'Prometheus 2' Begins Production This Fall, Arrives in March of 2016

March 24, 2014
Source: The Wrap


When Fox announced the dates for Fantastic Four 2 and The Wolverine sequel (not to mention a mystery Marvel movie for summer of 2018), they also revealed that an unknown project from director Ridley Scott was arriving March 4th, 2016. There was speculation as to whether it was going to be Prometheus 2 or the gestating new Blade Runner, but now we have an answer. The Wrap has word that it will be the next chapter in the Alien prequel story that will arrive inunder two years, and Green Lantern writer Michael Green has been hired to rewrite the original script from Transcendence scribe Jack Paglen. More below!

Green was also hired to work on the follow-up to Blade Runner last year as well, so Scott must have liked what he did on that front. But it sounds like that project is much further off since Prometheus 2 (which doesn't have a title yet), is slated to begin production this fall after Scott finishes Exodus for release in December. The source claims the sequel will be much more in like with Alien than the previous disappointing prequel, mainly that it will try to bring back the terror and tone of the original classic. And while we don't have any ideas about the story other than what the end of Prometheus hinted, supposedly the sequel will have multiple Davids, the android brought to life by Michael Fassbender. Hopefully the story won't see an army of Davids fighting our creators when they arrive to destroy Earth. Thoughts?

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I really want this to be the ALIEN prequel we all hoped for with the first one.

DAVIDPD on Mar 24, 2014


I didn't hope for that, and I got just what I wanted. Loved Prometheus.

OfficialJab on Mar 24, 2014


So did I. Ridley made clear it wasn't a direct prequel. I loved the way it ended. So much potential for expansion.

Jon Odishaw on Mar 24, 2014


That's one reason I can forgive some of the mess of Prometheus. That Scott said early on, it's not a direct prequel, but takes place in the same 'verse before Alien.

VAharleywitch on Mar 25, 2014


well said. i saw Prometheus late with a mate after weeks of people slagging it off. we absolutely loved it. i'll happily accept it's not perfect; the death of characters is a bit 80s horror predictable, and my man Idris Elba looked a bit lost. but the performances from Rapace and Fassbender were outstanding, the design and cinematography superlative, and the story intriguing with lots of room for a natural continuation, as @jon_odishaw:disqus says. the writers involved do give cause for concern, but bring on the sequel, especially if it's a true sequel, continuing the same story.

son_et_lumiere on Mar 24, 2014


While I thought the cast and cinematography were awesome, I just felt that the script was a bit of a mess...not to mention the completely wacky "science" going on there....

TheOct8pus on Mar 25, 2014


I don't remember having much trouble with the script, or any especially wacky science. I loved that medical machine she uses. My only issue with the science, when I first started watching it, was how much more advanced everything seemed than the Alien films even though it's long before. The fact that it's a privately funded (I think they say trillion dollar) mission as opposed to some dusty old cargo ship helps that out a lot though.

OfficialJab on Mar 25, 2014


Why March? This is surely a big budget sci-fi blockbuster....

Tey on Mar 24, 2014


As much as I'm looking forward to a new blade runner, I've had an erection since leaving the theatre after Prometheus and my loins lust for a sequel.

Jon Odishaw on Mar 24, 2014


Great news I am eagerly awaiting more of this!

Jimmy Love on Mar 24, 2014


Prometheus is one of the most retarded films of all time I have ever watched, I was starting to think my intelligence level was even being dumbed down to the stupidity level of the characters in the movie. God damn you people are a bunch of idiots, hiring the writer of Green Bombtern to rewrite this is as bad as that writer from Lost who....*Spits on Ground*. Ridley Scott needs to retire because these shitty writers are giving him a bad name in Hollywood today.

Ryan Thomas Hardy on Mar 24, 2014


Agreed. CGI and an 'Alien' legacy can't (shouldn't) save a film with a lousy story- and Prometheus' story was nonsense.

Gnubbles on Mar 24, 2014


Calls us idiots...coins the word Bombturn.

Jon Odishaw on Mar 24, 2014


Well Jon, trolls speak such strange dialects in these parts...

Dan Fiedler on Mar 24, 2014


Fucking in. Ridley needs a follow up. I for one see Prometheus being a stronger film once Scott is able to bring us his complete vision. This is for...The greater good.

Xerxexx on Mar 24, 2014


As long as they don't hire Lindeloff to do a punch-up on the script (like last time), we should all be good to go.

Trey Wilson on Mar 24, 2014


Prometheus 2: Rise Of The Black Goo

capitandelespacio on Mar 24, 2014


Prometheus:Age of David

lars on Mar 24, 2014


Prometheus II: Black Space Cum.

Trey Wilson on Mar 24, 2014


Prometheus was so frustrating. Gorgeous visuals. Grand themes. Idiotic character behaviour. Annoying "midichlorians" style ruination of the mysteries of the early films. I liked Prometheus initially, but I've since converted. It was better than the cartoon gore of Alien Resurrection. But it was simply not as good as Alien, Aliens or even Alien 3.

crystaltowers on Mar 24, 2014


hmm well it is a different tone than any of those 3 movies . Was Noomi as good as Siggy , no . Was anybody in Prometheus as good as Charles S Dutton in A3 ? no . However i don't hate it , while still putting it behind those films . Much like Jesus is The Light above , i saw it after hearing all the complaints , and most of them bioled down to people coming in with too many expectations . In IMAX it was one of hose movies almost worth the $20 on the visuals alone .. how about explaining the "midichlorians " quote .. medium-sized green men ? ....However it didn't ruin the original trilogy per se ; what it did was show that it took Human DNA reinforced by the Original ? strain of an Engineer , to make the distinctve Alien we know , of the elongated "beak" . .. look at the movie again ; the early Alien that the 1st Engneers got turned into , in the holo David found , look different . So , per usual , it's all our fault . Noomi's baby begetting eventually the Nostromo menace . So a new movie must begin to FIX whatever u think is broken by relinking this series to that ship the Nostromo checks out . but it starts at David and Shaw 's journey , Ethan , not some universal war . Maybe movie 3 for that , in response to whatever Shaw and David do on the Engineers' planet . remember nobody on Earth knows what happened there . any message would prob take years to arrive back . .. . so it didn't matter HOW many people hated the 1st movie , it WILL be made into its own trilogy . Deal with it people ; you know you'll watch both of the next movies ...

Dominic on Mar 25, 2014


"show that it took Human DNA reinforced by the Original ? strain of an Engineer , to make the distinctve Alien we know , of the elongated "beak" . .. look at the movie again ; the early Alien that the 1st Engneers got turned into , in the holo David found , look different . " Hmm.... might be worth another look then. I didn't remember that, just the Engineers running away from the "alien", although iirc, the alien didn't show.

VAharleywitch on Mar 25, 2014


it was like a design of them . not the full body image just the face and head and "shoulders" ... on the cavern wall ? maybe I try to pay close attention to movies , as the directors always say the answers are in there . And people MISS good points , focusing on the bad ...

Dominic on Mar 25, 2014


Prometheus 2: REDEMPTION

SkyNet300 on Mar 24, 2014


Seriously this needs to happen to make up for that awful last film. Give us the Alien prequel we deserve!

SkyNet300 on Mar 24, 2014


Still don't get how the person who made Alien could make Prometheus and ruin it, I get he didn't write it, but the editing was awful, the characters were unbelievable and so were their choices - the score was over used and distracting - come on, Alien was brilliant! Prometheus could have been amazing, the visuals were there and great actors....

James Cobb on Mar 25, 2014


you know , of all the things i notice about a movie , one if them is almost NEVER the score . I could do without it at all but most ramp up the drama that way . I donlt remember any scene with distinctive music behind it . The opening ? David discovering the Engineers' craft ? the chase scenes ? to me it didn't add to any scene , but it didn't really bring one down either . I can't say that I hated a scene because the background music didn't seem to fit .. the 'light at the end of the tunnel " for you haters , is that Movie 2 of EVERY trilogy is always the Best of a series . Think of One as just a launching point ...

Dominic on Mar 25, 2014


"Movie 2 of EVERY trilogy is always the Best of a series"....while that may be true on occasion, I wouldn't go so far as to say #2 is always the best...Off the top of my head, I can think of a handful of part 2's that are definitely not the best: Matrix Reloaded, Back to the Future 2, Attack of the Clones, Hannibal, Mission Impossible 2, Desperado, Austin Powers 2, Mad Max 2, X-Men 2, Die Hard 2, Pirates 2, Temple Of Doom, Ghostbusters 2, Gremlins name a few

TheOct8pus on Mar 25, 2014


incorrect about XMen 2 as that is the one considered the best of the three. and Reloaded was the better Matrix just that 1 was pretty good too . also i remember people loving Back the the Future 2 more .. the others I haven't watched #1 of much less #2 ... so that was 12 HOW many other trilogies are out there ? .biger and better trilogy series too . like Star Wars (Empire Strikes Back) and Star Trek (Wrath Of Khan )

Dominic on Mar 25, 2014


I agree that there are some great #2 movies (no pun intended)! Empire is the all time best #2, The Godfather 2, The Two Towers, Evil Dead 2, Spider Man 2, Terminator 2, Aliens (arguably) all amazing....but the majority of the time, the 2nd movie is a disappointment. I always thought the first Back to the Future was awesome, and they kind of went downhill from there. I thought all three X-men movies were pretty lame. First Class was good though. Wrath of Khan is probably the best Star Trek of them all. I usually set my expectations low whenever a "part 2" is announced...but it'll take a number 2 over a "reboot" any day!

TheOct8pus on Mar 25, 2014


I will disagree about the score.

avconsumer2 on Mar 25, 2014


Don't get em wrong, the score is FANTASTIC I just felt it was used too much in some scenes, in Alien and some other films there are scenes with just ambient sounds or nothing at all and it created tension and mystery.

James Cobb on Mar 25, 2014


You sound like a real valid critic, kid. Gah...

Buzzfunk on Mar 25, 2014


Anyone is entitled to their own opinion, and why is my opinion not valid?

James Cobb on Mar 25, 2014


Gotcha. Interesting. Will rewatch & imagine your Prometheus. 😉 There were definitely scenes in Alien where the lack thereof was, dare I say, iconic.

avconsumer2 on Mar 27, 2014


Prometheus just felt empty to me, even though I enjoyed the general concept and the visuals were stunning. TBH I would rather a Robin Hood 2

Steven on Mar 25, 2014


Hell yeah! Cant wait.

Rock n Rollllll on Mar 25, 2014


Okey dokey then? I wasn't aware that being associated in any form or fashion with Green Lantern was a good thing now ('cept maybe f/x / sound). Guess I missed something. Seems like a proverbial nail in the coffin for this franchise. (Which is saddening, cause it's one of my favorites.)

avconsumer2 on Mar 25, 2014


Great news! Although it worries me that they're thinking to go another route instead of continuing what Prometheus did. Hope the change will only be in tone (tense and scary) not in story as well. Because Prometheus was awesome and continuing on its footsteps seems the perfect way to go. I'm psyched, can't wait for this!

Isildur_of_Numenor on Mar 25, 2014


I wouldn't call Prometheus "awesome", but I didn't find it to be the complete crapfest that many like to call it. More than anything, I had problems with the lack of "logical" evolution of the alien into the xenomorph we know & fear... given the large face hugger & host.

VAharleywitch on Mar 25, 2014


I was alright with the evolution of the xenomorph, and even so it's not 100% sure that that is the xenomorph we all know from the Alien movies. Might be just another step in the evolution. But I do really believe the movie is awesome and a lot of people think so as well. But a lot of people also hate it and a lot of people are in between so thank God for opinions. 🙂

Isildur_of_Numenor on Mar 27, 2014


I can't wait to watch this trailer so it can spoil the entire f*#&ing movie like the last one did.

Captain Omniscient on Mar 25, 2014


WOW! this is a great news!

Бабак on Mar 25, 2014


Great news, then we get shitted on with Green Lantern connection. Can't we get a proven good writer(s)?

Johnny Neat on Mar 25, 2014


Your wrong and while this is like beating a dead horse i will bite. I could care less for the Alien connection. Yes, Lindelof is hated for a reason. You don't see people hating on Lawrence Kasdan, who co-wrote Empire Strikes back and the first Indy movie (Among others). Lindelof sealed his fate when he tried to excuse his shitty writing by being witty on Twitter. It backfired and he cried like a baby and deleted his account. ( also see the awful Into Darkness for his 'talents') You have to remember: No one wants a bad movie. Im not going into the theater already thinking "I hope this stinks". I want Sir Scott to succeed but as much as i would like to agree with you, I cannot. This movie fails on most levels. Yeah it made money (which doesn't mean squat anyways). Some people liked it. Most people i know, did not. While visually striking, Prometheus failed for me because it lacked complete narrative logic. When you watch the BR, Scott's commentary confirms the weak script by sorta admitting "oh we needed an action piece here. Theres no point in any of it but we need something flashy". It just proved exactly why this movie doesn't work for me. Nothing made sense, laughable dialog, acting and a stupid ending. Do i want more of this? No. I will refuse to accept mediocre film making but there is no point in trying to convince someone to not like it if they did.

Buzzfunk on Mar 25, 2014


Great news! Give me all the well done sci fi horror/thrillers you can throw at me!

Trix256 on Mar 26, 2014


I hope the whole making it feel like Alien is just a rumor. It needs to feel like its own movie like what Prometheus accomplished. If you try to emulate a classic movie like Alien, all you will get is something subpar. I am excited to see what comes next in the story though. The Creators are pretty menacing so it will be cool to encounter them again. Color me excited.

ListenToVinyl on Mar 26, 2014


Keep the last writers well away from this project. Prometheus was deeply flawed and ultimately not very enjoyable to watch and definitely not something I want to see again, unlike the original Alien or Aliens. But... Green Lantern writer? Is that improving the situation or making it worse?

cobrazombie on Mar 27, 2014

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