly touched up to their dismay by Marvel in-house writers). He's likely just polishing it before shooting begins next month.

This will undoubtedly be the biggest movie Peyton Reed has taken on as a director, but he almost headed into comic book territory 12 years ago when he almost directed Fantastic Four (Tim Story ended up directing that disaster). As for McKay, this will be his first official foray into comic book adaptations, but he's been wanting to direct a big screen version of The Boys for awhile, but it's been stuck in development hell. At this point, the excitement for Ant-Man just isn't there for me without Wright, but we'll inevitably see what Reed and McKay can deliver with this troubled production. Ant-Man arrives July 17th, 2015.

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I honestly have a bit more faith. McCay does know how to construct an action set piece for comedic reasons. I just find it odd that Marvel is branching into so many sub-genres. The comedy, the horror film, the sci-fi space epic. It feels like after Age of Ultron they're not just going more cosmic, they're just branching into other genres. Also if they didn't want an Edgar Wright film then why make an Adam McCay film? They both have their own style, but Wright is the better writer...

Kento on Jun 7, 2014


That's because Marvel is breaking there films into certain genres, I think they said so in some interview. Mythical Fantasy, Spy film, sci-fi space, technology. And I guess Dr Strange coming up they're gonna be delving more into magic.

CF on Jun 7, 2014


Marvel has said before they see their success from not making superhero movies, but making movies where superheroes appear. For instance, Cap 2 was a political thriller, Ant-Man is said to be a heist movie, Thor was a Shakespearean father/son drama.

CoosCoos on Jun 7, 2014


What a boring choice. Let's hope it works.

Nielsen700 on Jun 7, 2014


Well it's no use to complain about Wright, Anderton, because he's not coming back. Just be happy that the movie is saved, at least my mind can now have peace again.

Tuomas Lassila on Jun 7, 2014


His complaints are valid. Wright had so much invested in Ant Man...yet now we have Reed...his only good movie is Bring it On...which wasn't that great.

Xerxexx on Jun 7, 2014


Sometimes people should be optimistic. Directors can always surprise.

Tuomas Lassila on Jun 10, 2014


We will see...

Quanah on Jun 7, 2014


A Rom-Com director? I will remain optimistic for now. Please, please, please don't ruin this character for me!

Maxx on Jun 7, 2014


Excitement has plummeted. Only interest is Rudd...Marvel has really screwed up...we will see.

Xerxexx on Jun 7, 2014


Was hoping for a better director, hope this works

Quynh Truong on Jun 7, 2014


Without Wright I almost would have preferred the project be canceled altogether. Oh well, I'll try to remain optimistic.

Chris Groves on Jun 7, 2014


This is terrible. Next thing you know Marvel will let the guy who directed Elf do one of their movies or cast an Australian soap opera actor in a major role.

John Madden on Jun 7, 2014


Damn...not what I was expecting at all. But the Russo Brothers sounded like a big misstep too.

DAVIDPD on Jun 7, 2014


I would rather have had Kerry Conran, guy been waiting for a movie since Sky Captain and this seems like the perfect jump for him back into hollywood, but i trust marvel they have yet to disappoint or make a wrong move

Nick on Jun 7, 2014


Not as excited and won't be knowing how Wright would have done it, but I still hope it will be it do well. The last Iron Man and Thor were a let down for me, while Winter Soldier restored my enthusiasm for Marvel Studios; just hope the GotG will keep the ball rolling until Age of Ultron.

mooreworthy on Jun 7, 2014


Geez, Marvel haven't just shot themselves in the foot with this decision, they've taken aim at their own groin and pulled the trigger.

Ross Carroll on Jun 7, 2014


Yes Man, Bring It On and The Break-Up Doesn't that just sum up the whole situation nicely?

Akirakorn on Jun 8, 2014


All anticipation is now gone. No longer looking forward to it

Rock n Rollllll on Jun 8, 2014


I'm optimistic. Yes Man was good, and The Weird Al Show was great, so this could be a pretty good action comedy. I wished Marvel would just bring back Wright (considering the cast/sets/effects/storyboards are ready to go), but Reed could make it work

AJ on Jun 8, 2014


who gives a shit. it's ant man... a comic book movie... about a lame character... the world shall continue to turn. Comic book movies should just fade away already. They either suck or they are "alright."

tree on Jun 9, 2014

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